39. Fragrant Olive

God bless the fact that this chapter was not long.

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In the water lillies around the arbor, I was waiting for Ojou.
This year, Ojou was also having a birthday party. As for the western arbor nearby, because the sounds coming from the bustle of the party are far, it’s difficult to judge when it’s over just by the sound.
I, ever since a few days ago, with my father inspected the visitor area, and yesterday from the main entrance to the front door, cleaned. It’s the cold season, so even though it won’t be outside, arranging the area guests will walk through is a gardener’s work.
As for the butler Heinz-san and the others, is it because they’re tightly controlling the schedule, as the Ernest house hasn’t suddenly thrown parties. Because they properly tell employees about the preparation time, i’m saved.
Around the time we went to the gardener guild to request assistance with the fallen leaves, I saw a weakened gardener who said he was indicated to change the trees to fit the guest’s liking with a sudden party. There’s a lot of manpower and labor associated with transplanting a tree that has already taken root. I don’t know which noble house it is, but I thought it was natural to complain.
With the Ernest house, I don’t have any memories of being indicated what to do for the garden. My father, matching the season, changed things like the shrubs and bushes, and when Duke-sama and the others noticed the changes, they praised it. That time, I would have a feeling of pride for my father. In my past life, I died before having a job, but is sort of thing like a company that treats its employees well?
Since Ojou’s sister, Flora, became able to walk, Oku-sama also would often take strolls in the garden. The maids told me it was also the same as before she got pregnant. That there are people who come to see it makes me happy.
The employees of the Ernest house are really good people, I think. Someday, when I become a fully-fledged gardener, I want to make a garden that this house’s people will enjoy. After coming to the Ernest house, that feeling became stronger.
Carefully thinking, even if I confirm my goal, the sound of footsteps approach from the connected passageway.
I put on a smile and greeted the girl who was jogging.

「It’s fine if you don’t hurry.」

「It’s impossible to make you wait in the cold weather.」

「I haven’t been waiting long, though?」

Because Ojou was properly thinking about it, she isn’t trying to make me wait for long. However, Ojou looks at me with a gaze that obviously doesn’t understand.

「It’s expected that you’ll get cold, and your hands……」

Ojou, who tries to take my hands and check on them, stops her words. That’s right. My work gloves are made of leather. Since I took precautions against working in the wintertime, it’s fine.
Even with that, Ojou, who seems to not have been convinced, gets angry. As soon as she looks up at me to glare, Ojou touches my cheek with a white hand.

「You see, as expected, you’re cold!」

「Gardener’s work outside.」

「Aren’t you tending to the greenhouse in the afternoon!?」

When I make an argument for argument’s sake, she got mad at me. Now that she mentions it, the time I was sweeping in front of the entrance yesterday, Ojou came and asked me for advice, did we even talk about something like that?
But, because Ojou wasn’t wearing an coat after the party, she doesn’t have gloves either. Even if her hand is warm, if she is here for long, she’ll end up getting cold.
Rather than me, it would be better to worry about herself, and even while I think that, my expression softens at Ojou’s kindness.

「Thank you. But, Ojou’s pretty.」

I wrap the hand that is touching my cheek as if not to get cold with the gloves I’m wearing and thoughtlessly smile.
She’s the leading part of the party, surely Oku-sama prepared a suitable dress for Ojou. Things like a necklace of thin silver chains with small transparent gems and a dark blue dress with a silver hem, make me think about if she was a snow spirit.
From the beginning she’s a beautiful girl, however once again I reaffirmed how pretty she is. Being able to see this appearance, as someone who couldn’t go to the party, I’m thankful.
Ojou, no sooner than when she froze up, widens her eyes and her face goes red, pulls her hand back with such speed it seems like there’s a sound, hiding it behind her.
I don’t understand what’s wrong and tilt my head. When I wait several seconds, Ojou, who was hanging her head raises her voice.

「T, the sun is going to set, I want you to quickly show me the rainbow!」

「Hm? Ahh.」

Is that it, I think, and I confirm how much light is left in the evening sun, then borrow the pond’s water to bring up particles of water. When the rainbow comes into view, the seven colors of light are reflecting in Ojou’s sparkling eyes. Somehow it feels like she was angry, but was it just my imagination?

「You’re not tired of it?」

I wonder if Ojou will get tired of the same thing every year. Furthermore, she came all the way out to this pond in the cold season so I could be comfortable.

「The rainbow is always pretty whenever I look at it.」

When I ask about my worries, Ojou stares at the rainbow with honestly happy-seeming eyes and answered. I sigh with relief. I’m happy that somehow, even with my shabby magic, made Ojou happy.

「Zack’s magic that can always create a rainbow is wonderful, isn’t it?」

With a happy smiling face, she turns to me and says those words. Because I didn’t think i would be praised in that manner, I’m surprised.
The answer to what kind of reaction I should have fades to nothing and words of thanks get caught in my throat. For Ojou’s birthday, what am I going to do if I’m the one who is made happy? With that, I remember something I hadn’t given yet.

「Zack, thank you for the wonderful birthday present.」

「For this as well, thank you. Also, this.」

Ojou tilts her head at my thanks, but because I handed what I took out from my pocket ahead of referencing it, she became aware of that, looking at it.

「This is……?」

Not understanding the contents of the glass bottle, Ojou curiously looks at it in her hands.

「Try to open it.」

When I encourage her, Ojou obediently opens it, gazing at the fragrance that drifted from it.

「It’s fragrant olive……」

「Ojou, it’s because you said it’s a fragrance you like.」

「But, how did you…… how did you get this?」

Surprised at the scent of already fallen leaves, looks between me and the fragrance bottle.


When I tell her it’s the small orange flower inside, Ojou is at a loss at how it was seemingly outside her expectations.

「This way, the smell will last longer.」

「That’s amazing.」

Because even I don’t understand the reason well, when I gently explain it, Ojou stared at the salt in the middle of the bottle. Right now, because it smells of fragrant olives that aren’t growing right now, Ojou can’t deny its effectiveness. For this reason, it’s mysterious.
First of all, because she seems to be happy, I’m relieved.

「Thank goodness……」

This year, after handing over Ojou’s birthday present, I realized I was already out of ideas for presents. In the first place, I hadn’t ever given a girl something before. Even if you include my past life, it was only family. My friends during my student days, I had only given things like basic convenient store-bought sweets or manju. Furthermore, the person I wanted to give it to was a noble, so with my past life memories not being useful, for a common person like me, it was self-evident I was immediately at a loss.
While it may be true that I wasn’t intending on overdoing it, if it’s possible, I want Ojou to be happy.
So, the whole time, I thought about what Ojou would like, but a present in the scope of what I can give didn’t come to mind.
Ojou, even during the time she said she liked the smell of fragrant olives, she gave up when she couldn’t smell them. Because it seems to take a lot of flowers to make them, for me for is weak to strong smells, walking into a perfume store has a high degree of difficulty. Just in case, when I asked Katherine the maid about the price, she told me it was an impossible amount of money.
It was that time.
I had gone to the kitchen to share the mint and rosemary, which act as insect repellant when put together. There, the head chef was using herb salts.
When I asked about the smell of herbs that weren’t in season right now, he says they were for herbs gathered six months ago. Furthermore, since the smell is good, I asked him how to make them.
After removing the refuse from the herb you want to focus on and lightly drying it int he sun, if you put layers of the herb and rock salt in a glass bottle, it seems to be good.
I told my mother about it, and she thought even if it’s flowers, couldn’t you do the same?
Using salt to preserve a nice smell is extravagance to me, but it’s cheaper than perfume.
When I consulted the head chef, he gave me part of the necessary salt at a low price. I collected the fragrant olive flowers until they were bloomed, and easily layered the flowers and salt like he told me to.
The jar that was made, because of its weight, Ojou can’t hold it, I changed it to a smaller one. As for winding the ribbon, it’s to try and make it like a present, even just a little bit.
Anyways, I’m glad about that the present I decided on.
But, being worried about giving one thing for a year is miserable, and I scratch my head.

「I didn’t really understand what’s good, so I thought about a ticket where I’ll listen to anything you ask……」

「……what is that?」

Those were unfamiliar words, weren’t they, and Ojou reacted with shock. Come to think of it, because paper is expensive, I hadn’t given my father and mother a ticket for me to massage their shoulders. If it’s just an ordinary shoulder massage, next time I’ll have to think of something else to get rid of tiredness.
While thinking of a substitute to getting rid of tiredness, I explain to Ojou.

「Something…… although it’s like a memo, you write something you can do, and at the other person’s timing, they can use it?」

「So it is like a pledge but in the size of a theater ticket?」

「That sort of feeling, yes.」

Ojou cites something that she’s familiar with, which come to think of it, I was strangely convinced this would this spread among the nobility.
Seeming to understand its use, Ojou’s eyes somehow lit up.

「I’ll be happy with that next year.」


My eyes go wide at Ojou’s words.
I prepared to say something, but I don’t have the right to speak. Because I don’t have to worry about the present, I’m saved, but is Ojou really fine with that?

「Is that kind of thing really fine……?」

I ask with exceeding doubt, but Ojou firmly nodded her head. I don’t know what she would say, but Ojou wouldn’t ask for anything unreasonable, right? It’s Ojou.
Because of that, isn’t that why Ojou feels so charming?

「Then…… next year.」

I feel like I’m the only one who will have it easy, but if it’s giving Ojou something she wants, there isn’t anything that surpasses that. Even if I hesitate a little, when I acknowledge it, Ojou’s facial expression becomes full of joy.

「Then, I’ll prepare it.」


Ojou suddenly faces and goes towards the connecting passageway. The maid, seemingly holding a coat exactly for cold feather, is close to the entrance of the main building, and Ojou asks something of her.
Immediately after the maid disappears, Ojou comes back with a cape and gloves. Ojou, who received something from her, holds it in both hands and returns to the gazebo.
When I look at the returning Ojou’s hands, there’s a fountain pen in one, and the other one is holding a card. She presents them to me without hesitation.

「Before you forget, please write your written oath.」

That way of saying it is exaggerated. That sort of thing is extreme, but…
Receiving her gaze that’s full of hope, I accepted it. Because we don’t have writing tools in the house, I’m thankful for receiving it, but even if I don’t go that far, my feelings can’t be erased.
Somehow feeling unsatisfied, I use one of the benches in the arbor as a desk, and make a ticket saying I would listen to anything she asks. Because Ojou says it’s a written oath, it would be better to write it like that, wouldn’t it?

「Ummm…… ‘Isaac Baumgartner, next year’… Ojou, what’s your full name??」

「Lydia von Erenest.」


「I’ll write it here.」

Ojou, next to me, moves her finger to teach me the spelling. I see, I tell her, and write Ojou’s name the way I was taught. However, what in the world is this ‘von’ in the middle of noble’s names? Is it a way to distinguish nobility?

「‘will listen to one request’. Is that fine?」

Accompanying it with the date one year from today next to my name, I hand the card that was changed into a ticket to listen to anything she asks to Ojou. I also return the fountain pen to Ojou.
Ojou hugs the glass bottle and the card close to her chest like they’re important.

「Fufu, I made a reservation.」

At Ojou’s smiling face, I wonder if this is fine. Next year, even if it’s a quick trick, if I can do it, I’ll give it my best.

「Ah, Ojou.」

I recall something I was forgetting and speak up, and Ojou tilts her head a little.

「I didn’t say it properly. Happy Birthday.」

「Thank you.」

Ojou, who looked blankly for a moment, smiles sweetly. Even this year, on this day, I’m glad to see Ojou’s smiling face. Feeling that, my expression softens.
Suddenly, Ojou’s gaze, rather than being on me, looked upward.

「It’s snow.」

「It really is.」

Gently, the small white crystals fall from the sky. Exactly when the rainbow started to disappear, it looked like it mixed with the snow to disappear.
Because I thought it would lightly rain, I was a little surprised. As for rain, I can somehow read the signs of the water spirits accurately, however I can’t understand if it will be rain or snow.
This time, my rain sensing was especially junk. Recently, I only report whether or not anything will come down, but have been preparing for both snow and rain work.
That’s irrelevant though, and I enjoy the simple snow.

「Enough will come down to make a snowman this year, uh?」

「……Don’t make it near the front.」

「I know.」

Ojou half-closed her eyes and warned me. Just because it’s easy with how much snow is from the front entrance area, I shouldn’t make it by the visitor area either.

「If it piles up, let’s make it with Nico.」

If you make it with two people, you can make it splendidly large. When I think about that, I got extra excited.

「Although you’ll make it in my own house, I can’t join……?」

Ojou, getting a little sulky, mumbles. I don’t have any particular intent to leave Ojou out. Because making the body of a snowman requires strength, I only thought Nico could help.

「Ojou, can you help making the head as the last part? If it’s me, I’ll make something strange.」

「T-there’s no helping it, then.」

Understanding there’s a turn for her, Ojou puffs up in pride at being entrusted with it. Especially if we make a large snowman, it’s better to have a person who can see the whole body and give instructions.

「Roy-sama might also unexpectedly like it. Perhaps I should say something…… but, if he meets Nicholas-sama, he might be surprised.」

「No…… it’ll be fine, right? Yep, it’s unexpected.」

Which reminds me, as for Leo knowing about Nico’s onee mode, Ojou doesn’t know. I want to tell her it’s a needless fear, but I can’t say it as the secret of Nico’s older sister being healed by the prince Roy might leak out. At my vague response, Ojou nods while being puzzled.

「I should go back.」


Because the snow is coming down, I encourage her to go back before her body gets cold, and Ojou agrees.
When I see her off at the entrance from the walkway to the main building, Ojou once more looks at the sky.

「It’ll be good if it piles up, won’t it?」


At Ojou’s mumbling, I agree.
Today’s snow might melt and disappear, but the snow is only starting. From here, how many chances would there be?
I’m also anticipating it, and I looked up at the snow falling from the sky.

The sheer speed at which Zack self-destructed with Ojou immediately capitalizing on it was amazing. Other than that, not a whole lot, very cute chapter. Also not a long chapter. Oh my God I was so glad that this wasn’t a marathon chapter like the 6 before it.

See you all next chapter!


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