Toasty Update – 6/18/2021

First chapter of the Sato-san light novel has been translated! It took about a solid two months or so of translating on Sundays, as I spent about three hours every Sunday translating that thing, and during my vacation, I spent about 4-5 hours every day just hammering it out. So I guess it wasn’t as much of a vacation, hahaha.

That, and I also spent time on the train translating. I’ve attached a few pictures of what translating on the train results in. Shoutout to my Japanese teacher for recommending me a kanji dictionary that has helped me immensely. Also I might want a back massage soon due to the bad posture I have to sit in to translate due to not having a desk.

I’m not sure if we’re going to look at a 2.5 month cadence, as I have to now edit this bad boy, but it’s moving! For everyone who supported me during the Sato-san days, well, kept you waiting, huh?

See you when I’m able to put it up!

Until next time,


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Novice JP to EN translator for Web Novels, mostly just translate stuff that I find amusing.

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