21st Piece — Moonlight

Oh hey we’re finally back to an Oshio chapter.

And it’s rather lengthy orz. Good for you guys, was hell for me as this chapter never seems to end.

Also this chapter is almost not brought to you by Atelier Ryza 2. I cannot stop playing this game and it has made regret the fact Mondays exist because I had to put the game down to work. Which is why this went up a little early so I don’t forget to post it later today, haha. That alchemy system is way too addicting. But, here we go!

「—actually, you know, Oshio-kun can’t leave immediately.」

Netsu-san recommends that, as I sit down and wait in the back room of the store, hearing that kind of voice from the table.

「Eh, wh, what are you saying!? Could it be that Oshio-kun got injured……!?」


As for this, with Sato-san, Sato-san’s cousin Sudou Rinka (as I learned from Netsu-san) raises her voice.
I hear the voice of two uneasy people, only I happen to start feeling nervous.
However, Netsu-san, in order to cover for me, mixes in a calming laugh while talking.

「Fufu, you’re wrong, you’re wrong, just some time ago when jumping in, his clothes got a bit torn up, and now I am sewing them together, so it will take some time.」

「Ah, is that so……?」


Netsu-san also uses her gentle voice and sleekly lies about the reason to such an extent that I unconsciously almost raise my voice in admiration, but I quickly close my mouth.
Sato-san’s sigh of relief could be heard.
On the other hand, when Rinka-chan looked at my arm with all sorts of sympathies and remained silent… it’s sinking in, isn’t it?

She’s only a middle school student, but is very adult like.
Treating her like a child and stroking her hair was a bit impolite, I wonder…… only now does that cross my mind.

「That being the case, though, you should go home, as it is becoming very dark.」

「Eh, if that’s the case, I will wait for the sewing time to be over, though……」 [T/N: Literally “will wait for the time to sew”]

「If you want to see Oshio-kun’s underwear to that extent, shall we go to the back room together?」

「Rinka-chan, let’s go home! I’ll send us home!」

「……can you tell Oshio-kun that we’re sorry for going on ahead?」

「Yes, I’ll look forward to the next time you visit the store~」

Along with a panicked Sato-san’s voice, subdued Rinka-chan’s voice, and lastly a farewell could be heard, when a door closing made a loud sound. [T/N: “farewell” was literally “exit greeting”]
The inside of the store fell completely silent.

From there, all of a sudden, only a cream-colored head appeared from the crack in the back room door,

「They went, you know.」

and smiled.

I finally breathed a sigh of relief and stared at my right arm that had rubbed against the asphalt.
Some time ago, I used water to wash the wound while desperately muffling my voice, which was worth it, more or less, but in the running blood, small black pieces of gravel are mixed in.
It was good to keep it away so as to not have her become aware of it. [T/N: literally “not to become aware of it”, but I added a bit for extra clarity.]

「My, my, that’s a gaudy injury, does it hurt?」

「The pain isn’t at my upper limit, but I’m not good with this……」

I can also assuredly say it about my arm, among other things like blood and wounds, are in a grotesque group that even from my older days I’m not good with.
Only by seeing it, I get dizzy……

「Then first of all, disinfectant, please wait a moment.」

「……Netsu-san, for anything and everything, thank you very much.」

「It’s fine, rather it’s better that I thank you, leaping out for the sake of Rinka-chan, fufu, that was good-looking, you know?」

「I, is that so……」

Netsu-san is a beautiful woman to the extent your eyes widen just a bit.
There’s a clear difference from a senior high school student, and she feels like an “adult woman”.
I get a little flustered because that sort of woman is saying something so direct.

On the other hand, Netsu-san isn’t noticing, and with her experienced hands she takes out the first aid kit, and with cotton tweezers applies antiseptic.
She’s an adult, huh…

「My childhood friend, because they were always getting injured I became experienced, right, put your arm out.」

「I’m saved……」

The antiseptic soaks in, and unconsciously a miserable voice comes out.
……honestly, I’m saved that Sato-san was sent home.
As I keenly thought on that, at that time.

「—Oshio-kun, do you like Sato-san?」

「Eh!? How do you know that!?」

My surprise and distress in my heart jumped two levels.
That kind of reaction was amusing to Netsu-san, who giggled while saying,

「If you look at it, you can see it, but maybe Koharu-chan is the only one who doesn’t realize.」

「I, is that so……?」

If I was shy about it it would be good, and if I was in pain about it it would be good.
……no, as expected, I was overwhelmingly embarrassed.
For it to be so unconcealed, my feelings are…

「Koharu-chan, you see, is a natural airhead.」

「I understand that, although… haa, on the other hand, it’s regrettable.」


「After all, she’s not aware of me to that extent, right? If that’s the case that other people also notice me, she won’t.」


I didn’t want to see the wound on my arm, so I closed my eyes and bared with it, but suddenly the systematic taps of the cotton tweezers stopped.
Curiously, I opened my eyes to examine it, and Netsu-san was staring at me, completely paused, her movements coming to a stop.

「……? How is it?」

「……as for this, it’s an unexpectedly heavy loss to aim for possibly, isn’t it, Rinka-chan…….」 


「No, look, as expected, helping the disadvantaged is human, right?」


「Or perhaps I should say, that it will be a little bit bad for you.」

「What kind of thing are you saying?」

Ponponponpon, with fierce speed, to the top of my arm the cotton jumped.
That’s, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts!? Netsu-san!?

「Oshio-kun, what do you think of Rinka-chan?」

「Haa!? What kind of thing are you—ow ow ow!」

「Is she cute or is she not cute, what do you say?」 

「Gaa, gii……! Cu, I think she’s cute, you know……!? S, so a little…..!」

My feelings asking her to stop were put forward and I writhed in pain, but there was no sign of stopping.
On the contrary, the cotton was even speeding up, and I could see the afterimage of the bounce.
By now, it wasn’t ponponponpon, it was popopopopopo I was feeling.

And then, somehow Netsu-san’s eyes were shining while, once again……

「And, and? In what kind of way do you think she’s cute?」


With that uncertain question, the absorbent cotton continued to bounce.
Come on, I don’t get it, what kind of situation this is.
However as it is, being silent and with no signs of being released, in pain, from in my numb head, somehow I dig up a memory of the girl’s appearance.

Sudou Rinka.
Her appearance, her first impression is—

「—ha, her hair! Her hair is cute!」

With my scream that was like a shriek, then at last Netsu-san’s hand stopped.
With a thorough silence, suddenly I broke out in unpleasant sweat, and my breathing was heavy.
I, I’m saved……?

「……Yes, that’s all, after that is wrapping bandages, and you’ll be fine.」

The fierce attack until just now was hard to believe, as Netsu-san smiled like someone who had reached enlightenment.
……it seems I’ve been saved.
I was like a balloon deflating as I let out an extra-large sigh.

Then, what was Netsu-san thinking, as both of her hands brought her cream-colored hair together, making a ponytail……

「How is it?」

She asked with an impish look.

……how is it, she said.
It’s the same ponytail but, I’m a little impressed that Netu-san still has this much of an adult-like impression.

「As expected, it’s not the same as Rinka-chan?」

「No, even if you say that it doesn’t mean that, however, it’s because each person has their own hairstyle that suits them, you know……」

「I seeee… so it doesn’t suit me, huuuh.」 [T/N: The raw inserts extra hiragana to indicate Netsu-san is stretching the words, I tried to reflect that as best I could.]

Saying that, Netu-san surprisingly undoes the ponytail with ease, and starts winding the bandages around my arm.
I really don’t understand the thoughts of an adult.

At that time, suddenly the door of “hidamari” vigorously opened.

「—yappie Mayo! It’s already eight! It’s closing time, it’s closing time! I’m drinking at home! Today is the red wine feast!」

My tension was high, as I could hear a familiar voice.
I see it, there was, somehow, the big smile of Misono Shizuku.

「Hm? Shizuku-san? What are you doing?」

「……Hm? Hmmm? Who do you think it is, what are you doing saying such things, or rather are you not going back yet? Ren already went back, you know? Or perhaps I should say he withdrew to “MOON”’s second floor, but, then, what’s with those bandages?」

The turbulent questions pressed further, becoming overwhelming.

Shizuku-san, she’s the type to multiply the number of words when she gets excited, it seems……?

「Ah, as expected, Oshio-kun and Shizuku are acquaintances.」

「Ehhh, you knew that?」

「After all, that complete set of clothes was gathered at “MOON”, right? It’s something that if you see it, you’ll know.」

Something you know……?
This is the first time I’ve discovered it, but where my clothes came from leaking out, for some reason is embarrassing……

「A close friend of the sister……」

「Yep! Soota-kun is a close friend of the sister of Misono Shizukuuuu! Then, going forward, I’m in your care, yappie!」 [T/N: Yes, this is intentional, It should be “Sota”, but Shizuku has a — after the character for “so”, so she’s stretching it out by one more syllable.]

「I’m in your care, yappie.」

Towards the eccentric high tension of Shizuku-san, Netsu-san returned a Buddha-like smile.
Eh, what? Is that greeting popular?
No, that’s wrong, it’s just the ordinary greeting of these two……

「Are you two acquaintances?」

「We aren’t acquaintances, you know, Soota-kun! We’re childhood friends from elementary school!」

「Also in college we joined the same sweets investigation circle, and the store is next door with the closing times the same, so I often when work is done, I go to 「MOON」 to drink.」 [T/N: That “sweets investigation circle” didn’t go unnoticed, I see you.]

……Sweets research circle?
Somehow, recently I remember that I heard something resembling that name? Is it just my imagination……?

While I was thinking, Shizuku-san who was moving completely like it was a musical, firmly placed an arm on my shoulder.

「Maaa, Soota-kun is lucky, right? A drinking party with two beautiful ladies! You should be glad!」

「……Eh? A drinking party, what are you saying…… how should I say it, I’m underage.」

「Refusing an invitation from a girl isn’t stylish at all! Cola or cider, anything is fine to drink! Now, let’s go, until the moon is on the other side!」 [T/N: I assume this means until sunrise.] 

「Is that really lucky, Shizuku-san!? ……Maaa, Netsu-san, help……!」

「I’ll go when the shop’s work is finished, so go and drink first~」


「Hey, handsome guy, walk briskly now~~! Love talk, you know, it’s love talk~~~! Talking about old clothes is fine too!」

I reproachfully glared at Mayo-san who was waving with a fluttering hand, as any indication of being helped was absolutely nonexistent.

Ultimately, I was forcibly moved towards “MOON”.

In the sky, a beautiful full moon was rising.


「Now then……」

With everyone gone from “hidamari”, Mayo-san let out a 「fuu」, sighing.

「—Will Rinka-chan also come to the drinking party?」

I, hidden in a line of clothing—pikun!—went my shoulders as they sprang up.
「Kusukusu」, Mayo-san’s laughter could be heard.

……that person, when on Earth did she realize?
No, maybe that person, from the beginning realized it, it seems……

I really clear my throat.
As best as I can, I pretend to be calm and stand up, and to Mayo-san who is watching, respond.

「I, I won’t go, you know, I came back because I thought it was a good idea to properly say my thanks again, so, I’m going home.」

「How unfortunate, Oshio-kun is also coming.」

「Th…… that’s not relevant, it’s not!」


Mayo-san says, meaningfully.
My shoulders shook slightly, however, at any rate immediately I turned on my heel and left the store.

「Asking about MINE should be good.」

「I, I don’t have any interest in it!」

「Is that so? Before going to bed in the evening, sending a casual message when you feel lonely, that much is fun, you know.」

「…………I don’t have any interest.」

「Rinka-chan, a ponytail suits you.」

That was my limit.
I stamped my feet, and looking over my shoulder to Mayo-san, cried out. [T/N: There’s one line missing here that I omitted because it translates into “I am!” and it doesn’t flow well in English.]

「—I will never like someone such as Oshio-san!!」

Receiving that, Mayo-san unintentionally laughed.

「—Rinka-chan, do you like Oshio-kun?」

「~~~~~~~!!!! I am very sorry to have bothered you!!」 [T/N: Formal tense was used here.]

 I strongly opened the door to “hidamari” in a grandiose way and left.
Really, really, really!! Everyone! Everyone!!

My hot face, it’s because recently it’s been humid!
My shaking body, it’s only because being almost hit by a car is scary!
My heart that’s throbbing…… it’s because today I was running!!

I decided, I decided!
Even though I understand he likes Koharu, yet, being happy to be called cute—absolutely I’m not!

「Everyone, don’t make light of me!」

I, lost in my thoughts, run down the path illuminated by moonlight.

Geez, this was a long chapter. When properly formatted I think this is longer than Chapter 11, which so far was the longest chapter I translated. I need a freaking drink, man. 

Also hey this is totally unfair, Sato doesn’t have any allies. It’s okay though, I believe in our boy, he will not be swayed. I thought this was about to be a set up for Rinka to meet Ren but I guess not. Poor Rinka, though.

It also came to mind while translating but

Smile – Shizuku
Sweet – Koharu
Sister – Mayo
Sadistic – Rinka
Surprise – Oshio’s Mother, Muscle Lord

I’m a terrible person.

As always, see you next time!

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