14. Downtown

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At the center of the royal capital, around the water fountain, the stone path around it forms a circular shape. Because it’s an important point for traffic, many carriages and people come and go.
I was sitting at the water fountain with a few frustrations. When I sit, my small feet dangle, swinging back and forth to kill time that I don’t know what to do with.
For a moment, the sound of running footsteps and a voice overlap.

「Isaac! Did you already come, sorry to keep you waiting!」

「You idiot!」

The boy who comes running up with all smiles on his face, I him when we pass each other.

He was surprised to be hit, and held the place he was hit with both hands. After, the silently screaming face of his older brother who seemed to be accompanying him turned pale. I mindlessly make a complaint at that sort of thing.

「You, you don’t understand, do you, sending that letter!」

「The letter to the Baumgartner family, Isaac said that, right?」

「Why do you think I’ve come!?」

Leo, who completely doesn’t understand the reason I’m getting mad, today has his hair dyed brown. Thanks to the concealment of his blonde hair that has high offensive attack power, I can look straight at him, but for being ready to pass through buildings, as expected to some extent there is a feeling of radiance. However, as for making a complaint, if I don’t look at him, nothing will change.
Leo sent a letter to my father as I designated. Until there, it was fine, because I said it might reach my father, there wouldn’t be any questions. I received the letter with an unbroken seal from my father, and in the middle of opening it I froze.
I couldn’t read. No, I can read single characters, but couldn’t completely understand the contents. That feeling, it strongly resembled the time I saw a question in classical Chinese class in high school of my past life, where you were to transcribe it into Japanese. Although I can’t read, somehow I was sure to try to read.
For a while I tried to stare at the letter, but because I didn’t find even a beginning of understanding, I relied on Ojou. Ojou saw the letter, and after being surprised at the pretty handwriting, deciphered the contents for me. Recently, with the poem studies that started, there was something quoted that appeared, it seems. It is a poem a noble would naturally know, but there is no way that commoners who cannot read would know.
Knowing that, I wondered if I was fighting. With that, hearing what kind of letter is from Ojou who is decoding it, if it’s a letter of challenge, I will answer it. Immediately, I revised and said certainly it is a request for my father’s work.

「You dismissed a commoner’s literacy rate!」

「……that, I am humbly sorry for that.」

When I finished saying my complaints, Leo, who seems to understand, right after looking at me, downheartedly apologized.

「My horizons are still narrow, truly……」

Even if he’s feeling down, this guy is thinking about such slightly difficult things, huh. For the sake of lifting his downward looking head, I lightly poke his forehead.

「It was only this time, however, because you know, from here on out, now you should conduct yourself better, right? That’s enough. As for the matter of the letter, if from next time you give me an itemized list, it’s fine.」

For the first time I saw a noble who tried to know the life of commoners, even up to appearing as one. I think his way of thinking is flexible and open-minded enough.

「……I will take proper measures.」

Leo spoke some unchildish words, then an age-appropriate smile showed on his face. That’s fine, but that smile is radiant and I accidentally squinted my eyes. This guy, what is he made of, it’s like he has the substance that makes a firefly squid emit light. As expected, I dislike it.
Although I met the boundary of looking him in the eyes, I saw the older brother who is something like a bodyguard. From a little while ago he was turning pale, faintly losing his mind, he seems to be a busy person. Leo’s wig, in order for them to easily pass as siblings, this brother’s hair color is matching.

「Certainly an escort came with you, right. This time, you shouldn’t get lost, you know.」

「Ahh, this time is fine.」

Leo firmly nods his head, making a fist.

「I understand, you know, but for an escort is only one person fine? Or, are there other ones that are hidden?」

「No, it’s only Mattheus. As for bringing others with me, he’s all that I need. It’s fine, he looks like this and he’s talented.」

He looks like this, when he says this, I accept it. I’m sorry, but from just a bit ago, because I am not looking at only such things such as his pale face, he appears to be a timid older brother.

「Do you want me to stop? But…… if Leo-sama will not come along, I will go by myself.」

For the brother who sighed like there’s no helping it, there’s a mood of habitual trouble.

「It’s difficult, isn’t it?」

「Yes it is. The other day, after all, when I lost sight of you, it is only in my head that it wasn’t as severe as expected, it wasn’t that kind of feeling……!」 

「Mattheus is exaggerating.」

「You’re estimating it too lightly!!」

With Leo and his older brother, there’s an extreme difference in understanding. Maybe the brother’s ways are better suited. Leo’s social status is appropriately high.
Ah, now, however, I’m generally glad I punched him. Perhaps, is this the level of being accused of blasphemy? However, his brother made such a response. But, Leo isn’t getting mad, huh. If Leo wants you to have that kind of attitude, then let’s fix it.

「Ah, that’s right. I’m Isaac Baumgartner. Please take care of me today.」

「I am Mattheus. I am sorry for Leo saying something unreasonable.」

「No…… The fault is on me who said the idea.」

Towards Mattheus who was apologizing with his head hanging down, I also bowed the same amount. It’s impossible that a noble seriously does this. Because of my experience as something like an adult, I think it is better to make a serious reply than a suspiciously deceptive one.

「Nevertheless, Mattheus-san’s way is appropriate, you know.」

Mattheus-san, doesn’t change the topic of me coming, but is wearing well-tailored clothes. There is this kind of feeling of a merchant or some other kind of person with a little high standard of living. If this is the case, there isn’t a sense of not belonging downtown.

「For me, an ordinary knight, that kind of plain clothing suits me.」

「Although, you don’t lend me clothes.」

「That is no good, you know. What person would I be to lend Leo-sama my hand-me-downs!?」

At Leo who became angry, Mattheus-san turned pale in reply. From me, although the expectation for who became a knight is amazing, with Leo it’s fading. After, from this theory, what kind of person am I planning to lend clothes to……
First of all, for the sake of lending clothes, I decided to go to my house. Because Leo, who is unfamiliar with the area, is there, I select the easiest route to follow, but if you do that, we have to go through the marketplace with a lot of pedestrian traffic.

「In order to not lose sight of you like your brother envisions, Leo, I want you to hold his hand.」

The moment he hears my proposal, Mattheus-san shook his head with all of his might.

「I cannot do that! That sort of thing is disrespectful!!」

「Ehh, I also hold hands with people close to my age, so it’s a little……」

At the unsatisfied Leo, it’s bad, I think, and I apologize, and Mattheus-san is a little vague.
Last time was different, because of the wig it’s easy to disappear, and if we lose sight of him, it’s dangerous. I brisky scratch my head, and let out a sigh. There’s no helping it, with male bonding, as for holding hands not being fun, we’re on the same level.

「Let’s go. Mattheus-san, can you follow us?」

「Yes, it is no problem.」

When I head out leading Leo by the hand, Mattheus-san, with a salute, follows us from behind.
While walking, Mattheus-san talks.

「Ah, I’m an ordinary kid, so you don’t need to use polite language.」

「Understood. Then, you don’t need to use honorifics. Call me whatever you’d like.」

「Yay. Then, Mattheus-onii-chan.」  [T/N: Honestly thought about using “Big Brother Mattheus” for a while, but since I kept “Ojou-sama” I rolled with it. I also considered “Mister Mattheus” but that didn’t keep the familiarity as much.]

「Then, for you……」

「Going that far with Leo-sama is unreasonable. Because it is done for acting at the critical moment, please give me your forgiveness.」

「Only Isaac is sneaky, isn’t he?」

「Why are you acting envious?」

I think that Mattheus whose loyalty had remained from childhood to here, and Leo who can assess things, are amazing. Envying me is unnecessary. I didn’t understand the reason Leo was pouting.
When they walk through the market street, while observing the interesting surroundings, Leo comes along with me. It’s a spectacle I’m used to seeing, but it’s only the second time Leo has come here so it’s amazing, it seems.

「Come to think of it, does Isaac pass by the church?」

「The church? Why?」

At Leo’s abrupt question, I tilt my head.
The only times I go to the church are for the holy night festival and important ceremonial occasions. Why would I of weak faith associate with the church, I wonder.

「At the church, for the sake of explaining the scripture, they are also teaching commoners to read and write. Isaac can read characters so I thought that was the case…… am I wrong?」

「Heeh, at the church, they’re doing those things, huh.」

Knowing such things that are out of my life circumstances, Leo is well-informed. The church standing in for a school, this is the first time I knew of it. If I knew…… no, if the teaching materials are strict scriptures, even if I knew, I won’t go. I will absolutely go to sleep.

「Then, in what way……」

「It’s because my workplace is good.」

「Ahh, I see. That’s extremely kind.」

With how I only say that, Leo understands. As for Ojou’s direct instruction, if I reveal it, Ojou will be troubled. Wanting to become able to read and write while working, because it’s my selfishness, if it seems to be a bother, during the holiday I should go to the church.

「Oh, is that little Zack? Just the person I wanted to meet.」

「Gardener Gramps.」 [T/N: Literally “Grandpa who is a gardener” in a more casual way, so ehhhhh.]

When I avoid the wagon, the wagon stops and an older man who I know appears.

「Because the things you specifically asked for were in stock, I brought them.」


When I approach the back of the wagon, the older gardener who descended from the driver’s seat takes out a small bag. I accept that, smile with my happiness I got, and give my thanks.

「Thank you. I’ll bring the money afterwards!」

「Even though you say that, little Zach is honest, similar to his father.」

「That’s something I want to do.」

After I became a gardening apprentice, there isn’t a lot, but certainly I’m receiving shares of work from my father. Because I’ve reached the point I can make my own money, for things that I want, I should use my own money. Even in my past life, in order to play around, my pocket money wasn’t enough, so after I entered high school I got a part time job. Well, with my past life, it’s different from my garden, in that it didn’t have any use.

「Is that a seed?」

Leo who is still holding my hand, looks towards my hand and asks. 

「Maybe, because it isn’t lively.」


At my mumbling that isn’t answering, Leo tilts his head in confusion. For me who is seen holding the bag of seeds in my hand, I didn’t notice Leo in my surroundings.
Suddenly, when Leo moved his eyes to the middle of the wagon, he saw the unusual flowers for the season.

「A big leaf hydrangea……」

「Ah, that’s right. Gramps, are these the usual?」

Reacting to the name of the flower, when Leo and I look in its direction, at the time when summer is ending, there are bowls of blooming bitter orange hydrangeas. When I listen, the older gardener makes a difficult facial expression and scratches his cheek.

「Ahh, it hasn’t gone smoothly yet」

「With the exception of the rainy season, although only reaching the point of blooming is amazing……」

「As for ordering it, it’s to make it smaller and bloom all year round.」 

「No, all year round is unreasonable.」

Saying something absurd about plants, huh. For things like magic, it seems magical power has an effect, but generally for the raising and blooming of flowers, the time is restricted.

「So, to bloom for each season you’d have to make at least four varieties, rather you can’t make the special characteristics of hydrangea during seasons of other flowers, I think.」

「As one would expect, Gramps. You’re smart.」

Was it in that hand? Which way is easy, I don’t understand, but if the old man, before long he can do what he mentioned. From here, he’ll enjoy completing it.
Leo, who was looking at the bowl of the big leaf hydrangea during the time I am talking with the old man, asks him.

「Sir, those hydrangeas, are they goods for sale?」 [T/N: Leo actually uses the word for “master”/”husband” here]

「Hm? No, they’re a trial product I am only bringing in to see for a progress report.」

His return was to show the trial product to the Medicine Magic Ministry of the herbification order he accepted, it seems.
Leo turned his honey colored eyes straight to the old man.

「Sir, will you please sell me this hydrangea? I’ll pay the asking price.」

The old man becomes puzzled as Leo’s unchildlike manner of speaking. But, from when he starts to leave, he concludes he is from a, to some extent, wealthy house. I’m glad we changed his clothes before, if it was after, it would be more suspicious.

「Sonny, this is under development, so there isn’t a reason to sell it, you know.」

「I want to put it in my room. I’ll be sure not to tell anyone in my house. So, I ask.」

Leo is greatly pleased with the out of season hydrangea, isn’t he, as he bows his head and requests. With that result, Mattheus again becomes flustered with his face turning pale.
The old man, who thought a wealthy seeming person bowing their head didn’t exist, is surprised. But, the old man is a pro, and because it is not at the stage of selling, he shows his disapproval of selling it.


「Gramps, because I’ll teach him how to grow it, please sell it to him」


Leo opens his eyes wide at me helping a friend in need. He doesn’t understand the reason, there is a reason Leo is thinking of that hydrangea. Because saying that seemed to defend him, if it’s Leo, he won’t let it die and will raise it up as something important.

「If Little Zack is saying it, it’s fine」

「Thank you, sir.」

「Thanks, Gramps.」

When we gratefully accept it, the old man lightly pats our heads with both of his hands.

「Well, properly raise it well.」

We firmly nod our heads at the old man’s seeming amused smile. As for our negotiation of receiving it, Mattheus did it.

「Although Isaac is immature, he’s reliable.」

While waiting for Mattheus’ negotiations, a happy seeming Leo says that. I’m being praised, but it isn’t the way of speaking from someone of a similar age.

「Your way of speaking is old, you know……」

Because of that way of speaking, I’m not happy. Afterwards, I don’t want the dazzle from that smiling face to turn towards me.
Leo, who seemed to be somewhat shocked at my words saying he sounded old, as a young looking guy, started to groan. Besides, if you worry about it at this point in time, for age-appropriate ways of speaking, it’s better to give up, I think.
The purchasing procedure ends, and once again I face towards my house. When we arrive the downtown district’s border, the amount of people decreased. During the time the sun is out, people who come out are laborers, but generally it’s only housewives, children, and the elderly.
Given that only women and children aren’t secure, soldiers go around once a day, but more of less the local government is left to several men. Well, as for what the local government is doing, they are getting an understanding of the schedule of downtown workers in order to give the guys something like a holiday and are coordinating requests. Somehow Leo, with how he finds this talk interesting, is listening now. He’s a strange guy who finds this stuff fun.
In the middle of the white mortar houses lined up, I open the door on the side of a pot with a silver plum blossom.

「I’m home. Mom, I brought someone.」

「Isaac, welcome home.」

「Please excuse my disturbance.」

「Excuse me.」

「Welcome. We don’t have anything to entertain you, but please make yourself at home.」

At Leo and Mattheus who enter after me, receives them with a warm smile. While making a bewildered facial expression, Leo makes his greetings, and Mattheus lightly bows as an apology.

「You can’t bring your noble friends to a this place, you know. I thought you brought along a young lady.」

「I don’t have a reason to bring a girl, I think, because if she’s cute, it’s dangerous. And, this isn’t my friend.」


At my denial, mother smiles. I call out to Leo who was unable to think of what was a good response, and guided him to my room on the second floor. I point at the change of clothes I prepared in advance on top of the bed.

「Wear those. Don’t complain if you feel bad wearing them, you know.」

「I understand.」

「Then, since I’ll be waiting outside the door, if there’s something, call me.」

I say that, and then close the door to my room. I fold my arms behind my head and then lean on the wall, waiting. I think it isn’t that he doesn’t know how to put them on, but just in case. However, I’m glad he didn’t say something like that he can’t change clothes alone.

「Hey, Isaac.」

「What is it?」

I return a response through the door. He’s complaining about the size that doesn’t fit him, I think, as expected it’s too small.

「Aren’t you too kind?」


「After all, as for introducing ourselves, even though Isaac doesn’t know my definite name, Isaac gave me his full name. On top of that, he looks after me, who isn’t his friend, aren’t you insecure about bringing me to your house?」

What is this guy saying?

「At that point in time when I heard you, you aren’t a bad guy, I thought. First, I had to clearly give my identity, Mattheus would have opposed going.」

Especially with his social status to some extent, because it’s natural to identify the other party, something like using a fake name isn’t as easy as using my full name. Besides, if you know a noble’s name and understand their position, when you give them flattery you’ll be doubted and there’s trouble. Afterwards, even if I was taught, I don’t have the mood to memorize a long seeming name from the beginning.

「The main point is, the other day, with how you were standing, you were decreasing the space on the street and being a hindrance.」

「A hindrance……」

Because people were surrounding the sparkling noble who was in the middle of the marketplace street, there was congestion. Is there something wrong with reducing that? Because of the crowd of people, I didn’t want things I bought to get crushed. It isn’t selflessness, it’s only calculating profit and loss.

「Hahaha, I see, a hindrance……」

Leo’s truly amused laughter comes through the door. It didn’t finish, that laughter, while he apologizes. The other day I thought about it, but Leo’s sense of humor is strange.

「You really are a strange guy.」

「You’re a guy who doesn’t restrain his opinions, truly you are a valuable person. I’m thankful we met.」

Leo finished changing his clothes, opened the door and came out. It weighed on my mind how I didn’t understand the meaning of what he said to me, but apart from that with how it weighed on my mind I was unconsciously silent.
At my silence, Leo tilts his head in confusion.

「What is it? Is there somewhere you think is strange?」

「……hold on, I was thinking about a disparate society.」

I understood the meaning of the words said by my sister in my previous life.
It’s a simple question, but, when I asked about how the chests of the protagonists in the otome games my sister played had a high ratio of moderateness, I was excessively told about the disparity in society like I had angered the Emperor. I didn’t understand half of what was said, but in short if the protagonist’s chest is too big, player sympathy seems to go down.
Up until now I didn’t pay much attention to appearance, if we went out in similar clothing, I thought I’d experience it personally. If an ikemen wears only a white T-shirt and jeans, there’s this sort of phenomenon that they’re smartly dressed, isn’t there? I didn’t think I want to become an ikemen, but I felt helpless.

「Isaac also has an interest in politics?」

「No, not at all.」

Although Leo understood it verbatim, without an explanation I perfectly denied it. Or perhaps I should say, are there kids who have an interest in politics? Especially in Japan, I’m still not the age to start learning about society.
When we returned from the second floor, while drinking tea from the table, Mattheus was waiting. While stirring a pot in the kitchen, mother looks over her shoulder.

「Just the right time. Zack, please put out the tableware.」

「Got it. Leo, sit there.」

Leo sits facing Mattheus, then from the deep shelves I take them out and go to my mother. Mother puts the stew in the middle of the bowl and gives it to me, then I take the scooped stew to the table. At the end, places a salad in the center of the table, and I finally put a piece of bread for each seat.
Leo looks at everything of the meal placed before him, and curiously asks.

「This is……」


「I understand that, but……」

「You called me before noon, but if I don’t eat lunch, I will die.」

Eat without delay, I say, and here you are, my mother encouraged. With concern about Leo, I give my thanks for my meal, and start to eat. Mattheus tilts his head in confusion at my expression of gratitude while giving his prayer before meals, and then picks up his spoon. Leo, who was watching the situation, says his prayer before meals and cautiously takes a mouthful of stew.

「……it’s delicious.」

「I’m glad it suits your tastes.」

At Leo’s mumbling, mother seems to happily smile. I’m thinking it’s delicious, but I am devote solely to eating. If I finish, I’ll talk.

「Will Isaac’s mother eat?」

「After my husband eats, I’ll be fine.」

So, eat without minding her, mother encourages. The four chairs at the dining table, because when father is called to patrol the municipality, so now when she returns, she eats alone. Because she doesn’t know when father returns, she keeps warming the stew, and it seems she intended to eat with my father from the beginning.
Relieved by my mother’s words, Leo ate. At first, he eats elegantly as soup, so on the way to his mouth, I point out he should open his mouth and eat the ingredients ont he way. I don’t know how they do it in Leo’s house, but in my house stew has large ingredients. I like how filling it is.
I finish lunch, and while I help wash dishes, Leo waits while drinking tea.

「Leo, can you get the door?」 [T/N: Raw is literally “get out” but this flows better later.]

「Eh, me!?」

「It’s because right now, I can’t leave in the middle of work.」

Quickly, I request it of Leo who is sitting close to the door. Leo is bewildered though he goes to the front door, and opens the door.


「From my aunt, mother’s share of the pie……」

「I’m sorry, I’m not Zack’s mother. It’s a good smell, and I’ll accept it on his behalf. For a young lady, even if she’s small, doing errands is great, isn’t it.」

Washing the dishes, I can hear Leo’s voice with a smiling face that’s good at talking with others. With that voice, the pie, is it Maria’s? But, why did her voice get interrupted in the middle?
I finish washing out the tableware, and only after entrusting wiping it dry to my mother, I also go to the front door.

「Leo, can you take it back in? Maria’s aunt’s pie is delicious.」

「Is that fine?」

「It’s always a larger portion, so it’s fine.」

When he asks me while accepting the basket the pie was put into, Leo gave his thanks and replied. When I look in the direction of Maria, she had become frozen up with her face completely red like a boiled lobster with her mouth hanging open. First of all, I wave my hand in front of her eyes.

「Ooooi, Maria?」

She notices when I wave my hand for a moment, and I come into focus. That moment, I pull him  back towards myself, protecting Leo.

「Zack, w, who is this!?」


While hiding behind me, Leo peeks out a little to look at Maria. Because I was asked, I honestly answer.
Leo is a little surprised at Maria’s state while smiling during his greeting.

「Maria, is it? It’s a beautiful name. I’m pleased to meet you.」

Ah, this situation, Leo’s sparkling is a direct, painful hit to the eyes. Maria, I’ll become your shield.
For the Maria in question, looking at Leo with a bright red face, having a blank facial expression. I see, she’s a girl if she becomes like this, huh?

「……you, in some sense you’re a weapon.」

「This is only how I normally am.」

Leo, who seems to be understanding his own appearance, bitterly smiles at my words. As for being beautiful, there’s troubles that come along with it, aren’t there. Well, if you invalidate the other party, you can’t say anything. After this, I was thinking of inviting the others kids to play, although it should be fine, I think.
Troubled as how I can’t move due to being a shield, this time I ask Leo to take the received basket to my mother. Several beats later, Maria notices something, and gave Leo and I several looks. When we tilt our heads in confusion, Maria who stops her gaze in my direction hurriedly opens her mouth.

「Zack, you’re wrong, okay!?」

「About what?」

「Um, well…… um.」

Gripping my clothes tightly with both hands, Maria clearly speaks. In the end, he was perfectly hidden behind me.
Because for when he returns, I won’t know, so first of all, I pat her behind her head to calm her down.

「Leo, afterwards, which do you want to do, play with the kids or explore downtown?」

When I ask while comforting Maria, only after Leo worries me a little, he responded.

「Generally patrolling isn’t as good, so it seems like we should play.」

「If that’s the case. Maria, is it fine to play with Leo?」

When I invite with that, Maria at least raised her head and nodded. When I asked in order to invite the other kids, Maria nodded moment by moment and left.

「What was that……?」

「I lost to Isaac, is what it is.」

To me who was tilting my head in confusion at Maria’s state, Leo said it was amazing, truly laughing, amused. Even though it isn’t about winning or losing, it became something about winning or losing. I think there isn’t a factor where I can win over Leo. Practically, afterwards, in the pretend knight swordplay, it was Leo’s complete victory.
Leo is taking lessons in fencing, isn’t he, there wasn’t any wasteful movements. Johann got angry at this seemingly real knight, Mary, and Paul having fun. When he won, to Mary who was acting as the princess and referee, because Leo pretended to kiss her on the back of the hand, again Mary became as red as a boiled lobster, and seeing that, Johann recklessly challenged Leo to a match.
After that, we played hide and seek, but because only Leo is unfamiliar with the lay of the land, he linked up with me to hide.

「I’m telling you, I’ll find you.」

「Try to find me.」

Towards the ogre-like Johann’s declaration of war while pointing at Leo, Leo calmly returned a smile. Leo is recognizing that calm reply is unnecessarily irritating Johann, I think.
Given that Johann started to count to 100, we spread out, searching for a place to hide. Once we arrive at a place we can’t see Johann, Leo and I stop.

「Now then, where should we hide?」

「We’re two people, so places we can hide are small, you know.」

Are there any good hiding places, the two of us look at our surroundings. From where the water fountain is, because the limit is around a hundred meters in radius, it’s mostly the residential area. There are only white mortar buildings lined up, even if there are shaded areas, objects you can hide with are little. Because the townspeople are respectively cleaning their own home surroundings, it’s superfluous.

「Why don’t we track down and tail Johann, and go where he searched?」 

「You, why are you so serious……」

I should probably praise his smarts, but I ended up thinking that he should go easy on someone younger than him. 

「He’s seriously coming, so we should also seriously not encounter him. However, having to change tactics for the terrain in this game of hide and seek is interesting.」

Leo’s own style is earnestly facing Johann. Then, with those honey colored eyes sparkling, he’s enjoying this game of hide and seek. Well, it isn’t as boring, so it’s good, right?
In either case, until Johann finished counting, when we look around for a place we should hide, Leo’s facial expression stiffened. When I look towards the point Leo’s gaze stopped, there are three patrolling guards. For the time being, they’re coming in our direction.
Making sure, I control my voice and ask Leo.

「Do you know them?」

「……one of them. The other two, it’s possible they know my face.」

Because the hair color and clothes are different, with a first impression, the potential to not be recognized is there. However, since there is someone familiar with him, not thinking optimistically is better. I look at my surroundings once more, but in the thin gap between two buildings, with the shadows that are able to be there, there is nothing that Leo can hide alone with.

「Leo, this way.」

I press Leo to go into the darkening gap where children are passing by the houses. Leo crouches down, and I get down on my knees, and put both hands on the wall. Having done that, my arms fit Leo between them.

「Until they pass, don’t let out a voice.」

After I say that, I use my unique shadow magic. The shade is only a little, however because there are darkness spirits, they help me stretch the membrane of shadows where we’re hiding. Because it isn’t the case that the shadow membrane reduces visibility to zero, it only extinguishes the hint of being recognized very lightly. If a person touches it, or if someone makes a sound, the membrane will break.
Leo, guessed with the signs of magic, and lightly nodded his head. We motionlessly look at the direction of the road.

「Hey commander, did you eat any of that delicious food?」

「I went as a bodyguard. There’s no way I was able to go eating and drinking.」

「Ehh, is that so? Although the feast in front of my eyes was torture……」

「If it’s a royal party, certainly there was good alcohol, I think.」

「You all…… right now, we’re in the middle of patrolling. Focus more.」

「But, this area is peaceful, isn’t it?」

「Besides, today, is a day where there are guys with fierce looks, right? That kind of day is a bad day to be doing bad stuff.」

A fierce look, that’s my dad, I think. It’s just that he is tall, but he doesn’t make that kind of grim look, I think. But, because he’s untalkative, by accident there’s a feeling his mimetic muscles are lacking. But, there are also times he smiles.
During the time the soldiers pass by us, Leo’s body stiffened. His nervousness is circulating to me, and unconsciously I tightly closed my mouth.
After I confirm the sound of the soldier’s footsteps is completely gone, I undo the magic. The two of us let out a sigh of Fuhaa. If we realize it, the two of us not only our voices but our breaths seemed like they stopped.

「Haa, it seems like they’ve gone.」

「I’m sorry. Thanks for saving me.」

When I mumble while looking in the direction the soldiers went, Leo apologized. When I’m drawn by that voice and turn, near me, Leo had a uselessly well-ordered face. Noticing his slightly unsatisfied stance, I quickly stand up. Because I have only used shadow magic on myself, I thought it would be quick to cover myself up.

「Isaac is a shadow magic user, huh?」

「No, water.」

「But, just now…..」

At my answer, Leo makes a puzzled facial expression.

「It’s outside of my element, but it isn’t zero. Because your magic power is high, you can do much more various kinds of magic, right?」

「Is that so…… yes, it seems I can. Next time, I should try it.」

Understanding, Leo judged that he could do my magic. I can only make a thin shadow membrane, but if it’s Leo, I think he can do a perfect presence concealment magic.

「When Isaac is there, there are many things to learn.」

Seeming a little happy, Leo says some sincere words.

「What are you saying? Just now we’re playing around.」

「It is, isn’t it.」

When I immediately tell him to stop connecting things like studying, Leo smiled, seeming especially happy.
As for the result of the hide and seek game, Leo was able to hide, Johann got mad and burst into tears, and then I came out and comforted him. Because Johann was clinging to me, taking out his anger, I was hit, and for some reason I thought it hurt. Johann’s punches when he’s emotional are fairly painful. [T/N: Isaac is too used to Ojou’s punches.]
Given that if we’re playing, it became close to the evening, after sending the kids back, I went back with Leo who changed into his original clothes, up to the center plaza.

「Until next time, Isaac.」

His appearance of holding onto a paper bag with the pie in it as a souvenir certainly looked age appropriate.

「Next time, there’ll be an itemized list.」 [T/N: Sentence is very barebones, so I assume Isaac is joking about charging Leo for each thing he does.]

I wait until Leo and Mattheus can’t be seen, and then turn on my heel.

「Now then, I should go pay gramps for the seeds.」

If I go now, I should still make it in time.

Not a lot to say for this chapter, but man it was long.

Hopefully ya’ll have a good Thanksgiving, as the next update should come after it.

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  1. Wew! Thank you so much for ur great efforts translating this novel. I really enjoyed it ❤️ Sometimes I feel anxious because Isaac so close with Dia-ojou. Will they become a couple despite their social status or it will be just a sweet yet slightly bitter unrequited love? Uuuuh, I’m curious!!😣💐❤️

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  2. I’ve forgotten about this with how busy I am, sigh. and yes, it’s really long as usual, lol.
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