42. Dining Table

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As always, when I open the door to leave for work, there was a large flower in front of my eyes. It’s a vivid, bright red that suggests an eternal summer.


「Does this match the Baumgartner house?」

The flower talked. With a high-spirited voice from this morning.

「It does, but……」

When I reflexively responded while surprised, the flower shifted and a boy similar in age to me made his appearance. He was broadly smiling, and compared to me his skin is more tanned, matching the hibiscus he was carrying.

「I’m glad. It’s a delivery from Mr. Benno!」

「From the old man?」

Hearing the name of the old man, I understood the reason for the flower.
The old man retired from being the exclusive gardener for the Ernest family, and along with his wife, were going around the Aventrot kingdom. Then, occasionally they would come back and return with a rare, local flower from their travels. Even this hibiscus, in the royal capital, wouldn’t bloom like this.
But, if it’s like always, although the old man returned by himself, why entrust it to another person? Being lively and in good health is one of the old man’s good points, but did he injure himself before this?
I can’t imagine that he would have gotten injured or fallen ill, so when I tilt my head in confusion, my father came out from behind me.
It isn’t because he heard the old man’s name, but rather that I was stuck at the front door. My father is also going to work as well. Well, since I’m apprenticing under him, it’s only natural.



Somehow, the delivery boy’s eyes went wide when he sees my father. However, he’s still full of spirit from the morning. For some time he’s been promptly chatting.
The moment he heard my father’s affirmation, he fell to the ground on his knees, and after he put the potted plant to the side, and then sat seiza style.

「I, I’m Yan! I’ve come to apply to be Dennis the gardener’s apprentice! Please make me into a gardener!!」

My father and I are stunned. Not because it’s been a long time since someone wanted to become his apprentice, but this is the first time we’ve seen someone kneel down on the ground and ask. Old man, not just flowers, but you sent a pupil here?
When I look back at my father, he’s making a grim face and keeping silent. Ah, this is his troubled face.

「Um, I’m his son and apprentice, Isaac. Mister… Yan…? Right, how old are you and where did you come from? You seem like you’re from the southern region, but……」

「I’m twelve. My village is near the southwestern border.」

He’s older than me. I’m glad I used honorifics. If it’s the west, the village is close to the sea. He’s come from a considerably far place.

「Although it’s a potted plant with divine protection, you properly and safely brought it, right?」

The time I move plants through an area where the climate doesn’t suit them, magic circles from the church are engraved in the potting to protect them from dry winds. Since there aren’t always people with the wind magical element in churches, sometimes magical stones are used.

「Since Benno-san said this is something like a test and to desperately protect it, I did my best!」

Old man……

That was like a threat. Also, don’t just make it into a test. My father behind me, my father covers up half of his face that is wrinkling his eyebrows with his right hand.
Rather, because my father’s fierce look was inherited from the old man, I wonder if Yan-san wasn’t intimidated by the old man. The old man’s fierce looks were offset by how friendly he was, but regarding plants, he was strict.

「How did I do!?」

Yan-san, eyes glittering with expectation, asks my father about his success or failure. Since he has a fearless personality, even though he’s in front of my father, he looks into his eyes and talks to him. The applicants so far lost to my father’s face and height, it seems he’s broken through the first barrier. Well, as long as you can clear that, there isn’t any problem. After all, my father is different from his scary appearance.
My father pinches one of the petals of the hibiscus Yan presented and examines it.

「It’s good, right?」

Being given a passing mark, Yan-san smiles. Even if I only look, since if it’s overwatered the leaves will rot, and converse it also doesn’t look too dry, and so because it looks fresh and lively, I think it’s in good condition.

「Then, can I become your apprentice!?」

He’s a pupil the old man sent, that is to say, he has a recommendation from the previous generation. There’s no particular reason to refuse him.

「Immediately is no good.」

「Since you’re lined up by the previous employee, for today can you go back to your inn?」

When my father added that just to try to be sure, Yan-san’s face became blank. My father had already taken the hibiscus for the sake of putting it into the greenhouse.


「Yes. Do you not have one?」

「Yes. I used all the money I had to get here.」

Yan-san, don’t say that with a smiling face. This guy, did he come with a one way ticket?

「……then, please take a rest in our house. After a long journey, you’re tired, right?」

「Yan-san, welcome. Will you stay with us for breakfast?」

When I say this, invites him in as if understanding. Hearing breakfast, Yan-san’s stomach makes a magnificent sound. Seeing Yan-san scratch his head in embarrassment, mom quietly laughs.

「Then, mom, please take care of him. I’m off!」

「Yes, have a good day.」

「Have a good day!」 [T/N: Friggin’ Yan and his verbal tics that don’t translate well]

Entrusting Yan-san to mom, I go to work again with my father. Even if it’s before work, my father sighed as if tired.

After we reached the Ernest household, we reported the entrance of a new employee to Heinz-san, the butler. Afterwards, we were asked if we were finally ready to hire more staff. He was worried about only my father and I taking care of the garden. Even if he says that, there wasn’t a lot of young people who weren’t afraid of my father, so there was no helping it.
Anyways, we confirmed the date he would be presented before the duke and decided Yan-san’s start date.
After that, I started my gardening work, but my father had a grim face the whole time. It might be the old man’s fault.
Because the literacy rate for commoners is low, he couldn’t have sent a letter, but if he had entrusted a verbal message through the merchants heading for the capital, the potential to be informed beforehand is there. But, the old man purposely didn’t do that. Did he want my father to be surprised? I wonder if he had a hobby of teasing my father.


As soon as I heard the sound of small footsteps, while doing flower work, something charged onto my back.


When I look over my shoulder, the lady who gave me a light crash happily smiled.

「Ahhhh, Flora, running like that is improper, you know.」

「Ojou. She hasn’t taken lessons in manners yet, so it’s fine, isn’t it?」

「That isn’t the problem.」

She isn’t exactly running, but the cuff of her skirt is lightly elevated with how she’s hurrying, and Ojou caught up. Flora, her younger sister who turned three years old, seems to have fun moving by herself and recently has been exploring the grounds and the estate. I only know what happens inside the estate with what I hear from Ojou, but I know about inside the garden because I encounter them.
I think I shouldn’t take my eye off of her, but if it’s on the grounds of the Ernest estate, someone should be keeping an eye on her. With Flora’s age, in my past life, because we wore shoes that glittered and made noises when we walk, there’s no helping wanting to move around.

「In any case, once you start training, there’s a lot of things to endure, so she should play to the limit while she still can’t, right?」


I think Flora’s behavior of tilting her head together after my words hasn’t changed. Did Ojou have a memory of holding back after she started training, since she flinched. However, once again she looks at me and properly scolds me.

「Even so, if she runs, it’s dangerous, isn’t it!」

「That it is. Ojou is worried about Flora getting hurt.」

「Nnn….. then, Laura won’t run.」 [T/N: Literally ‘Roora’, like the end of ‘Flora’ so it’s tricky here.]

「Flora’s kind, huh? She’s a good girl.」

Seeing her think about her behavior a little, I take off my cotton gloves and pat Flora’s head. There, Flora seemed to be happy at being praised, smiling broadly.
She compared the potential for Ojou to become sad with her impulse to run around, choosing the latter of the two, Flora seems to love her older sister.
When I remove my hand for a moment, Flora’s eyes open and she stares. When I put my hand on her head again, she closes her eyes and looks comfortable. This will certainly be a pattern if I remove my hand and she stares again. What to do, I can’t stop time.

「……that’s unfair.」

Ojou mumbles, pouting. Certainly, rather than me, it’s better to receive praise from her family.

「Ah. Ojou also wants to be praised, right?」

「Neeee-sama also?」 [T/N: “nee-sama” works but rather than the kanji it’s “ne—” so I took a liberty here.]

When I tell Flora, Flora’s eyes shine and she faces Ojou. Ojou mumbles and says that I’m wrong, but is losing against Flora’s expecting gaze, and pats her sister’s head. When she starts patting her head, it’s not as bad as she thought and Ojou loosens up.
While feeling that the situation of sisters who got along is charming, I put my cotton gloves back on and return to looking after the flower bed.
While confirming the state of the pink primroses, light blue nemophilas, and dark orange marigolds, I pluck the withered flowers. That being in an always sunny spot is good hasn’t changed, but depending on if they prefer moist or dry soil, I divide the flowers up and plant them.
When I was thinking about if I should water the primroses again, Flora crouches down next to me.

「Zaaack, play.」 

「I’m sorry. I’ll take a break after finishing this, so wait.」

「Laura, come help. Clean up the flowers.」

「The thought makes me happy, but if I pass off my work to you, I’ll be in trouble, you know.」

「Then, wait.」

「Flora, if you play during his break, Zack won’t be able to rest, right?」


Ojou leans over next to Flora, and as if implicitly encouraging her to return without waiting, Flora lets out a groan of discontentment. But, from the standpoint of not saying anything, she understands, but isn’t happy with the feeling, it seems.
I laugh a little bit at the way Ojou said things.

「What is it……?」

「No, it’s that Ojou often came to talk to me.」


Basically, when it became early afternoon, she came to talk while I was working. I was careful, but because my father and I would forget to diligently take breaks, when Ojou came to visit, I’d use it as a reference of when to take a break. Ojou gradually waited for us to take a break, and chose a suitable time to arrive.
From the beginning, it was only talking, so it wasn’t a hindrance to work, but I got the feeling her initial charge was similar to Flora’s. That was a little bit amusing.
With how Ojou also seems to have a realization, she blushed at how she was obsessed with reporting. She looks at me as if to glare, but in that state, she isn’t scary at all.

「Was I… being a bother……?」

The tone of the voice is as if making a complaint, but the eyes are uneasily shaking.

「No way. Because being able to meet Ojou is fun, seeing Ojou’s face even now makes me happy.」

When I smile to say there’s no way that true and reject that statement, Ojou’s face gradually turns all red.

「Saying something like that, you don’t properly look at me, don’t you!?」

Telling me not to play innocent and turn my back to her, Ojou got mad and turned away. I can’t deny that now that it’s been pointed out,and for the sake of doing my work I look at the marigolds in my sight.

「It’s because if I don’t look at what’s on hand, I can’t do my work, you know. But, because Ojou’s voice is pretty, I’m properly listening.」

Ojou’s voice when she talks is good and her emotions are easy to understand. If her voice seems to be having fun, it’s possible to imagine she’s smiling, as well as when her voice is discouraged, without thinking I look over my shoulder to check.

「Even Lauraaa?」

「Yes, I’m also properly listening to Flora’s… voice?」

While working, I reply, and then feel a heavy weight on my side. When I look, Flora has entrusted her balance to me, having closed her eyes. Because of the spring weather being warm, she’s become drowsy, huh?

「As expected, should I ask Flora to help me?」

「Huh? I’ll help!」

At my mumbling, Flora opens her sleepy-looking eyes, looking at me with anticipation.

「With the good weather today, it’s warm, right?」

「Yep. It’s nice and warm.」

「I want to sleep, but I have to get my work done. So, can Flora take a nap as my substitute?」

「If I take a nap, Zaaack will be fine?」

「Yep, it would amazingly help me.」

When I smile, Flora smiles brightly like her golden hair. With how she seems to have been entrusted with an important role, despite going to sleep from here, her facial expression is full of motivation. First of all, when I make a post as if to convey sleepiness, I lightly tap Flora’s forehead with my own.

「My sleepiness, did it go there?」

「Yep. I got it…..」 

If she goes to sleep, I’ll be relieved, and Flora yawns. Confirming that, when I look at Ojou as if to say something, I see Ojou’s face is still red as she covers her mouth with both hands.
I was thinking I should quickly stay silent, but why cover your mouth? Did she turn red from oxygen deprivation?
I often don’t understand Ojou’s behavior. Is it something like a good luck charm that women are fond of?


「……w, what is it!?」

Ojou’s shoulders leap up as she looks back in shock. She seems to have been considerably concentrating on the good luck charm. While thinking it would be bad to be a hindrance, I tell her about Flora.

「Sorry for suddenly saying something. Flora is sleeping.」

「Ah…… I understand. Flora, let’s go back to our room.」


When Ojou presents her hand, Flora manages to take hold of it while rubbing her eyelids. When I thought she’d go like that, she tugs on my clothes.

「When I wake up, let’s plaaay.」

There’s still the desire to play, it seems. Flora insisting on that while she’s fighting sleep is a little funny, so I smile.

「Yeah. If it’s after I finish work, it’s fine.」

「So, you’ll be back in the evening?」

At my acknowledgement, Ojou tilts her head in confusion. When I think about the time I happened to ride in a carriage, after finishing gardening work, there wouldn’t be any time to play.

「Ah. Then I won’t go home.」

「Then, is it raining tonight?」

Because of my water elemental aptitude, during times I can feel it will rain, there’s a cabin in the middle of the garden we stay at. Towards Ojou, who thought that was also the case this time, I tilt my head.

「No, it’s only me who’s staying there. Since there’s a guy who wanted to become my dad’s apprentice, he’s staying at my house.」

The houses of ordinary commoners like me don’t have a guest room. Since there’s only beds for the family, my dad decided Yan-san would use my room.
After he formally became an apprentice, Yan-san would live in the cabin and work, I think. Rather than the Baumgartner house, the Ernest estate’s cabin is very large, so the scale is different.

「What are you going to do for dinner?」

「I don’t mind making it, but it’s only my portion…… maybe I should ask the head chef for a portion?」

If it’s the times I was staying over with my father, I would ask to share ingredients and make something, but because the portions for a single person are half-baked, I end up making too much. It’s more delicious and grand to receive a meal from a professional chef. When I think that, today’s dinner should be fun.

「That’s no good.」


「Yse, Isaac. I heard my angels this way.」

Bathed in warm spring sunshine was Duke-sama, his dazzling blonde hair rolling gently, but Master was accompanying him. It seems today was one they returned early.
Even if it’s been a long time since I’ve seen him, his face is like having a flower in the background, and because his smile is like the scattering the smell of flowers, he’s seriously dazzling. Behind that, Pome, who was chasing butterflies, is being dragged by the neck by Master, but she flapped her sleeves as if trying to escape.
That Duke-sama, his radiant smile retracted and frowned at my words.

「All of my house’s employees, they are no different than my family. I can’t overlook any of that family eating a meal by themselves.」

「Ah, then……」

「Why don’t you eat dinner together with us?」


「Now that you mention it, even though we’ve had tea together, we haven’t ever eaten a meal together.」

Because it’s something like nobles and commoners, that’s why it is. Ojou mumbles it like she forgot, but she realized that the fact there’s been points in time we had together is already strange.

「Um, Ojou. For me, I’m not……」

「It’s no good.」


Even if it’s not expressly with Duke-sama and the others, if you eat with the others in the worker’s dining room, you’re not alone. When I try to explain that, I was strongly scolded by Ojou. I don’t understand what’s wrong and tilt my head in confusion.

「Before, the time you stayed alone, you caught a cold. You absolutely can’t have a meal alone, as Zack will treat himself poorly!」

「No, that was because I fell into the pond……」

「It’s no good!」

I was glared at by Ojou as if she was mad. Apparently, I seem to have caused her worry about the time I got sick. Although only I messed up, I feel bad for causing her worry.

「I understand. I’ll eat with you.」

「If you understand, that’s good.」

When I’m beaten by her persistence and consent, Ojou lets out a smile ful of satisfaction.

「Then, it’s decided. Heinz, I’ll ask you to make the preparations.」


After receiving instructions from Duke-sama, who is holding Flora who fell asleep half a minute ago, my Master quietly says his thanks and leaves. In doing so, Pome escapes from his hand, hiding herself behind Ojou.
After that, Ojou and Duke-sama give their greetings and leave. While being a little astonished, I see them off from behind.

「I’m no match for Ojou and them.」

Unconsciously, a forced smile comes out.
I wonder if I’m just weak compared to the Ernest family or if the Ernest family is just strong, just which is it? Somehow, I felt like I wouldn’t be a match my whole life.

How did it come to this?
With the dining table of the Ernest family, I was borrowing Duke-sama’s clothes from when he was small yet again.
After having been made to take a bath before I put the clothes on, and somehow I put the clothes on, but my hair and tie were put in order by the maids. Being able to at least borrow a bath, I was saved from the problem of having to borrow hot water.
The preparations Duke-sama had asked for, I thought it was only to increase the amount of dishes made. But no way, even my clothing was arranged for.
Because I had finished being a dance substitute, I thought I wouldn’t have to wear these clothes made of fancy cloth anymore.
No, I only wore them to the dinner Daniel-sama invited me to after my part time job was finished. And it was just because his wife, Anika-sama was happy with it. At the Marquis Viito estate, I want to think it’s only in my imagination that the clothes only I wear there are increasing.
I’m next to Duke-sama, facing Ojou, and next to her are Oku-sama and Flora, so I’m saved from dazzling things entering my field of vision.
Duke-sama and Oku-sama are very dazzling, but what in the world is it? After the prayer before meals, when I do my usual thanks for the meal, for some reason, Oku-sama is smiling at me.

「……Zack, you can eat normally.」

「Eh? Oh.」

Looking at me eating, because Ojou said something strange, I thought about it and understood. I more or less can have table manners.
It’s a skill I acquired while at the Viito estate, so I wonder if it’s okay to say it.

「I was taught by Heinz during the time I was educated on being an attendant.」

「Ah, yes. That’s right.」

Because Duke-sama follows up, I obediently nod. It’s only classroom learning, but it’s not a lie that I was taught by Master. At that time, the lecture emphasized the manners of a stand-up buffet, so I didn’t remember it as much.

「I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you, Dia.」

「For me, it’s not especially……」

「Oh my, if you don’t understand, who was the one so enthusiastic about giving an example?」


At Oku-sama who seems to be having fun, Ojou, who was protesting, had her cheeks turn a little red. She’s a good kid, says Duke-sama, and sends her a look full of love. Even for me, I feel Ojou is a good girl, but Duke-sama’s look is the strongest.
I think if you look from an outsider’s perspective, they’re a close family.
How should I put it, it’s that I feel like I stick out like a sore thumb when surrounded here by this beautiful family. Certainly I’m out of place. While thinking that, I eat my meal. Yep, it’s delicious.


「What is it, Flora?」

While being helped by Oku-sama, Flora who finished eating, looks steadily at Duke-sama.

「Is everyone family?」

Come to think of it, the time I was invited for dinner, Duke-sama said something like that. Flora included me, and when she looks at everyone here and asks, Duke-sama sincerely smiles and affirms it.

「That’s right. Isaac, as well as the servants, are our important family.」

「Then, Zaaack, is my biiig brother?」

I was suddenly made as an example, so my eyes widen.

「That’s right.」

While I was attacked in my unguarded moment, Duke-sama nods and says that if they’re close in age, then it’s like brother and sister.
Flora, who was given the stamp of approval when her thinking matches with her fathers, puts on a joyful look.



I worry about how I should respond.
Even in my past life, the amount of times I was called big brother were few. I feel I was called that when I was little, but the memories of my sister in my past life calling me without a suffix are very thick. Even now, the kids don’t call me that.

「…..it’s the first time I’ve been called that.」

I think honorifics don’t suit me, but being called that by Flora, who I’ve intermittently seen the growth of, isn’t bad. Rather, I’m self-conscious.

「Only Laura?」

「Yep. For people who call me like that, it’s only Flora.」

When I nod while feeling embarrassed, somehow Flora is happy. Then, somehow, I feel all eyes are on me.


「Uehhh!? What is it?」

Suddenly hugged by Duke-sama, I’m surprised. Right now, I’m not doing anything to be thanked for, so there isn’t any particular reason to cling to me. If it’s like always, because he’ll get dirty, I’m able to refuse, but I can’t do that here.
Because I don’t understand the reason, I have difficulty on how to deal with it. If it’s the usual pattern, when something good happens to Ojou, I’ll incidentally be surprise attacked. But, when I look at Ojou, she was pouting.

Huh? Did I make a bad joke??


What’s wrong, I wonder. Even if I was treated like an older brother, I wouldn’t be taking her little sister away, and Ojou isn’t that narrow-minded. Duke-sama just told her to take good care of her subordinates, so Ojou should understand that.
When I tilt my head in confusion, Oku-sama cheerfully narrows her eyes.

「If you’re that jealous, how about Dia also calls him onii-sama?」


「That would trouble me.」

Before Ojou, who was showing agitation, objected, I refused Oku-sama’s proposal. Was that unexpected, as Oku-sama and Ojou look in my direction.

「Ojou is a charming girl to me.」

I don’t know how to deal with girls, so I used my sister from my past life as a reference, but I can’t properly think of Ojou as a little sister. At this stage, it would feel strange to treat her like a little sister.
After I realized it was the world of an otome game, the first thing I did was search through  my memories for if there were any disadvantages for the rival girl. Ultimately, for me who isn’t even a mob, there isn’t anything I can do, but if I had thought of her as my little sister, I think I wouldn’t have done so much.
It makes me wonder if there’s anything I can do. Ojou is that kind of girl.

「If…… if you normally say you don’t think of me as a little sister, that’s fine, isn’t it!?」

「You said that, right?」

「I did not say that!」

I was scolded by an Ojou whose face had turned red. However, I don’t understand what I was being scolded about. I wonder what was wrong with the words that have the same meaning.
I look at Ojou who scolded me, then Oku-sama who seems to be amused laughs. Duke-sama, who was still holding onto me, seems to be shaking, and even if I can’t see his face I understand he’s smiling. If you’re going to laugh, just let go.

「Onee-sama and onii-sama, are you fighting?」

It’s only Flora who comes in to mediate.
Today, I was prepared to eat by myself, but it ended up being a very lively meal.

The way I screamed when Zack straight up said “Ojou is a pretty/charming/beautiful girl”, holy shit. Anyways, new character, but we didn’t get to see a whole lot of him this chapter. I suspect we’ll see more of him later, though.

Still, Ojou basically coercing Zack into having dinner was hilarious to translate. Other than that, I don’t have a ton to say, so I’ll see you all next time!


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