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35. Shade Under a Tree

This chapter’s name is literally “tree’s shade” but that sounds funky as a title. Also, sorry if this chapter is a bit of a mess formatting wise. I wasn’t able to do my usual editing because I got pulled into a business trip so I am actually currently doing this from my hotel room beforeContinue reading “35. Shade Under a Tree”

34. Card

A very cute chapter, and a good break from last time, haha. TL: ToastyED: Toasty 「So then, Flora was amazingly walking around happily, but I’m happy she made sure not to step on the flowers.」 「Fufu, as always, Elias’ dream garden seems to be fun.」 Daniel-sama’s wife, Anika-sama, like usual, distorts my stories. Today isContinue reading “34. Card”

33. Chamomile

This chapter is mad long. You can’t understand how it to translate lmao, it just kept GOING AND GOING, but it’s a fun one. Lots of new people to meet. TL: ToastyED: Toasty Spring arrived.The lovely lily-of-the-valleys I was enjoying will end in a little bit. Next month, the multi-colored tulips will liven up theContinue reading “33. Chamomile”

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