17th Piece – “Even While Dreaming, I See For The First Time”

Pre-Chapter Notes: This title was so annoying to translate I actually had to ask my Japanese teacher for help. As you might know, I’m a very shy person.Particularly when meeting people for the first time, because for someone like an apparel store employee who strongly shortens the distance between us, you could say they areContinue reading “17th Piece – “Even While Dreaming, I See For The First Time””

12th Piece – “In the Same Frame As You”

Pre-Chapter Notes: I reverted back to the old way of doing in translation notes since it seemed more people liked that variant. I’ll try to keep the in-line jokes to a minimum.Second, this chapter is in Sato’s perspective rather than Oshio’s. It took me longer than I’d like to admit to figure that out. ThisContinue reading “12th Piece – “In the Same Frame As You””