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43. Photograph

Almost didn’t finish this due to Ryza 3, but I somehow managed to finish Ryza 3 and this chapter, phew. TL: ToastyED: Toasty When it became the early summer, the season became warm, and the sensation of the blowing wind being refreshing.I planted flowers my father indicated together with Yan-san. When first I show him…

42. Dining Table

Not a whole lot to say, let’s get started! However, I’m surprised I managed to get this out on time considering how Ryza 3 has consumed my life. TL: ToastyED: Toasty As always, when I open the door to leave for work, there was a large flower in front of my eyes. It’s a vivid,…

41. Happy End

Welcome to Volume 4! Why am I early? Well, uh, Atelier Ryza 3. I will be a little indisposed on Friday so uh, ahahaha, yeah. Getting it out now. TL: ToastyED: Toasty The sunlight poured down on the garden as if to say it’s a beautiful spring day.There, I furrowed my eyebrows. 「What’s wrong, Philly?」…

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