Update Schedule

Hey everyone!

So, no doubt you’ve all noticed the flurry of activity today and potentially seen the changes on my All Translations page. Just wanted to get ahead of the curve here and let everyone know what’s up.

First off, for everyone here who came for Aren’t You Too Sweet, Salt-God Sato-san?, do not worry! I will not be delaying the chapter release schedule to accommodate everything else. That will remain bi-weekly, and if I can improve on my Japanese, maybe by September we can hit weekly releases.

For anyone who was looking forward to someone picking up She Was Both Called God, as Well as Satan, I am currently reading it in order familiarize myself with the previous translator’s style/name choices and to understand where the story is going. Predicting monthly updates on that one just because it seems a lot more involved, I’m going to have to really try to translate a chapter to see what the effort level is. From what I saw, they were pretty lengthy, though.

Lastly, today I started up with I’m Not Even An Otome Mob Character. I was mostly looking for an otome game title to transalte; saw the MangaDex, read it, thought it was interesting, and leapt on it. Really, I just wanted something I was both interested in and something else aside from Sato-san so I could take breaks from translating that one if I ran into a wall. Predicting 3 week update gaps on that one; it is a currently updating story so we will see how often the author puts out chapters.

Right now, we’re all still in the middle of the Corona-chan madness, so I should be good to keep up with this pace. But, I am slowly starting to become required to actually head into the office for my job again. When the world goes back from being insane, I will probably give another update regarding update gaps in translations once I go back to my usual routine. For now though, those are my predicted translation gaps and more importantly, my personal goals. I really want to just hunker down and really get to work, as one of my resolutions for 2021 was to really ramp up the effort I put into learning Japanese.

But uh, that’ll have to wait though, as uhhhh Atelier Ryza 2 dropped and I am going to get no sleep this weekend!

Anyways, catch you all next translation update.

– Toasty


Published by Toasty Wind

Novice JP to EN translator for Web Novels, mostly just translate stuff that I find amusing.

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