19. Sound of Footsteps

Posting a few days earlier because I’m hanging out with friends on Friday and if I forget to post it Friday morning, it’s going to be a long wait otherwise. TL: ToastyED: Toasty 「Your Highness, recently you seem to be having fun.」 「The matter is a huge one, huh?」 Roy, who was looking at aContinue reading “19. Sound of Footsteps”

17. Locket

TL: ToastyED: Toasty The snow piled up. So, I shovel the snow on the stone pathway that’s walked on. Since the amount of fallen snow is around ten centimeters, I can also help.When I finished shoveling the snow from the main gate to the front of the mansion’s entrance, I eat lunch, and in theContinue reading “17. Locket”

16. Smiling Face

TL: ToastyED: Toasty November marked the end of fall, and signs of winter were becoming stronger. Recently my job is to collect the fallen leaves.Even after hearing Ojou’s engagement talk, we didn’t change very much. Only the times that Ojou came decreased in frequency. With a frequency of once a month, it seems Ojou isContinue reading “16. Smiling Face”

14. Downtown

Me: wow last chapter was kind of long I wonder—OH GOD NO. This was 39 pages in my document with its default formatting (as in, the raw JP text). Get ready for a long one. TL: ToastyED: Toasty At the center of the royal capital, around the water fountain, the stone path around it formsContinue reading “14. Downtown”

11. Invitation

TL: ToastyED: Toasty 「It’s already fine, you know, the prince said it was.」 「……Zack, you’re unskilled at reading. You have to include the emotion.」 Ojou, with her eyes half-closed, even if it’s a soft voice, says Katherine is better. 「Then, Ojou should read it.」 「In that situation, you won’t learn.」 「I understand, but……」 With theContinue reading “11. Invitation”

10. Sunny Spot

「That’s no good.」 Lydia, who rejected the head chef, swells her cheeks. 「How? After all, Zack…..」 「Zach? Ahh, that boy, right? Ojou-sama and him are different.」 At his employer’s daughter looking up at him, the head chef scratched his cheek, troubled. 「It’s okay if I see that guy get a little bit injured, but notContinue reading “10. Sunny Spot”

09. Hydrangea

This chapter was painfully long. After breakfast, when I’m bathing after finishing my teacher’s quota, some small kids approached. 「Ahhhhh, it’s Zack—」 「Are you going back—?」 「Let’s play—」 「It’s just a holiday.」 Right after the kids find me, I dodge their charge, wipe my upper body with a towel, and put on a top.I’m alsoContinue reading “09. Hydrangea”

08. Meeting Over Tea

What kind of situation is this?Octavia-sama is sparkly smiling, and somehow or another her daughter is there awkwardly. It had only been a few months since she gave birth, but in the middle of Octavia-sama’s arms, one person seems to peacefully raise their hand towards the sky.I, who from the feeling I had when IContinue reading “08. Meeting Over Tea”

Chapter 1: Salt-God Sato-san

The flower garden that was this store’s pride—at a seat on the terrace that can look over it, was one high school girl. 「No…… pull back, if the photo taken is from further back, will it be good, I wonder……? No, close-up photograph…… needs dazzle……」 Across the screen of her smartphone, she was staring atContinue reading “Chapter 1: Salt-God Sato-san”

07. Gratitude

「How can I become someone like the older guys?」 In the early evening, when I came to share herbs in the kitchen, I asked about it incidentally.The head chef who I was looking up at is robustly muscled, but the other cooks are also very muscular. Because I made bread with my mother, I understandContinue reading “07. Gratitude”