Aren’t You Too Sweet, Salt-God Sato-san?

This is the WEB NOVEL version, which was removed from Syosetu.

Volume 1

Description (Taken from NovelUpdates):

Sato Koharu is a pretty girl that everyone can recognize.

But her attitude with anyone is so bitter that she got nicknamed “salt-god Sato-san.” Anyone who tried to get close to her got emotionally injured in a brutal way.

Though for some reason, I was able to save Sato-san from pick-up bois where I was working at. Which made her like me, and thus I became a friend of “salt-god Sato-san.”

In front of everyone, she is a salt-god, but in front of me, she is so sweet. This is a high school life story between Sato-san and I.

This Web Novel translation originally was being translated by Nono No Sancutary. As it hasn’t been updated in over a year and there’s a comment saying it’s on hiatus, I decided to pick it up.

Table of Contents

Volume 1
Volume 2
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