14th Piece – “A Man’s Appearance”

Pre-Chapter Note: Welcome to Volume 2! We get a new character today. Also take a shot for every time the word “virgin” is used. But actually don’t. You’ll die. Maybe.

Also trying to do something with the formatting to make it match the original web novel. Sometimes the web novel uses single breaks (i.e. the text isn’t completely a brand new paragraph but is a new line), and sometimes uses a full paragraph break (i.e. what you’d see during dialogue). I tried to mimic this as much as possible so we stay as close to the original text as much as we can.

Normally I also use line separators, but since the web novel uses to denote its own sort of line break, I’ve gone ahead and just used it in a similar line of logic. 

A man’s appearance means crap, but that doesn’t mean you can just recklessly ignore it.
If you want to throw it away, it’s only when you’re chasing after a woman you fell in love with.

Those are not the wise sayings of a wise person—but rather the words of my best friend, Ren Misono.
Incidentally, the day after he spit out this line, Misono Ren urged his ex-girlfriend to sit down and reconcile, but he was very despised and I heard me might have been kicked in the head.
Though he had abandoned his pride as a human rather than the appearance of a man, this kind of treatment was not so much…… I remembered him saying that while I was doing other things.

Anyways, regardless of the result, it’s good words.
Throwing away a man’s appearance, only for when chasing a girl you’ve fallen in love with.
—if that’s the case, now is that time.

「I have a request.」

That night, on MINE I opened up a chat room with Misono Ren, and sent a request.
It was immediately read, then several seconds passed—

「By all means.」

I sent the following sentence I had prepared.

「I want you to help me choose the clothes you’d wear on a date together.」


「—Even so, Sota, you went for someone amazing, 「Salt God Sato-san」, you know?」

I sent a message on MINE after school the next day, and Ren who was walking next to me said something like that out of the blue, so I froze up.
……you would know that, naturally.
Last time, there was also the 「MINE riot」. [T/N: Honestly, I’m not sure what this line is doing here, but in the raw it’s この前の「MINE騒動」もあるしな]

「……that’s right.」

When I confirmed it with a bit of embarrassment, Ren laughed with a 「kekeke」.

「If I was wondering if you weren’t interested in romance, you wouldn’t be able to aim for a romance where the other person was Sato-san, who for better or for worse stands out, I respect you a bit.」 

[T/N: The previous sentence was still slightly confusing, but I tried to clean it up as much as possible. It was kind of ambiguous about who Ren was talking about. At first it sounded like a hypothetical, “If I was a person not interested in romance”, but with some context clues it sounded better to have Ren say ‘you’ in regards to Sota. tl;dr I hated this sentence.]


Crap, I have a bad personality…… this guy is my best friend, I shouldn’t be like this.
I try to push down my contradictory anger.

「……So in other words, you knew about it after all?」


「That’s, how I’m aiming for Sato-san.」

When I said that, Ren’s mouth turned up in a conspicuously wicked way.
……By the way, I believe that you can tell a person’s character from the way they laugh.
That warped kind of smile, as far as I know, is something only Misono Ren and corrupt politicians can do.

「No, it’s only me who knows you’re aiming.」

「Eh? Is that so? That’s surprising…」

「Our classmates already think you and Sato-san are a thing.」

He spouted that out.
Ren laughed with a 「Hahahaha!」; was he happy to get the reaction he expected?

「A th, thing? Me……! As for Sato-san and I, nothing……!」

「Hahaha, I know. Your virginity is on full display for everyone to see from your reaction.」


I grit my teeth to the point you can hear a noise.
If you weren’t my best friend, I’d be killing you……!

「No, I’m serious, recently the other guys have been peeking around, asking 「What kind of ability did Oshio use to cause 「Salt-God Sato-san」 to lower her guard?!」」

「Why are you listening……!」

「There’s a gathering of people who can’t even talk to 「Salt-God Sato-san」, saying 「I don’t have the courage to ask her directly」, ahahahaha.」

「Shut up……」 [T/N: Literally speaking, Oshio just says “Mouth” here, so I took some liberties.]

Ahahahaha, continued Ren’s wild laughter.
There must be one or two demons in that wide open laughing mouth of his.

「Aaah, well, you’re a virgin, but… certainly, you’re a virgin who has a proper crotch. Hooray, you virgin.」 [T/N: Ren belongs to the Modern Warfare 2 XBox Live days, man.]

「Don’t say ‘virgin’ so much.」

「Am I wrong?」


I shut up.
Ren is in his element, pressing for an answer with wild laughter.

「Hahahahaha, you don’t have to ask me, you’re just asking me to choose clothes that you’ll wear on a date even though you’re a second year high school student, hahahaha.」

「……Someday, you’ll go to hell.」

「When that happens, I’ll take you with me.」

Ren impishly said that as he poked me with his elbow.
That kind of attitude made this guy a fool…… really, he hasn’t changed since middle school.
As you may already think, this guy has a sharp tongue—or maybe I should say his character is detestable, he’s arrogant, lazy, and treats everything loosely—but somehow, he’s popular with women.
Such an existence itself is a man who symbolizes the distortion of the world.

As for resenting it, it’s probably my personality that lets me get along with it.

I just sigh deeply.

「……It’s okay if you mess with me, but please stop spreading rumors that Sato-san and I are dating because I’m asking.」

「Ah? Why, that’s something to celebrate about, isn’t it?」

「Sato-san will be troubled, if it’s rumored she’s dating someone who doesn’t show any signs of it.」

This time, it was Ren who froze up.


Coming to a stop, Ren looked in my direction.
Ren, who just now stopped laughing, staring at me as if he was looking at something unbelievable.

「……eh? That, are you serious? Are you just embarrassed? Or is it a joke?」

「Huh? What are you saying?」

「……no, you’re still a disgusting virgin.」


「This must be a disaster for Sato-san as well.」

「Oi, what’s a disaster?」

「Shut up, shut up, your virginity is showing.」

My virginity is not showing!—is the protest I was going to raise my voice for, when suddenly Ren stopped walking, and I swallowed the words that were about to leave my throat.
It seems like we’ve arrived.

「Here we are, my recommendation.」

Ren laughed meaningfully, pointing at the store’s entrance.
It’s a red painted building that stands out from the private houses and stores lined up next to each other.
A sign next to it read “Europe Used Clothing MOON”.


I thought I would be taken to a chain store, so I’m surprised.
……is this a store I can enter?
As if not having that kind of feeling, Ren passed through the glas doors, and I timidly followed him.

「Pardon the intrusion……」

After that—I recognized again how out of place I was and regretted it.

First of all, there’s a gigantic closet that you could get lost in the middle of it, filled with lots and lots of Western clothing.
The lighting is pointlessly dim and there’s a strong smell of incense mixed with dust, and then from all over the place came a heavy bass BGM. [T/N: Background music, also the raw uses the term “BGM” so I kept it. Also it sounds like they went to Hot Topic.]
If I was a kid, I would definitely have been traumatized.

Even with the same fashion, “cafe tutuji” was the complete opposite.


Overwhelmed, that kind of voice came out of me.
On the other hand, Ren had become used to this, pushing through the sea of clothes rapidly, and from the inner part of the store someone said 「Huh, are you sure—?」

I didn’t understand what he was scared of, but I couldn’t copy him…… thinking of things like that, I looked at  the clothes nearby.
Really, this is so…… “original” or perhaps I should say “overflowing exoticism” or maybe “when do you wear this” or maybe……

「What is this…… Pitan Clothing? And then… do these shoes have hair?」

It’s entirely like a fantasy world.
When I touch the mysterious white hair that grows on the shoes, I feel a bit creeped out……

「—that’s Swiss army long pullovers from the 70s, and those boots are French seal fur…… made with real seal hair, you know, though for you it’s a little too early.」


A voice suddenly came from behind me, and I unconsciously shouted.
Turning around to look behind, wearing an antique style dress there was a tall and slender woman standing there.

「Nahahaa, sorry for surprising you~ Welcome! I’m an employee here!」

My heart hadn’t stopped beating with a bakubaku sound while the woman cackled, and she made a salute pose.
Then, returning to the place I had shrieked, was Ren who saw the woman.

「Aaah, it’s you, sis.」 [T/N: Ren strikes me as a very casual guy, so I had him casually address his sister.]

「Eh, si, sister?!」

I compared Ren and the woman’s faces, going back and forth.
Then, as maybe this reaction was interesting, she let out a 「Nahahaha!」 like Ren.

「I see! So you’re the one I heard the story of on MINE! Today, I’m the employee of the secondhand store “MOON”—Misono Shizuku, who will change Sota into a guy who’s popular with women! Yappie!」 [T/N: I used to think this was a weird way of saying “Yippie” but no, this is right.]


In front of me was Ren’s strangely high tension sister, giving me a greeting I don’t understand, when I was struck by an indescribable anxiety.

Post Chapter Notes

Wew, there we go.

Okay, first off, Ren’s speech made me want to drink bleach. In the sense it was difficult as hell to translate because unlike Sato and Oshio, he doesn’t talk as politely or as “neatly”, let’s say, where it’s easier to parse. Fortunately we made it out okay.

Next chapter is amusingly called 「A Girl’s Appearance」, so I assume we’re going to meet someone on Sato’s side. Ten bucks says Sato and Oshio meet at the same spot. Which like, I’ll know about by the time I’m posting this as I like to stay ahead of the schedule, but you know, feel free to make a bet anyways.

Speaking of my schedule, I was starting to slip behind in my schedule, well, not exactly, in the sense that I like to have some buffer space. By the time I had posted Chapter 10, I actually had chapters 10 through 12 done with 13 half finished, but I gotta step up a little bit as I don’t have as much buffer chapters now, haha. Don’t worry, I will still definitely keep up the 2 week pace I’ve set out to fulfill, but just an interesting note I thought I’d let you guys know about. Right now I’m aiming to try to blast through all of Chapter 16 tomorrow and then maybe a bit of 17, but video games make it hard as I have recently purchased Satisfactory.

As always, thanks for stopping by to read! Today marks five chapters posted, which is a nice milestone, too. See you guys next time!

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    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!


  2. Why does every nerdy romcom MC have to have a hot friend who’s popular with women? That’s usually their only friend too. Such a lazy trope.


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