[Update] Katsucon 2022!

Okay, well, this is awkward. Long story short, won’t be going to Katsucon 2022. There were some policy changes that just hit when I got my email about registering for the panel (basically get your panelist badge) that left unable to go. Won’t really elaborate further on that for professional reasons, since there’s no needContinue reading “[Update] Katsucon 2022!”

Toasty Update – 6/18/2021

First chapter of the Sato-san light novel has been translated! It took about a solid two months or so of translating on Sundays, as I spent about three hours every Sunday translating that thing, and during my vacation, I spent about 4-5 hours every day just hammering it out. So I guess it wasn’t asContinue reading “Toasty Update – 6/18/2021”