25th Piece — 「For Me, Sato-san Is」

Shoutout to KBoy and Yan-chan for helping keep the site up and running! I’m working on making a thank you page for the site, but I had to pull some mega hours off at work, sadly. There’s some important notes down at the end as well.Notes from when the Web Novel was up: I translatedContinue reading “25th Piece — 「For Me, Sato-san Is」”

24th Piece — Against the Rules

Some administrative stuff real quick; the author deleted the web novel off of ncode, which is slightly troublesome. More details at the bottom. The second floor of “MOON”.The interior of Shizuku-san’s room was painted with tastefully vintage colors. 「After all, weeeeell.」 Haven’t thirty minutes already elapsed since this meeting started?Shizuku-san, who sat down on aContinue reading “24th Piece — Against the Rules”

19th Piece — Ordinary Unrequited Love

Pre-Chapter Note: Wow, look at that, we have a chapter from Rinka’s point of view.  Also, Happy New Year! Sorry for being later in the afternoon to this one, Monster Hunter demo dropped and I lost track of time, haha. 「……what are you doing, Koharu?」 I—Sudou Rinka, said that with a sigh, looking at theContinue reading “19th Piece — Ordinary Unrequited Love”

18th Piece – “Matching”

Pre-Chapter Notes: Nothing today, but have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! There’s some slightly more serious stuff in the Post-Chapter notes, though. 「Oshi… o…… kun……?」 Oshio Sota, sixteen years old.Right now I’m suddenly confronting the biggest crisis of my life. But first, I have an embarrassing story to tell.After inviting Sato KoharuContinue reading “18th Piece – “Matching””

14th Piece – “A Man’s Appearance”

Pre-Chapter Note: Welcome to Volume 2! We get a new character today. Also take a shot for every time the word “virgin” is used. But actually don’t. You’ll die. Maybe. Also trying to do something with the formatting to make it match the original web novel. Sometimes the web novel uses single breaks (i.e. theContinue reading “14th Piece – “A Man’s Appearance””