17th Piece – “Even While Dreaming, I See For The First Time”

Pre-Chapter Notes: This title was so annoying to translate I actually had to ask my Japanese teacher for help.

As you might know, I’m a very shy person.
Particularly when meeting people for the first time, because for someone like an apparel store employee who strongly shortens the distance between us, you could say they are my natural enemy.

At the point in time when they start a conversation I panic, I forget what I’m talking about, and before I know it, the store employee has a bitter smile in front of me.
Therefore, I don’t have good memories of apparel shops, however… as for “hidamari”, Mayo-san differed.

Mayo-san was completely similar to a plain flower who, while gracefully smiling, patiently listened to the me who was bad at chatting, and had a pleasant smell.
Moreover, her tolerance is definitely amazing.
Of course her breasts are large, but it’s mainly about what’s on the inside.

It takes a few minutes to accept advice while wrapped in a mother-like tolerance.
I wasn’t used to seeing myself standing in the middle of the mirrors.


I exhale.
I’m so moved, I’m speechless.

Even for me who comparatively knows nothing about fashion, I understand, this is……

「Fufu, it’s a good feeling, isn’t it, Koharu-chan?」

From my shadow, suddenly Mayo-san asks that while making an appearance.
From the other side, Rinka-chan suddenly also makes an appearance, with three people in the mirror.

「It will change, you know, but Koharu, you’re bad at talking but the face and style are good.」

Rinka-chan’s unkindness couldn’t be heard, as my consciousness was carried away by seeing myself in the mirror.

A white blouse that had a feeling of transparency, a skirt with a flower flair.
It was a simple combination, but as for me who wears normal clothes, the impression was completely different.
With Rinka-chan’s help, she assisted in also braiding my hair, which all came together to give something like an adult-like and calm image of a fresh summer.

「I put in earthy colors which are currently trendy, the blouse’s fabric is linen that’s refreshing to look at, and looking at both top and bottom’s silhouettes, Koharu’s side is good because the emphasis is on the texture while being simple to look at. How is it?」

「I… it’s very good……!」

Aaah, my vocabulary is reproachful.
But I can’t say anything more. [T/N: Literally “I can’t say a great undertaking”]

It’s good, it’s very good.
This, definitely, Oshio-kun will also……!

「I’ll buy it! I’ll buy it, then like this, I’ll wear it and go!」

I was breathing hard through my nose while saying those words.
At that, Mayo-san who was watching unconsciously let out a laugh, using a tablet.

「Then, the price is somewhere around here.」

「……Eh? Is it okay for something like this to be cheap?!」

「There’s an evening discount of 20% applied, you know?」 [T/N: Where the HELL can I find a store that gives me 20% off for shopping in the evening.]

Sweetly and gently smiling, Mayo-san says that.

An evening discount, that’s it, it seems……?
It could be that, I think, or it could also be a fortunate miscalculation.

「Thank you very much!」

「It was my pleasure.」

Thus, I paid for the clothes to Mayo-san who had a friendly smile on her face, and the price tag was cut.
At that time, my smartphone vibrated, receiving a message.

「Hm? It’s my mother.」

「Kiyomi-san? It must be something important.」

「Maybe it’s an errand or something else, I think…… for now, a little something has come up. Mayo-san, for all the various things today, thank you very much!」

「It’s fine, Koharu-chan is something like a cute child, so if that’s the case I’ll give a warm welcome. Until next time. Also, on rainy days we have a 30% discount, and during thunderstorms we have a 50% discount.」

「I’ll talk a bit with Mayo-san before I go.」

「Got it! Then, excuse me!」

I give a slight bow to Mayo-san, grasp my vibrating smartphone and leave 「hidamari」.

……Are they overdoing the discounts?

I become late, and then have those sorts of doubts well up from in me, however as I answer the phone and think I hit the “Answer” button with my finger, at that time.


My clumsy nature is awful.
No more than several seconds after leaving “hidamari” there was an incident.
I’m not used to heels, and was very conscious of my smartphone, and stepped in a crack in the asphalt, tripping and falling forward at full strength.

—I fell.
The clothes that Mayo-san carefully picked out for me, they’ll become dirty—

In the middle of believing that, at that time.
Something seized my wrist from behind, and I barely escaped the worst-case outcome.


「Sorry…… are you okay?」

「I-I’m sorry! Thank you for saving me……!」

While saying my apology, I turned to look behind me……

「Huh? Sato-san?」

—simultaneously, the smartphone in the palm of my hand stopped vibrating and my heartbeat also came to a stop.

「Oshi… o…… kun……?」

While my mouth hung open like a goldfish, I said that name.
Yes, it was Oshio-kun who had taken my hand.

The way home is the exactly the opposite way of coming here, why is he here?
No, more importantly, I should say my thanks first.
Or perhaps I should say Oshio-kun’s hand is slender and pretty, but they are stronger than what I thought as I actually am touching them.

All of those various thoughts that I had were blown away to a faraway place by a single reality.

Right in front of me, was Oshio-kun.
Even counting the times I was dreaming, for the first time I see Oshio-kun in plain clothes.

—now, from here, I have a very embarrassing story to tell.
For me, one of the main reasons I invited Oshio-kun for a weekend date was that by all means, I wanted to see Oshio-kun in casual clothing.
Of course, at school in his uniform and at the cafe in his uniform he was charming, however, casual clothes are special.

Therefore, from the time Oshio-kun invited me on a date, every day my delusions continue to grow bigger.
Whether I look at men’s fashion magazines from a convenience store or look at a drama actor, in my head I would fantasize about Oshio-kun’s plain clothes by changing it to a “Oshio-kun” version.
Because of that, I would be anguished, knowing that for certain, that I was unpleasant.

—I’m expecting too much, aren’t I?

It was a few days ago I recognized how especially obvious it was.

—Oshio-kun looks good in any clothes.

Yes, without hesitation. I can say, you have to have enough motivation in fashion to say something like that, which I gained this morning. 

However, however, however!
The truth, not a delusion or a dream, the truth of a Oshio-kun in casual clothes—the hurdles I raised day and night, were easily exceeded!
That kind of destructive power! That kind of destructive energy! [T/N: Sato says the same exact things but it can be translated anyways so figured to mix it up.]


Unconsciously, the word came out from my gaping mouth.

Man, these two are so precious.

I’m also happy because this chapter was nice and easy, haha. As for things on my end, I actually just finished my first year of (formal, actual) Japanese classes, so I’m feeling pretty good.  Translating all of this has definitely been good practice for me, and I’m starting to recognize more grammar structures. Unfortunately my workplace has been making me come in physically, but at the very least I can proofread this at work by bringing in the printed document.

Also, while I don’t make a big deal out of shouting out people, a personal friend of mine asked if I could at least signal boost his art Twitter. If you’re a fan of Touhou, go ahead and check it out here.

Anyways, just like Thanksgiving, I’m aiming for the next release the Wednesday before the holiday, but if I don’t post on that day, then I have likely already gone into full holiday vegetable mode. I’m going to try my best to get it in there but the holidays have a way of sapping away any will to do anything productive, haha.

In case I don’t see you all then, I’ll wish you all a preemptive Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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