19. Sound of Footsteps

Posting a few days earlier because I’m hanging out with friends on Friday and if I forget to post it Friday morning, it’s going to be a long wait otherwise. TL: ToastyED: Toasty 「Your Highness, recently you seem to be having fun.」 「The matter is a huge one, huh?」 Roy, who was looking at aContinue reading “19. Sound of Footsteps”

18. Snow Rabbit

TL: ToastyED: Toasty Just handing it over is difficult. Lydia was worried.She had a feeling of gratitude, and with the white four leaf clovers, she made pressed flowers. She made a bookmark, and for people like her parents or Katherine-san, she was able to hand it over, unaffected. Because they accepted it with pleasure, sheContinue reading “18. Snow Rabbit”

Chapter 2: The Second Time of First Love

Hey, sorry for the delay in getting this one out. I had meant to post this back in December, but a ton of IRL stuff has come up, and so it got put on the backburner. See Toasty Updates for a little more detail in that. Thanks for your patience! ♠ I, Oshio Souta, “cafeContinue reading “Chapter 2: The Second Time of First Love”

14. Downtown

Me: wow last chapter was kind of long I wonder—OH GOD NO. This was 39 pages in my document with its default formatting (as in, the raw JP text). Get ready for a long one. TL: ToastyED: Toasty At the center of the royal capital, around the water fountain, the stone path around it formsContinue reading “14. Downtown”

11. Invitation

TL: ToastyED: Toasty 「It’s already fine, you know, the prince said it was.」 「……Zack, you’re unskilled at reading. You have to include the emotion.」 Ojou, with her eyes half-closed, even if it’s a soft voice, says Katherine is better. 「Then, Ojou should read it.」 「In that situation, you won’t learn.」 「I understand, but……」 With theContinue reading “11. Invitation”