03. Context

Several weeks of my gardener apprenticeship passed by, when the Duke came along carrying a rose.
No, really.
I was taking care of the rose garden with my father when he came exactly from where the roses were blooming.
The amazing smile on his whole face seems very delighted. Even though I knew different, I wonder if the Duke made those roses bloom.
Though at that kind of scene I was surprised and missed the timing to greet him, the Duke spread both of his hands and then hugged me.

「Thank you, Isaac!」

「Eh!? Ah, wait, Duke-sama, you’ll get dirty!」

Rather than caring about being hugged by a man, I was first of all worried that his expensive clothes will become dirty. Common people can’t afford the reimbursement.
It seems he doesn’t hear my warning, starting to hug me even tighter. It isn’t painful, but I’m completely unable to move.
Because it’s hopeless for me, I look towards my father and want him to save but, he’s also in his work clothes so he isn’t in a state to touch the duke.
In his current state, words aren’t reaching the duke, and quickly giving up he waits carefully. Giving up so soon? Even though your son is in trouble, it seems.
Ah, Butler-san is also here. Since when was he there? But, as expected, help isn’t coming, right? Surely he’s already prepared a change of clothes, for following up after this, it seems.
In the first place, the feeling of getting a hug from your superior as thanks to me isn’t relieving.

「D, Duke-sama, what did I do?」

I wasn’t doing anything, but. Occasionally during the times when I had to fulfill my quota and rushed, father would get angry at how the work was rough.

「Dia is so cute!」

「Ha? Haa, that’s right, isn’t it?」

Even if you’re told such a fact, you can still see each other’s faces. Because of her beautiful parents, naturally the child they gave birth to is also beautiful, especially if they are on their own, it seems.

「She is, isn’t she! No, Dia is originally cute but recently, she’s become even more cute that I can’t take it!」

「That’s good, right?」

What an overdoting parent. Did this guy come here especially to a gardener’s apprentice to speak proudly, even though work is busy? Just what are you doing? [T/N: Raw has him refer to the duke as an “older brother” with how overdoting he is.]

「For your assistance, thank you!」

He says that again and hugs me closely. I don’t understand the meaning.

「……Um—your….. daughter, what’s the relation to me for her becoming cute??」

I don’t want to be dragged into something unrelated.
However, Duke-sama says that my involvement is plentiful. Somehow.

「Because of the advice you gave that day. Dia said she will see me off everyday however early it is, and Dia also said she will try to meet with Flora more often. Recently, once a day, we’re making sure to eat one meal as a whole family. Thanks to making more of an effort at work, I can quickly finish, you know.」

No, I can say with confidence if you accept this, everything is like a favorite outcome. I suppose it’s the truth but, as for that deredere feeling.
Or rather, if you could suddenly take out the person’s name, maybe it could be the Duke’s wife or his daughter.

「Then, your daughter…… is only doing her best, then?」

「No, the reason she gave is you, Isaac. Besides, afterwards Dia also consulted you for advice many times. My gratitude being late is inexcusable.」

As for that, every few days somehow she would come along, and for her reconciliation with Katherine, the maid, she would give a small and cute report. I would listen and make comments to indicate I was listening, however my giving advice was nonexistent because I was working. My previous life’s sister understood a woman’s complaints are mostly answered by themselves, but they generally want someone to listen to their worries and troubles.
Therefore, for the time being, all you have to do is listen.
I’m seriously doing nothing I should be thanked for.

「It’s thanks to having friends close to her in age that Dia could become honest, isn’t it? After this, please continue to get along with her.」

「Of course, with pleasure.」

With his dazzling smile, I can’t go against my superior’s words, and I unintentionally turned into a yes-man. Duke-sama, if you make such a strong handshake with the state of my cotton gloves, your hand will get dirty, you know.
Finished with his business, Duke-sama left, gallantly scattering the petals. It was only the appearance of flowers fluttering about, but the timing was perfect.
From when he disappeared, I folded my hands together towards the butler following Duke-sama, and said I was sorry, bowing.

Sakuri, sounded the grass as I stepped on it, and turning back that way, my father just returned, holding fertilizer.

「Let’s continue.」


We return to our work from before Duke-sama interrupted us. During work, I was an apprentice, so I’m trying to use polite language.
It isn’t spring yet, so the rose garden is only blooming a little. But still, my father is making adjustments to make it look nice with a contrast of green, so that being the case it isn’t showy, but pretty. Starting from the early summer is the best time to see it because you already see the growth of the plants, and you can prepare for where to add new ones.
I think it’s the case that the real pleasure of a gardener is the preparation. Certainly there’s arranging already bloomed ones but, apart from that imagining the scenery until the flowers bloom while working is more exciting. Because I’m dealing with nature, thinking of everything in that way can’t be helped. Gardeners just guide the direction a little. There’s still some way before it can be entrusted to me, however my father, while preparing for what kind of garden he must make, looks happy.
I’m still only getting chores, but the fact I’m able to be in this special seat makes me happy.
When I was younger, I asked if my father could show me how to do the work I was asked to do outside. It was festival preparations for a promenade that continued on to the water fountain. From the neighborhood, on the day of the festival, the streets I knew well had flowers blooming as if it were something like magic, and I was very surprised.
My father doesn’t use magic, but I believed he was a wizard at the time.
By the way, this world has magic.
However, here a 「magician」 is a person who is qualified and has a certain amount of magical power. Magician is the official name, however, for commoners the term wizard is good.
Commoners usually don’t use magic.
Magic powers are frequently not inherited, or so an academic conference from very long ago accounted, but in this country generally social status and the amount of magical power are proportional.
My father has earth-attribute magical powers and can use it a little, and because he can understand the current state of the earth, he became a gardener. But, my father doesn’t use magic. Not because his magical power is insufficient, but in order to maintain this garden forever, skill, not magical power, is needed.
So I also persevere in watering the plants with the water attribute magic I take pride in. I want to do it because really it looks easy.
Especially for me who has memories of my past life, I think using magic powers is more exciting.
It’s because I read shounen manga, and played games with famous titles.
But, from when I was born, what was naturally always there didn’t surprise me. The magic power in the world is like the radio waves of my past life. I can’t see it but it’s always there, using it is a convenient thing.

Which reminds me, what element does the Lady Daughter have, I wonder?

With superior magical power, people always, sooner or later, have an element they specialize in. Between all elements, people who specialize in more than two elements are very rare.
Because at around five year old, your magical element manifests, and soon you’re expected to understand your elemental aptitude.

Things like how strong you are, or so I hear.

Because she’s wearing a dress with a strong and close to a primary color, I have the image her offensive power is high.

Ah, it’s not kind to the eyes, huh?

She has fluffy and faint-colored hair and light blue pupils, so a more tender color would be better, don’t you think? You pay a lot of attention to cat’s eyes, don’t you? [T/N: Not a literal translation, but a quick search shows that cats do have more sensitive eyes, so this is a nod towards that.]
Her light blue eyes may look like ice when a blank fish-like look is on her face but her expressions are surprisingly abundant.


The girl I was exactly thinking of just came along.
The sun was going down so it’s after she finished her afternoon tea, it seems.

「Oh. Good afternoon, how are you, milady.」

Today she is also wearing a deep pink dress with many large ribbons attached to it, which was not gentle on the eyes.
Returning to my work of removing thorns from roses, the pink disappears from my vision.

「I was matching with my mother!」

「Matching what?」

「My magic.」

I understood that something good happened because she was all smiles, but it seems she got the exactly magical aptitude result she was looking for.

「Heh, that’s good, huh. What element?」


She had a self-satisfied look and her voice was proud.
She had become a girl who could drop real lightning, it seems. As much as possible, she shouldn’t get angry.
Ah, I’m water aligned so it’s my weak point, huh?

「But, there is not a lot of utility, is there? Besides, unlike my mother, my hair swells.」

Her mother’s hair is free-flowingly straight, it seems. Before, she said she was jealous.

「It’s convenient because you can use a machine. You can do a good job in a place like a factory.」

Although magical powers are mainstream, it does not mean there aren’t machines. For factories, the lightning element and fire element are highly valued.

「I have no plans of working in a factory in my whole life but……」

「Can you save up electricity in a battery?」

「Isaac, do you want me to be active in a factory so much?」

I felt the tingling sensation of her getting angry, and immediately apologize. It’s my weakness, so it’s scary. Ah, I might have felt a little bit of static electricity.

「I’m sorry. I was only thinking of a way to use it.」

I wonder why she gets mad at something I said normally.
If I apologize, she’ll permit it, more or less. Incidentally, she had asked about how to correct her way of dealing with the maids, and I said first of all it’s good to get a hold of saying greetings, thank you, and I’m sorry, she seems to have tried and become better since if the other person apologizes she will permit mistakes.
And then, recently she’s started to report happy things. If I noticed, the king’s ear is like a donkey’s ear hole. Well, I don’t plan to grow reeds, so I won’t leak information. Ah, that’s what humans think about reeds, is that it? Well, first of all, those guys from the neighborhood don’t believe such things like that I know the duke’s daughter. [T/N: Edited TN, I am dumb, this probably a reference to the fable where someone heard the secret the king’s ears looked like a donkey, and in order to “keep” the secret, whispered it into the ground. Reeds sprouted, and when the wind rustled them, you could hear the secret.]
It seems, as for milady, occasionally during her alone time she comes to meet with me. Her relationship with the maids has bettered, but it doesn’t not seem that means she can say just anything. So, she wants to come to my place. In the house of my previous life, it was a tofu shop where both of my parents worked, and because of that when I was small, often my little sister would tease and attack me. This person is the same, it seems.

「Which reminds me, why is the ojou so flashy?」

During a break in the conversation, I unintentionally try to ask. Come to think of it, why do I have that kind of habit?

「What do you mean, flashy?」

「Your dress. It’s always a strong color with so many ribbons attached it’s over the top, isn’t it?」

「This is because it cannot be made fun of.」

The house of the duke is among upper portions of society, so the design is chosen to have a presence that can’t be made fun of even if it’s on someone very young.
That is to say, because it’s strong. Especially for an elementary school boy. Because I thought appearing strong was cool, in my past life I would often wear red clothes.
Wait. Something got caught.

「……then, the truth is ojou’s preference is different?」

Turning my head to see the reaction, I awkwardly turned my eyesight a little.

「Really, what do you think I like?」

Fixedly staring, I can’t make an excuse.

「……my mother wears light colored clothes, and I do not think of wearing them…… but, they suit me.」

「Why? They suit you, don’t they?」

I interrupt the words of denial that continued right after her true intentions spilled out a little.
Immediately after, she’s stunned and her cheeks become dyed red.


「At least, for my sight, because it’s a gentle color, I’ll be happy.」

「I, I won’t change for Isaac’s take!」 

「Yes, the image change is for the sake of Ojou by Ojou.」

「That is what it is……」

She dropped her shoulders, visibly tired. Some time ago, she was fast-walking here to arrive, it seems.

「Besides, it’s dignified? I was worried about Ojou but any appearance is fine.」

「How can you say that……」

「Because, Ojou is pretty, isn’t she?」


Ah, she became red again.

「Is this a performance? Because my attitude is always straightforward and neat, I can’t make fun of you, you know.」

It’s the result of practicing, it seems. Her appearance is beautiful no matter how emotional she is with her back always straightened. Like that, she persevered until it was possible to do it naturally. It’s a little amazing, huh, I simply admired it.
There’s no way that a guy like me can make fun of the duke’s daughter doing her best.

「Isaac, y, you, what is that……」

Things like her face would turn red when she occasionally wants mad but with her fine expression she can’t look mad. Ojou, she’s often shy even though she’s used to being praised. Her true nature is honest, isn’t it?

「Is there something bad with saying the truth?」

「……that is enough already.」

After a troubled few seconds, Ojou abruptly turns her face away.

「Then, I’m looking forward to it. Ojou’s image change.」

「I’m telling you, it is not for Isaac’s sake!!」

He doesn’t know, but several days later, the duke’s daughter for the first time, went to go see him wearing a cherry blossom colored dress.

Wow this chapter is called pain. A lot of lines that were a real pain to translate. The next chapter was thankfully easier.

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