28. Miracle

TL: Toasty
ED: Toasty

「Are you having a birthday party this year, too?」

When I ask again, Ojou nodded. But, that facial expression isn’t happy.
While sweeping the fallen leaves with a broom, I tilt my head in confusion.

「Isn’t it fun?」

「No, Torde-sama, Fanny-sama, and Kia-sama, if I invite them, they will come for me, and……」

Outside of the rabbit-like girl, with the friends she made, it seems to have reached the point she calls them by nickname. Because I think that’s good, Ojou, who also talks about the friends she’s made this far, also seems to be happy. But now, she’s making a facial expression like it’s hard to be happy.
It seem this year as well, the birthday party will be with a tea party. This time, the Ernest house is hosting, so there isn’t a dance, so I don’t have to act as a substitute. As for substituting in, so far, it’s happened a few times, and basically with only Ojou and the host daughter, if I became their dance partner, somehow or another it was fine. Because Oku-sama said dancing is rare at a tea party, it’s that kind of solution, I think.
Surely, after this, every year Ojou’s birthday party would be held, right? Duke-sama and Oku-sama, because they think of Ojou as important, take into account her shyness and invite only friends and relatives for the minimum number of people. That’s what Katherine-san, the maid, said. For me, even though the number of people feels like a lot, but for a duke’s house, on the basis on their family status, the scope is small.
At Ojou, who is different than normal, why doesn’t she seem happy, I wonder. Because of her appearance of looking down and sinking into silence, there must still be something.


Briefly stopping my hands that are sweeping, I go in front of Ojou, and after crouching down, meet her eyes. When I gaze into her pale blue eyes for a bit, her closed mouth opens a bit.

「……that is, recently, Nicholas-sama is also there.」

At her mumbling like she’s pouting, I stare blankly.
Certainly, if we assume Nico goes along with me for stress relief, because he has to go through Ojou to come, there’s a feeling there were three people very often. Which reminds me, Nico, how was he grasping the days Ojou came to meet me, I wonder.
Until my work is finished, there is someone to talk to and I’m not bored, but conversely, the times Nico vents his stress, Ojou was waiting in vain. Something like practicing punches and smelling of sweat, to girls, is boring. So, I forgot to stay silent about the training I was receiving from my master, the butler Heinz-san.
I stand up, temporarily take off my cotton gloves and after wiping my hands, patted Ojou’s head.

「After the party, can we meet for a little while?」

「Eh…… but, it will be the evening, you understand?」

「If that’s the case, the western arbor is just fine. Can we meet there?」

「What, what is it??」

At Ojou, who is looking up at me without understanding the situation, I smile.

「It’s the promise to show you a rainbow.」

Fully widened in surprise, her pale blue eyes twinkled. Why is she surprised that much, did she think I forgot? There’s no way I can forget a promise with Ojou.

「As soon as it finishes, I will go.」

Well, since Ojou smiled, it’s fine, right? Especially if I can see Ojou’s smiling face, something like my work is secondary.
With my hands put as they were, after patting her to the degree that her hairstyle won’t collapse, I let go.

「Today, I can relaxedly listen to Ojou’s stories.」

The stories I listen to during the times Nico is here are a good, bustling tempo, but I also like to listen to her talking with all of her effort at her own pace. I can’t talk back to show I’m paying attention, but even if I’m not watching while at work, hearing Ojou’s happy sounding voice is fun.
I realized Ojou pointed it out, but in this way, it feels as if it’s been a while since it was only the two of us. Then, I realized I liked this time.
Somehow, becoming happy, I softened my facial expression.

「……if you listen to someone’s story, stop making that loosened face!」

「Sorry. I’m happy that I’m with Ojou.」

「W……!? Close that mouth, too!」

I was scolded by Ojou who turned red.  Was I making that much of a frivolous facial expression, I wonder.
Really, I only say unnecessary things, Ojou preaches. If I repeat my real feelings, I’d be scolded furthermore. I understand that.
First of all, during the time I sweep fallen leaves, while talking to show I’m listening to Ojou’s story, I was listening. Ojou’s voice was comforting like leaves fluttering down.
Next holiday, I came to the market. I was requested to guide Leo’s observation, but compared to that time, I came ahead of time, and right now am in the area for clothes and general goods I don’t usually come to. It’s to buy Ojou’s birthday present.

I don’t understand at all.

After no time, I was already at a loss.
The extent of what I can buy with my money, because it’s only cheap clothes, it’s no good, and for ornaments, even if I understand they’re pretty and radiant, because I’m weak to those, I don’t know their value.
Someone like Leo who seems to be skilled at dealing with girls or Nico who is on the same wavelength as a girl, maybe I should consult them. But, ultimately, that means if I don’t select it, there’s no meaning to it. If I can, I don’t want to leave Ojou’s preferences, so I’m worried.
For a moment, I see four leaves, and fired up again, I fixed the locket in my shirt.
This time, incidentally when I thought I should peek in the general store, the air became gloomy. With how the traffic was coming and the fair weather, I felt the air cool as if there was shade.

Dark magic?

With the place having these signs of life, I strongly feel an out of place dark ghost’s presence.
Even when I look around at my surroundings, the faces of the people going by are good. Because generally for people, commoner’s magical power is low, the times they use magic, they aren’t even aware of it, so it seems they aren’t noticing the sign of a spirit.
For the purpose of using magic without an aria, because I’m using the assistance of the spirits, I can sense the times the signs of spirits are strong.
The times people use magic, letting out their magical power, since they draw in and gather those spirits of the attributes, naturally the signs become strong. Before, I felt a criminal try to invoke magic, and when I told the patrolling soldiers, he was arrested for a failed attempt at a crime. The feeling at that time was also dark magic.
Trying to feel out the signs of dark spirits, I tilt my head to the side.
It’s different from the time I sensed it before, although it’s dark spirits, there is no ill will.
Dark magic meddles with the mind, that is to say, there’s a lot of things like hypnotism, so it’s easy to abuse. So, for dark magic, it’s easy to carry ill will. When people use magic with maliciousness, the signs of spirits become impure, and although I feel it, dark magic where I don’t feel that is rare.
While feeling curious, I face the direction the dark spirits are being drawn to and search for the source of the magic. There, near the wall of a general store on the opposite side of the road, something was crouched over. When I come close, because of the size, I realize it’s a child younger than me. From how they are looking towards the wall and mumbling, it’s a girl, I think.

Who is this person?

Due to the hood attached to their large overcoat, with the exception of their head if you take the hood off, it’s an ordinary lump of cloth. This thing is human, but it’s the feeling that I encountered a strange living being.
Their actions are also weird, but because their blonde hair that reflects the sun is dazzling, it’s fine for them to be more eye-catching. And yet, outside of me, people don’t notice this girl and pass by. Because they’re avoiding her, it doesn’t seem like she’s completely invisible, so it’s too strange.
Is it an effect of her coat? The source of the dark magic seems to be the girl’s coat. It’s probably a magic tool for diluting the user’s presence, I think.

「……right. …………until, ……expected. But……」 [T/N: It’s just a bunch of weird fragments so I did my best lol]

「Are you okay?」

Unconsciously, I plainly asked. It’s fine that people don’t notice, but the girl who is intently mumbling is strange. Is she really okay?
Greeted by a voice that she wasn’t thinking would call out to her, the girl’s shoulders suddenly jumped. Then, timidly, she turned around.
I was reflecting in those anxious seeming blue eyes, and with a voice that didn’t come out, asked who I was.
I looked at the face of the girl who turned around and understood. I had seen this kind of dazzling hair before.

「You, are you Leo’s younger sister?」

She’s in Ojou’s stories, so I’ve heard about her. If Leo was a girl, I can think he would have these features, and so, the girl resembled his face’s appearance. Certainly, they’re blood relatives, I think.

「Le, o……?」

「Ahhh, Roy-sama’s sister, I mean?」

I realized that name isn’t known by the girl, and crouched down to match our eye levels, and asked again. Just in case, I keep my volume in check so other people won’t hear.

「Do you know Roy-onii-sama……?」

I was asked a question in return with pure surprise. That is, commoners who know the face of Prince Leo are rare, I think. Because portraits are highly priced, they aren’t circulated. With the common people who can’t buy them, the prince’s outward appearance is passed by word of mouth. By all rights, there is no way to know.

「Ahh, he asked me to show him around for his downtown inspection. I’m Isaac. I might look this way, but I’m the apprentice gardener for the Ernest house.」

「Then, Lydia-sama’s……」

When I revealed who I am, the girl understood. Lightly sighing, she loosens up how stiff she is. Understanding who I really am, she seemed to no longer be nervous towards me.

「Then, are you lost?」

When I ask, she awkwardly sinks into silence, and reluctantly nods.

「Why are you in this kind of place?」

「I came concerning Roy-onii-sama’s inspection of the town near the castle, but when I looked all around, I lost sight of Roy-onii-sama.」

On top of that, washed away by the crowds of people, she wasn’t even able to understand the way to return. She said she came along with him, but because of the effect of the coat she is wearing, I’m suspicious of whether or not Leo knows.

「What’s with that coat?」

「It was in Roy-onii-sama’s study, and I tried wearing it, and um……」

「That guy, just what is he holding onto……」

If I didn’t hear it from the mouth of this girl, I wouldn’t believe it. I thought the size is big, so it’s impossible, and didn’t think the owner of the magic item is Leo, so I was at my wit’s end. At the very least, put it in a place your younger sister’s eyes won’t reach it. You shouldn’t underestimate the curiosity of a small child.
As for complaints, I would say them during the times I met Leo, but seeming uneasy, I patted the head of the girl who is waiting and smile.

「It’s fine already. If it’s your brother’s, it’s fine.」

Scolding is the duty of her older brother Leo or her parents. Right now, first of all, I prefer to cause her relief. I don’t know how long she’s been lost, but for something like a small child being alone in an unknown place, there’s no helping being anxious.
In the beginning, her blue eyes were wide open, but while being patted, became moist. But, even when they became moist, she didn’t cry, she suddenly nodded.
Confirming that, I pull my hand back, bring my hands together like a saucer, and gather wind magical power. Making the gathered magical power into the shape of a bird, I bring it near the overcoat the girl is wearing. If it’s Leo’s property, more or less, it will have traces of Leo left behind. After the wind bird reads the presence, it shoots into the sky.

「That bird just now……?」

「Le…… It will guide us to a place Roy-sama will meet us.」

While looking at the direction the bird was flying, since I was asked, I honestly answered its purpose. And then, when I unintentionally look down, from underneath the overcoat, the blonde hair that is touching the ground came into my sighs. I undo the her hair’s decorative string, and go behind her.


「Just hold still for a bit. Since your pretty hair will get dirty otherwise, I’ll raise it.」

It seems that she noticed it for the first time when she was told, and she looks down to the ground and lets out an 「Ah」 in a soft voice. Afterwards, she looks motionlessly in the direction she was told. While I struggle with her thin hair to slip my fingers through her it, I make it into a ponytail, then wipe the ends that touched the ground. While confirming if isn’t painful, the girl seems to be used to someone else doing her getup. Because looking after this long hair by yourself is difficult, it’s natural.
Finished tying up her hair, I stand up and start talking to the girl.

「Right, then shall we go? Can you walk?」


The girl’s facial expression became troubled, she showed a gesture as if to protect her ankle.

「Is it painful?」

「It seem to be tired from walking……」

The apologetic girl is disheartened, but there’s no helping it, I think. The castle is large, I think, but the floors and roads there are expected to be smooth and flat. This is the first time she’s walked in a place like the market road, with carriages and so forth, and uneven roads, huh. There isn’t footing she’s used to, so by all means her fatigue would escalate.
I turn my back on the girl and crouch down.

「Get on.」


「Commoners don’t have money to call for something like a carriage, so please make do with this.」

The girl, who seemed to understand the intention, after hesitating a little, apologizes,before putting her weight on my back.
Confirming she was holding onto my shoulders, I stand up and start walking. In the beginning, her hands are only holding onto my shoulders shyly, but it was unstable, so she put her hands in front of my neck.

「Which reminds me, you…… um.」

「I am Elena.」

「Elena, it’s only after all this time, but is it better if I treat you with proper manners?」

「No, this isn’t an official place, so I do not mind.」

This is a bad place for it to leak out royalty is here now, she gave that reason like Leo.

「As expected, you and Leo are an older brother and younger sister, huh.」

「Yes. Except for the color of our eyes, people often say we are like two peas in a pod.」

The happy seeming affirmation was a bit different from what I said. I tilt my head to the side.

「No, you don’t resemble each other in appearance.」

「Elena’s facial expressions change and are honest. Rather than your face, your words and actions are similar.」

It’s only the facial appearance, but if you look at the average they are identical twins, however the features are completely different. Elena makes age appropriate faces, but Leo is basically an adult.
Leo is familiar with making a smiling face, making sure adults can’t read his feelings. He seems to be having fun in front of Ojou and I, but the time during Leo’s birthday party, that was an adult engagement. A kid who hasn’t even reached ten years old acquiring a perfect customer service smile, someone like that is a weird person.

「……this is the first time I have been told we resemble each other with the exception of the face.」

「Is that so?」

Being unexpectedly mumbled to, I curiously think. Such things like family, even if they don’t resemble them in personality, they’ll end up slightly resembling in habits. Actually, with how I wake up in the morning, my mother has laughed about how I take after my father. Although, for my face, I resemble my mother. It’s that kind of thing, I think.

「If you are tired, it’s fine if you sleep until we arrive.」

「…..I am not that shameless.」

「Is that so?」

At the voice I can hear behind me that is evidently pouting, I laugh. Elena’s age appropriate reactions, rather than amusing, are pleasant.
Because she’s tired, for a while, I don’t start a conversation, and when we’re walking, I was able to hear a long sigh from behind.

「I’m glad…… I thought I had reached my limit.」

The muffled mumbling of relief was unintentional, perhaps.

「Don’t say it like Yuuka.」

That kind of impression spilled out. Occasionally what I’m thinking would end up unconsciously spilling out, but because it was a speech I would often hear from my sister in my past life, when I helped her during a game’s deadlock.
When she was a kid, I’d arbitrarily follow Yuuka, and in the end, when her feet got tired, she’d grumble, and I would carry her on my back. Since it resembled the state of affairs at that time, it seems I recalled too much, maybe.


At the name she mumbled as if confused, my feet stop.

My previous name, which I already thought I wouldn’t be called anymore. Moreover, with the exchange to this extent, being able to identify Tanaka Taichi, there is only one person that would call me by that name.

「Ha? Is it really Yuuka??」

I tried to look over my shoulder, but with this posture, turning my head back is unreasonable. Since in my field of vision, only radiant blonde hair will be displayed, I give up and face ahead.

「Is that really you, Taichi?」

「Telling by that alone, you’re doubting that much, huh?」

It’s an exchange of each other’s evaluation criteria that only an older brother and younger sister do. When I understand, Elena, Yuuka, fell silent. Maybe she is searching for a component she can deny.

「……first of all, I don’t use honorifics towards Taichi.」


She’s rude to me as always. After understanding it’s me, that’s the first thing you say?
Elena understands Yuuka, and it’s the first thing on her mind. Becoming worried, she cautiously asks.

「Yuuka, no way, you also……」

「Iiiidiot, you can’t understand that kind of thing? I had a peaceful death, you know?」

「I see.」

I am frankly reassured. I was glad that Yuuka didn’t die prematurely.

「Well, maybe, however.」

「What is it?」

「This is the world of Kimisei, and I can only properly remember things about Kimisei. After that, it’s hazy.」

「Is it because you simply don’t have the ability to remember?」

「I don’t want to be told that by Taichi.」

After complaining, she pulls both of my cheeks. It’s not very painful.
However,  I understood. For me, who died an unexpected death, there isn’t much change to the Yuuka I remember, since the scope of what I remember is close, huh? Well, if a little girl suddenly remembered the memories of a grandmother, it would overload her capacity.


「What is it?」

While pulling my cheeks, Yuuka puzzlingly replied. Because I’m behind her, I can’t see it, but the appearance of Yuuka from my past life came to mind.

「It was bad, huh?」

With how I only had Tanaka Taichi’s memories, Elena, here, only had Yuuka’s memories of her past life. I understand that.
But, even with those memories, we were able to meet.
I thought we couldn’t meet again. I thought I couldn’t apologize anymore. That I had selfishly given up on my life.
With my past life, my death was an accident. But, I caused it as I stopped thinking.
In my remaining years, I despaired, and among other things, made as many excuses as I’d liked, but the me at that time didn’t see anything other than myself. As a result of crudely dealing with my life by myself, I caused trouble towards people I didn’t even know. I’m the worst.
Although I was myself in my past life, when I think back on the time I died, I become filled with self-loathing.


When it seemed that I would sink into apologies, both of my cheeks were pinched at full strength.


Yuuka, verbally abusing me, clung to my neck.

「Taichi’s an iiidiot.」

「Yeah. I was bad.」

The way she condemned me was like a child., although this time somehow or another, it was funny. Yuuka cried and trembled, and for a while, tightly clung to me.
While I felt the warmth on my back, I resumed walking again.
Some time elapsed, and at my back, Yuuka raised her head.

「That reminds me, how is Taichi in Kimisei!? Or rather, who is Isaac!!」

She isn’t aware of him, she says, and with a feeling of seeming renewal, Yuuka talks on and on. She was feeling sad for a while, this person rising to the surface is really robust. There’s a feeling of her nature simply not needing negative thinking.

「I think I know. Because it doesn’t seem like I’m a mob, so I’m doing it my way.」

「But, you know Roy-sama, right?」

「That was by accident.」

「Moreover, you’re working at Lydia-sama’s place, too?」

「That was also by chance.」

「Somehow, there’s even more accidents, it seems……」

What is it? Although I can’t see it, I feel a gaze staring at me from behind. I’m not comfortable with how it feels like she’s feeling around for my stomach.

「You, in that Kimisei……? Where are you?」

「I, Philine Elena von Rozenvein, am a support character who comes out in Roy-sama’s route in A Small Star Only For You -Dein einziger Strenchen-!」

I can grasp she’s using a voice with a self-satisfied look from behind me. Then, why are you touting the game’s official name and bragging about it like it’s the nickname? I’m not particularly envious, however. I feel it’s like someone playing a guy in a play towards someone playing a tree.

「Oh, right. I don’t understand, but I’m glad that you became a beautiful girl with blonde hair and blue eyes.」

「Right?! I’m cute, right? It feels like I’m royalty, right!?」

It seems like she wants to say it, but because it will become a narcissistic statement, it seems she was enduring it until now. I was delightfully boasted to.

「Yeah, yeah, you’re cute, you’re cute. And because of that, is it fine having your beloved Roy-sama as your older brother?」

Her outward appearance has a lot of excitement, but  come to think of it, she’s Leo’s younger sister, so she would be out of the range of romantic interests of the Roy-sama I had heard so much about that I was sick of it. Because it was the otome game Yuuka played, in any case, it’s regrettable.



「Even now, I really like him, but for Roy-onii-sama, I can’t think of him as something like a capture target. That is, I don’t feel that sort of feeling……?」

While fumbling around for how to word it, at the appearance of her speaking her own thoughts, I laughed a little.

「Is that so?」

I slightly noticed it. After all, from the beginning, with how she continuously called him her older brother, not saying it like she did in her past life. Her older brother now is Leo.
Reconfirming what I had realized, I was relieved. Yuuka was also properly here.
At the boundary of the downtown residences, I arrive in front of the house with potted plant with a silver plum blossom design, and drop off Yuuka who was on my back. I face the girl with a dazzlingly blonde ponytail. This girl also isn’t gentle on my eyes, say my inner thoughts.

「Whose house is this?」

「My house. You, since if you take the overcoat you’ll stand out, I’ll call Leo here.」

「……has he come here before?」

「Then, keep your stomach tied up.」

Because I think I’ll be scolded and make a grim face, I resolve myself and tell her to be prepared. I can’t protect her from suffering the consequences.
I put my hand on the doorknob, and before opening the door, look over my shoulder.

「Then, from here, let’s get along, Elena.」

「Let’s get along, Isaac.」

Confirming who each other is in this world, I opened the door.

「Mother, I’m back. Leo, did you already arrive?」

「Ex… Excuse me for intruding.」

While hiding behind me, Elena waits and looks around my home.

「Welcome home. He already arrived, with his older brother.」

「Isaac, why did you change the meeting place, is something wrong?」

Behind Leo who had on a brown wig, is Matteus-onii-chan acting as his escort, who Leo said was in the way.

「Ah—…… that’s right.」

Noticing my mother and Leo’s reactions, with how they tilted their heads in confusion, I tore off the cloak of the cause.

「Since you’re in the house, it’s reasonable to take it off.」


「Philly! What are you doing in this place!?」

「Oh my, it’s a cute girl. Welcome.」

Behind Leo whose eyes were wide open, Matteus-onii-chan turned pale with worry. Are you okay? Will he not collapse?
When mother notices Elena, she starts to prepare additional tea.
Elena, losing her stealth functionality, after becoming panicked, glared at me who had taken off her overcoat in one go.

「Wait, I also have to prepare my heart!」

「If we wait for that, the sun will go down. Were you intending to be a spirit behind me until then?」

「But, that…… Isaac, you idiot!」 [T/N: Roy, one hundred percent right now is thinking “Bro, are you flirting with my sister?”]

In our past life, the times she get to make a decision, she was always groaning. With the feeling of that time, it ended up being overbearing, but on the brink of venting her anger didn’t seem strange. Which reminds me, when I found her today, she was mumbling by herself.



Leo was looking at her sister in extreme surprise. Then, Elena remembered she is in her brother’s vision and stiffened.
Because Matteus-onii-chan was also surprised, Elena usually spoke more princess-like, I think. Until I noticed her true character, she was polite.
When I think it’s better that I don’t interrupt, I watch over the development of these two.
After a bit of silence, Leo was the one who opened his mouth first.

「You’re very open with Isaac.」 [T/N: Countdown to “Are you flirting with my sister?” advances by 1.]

「Eh…… no, yes…… he helped me when I got lost.」

At the smiling Leo, Elena, after making a facial expression that seemed to disagree for a second, smiled back as if to smooth it over. I think she wasn’t happy about the remark we were on close terms. For me, also, since with this short time I was repeatedly called an idiot, being called close is upsetting.

「Leo, you shouldn’t leave her alone like this.」

When I lift up the overcoat and show him, Leo forced a smile as if he guessed the details.

「I’m sorry. This time it was my mistake. I didn’t take into consideration that someone else would use my things.」

「For using it without permission…… I’m sorry, big brother. I wanted to go together with you……」

「No, it’s my duty to talk with Philly who wants to go outside.」

「That, I……」

Because it was a little like a loop, I intervene for the two of them, and press on the back of their heads to make them bow.

「It’s fine if both of you did something bad. Now, since both of you apologized, it’s already done.」

Instantly, the two stop, and one of them smiles. The other side is a little angry.

「That’s right. For me, from the next time, I have to be more careful about managing things.」

「Doing things as Isaac says is a cause for offense, however, it can’t be helped.」

「Since everyone is standing while talking, please have some tea.」

Mom puts out the teacups, and invites us with a smile as if to tell us to sit down.
There are only four chairs at the wooden table. There are four cups at the table. Because mom is in the flower garden watering the plants, she went to the back. In front of me is Matteus-onii-chan, and to my side is Elena, and diagonal from me is Leo. For now, this is an arrangement that doesn’t let radiant things into my vision as much as possible.
Drinking tea and taking a rest, Leo asked Elena something.

「Philly, if you say nothing and sneak out, won’t you worry Terese and the others?」

「Which reminds me, especially if the princess goes missing, I’ll receive a quick letter, but it hasn’t come.」

「I, well…… no, sometimes I want to be alone and I play hide and seek, so Terese and the others surely will search inside the castle……」

「Philly…… you were doing that sort of thing, huh?」


Matteus’ gaze saw the indescribable facial expression of Leo who is genuinely surprised at the new truth and Elena was at a loss for words. The Elena who seemed to be deceiving others, again drinks tea.
While drinking tea, I watch over the exchange. Who is Terese-san, I wonder.

「However, the time you return together with me, won’t they become aware of the story?」

「Yes…… I will voluntarily tell them.」

She’ll say it, Elena says, avoiding the mug to the side, and with a tense face puts both of her hands in front of her. In the spot on the table where there’s nothing, her hands are concealing something that seems to be there. Then, magic power begins to collect.
When I read the attribute with the indication of the spirits, I unconsciously mumbled at its rarity.

「Wind and…… light?」

「Fufun, for me, I have two elements, wind and light, you know.」

Elena looks my way boastfully asking how it is. Why are you boasting to me? While I turn my head away, I neglectfully respond.

「Heeeh, it’s amazing.」

「Wait, why did you look the other way?」

「No, after all, you’re uselessly radiant, is the problem.」

「What was that!?」

「Philly, he also does that to me, so don’t mind it.」 [T/N: Roy too used to this behavior lol]

「To Roy-nii-sama too!? That’s rude, isn’t it!?」

Towards Elena, who was trying to intimidate me like a cat with its hair stood up, Roy smiles, seemingly amused, while chiding her.

「Everyone has something they’re weak with. Because Philly is my little sister, can she tolerantly accept something small like this?」


「No, so Leo, you should get a little angry.」

How can he be amused now? The way Elena flares up is normal, I think.
I’m weak, or in other words, because I think not making eye contact with people is rude, each time I want to apologize but because Leo doesn’t get mad, I miss the timing. I more or less was able to apologize, but only the first time.
Elena was told by Leo she had stopped concentrating on her magic and focused on it again. The particles of light gathered together with the light’s shadow coming out. It became the size of something like a doll, and after a short time took the appearance of a grandmotherly maid.


「Philine-sama! Where in the world are you hiding this time!?」

When Elena tried to talk, the grandmotherly maid scolded her with a terribly angry look. Elena unconsciously and reflexively became troubled and took a defensive stance.

「I, I’m sorry….. um, right now, I’m together with Roy-onii-sama……」

「His Highness, the princes!? His Highness is busy, you know. No matter how much you love him, please do not cause trouble for him.」

「Terese, I am not troubled, so please do not blame her too much. Philly will properly return safely.」

「That sort of thing is not the problem! His highness is too sweet towards Philine-sama! I understand the feeling of wanting to dote on the future princess, but……」

When Leo looks in Elena’s direction and puts in a good word, he’s included in the grandmotherly maid, Terese-san’s sermon that began. At Terese-san’s angry look, Elena’s face became grim and she endured it, and as one would expect, Leo had a forced smile he listening.
I was admiring the science fiction like hologram call right before my eyes. The wind was for the sound, the light for appearance, it seems. Certainly, I can’t do it with my not high magical power. It’s an interesting composite magic.
However, Terese-san’s angry voice is considerably loud. My house isn’t soundproof, so will it be fine, I wonder.
When I think about if I can form a soundproof membrane in this room with my magical power and look around the room, already a soundproof membrane has been placed. In addition to the composite magic, another spell had been started side by side.
Terese-san’s sermon finished, and at Elena, who ended the hologram call, I clapped.

「Elena, you’re amazing.」

「At last, you understood my greatness?」

Having been preached to, Elena was dispirited, but when I seriously praised her, she seemed to reemerge, puffing out her chest and happily having flushed cheeks. As for having thought that being lectured until a little bit ago wasn’t cool, it had been kept in her heart.

「Um, Isaac-kun……」

Matteus-onii-chan, seemingly anxious, started talking ot me.

「Ahh, in addition to Elena being here, I will keep the secret of her having dual elements of light and wind. Should I seal it with my blood?」

「No, going as so far as a seal of blood…… but, another day, just to be sure, because I will prepare the documents, will you be able to sign them?」

「Yes. I understand.」

Because my mother doesn’t know anything, when I ask my mother be exempted, Matteus-onii-chan understands. It’s only a downtown child’s promise, so he’s uneasy, it seems. Since it’s something like a state secret.

「Which reminds me, Leo, what’s with this overcoat?」

Because the soundproof membrane seems to be working, I ask the thing that has been on my mind.
Then, Leo smiles broadly, seeming happy.

「I made it. I used the privacy membrane Isaac made before as a reference. With the way Isaac said it, I also was able to use other elements.」

Imitating the shadow membrane I used, it was a greatly high spec magical tool. I can’t do something like stick my magical power into something.
With how the overcoat was originally something of Leo’s, furthermore secrecy magic was stuck in there using magical circles, it seems. There is a need to accumulate dark magic power again in proportion to the effect of the magical tool used, and even with leaving it alone for a long time, slowly the dark magic ended up dispersing which seems to be a demerit.
Just what is this charging equation? It’s a charging method that only a person with high magical power can do.

「It’s interesting how you aren’t noticed by anyone and it isn’t different than usual. I just ended up unintentionally putting it in an easy to use place.」

Although Leo apologies, his facial expression is smiling. This seems to be extremely fun. Elena also understands the feeling, it seems, nodding her head up and down saying 「yes, yes」.
First of all, those guys who are conspicuous are strange, it seems.

「……well, hide it so it won’t be misused.」

「Ahh, I’ll be careful to do that.」

There’s self-awareness that Leo made something greatly terrible. I think he understands, but just to make sure I purposely say it. When I see Leo smiling happily, I become a little anxious.


「Yes. There’ll be additional documents, I know.」

I nod towards Matteus-onii-chan who seems more worried than me. With me signing the documents, it’s only a little, but if his worries decrease, it’s fine.

「Then, let’s return while you’re deceiving Terese.」

「Yes…… I’m sorry for hindering your observation.」

When Leo encourages her to return, Elena, understanding she interrupted her older brother’s inspection, falls into a slump.
Leo pats Elena’s head, tenderly smiling.

「My younger sister, even when you put your hair up, you’re cute. It’s a good day today when I was able to realize a new charm of Philly’s.」


I haven’t personally met her, but I fiercely agree with Terese-san’s opinion. I also think Leo is sweet on his sister. At their exchange, unconsciously I half-close my eyes.

「Oh my, are you already going back home?」

My mother, returning back from watering the garden, asked as if it was a little unexpected. If it’s the usual, I lend Leo clothes, and after returning from observing, but this time it’s much earlier.

「Yes. I’m sorry for coming and heading home immediately.」

「Please excuse our intrusion.」

Leo gives an unchildlike response, and Elena who say that becomes flustered and bowed her head quickly. Outside of their faces resembling each other, they really are a brother and sister who don’t resemble each other.
Does my mom think the same thing, I wonder, and she sweetly smiles, and falls to one knee to meet Elena’s eyes.

「If it’s okay, eat it with your brothers on the way home.」

「……yes, thank you very much.」

Receiving the baked cookie from my mother, Elena smiles, seeming happy.
Because Elena will stand out if she leaves as she is, again, she puts on the overcoat and also properly puts on the hood. Because of the stealth functionality, in order not to get separated, she holds hands with Leo.
This time, because the effect of the magic tool is there, Leo says it’s okay to see them off at the front door. So, I see the three of them off at the entrance.

「See you.」

「Until next time, Isaac.」


Elena points her finger up at me, lightly curling it and calling to me. Why is a princess calling out to me like a delinquent?
While tilting my head in confusion, when I go down on one knee and come close, my collar is swiftly grabbed and pulled close.

「Gu, you…… what are you doing now?」

「I will only support Roy-onii-sama’s happiness.」

At that declaration said close to my ear, I gaze at her, then smile. Then, I also whisper back.

「Yep, I also will only support Ojou’s happiness.」

Hearing my declaration, Elena released the hand that was gripping onto my collar. Being released, when we face each other, I meet the blue eyes hiding their resolution. I thought that if they have the same resolution as my eyes, it’s fine.


Thinking we were doing something strange, when I look up, there was Leo looking surprised and Matteus-onii-chan who had stiffened. [T/N: “bro are you flirting with my sister”]
What’s wrong, I ask, tilting my head in confusion. Elena also seems curious.


Beyond that point, Leo said nothing. However, with the appearance Matteus-onii-chan came to his senses, Leo tried to continue in asking.

「Have you fallen in love with Isaac-kun!?」

「「 Ha?」」

This time, Elena and I froze up. What in the world did this seem to become?
I rethink on the situation just now. If it’s me, it was a delinquent-like threat, but maybe if it’s from another angle, did you think it was a foreigner-like greeting?
When I notice it, something horrifying ran down my back.

「 「That isn’t it!!」」

Elena and I deny it with all of our power. It even makes Matteus-onii-chan flinch.
Although it was my previous life, if I suspect it’s a relationship with my sister, it’s extremely disagreeable. Because we say the same thing in unison, it seems to be the same for Elena.
To the very end, it’s extremely exhausting, and I separate from Leo.

「If Elena-chan can come again, it’s fine, you know.」

「Is that so? It’s a miracle you were able to meet her today.」

At my mother’s words, I return my impressions as I thought of them.
I don’t know when the next time they can meet is. At any rate, the other side is a princess.
With this place of reincarnation, just what in the world is the probability of meeting family from my previous life, I wonder. Furthermore, with me as a commoner, and the other as a princess. It’s an incredible miracle.
My sister called me an idiot immediately, however, I was happy we could meet again.
At today’s miracle, I let a smile show.


Suddenly, I recall what I was forgetting.

「Ojou’s birthday present.」

Today, I had given myself a serious mission.
Because the observation guidance had been canceled, once again I go towards the market street.

This chapter seriously warmed my heart. We won’t see Philine/Yuuka for a bit, but she’s a real treat.

Also, I’m such an idiot. So, Yuuka’s name is written with the characters as “evening song”, and for a solid three days, I was so friggin’ confused at what an evening song was. Like, I thought it was some cultural thing in Japan I was missing. Then it hit me that that’s a name. Goodness, I’m really dumb sometimes, hahaha.

Not too much else, though. We’re approaching the end of Volume 2, surprisingly. I’m already translating Volume 3, so we’re chugging along.

See you all next chapter.

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