00. Prologue

Ah, this is an otome game.

I realized it, but there was nothing I could do.
For now,  I should take a rest.

「Hey, are you listening to me!?」

「Ahh, I’m listening, you know.」

Drinking black tea, I was warned by the girl two years younger than me.
To her question I replied with a half-truth, half-lie. After all, I’ve been asked so often I’m a little fed up with it.

「Then, Roy-sama—」

「Yes, he’s amazing, isn’t he?」

「That isn’t at all what I was saying! I knew it, you weren’t listening, were you!」

Oh no, that was quick.
Entering preaching mode, shifting from how I should follow Roy-sama’s example to the pride of Roy-sama. This time, I listen and make small interjections without mistaking the timing.
This 「Roy-sama」 made me realize I am in the world of an otome-game. I thought I had heard about his name, appearance, and position. Maa, I’ve only heard about it, but haven’t met him.
When I heard his name so much I wasn’t interested, but I realized he was a capture target in this otome game.
Roy Leonhard von Rosenhein, the first prince of Arvento, is a capture target in Your Star. I’m certain he was the main hero.
Your Star is the nickname, as the official name is lengthy, so I don’t remember it. In the first place, a guy knowing about otome games is strange.
My reason for knowing about it is simple, it’s because I helped my younger sister clear it. For each capture character, there was a different minigame and the results flags changed, and since she was bad in this area, I would do it for her.
Now, I don’t have a sister. I’m an only child. My younger sister is a story of my past life.
However, I need to relax.
I see the girl before my eyes. A source of information about Roy-sama I don’t need. The rival of Roy-sama’s route, Lyria von Ernst. In the game, she’s Roy-sama’s fiance, but it seems now she’s just a fiance candidate. From my position it seems she’s such a major contender, that it’s like she’s already the fiance.
This place is a corner of the vast garden of her estate. I, drinking tea and keeping her company, am the son of the Ernst family’s exclusive gardener. I’m an apprentice to my dad.
Even though I helped clear the game, and even though I hadn’t heard about it, my sister hadn’t mentioned a gardener or apprentice of the rival family.

Yes, I’m not even a mob.

It’s like the circumstances of something like reincarnation, but it’s something different than being a mob. There’s no harmful effects from reincarnation.
At the present, the tea-drinking rival in her route also loses in her love, but as she competes fair and square with the heroine, she does not fall into ruin or lose her life.
There won’t be any harm to Duke Ernst’s house, which is why it’s equal to the exclusive gardener’s household being secure.

In a sense, it’s like having no memories of the past life, huh?

I tilted my head at my current conditions I understood, but stopped thinking around the time the teacup became empty. I see, there’s no reason to worry or continue to worry about the matter.
For the time being, I lift the teacup towards the girl in front of me and say a brief comment.


「Fill it up yourself.」

It was in a manner my mother from my past life would scold me.
Even if the exclusive maid is also lower in status, I can’t get involved as she’s outside of my social status. Lese majeste, does that exist in this country? If it did, it would be dangerous when I get caught. [T/N: So this took a while for me to puzzle out, but from how I eventually got it, MC asks for a refill, maid tells him to fill it himself, and while the maid is also lower in status, he’s concerned he’s below her.]
As for why I’m still at this kind of exchange, even now, is curious.

It’s the worst first impression.

Certainly, it was the worst first impression for each of us, meeting one year ago.
I don’t know if it will influence the otome game, but at that meeting, my life slowly changed.

Oh geez, here we go. I know I was planning to take on “She Was Both Called God, as Well as Satan”, but when this dropped on MangaDex and I saw it didn’t have a NovelUpdates, plus the raw was there, I had to jump on it.

Besides, I really, really, really have Otome Game novel fever. Righto, though! This chapter was a slight pain despite it being short. Please, God, grant my request and have them tag who is talking, so I can not have to guess half the time who is talking. Also, since this came about due to me reading the manga, I have decided to use their romanization of the names (not that I could do any better lmao)

To all my readers of “Aren’t You Too Sweet, Salt-God Sato-san?”, don’t worry. I don’t intend to let this new project interfere with its bi-weekly update schedule. All new projects will be second priority compared to that.

Anyways, I’ll see you guys all next update; I’m aiming for a three week pace (on Fridays, this one was dropped on Wednesday so I could stake my claim for working on this) as I have to juggle potentially three works, along with life in general. Sadly I’ve had to actually go back to work as in, at the office, so I suppose I’ll have to invest in a JP -> EN dictionary so I can translate at the office, haha.

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9 thoughts on “00. Prologue

  1. Thanks for the story!

    To her question I replied with a half-truth, half-life.
    I guess we’re learning about the half-life of the conversation ;). Half-life -> half-lie.


  2. Interesting, we typically don’t have this genre from a male perspective, I just hope gardening is not all he does though lol


  3. i came here after the manga too! i was a little sad there was no novel translation but not anymore. thank you for picking this up!


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