Chapter 1: Salt-God Sato-san

The flower garden that was this store’s pride—at a seat on the terrace that can look over it, was one high school girl. 「No…… pull back, if the photo taken is from further back, will it be good, I wonder……? No, close-up photograph…… needs dazzle……」 Across the screen of her smartphone, she was staring atContinue reading “Chapter 1: Salt-God Sato-san”

21st Piece — Moonlight

Oh hey we’re finally back to an Oshio chapter. And it’s rather lengthy orz. Good for you guys, was hell for me as this chapter never seems to end. Also this chapter is almost not brought to you by Atelier Ryza 2. I cannot stop playing this game and it has made regret the factContinue reading “21st Piece — Moonlight”

20th Piece — The Story of Unrequited Love

This one’s still from Rinka’s perspective. But wow, a lot of you guys thought that Rinka was going to hop on the Oshio train. Let’s see if that’s the case, haha. 「Thank goodness—can you stand?」 Saying that, he reached out with his hand.It was white, thin, and slender, completely like a girl’s, however if youContinue reading “20th Piece — The Story of Unrequited Love”

13th Piece – “The Second Time of First Love”

Pre-Chapter notes: Still from Sato’s POV. This one’s short but sweet. I probably could’ve put this one up earlier, but in order to keep with my two week pace, I wanted a bit of time to finish up the next chapters, as while they were short are pretty rough on the translation-sense. How rough, youContinue reading “13th Piece – “The Second Time of First Love””