Toasty Updates – 4/9/2021

Hey everyone! Happy April, and happy Friday! With the recent shakeup regarding Aren’t You Too Sweet, Salt-God Sato-san? , I’ve had a bit of time to think on what I want to do.

So, I’m actually going to restart with the Light Novel, all the way back from Chapter 1, which I’m sure is good news to all of you who were looking for their story to continue. The update schedule is going to be a full chapter, which translates to about ~60 pages of text. I have no idea how long that is going to take to translate and edit, so I’m going to probably need to time myself and figure out how long it is.

It could be anywhere from like, a month, to three months, or longer, per update for that story now. Just a heads up. I am also going back to work in the office, now at 3 times a week instead of once, which is really going to cut into my time. I’m probably going to have to end up bringing a dictionary or something on the train and translating, haha, so I have time for myself on the weekends or something.

But, I did want to specify that if I notice the light novel gets an official translation or anything, I will respectfully take down the one here. Additionally, in order to incentivize people to buy the official Light Novel, I will not include any of the illustrations that are in the Light Novel. Go get it yourself, if you want to see them, as I’ll make nods to which pages go along with the text when I put up a translation so you can follow along.

As for the other novels, I’m Not Even an Otome Mob Character will be updated next week as per the 3 week update cadence. As for She Was Called God, As Well As Satan, I’m at like chapter 25, so roughly halfway through reading all of it. I took a brief look at the chapters and they’re going to be rough, so we’ll see what the update cadence looks like after I try to translate a chapter.

Overall, it looks like the translation pace might slow down here, as I get back to the office and the blocks of text get much bigger. I have zero intention of dropping anything, though, and I hope you will all bear with me while we go through this adjustment period.

Incidentally, Monster Hunter Rise. Very addicting game. Will probably stop me from translating on the train.

That’s all for this update, folks. See you next chapter, for whatever story you’re reading here.


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Novice JP to EN translator for Web Novels, mostly just translate stuff that I find amusing.

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