Katsucon 2022!

Update Found Here

Happy New Year, everyone!

So, been a while since our last Toasty Update. Just wanted to give a heads up on the status of translations and everything.

Otome Mob is still going strong. Sato-san has slowed down a little because of some real life stuff. I’m helping out a friend edit his book that’s going to move through the publication stages, so editing the next chapter has been on hold for a bit. It’s almost done, I think I can push it out by February at the latest.

Biggest update though, is I’ll presenting a panel at Katsucon 2022 called “A Novel Way to Learn Japanese”. I’ll be taking all the lessons I have learned since originally starting to translate back in late 2020 and sharing them for those interested. Feel free to comment if you’ll be there. I’ll likely post the VOD to YouTube afterwards as I am recording the panel as I use it as a way to help me figure out how to improve my public speaking.

With that, I hope you all stay warm this winter, and stay safe out there. See you all around.


Published by Toasty Wind

Novice JP to EN translator for Web Novels, mostly just translate stuff that I find amusing.

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