06. After The Rain

Only the sound of a fountain pen being dipped in ink is expected in the library, but an out-of-place voice resounds. 「Because of that, recently when I go out, she now sees me off with a smile on her whole face and it’s even more cute. Around the time she was reserved and shy, sheContinue reading “06. After The Rain”

05. Stationary

Pre-Chapter Note: The MVP for this chapter’s translation is Sachi Komine, the best girl from the Fruit of Grisaia. I’m not joking. 「I came for you.」 When she opened the front door, Ojou had a self-satisfied look on her face.Katherine-san is wearing an overcoat with a hood attached for the purpose of protecting her fromContinue reading “05. Stationary”

03. Context

Several weeks of my gardener apprenticeship passed by, when the Duke came along carrying a rose.No, really.I was taking care of the rose garden with my father when he came exactly from where the roses were blooming.The amazing smile on his whole face seems very delighted. Even though I knew different, I wonder if theContinue reading “03. Context”

13th Piece – “The Second Time of First Love”

Pre-Chapter notes: Still from Sato’s POV. This one’s short but sweet. I probably could’ve put this one up earlier, but in order to keep with my two week pace, I wanted a bit of time to finish up the next chapters, as while they were short are pretty rough on the translation-sense. How rough, youContinue reading “13th Piece – “The Second Time of First Love””