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40. Thawing

Welcome to the final chapter of Volume 3! We’ve got 30 more chapters to get through after this one, but next chapter begins Volume 4. TL: ToastyED: Toasty That day, it suddenly came.It was during a month when I went to the Vito estate to talk to Daniel-sama’s wife, Anika-sama, as my part time job.Anika-sama,…

39. Fragrant Olive

God bless the fact that this chapter was not long. Sorry about it being late in the day. Work. I’ve had 3 days in a row of nearly 12 hour days and was going to get this out in the morning but crap happened. Editing might be slightly scuffed because of that. TL: ToastyED: Toasty…

38. Braid

These chapters just keep getting insanely long. Also, I almost missed this upload, because I thought “I’ve got another week” yesterday. Then I realized 3 weeks from the last update was today. So, I belted out basically half the chapter in one night. My brain is so frazzled and I do not want to do…

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