41. Happy End

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The sunlight poured down on the garden as if to say it’s a beautiful spring day.
There, I furrowed my eyebrows.

「What’s wrong, Philly?」

Looking with those green eyes that seem worried, the sunlight is reflected from copper ones. I really like those pretty eyes.


「Even though Teresa scolded you about playing hide and seek?」

「Roy-onii-sama, it’s different.」

From the other side, his complexion is confirmed by his honey-colored eyes. That her lady in waiting had scolded her, I immediately denied while puffing my cheeks. Well, is my daily behavior seemingly as bad as well? When I think back on it and have an idea that it isn’t zero as occasionally there was something like that, I keep quiet.
Roy-nii-sama seems to smile as if to amusedly say that he sees. Roy-nii-sama seems to be amused at times I puff my cheeks.

「I can’t be convinced.」

Resetting my cheeks, when I tell them the reason I was frowning, both of my brothers tilt their heads.

「What is it?」

「Let’s go out for tea, the three of us.」

At Claus-nii-sama’s question, I answer.
Until now, with the question of succession as they were not born of the same mother, there would be difficulties when the two were together. I also tried to act as a go-between for the two of them, but it didn’t go smoothly. Although, now they’re able to go for tea together.

「Will that make you happy?」

「It will make me happy. But……」

At Roy-nii-sama’s question, I hesitate.
There’s no reason it wouldn’t make me happy. My heart’s wish would come true, that the two brothers I love very much can be on good terms. Of course that makes me happy.

「That is…… I wasn’t able to do anything!」

That’s right, although I didn’t do anything, my heart’s wish had ended up coming true. Even though I have my past life’s memories, I couldn’t make any practical use of them.
I, Philine Elena von Rosenhein, have memories of my past life. Memories of a Japanese person called Tanaka Yuuka. There, I realized I was a character in the otome game I was obsessed with, [A Star Only For You – Dein Einziger Sternchen] or Kimiboshi for short.
Roy-nii-sama and Claus-nii-sama are both capture targets. Because I dislike the idea of my family being unhappy, I was keen on applying my past life’s memories and evading a bad ending.
However, with Claus-nii-sama, because of the interference of the second queen, Simone, I had a hard time meddling. For me, whose succession power is low, it’s fine for Claus-nii-sama to talk to me, but when Roy-nii-sama is included, Claus-nii-sama keeps himself at arm’s distance and becomes unapproachable.
In the first place, I, who is a support character in Roy-nii-sama’s route, can hardly do anything in Claus-nii-sama’s route. So, I intended to go for Roy-nii-sama’s route and get the happy ending.
Their two routes, the sequences are different but if Roy-nii-sama becomes king it’s the happy ending, and if Claus-nii-sama becomes king it’s the bad ending. They reconcile their relationship and when Claus-nii-sama hands over the throne to Roy-nii-sama, it’s a mutually good outcome. Even from my point of view, Roy-nii-sama seems to have an interest in the crown so I think it’s better.
Thinking that, before I could make my chance, Roy-nii-sama naturally had attempted to make contact with Claus-nii-sama, and were on good terms now. When I asked how he managed to get Claus-nii-sama, who is very stubborn, to listen, Roy-nii-sama only gave a happy smile.
Why did Roy-nii-sama solve the problem before the game even started?

「I wanted to dokaaan and be helpful to my brothers!」 [T/N: She uses the sound “dokan!” which is used for surprises. I could have just said “wanted to jump out” but the next line made me keep it.]

At my claim with the sound effect, Claus-nii-sama is so perplexed it’s like he has a question mark floating above him, and Roy-niisama seems to understand my intentions, smiling and then patting me on the head.

「It’s that’s the case, Philly has been active enough.」

「Where has she been active?」

I disagreed with Roy-nii-sama’s opinion. Because my past life’s memories weren’t helpful, I could only hear mere consolation.

「Philly negotiated with father, so thanks to her, once a week everyone in the family will have a meal together, so Claus and I can regularly meet.」

「I don’t like eating alone, so it was just me being selfish.」

The castle is spacious and even my private room is massive. There, eating alone is lonely. Even if the meal should be delicious, not having someone else I can talk to means it’s in vain.
Sometimes my mother eats together with me, but she has queenly work everyday so she can’t go and even if I ask the maids, they say they can’t eat with royalty and refuse. So, I requested that my brothers eat together.
With the memories of my past life, without exception, even if we were arguing with each other we’d sit together at the table. If it’s possible, even if we’re not all on good terms, I want to eat with everyone present.
I tried negotiating directly with my father and was rejected, so after that day, I waited for him to finish work and ambushed him with many requests, over and over. After one month of this, I acquired a promise that we’d eat together once a week.
It might be different from the game, but it wasn’t for the sake of avoiding the bad end, as it was just because I didn’t have the endurance to seriously keep eating by myself. I didn’t think that in reality, this was all that was needed for their feud to take care of itself, either.
Because again I had become sulky, Roy-nii-sama exchanged looks with Claus-nii-sama. Claus-nii-sama, encouraged by his look, becomes troubled, and while worried, opens his mouth.

「Philly was the first to compliment my violin, right?」

「But, it sounded completely love.」

For me, who could only make grating, clumsy sounds with that violin, when Claus-nii-sama plays and makes beautiful sounds, it’s like magic. At the very least, so I could accompany, Claus-nii-sama, I switched to the piano, but it was currently cramping my fingers. I wonder how my fingers will grow.
But, because I like Claus-nii-sama’s violin, I wonder what it happened. Certainly, even in Kimoboshi, you’d expect this kind of topic.

「Thanks to Philly praising that, I didn’t forget something I liked.」

Claus-nii-sama smiled a little out of embarrassment. I really like that kind of clumsy smile.

「With something so natural, is it actually helpful to my big brothers?」

In Claus-nii-sama’s route, although she’s not a support character, Philline’s role is to secure Claus’ childhood self from his mother’s brainwashing. That sort of thing, because even if I was asked, if I can do it, I will, so I was only saying ordinary things I liked. I didn’t do anything difficult.
From my point of view, it’s keeping the pre-established harmony, so I tilt my head in confusion. Seeing me make an incomprehensible facial expression, Claus-nii-sama is at a loss, and Roy-nii-sama smiles as if amused.
He then asks me a question.

「Philly, do you like us?」

「Certainly I love both of you!」

When I reply with all of my strength, Roy-nii-sama seemed greatly amused as he let out laughter.

「That’s the most important thing.」

「Mmm. That’s sufficient.」

Immediately after Claus-nii-sama’s happy seeming voice came down, I was hugged. Receiving a hug made me happy, but naturally, I don’t understand the reason reason my family is praising me.
First of all, after Claus-nii-sama hugs me because he’s happy, Roy-nii-sama pats me on the head.

「「Thank you, Philly」」

Their voices coming together, they gave their thanks. These brothers really are on good terms, I really felt that this time.

「You’re welcome……?」

While wondering if this is fine, I reflexively replied to my brothers’ thanks.
My brothers were spoiling me, so my thoughts ended up streaming towards something like that this was okay.

「No, this isn’t fine!!」

After it became nighttime, I unconsciously realized I had been deceived and raised my voice.

[You shouldn’t suddenly shout. You’ll be a nuisance to the neighborhood.]

Complaints were sent from the white stuffed bear in front of my eyes. Because my room is big, just to be sure, with wind magic I soundproofed it, but it didn’t seem the same for the other person using the bear. When it was pointed out, I remembered, and even though I understood it couldn’t be seen, covered my mouth with both hands.
Because I was silent, the other party started talking after guessing I was remaining silent.

[Hm? What’s wrong?]

「That’s right, rather than me, isn’t it Isaac’s fault!?」


There’s a confused voice from the bear. The bear had the functionality of being like a telephone that Roy-nii-sama helped with, but with that, I started hearing uncute voices from the bear. I kept it and wasn’t uncomfortable with it, so I kept the bear, but lately I’ve been thinking it was a mistake.
Isaac, the other person using the bear phone, is also my big brother Taichi in my past life, as we have similar memories of our past life.
In the beginning, with Roy-nii-sama’s fiance and the rival noble daughter being different from the game’s character, I suspected they also had memories of a past life. Even with that, even the topic of the apprentice gardener of the rival’s household never came up, so I didn’t understand the significance of my older brother.
For the time being, Isaac is probably the only one who can do this with his memories of his past life.

「It’s not the way it was in Kimiboshi, it’s cooompleeeetely Isaac’s fault!!」

[Why you…… I only helped with minigames I can’t even remember well, so what can I, a commoner with little magic, do?]

「Ugu…… b-but, onee-sama became so cute?」

[That’s because Ojou is trying her best.]

From my standpoint, rather than the Lydia von Ernest who I understand to be the rival, even if you point out that she’s become cute, I can’t deny it was her own wish.
Before, when I visited the Ernest household, I saw she had a good relationship with the ordinary servants, but maybe it was easy to make friends with someone because they were similar ages. With how in Kimiboshi the topic never even came up, the chance that onee-sama is on good terms with her house’s servants isn’t zero. Because in Kimiboshi there’s no information on Isaac, I don’t understand to what extent his influence is.
Even with the exception of onee-sama, there are changes I had to confirm are there.

「Roy-nii-sama already understands he has both light and dark attributes!」

[Leo is the one who said that sort of thing. What’s wrong with that?]

「He’s supposed to understand that after you enter Roy-nii-sama’s route! And when the throne is in danger, and whether or not Roy-nii-sama could be helped by the heroine to become a happy ending is the main point, and yet with the hydrangea……」

In Kimiboshi’s screen, in the bottom left is a hydrangea icon, and you can understand the route divergence based on its colors. Because of that, in this world, the hydrangea changes colors with the effect of magic, like a pH test.
When I visited Roy-nii-sama’s study, I was surprised to see a hydrangea blooming with two colors.

[……I really don’t understand, but if it’s an out-of-season hydrangea, Leo came across it, and bought it from an old gardener.]


Why do you not realize you’re the main factor in him obtaining it?
I was surprised that even with seeing the two-colored hydrangea, Roy-nii-sama wasn’t disturbed. Roy-nii-sama, who is always smarter than I am, there’s no way he didn’t understand the meaning.
From my point of view, it’s Roy-nii-sama’s colors, so I couldn’t help but want it, and ended up pestering him. In my past life, because he was a character I endorsed, there’s no helping wanting to have goods themed around Roy-nii-sama.

「I thought Roy-nii-sama would be shocked, so although I said nothing, for Roy-nii-sama it’s normal.」

[Elena also has two elements, right? So why isn’t Leo shocked??]

「He from the beginning, it’s different if it’s found later!? Furthermore, royalty has the dark element, so understand!」

[Ehhh? He’s not that kind of person.]

「Yes, Roy-nii-sama is strong and wonderful!」

Nobody was saying anything like that, Isaac said through the bear, but it didn’t reach my ears.
Roy-nii-sama isn’t that different from Kimiboshi, but I have a feeling he’s mentally stronger. I like that kind of Roy-nii-sama.

「It’s also because after, Claus-nii-sama and Roy-nii-sama were able to become on good terms!」

If I could do it, it was the number one problem I wanted to settle. And yet, my brothers ended up coming to an agreement.

[Leo’s brother… Wolf, right? What can I do, right, it’s someone else’s house.]

「Yes, but……」

For Isaac, who has little to no knowledge about Kimiboshi, there’s no way he’d know about the problems of the royal family. I understand that, but if that’s the case, why do we have memories of our past life?

「Do you want to know the meaning of remembering you past life?」

My dissatisfaction leaks out.
I remembered my past life and realized this world was one of the otome game, so I want to think about the meaning of it. When I was born as the princess, it wasn’t what I longed for in my past life, and I got used to the environment, and every day was too calm. For myself, the third princess, I don’t have an important role.
It’s fine to think it’s something special, right?

[Hm…… I only accidentally remembered it, so if it works, it’s fine to use them, right?]

Isaac doesn’t seem to be searching for if there is meaning in having memories of our last life. Since he gives an opinion that doesn’t mesh well, I look at the bear with half-closed eyes.

「But, here, this is Kimiboshi’s world, right?」

[So, it’ll become like the way things are in Kimiboshi, right? Even if there are many ways to play a game.]

「I understand, but…… what if there’s the compelling force of the game?」

[It’s no use worrying about problems you can’t understand.]

Now that what I was thinking was pointed out, I got annoyed. Being told a sound argument by Isaac was the cause of offense.

[For me, if I can live a life without regrets as much as possible, it’s fine.]


How did I want to live? Certainly I wanted happiness for Roy-nii-sama and the others, but I hadn’t thought about myself very much.

「If it’s possible, I want to marry someone I love. In my past life, I had a love-based marriage, but there’s no helping it if it’s a political marriage here, huh?」

[Yuuka, did you get married?]

At Isaac’s rude remark that was unconsciously filled with disbelief, I puffed my cheeks.

「What do you mean!?」

[Well, if it’s my little sister who always uses her own name for the name of the protagonist in the otome game, I worried about whether she could get married.]

「Rude! I can properly distinguish between two-dimensional and three-dimensional!」

One of the fundamentals of otome games, because there is the configuration of the main character, they often have a default name. Even so, having a handsome guy use your name even if it isn’t voiced isn’t particularly bad, right?


[What is it?]

「I can’t remember the default name of the heroine, I only know what she looks like!」

At Isaac’s inquiry about why I suddenly raised my voice, I was crushed with despair on the top of my bed. If the heroine doesn’t move towards Roy-nii-sama’s route, I, who is a support character in Roy-nii-sama’s route, won’t get to meet her. It’s only information about her outward appearance, so there’s no way to find out about her beforehand.

「What should I do? I only know that she’s a commoner, but has incredibly magical power, so she entered into the academy.」

[Isn’t that easy to understand?]

「If that’s the case, Isaac should search for her. You’re a commoner, right?」

[I can’t, I’m busy with work. Besides, I don’t even know the name, how can I find her?]


When I was in a hurry, the bear in front of me let out a sigh of shock.

[Generally, how does the heroine look?]

After being asked, I was at a loss.
Even if I find the heroine, I can’t confirm if she has the memories of a past life I, and as a princess can’t directly meet her. Furthermore, if I go, it will incur a cost. Mother and Roy-nii-sama said I shouldn’t use people for no reason. Visiting one commoner, royalty going that far will cause unreasonable interference. [T/N: Literally “it will use the national tax” instead of “incur a cost”]

「……I can’t think of anything.」

Supposing I were able to act freely, I can’t think of what I should do. Rather, if I see the heroine living an ordinary life, I’d end up not calling out to her and going back, I think.
With what I can do, I have absolutely nothing. I’m useless, aren’t I?


My name is called, so I lift my head. With that movement, I realized I was hanging my head.

[Because it’s natural to want happiness for important people, so you don’t have to do anything. If you help when you’re needed, it’s fine.]

「Is Taiichi saying that?」

Who taught you that one of the fundamentals of life is that an older brother doesn’t rely on their younger sister?

[Isaac, or me, doing it on my own is unreasonable, right?]

As if to condemn me, Isaac replied it was different than the past life. I could hear the tone of a wry smile mixed with the voice coming from the bear.

「I don’t know if Roy-nii-sama and the others will rely on me.」

[It’s okay to leave Leo and the others alone, do your own thing. It’s Kimiboshi, don’t you understand your own life?]

At Isaac’s words, I notice it. Certainly, in Kimiboshi, Philine appeared, but at that time, I don’t know if she has a fiance. Presently, with the marriage of alliances of my older sister it’s unnecessary, but in a few years, will I be with someone?

「For me…… if I could be in love with my fiance, that would be nice.」

[If that’s the case, from the beginning you should marry a guy you like. Not as Yuuka’s, but as Elena’s life.]

Saying that when the other person is royalty is ridiculous. However, someday, after a person I like appears, I think it would be lovely to be married to that person. As for thinking there’s no helping it, I realize it’s implicitly the same as giving up.
I knew my facial expression loosened up. No matter what anyone says, Isaac worrying about me makes me happy. I absolutely won’t say it, though.

「……but, there’s a problem with finding someone I like.」

[What is it?]

「There’s no one in this world cooler than Roy-nii-sama!」

[Go to sleep.]

At my assertion made with all my might, an exasperated voice is returned. He’s also going to sleep, and saying that there are no more replies from the phone-call bear.

「Hey, are you going to ignore my serious matters of life or death and go to sleep before me?」

Afterwards, I protested but the bear is silent, and after using my magic for the phone call, I went to sleep.

First of all, I’ll aim for my happy ending that no one knows about.

I was a little surprised to start with a Philine/Yuuka chapter, but it was short and sweet. Honestly I like the moments where Isaac/Taichi acts like a big bro is nice. Had a laugh when he asked if his sister actually got married, though.

Not a whole lot else to say other than welcome to Volume 4, which puts us in the second half of the series, as we have Volume 5, then the final one. Thanks for sticking with me all this time.


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  1. These two are definitely on the same wavelength.

    “……but, there’s a problem with making someone like you.”
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    1. The raw text line itself is 「……でも、好きな人を作るには問題があるわ」

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      1. ahhh, ok. That makes sense, it’s just weird since right now she’s talking about liking Isaac


  2. Love this novel! You’re doing an awesome job. I only started reading a few days ago and I’m caught up :’c. Thanks for the hard work!


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