Chapter 2: The Second Time of First Love

Hey, sorry for the delay in getting this one out. I had meant to post this back in December, but a ton of IRL stuff has come up, and so it got put on the backburner. See Toasty Updates for a little more detail in that. Thanks for your patience! ♠ I, Oshio Souta, “cafeContinue reading “Chapter 2: The Second Time of First Love”

Side Story: The Konpeito That Day

TN: ToastyED: Toasty It seems you don’t remember, however, that isn’t the first time I talked with you, Oshio-kun. That is, because we’re in the same class, we should have greeted each other, but we haven’t. As for wanting to talk, the first time I met you was that day. The day of the entranceContinue reading “Side Story: The Konpeito That Day”

Chapter 1: Salt-God Sato-san

The flower garden that was this store’s pride—at a seat on the terrace that can look over it, was one high school girl. 「No…… pull back, if the photo taken is from further back, will it be good, I wonder……? No, close-up photograph…… needs dazzle……」 Across the screen of her smartphone, she was staring atContinue reading “Chapter 1: Salt-God Sato-san”