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38. Braid

These chapters just keep getting insanely long. Also, I almost missed this upload, because I thought “I’ve got another week” yesterday. Then I realized 3 weeks from the last update was today. So, I belted out basically half the chapter in one night. My brain is so frazzled and I do not want to do…

37. Gold

THIS CHAPTER IS SO LONG, WHYYYY Sorry if the editing is a little scuffed in this chapter. I, uh, am two weeks late because I partied really hard over the holidays, spent too long recovering from New Years, and completely failed to do any translating wahahaha, so I rushed to translate this one and then…

36. Sweet Flag

So while the name is “Chinese Sweet Flag”, I could only find plant articles about the Japanese variant, hence I dropped it from the title. TL: ToastyED: Toasty 「Nico, what’s wrong?」 In the self-study garden, I asked Nico who had just finished punching for stress relief. Because Nico opened their eyes to the brim of…

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