32. Game

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TL: Toasty
ED: Toasty

There was a memory of my past life, from when I was born.
However, it wasn’t that much.
Around the time I became aware, I realized I have memories of my past life, but with how I ended up being born with a lot of magical power, I couldn’t control it, and caused a lot of worry about my nature to end up invoking magic like having a spasm. Gradually, the surrounding people became afraid and the only people who would approach was the maid in waiting.
Even to myself, I was unpleasant, and I was rescued from the brink by my older brother.
My older brother, from the beginning, even if he’s at my side, was calm. Then, because he had the same unusual light magic, he immediately noticed the magical effects, and strongly did his best to teach me to control it. I couldn’t help loving that sort of older brother.
So, I was happy to have the same kind of face as him. Everyone spoke a lot of us resembling each other. That is, I was very proud.
Even with the times big brother was busy and couldn’t meet, if I look in the mirror, the same face is there. Naturally, a habit of looking in the mirror appeared.
Then, I suddenly notice.
I knew this face.
Because it’s my face, it’s natural I know it. However, that isn’t it. I realized it was another person’s face.
I mutter my name.

「……Philine Elena von Rosenhein.」

I knew. It’s the younger sister of Roy-sama, the capture target I loved in the otome game I was playing.
For the sake of the happy ending, it isn’t from Roy-sama, but rather depending on the choices, if you don’t meet and listen to Philine, you won’t set the flag. Because you hear stories that you won’t hear from Roy-sama himself, she is the next favorite supporting character next to Roy-sama.

「This… is Kimisei……!」

I realize I reincarnated in the otome game I was playing in my past life, A Small Star Only For You -Dein einziger Sternchen-. However, why was I rejoicing in front of myself in the mirror?

「I see. This is why Filine is fond of Roy-onii-sama.」

I address the person in the hand-mirror I’m holding.
Although the times Filine, a princess, leaves the castle are few, in the setting of A Small Star Only For You `Dein einziger Stretchen-, abbreviated Kimisei, in spite of it she enters the royal academy for magic. Worrying about her brother Roy, she periodically comes to see how things are going. In my past life, I thought that it was natural since my brother was also a handsome guy, but if I think about it well, a brother and sister yearning for each other that much is strange. Because she isn’t a capture target, there isn’t any information on her magical power or element, but I see, because she had few supporters from the beginning, it can’t be helped she’d be this way to her brother who was the only one who received her warmly.

「Philine-sama, why are you looking in the mirror?」

Understanding by herself, when she nods to herself, Terese, the maid in waiting calls out to her, seeming puzzled. She had been by her side since she was born. The times she would scold her are frightening, but she knew Terese was honestly worried about her.

「Terese, um, um, I recognized something amazing!」

It was something she was happy to notice, and while drawing near, when she reports the information, Terese tilts her head to the side.

「What did you notice?」

「I, you know, am a princess!」

When she teaches her why she’s so excited, this time Terese seriously tilted her head in confusion. The degree of her puzzlement can be understood through the depth of her wrinkles.

「That is correct.」

「So, you know.」

Not minding that kind of Terese, she continues her report. There’s no helping how she wants to Terese to listen to the decision she determined just now.

「I want to make Big Brother happy!」

「……is it not the reverse?」

Although they are blood relatives, isn’t it usually the man bringing the woman happiness, Terese said, citing the values of the world in general. As for the reasons without logical connection, Terese doesn’t point it out. More or less, it’s in her own head, but for Terese, she always listens to ideas without any logical connection.

「It’s fine, I want to return the happiness Big Brother gave me!」

Even in her past life, her big brother gave her plenty of happiness. So, she would return that.
She doesn’t know if it will become like the game’s world where her brother enters the academy. To that extent, Philine was a minor character, so she honestly doesn’t know. In every route, because she isn’t an interfering character, she properly listens to the state of affairs, and only is able to judge which route you entered.
If that’s the case, right away, she should solely aid in her brother’s happiness.
When she decides the goal of her life from here and is excited about it, Terese is amazed and let out a sigh.

「……Philine-sama is thinking rather simply, but that thought itself is is lovely.」

「That is, I’m weak at thinking about difficult things.」

She forces a laugh at the too harsh pointing out before being praised.

「I speak highly of you being appropriately like yourself, Philine-sama.」 [T/N: literally “praise you for being like Philine-sama” but expanded for clarity.]

「If you’re going to praise me, praise me more properly.」

She wanted a compliment correction, but it was easily swept away.

A few days afterwords, although she had decided to work for her brother’s happiness, it was the same as always everyday.
She tries to mediate between Roy-onii-sama and his other brother, Klaus-sama, but as for that, with only the siblings, because she doesn’t want it to be unsociable, it’s her own selfishness. When it comes to what she can do herself, although she’s very young, by seeming to work nonstop, she can invite her brother to tea and disturb him sometimes.

It’s simple.

Because she’s a princess, she thought she can be more flashy about it, but finishing every day of her princess manner training, she spends time with her brothers over tea. It’s very regrettable. She expected to be able to do something more amazing, but this was unexpected.
Since it’s too regrettable, at the same time as her magical control training, she tested out what various magic she could do during breaks. The light attribute is rare, and as for light and wind element combined, the materials and literature books on it don’t exist, so she was trying to find the solution herself.
With the mechanism of composite elements, around the time she able to make a hologram phone call, she was in a good mood, but the moment she showed it, she ended up being told by Terese and her big brother not to divulge it, and went to sit on the floor grasping her knees for a few hours, pouting.
The more she discovered how to use her magic, the more she was forbidden from leaving the castle. She was gloomy because in a memory of her past life, she knows about playing outside and having fun, or maybe it was just rebellion to being limited in what activities she can do.
Around that time, from her older brother, she hears a name she knows from the game.

「The Ernest house’s garden is really splendid, I want to show it to Philly. Miss Lydia also agreed.」

「It must be that lovely of a garden. Then, Lydia-sama, how did she dress today?」

「The dress’ white base changed to a rose hem, she was like a fairy of flowers.」

With how she thought that because she’s a girl, she’s conscious about fashion, her brother, when asked about it, answered her back with a smile. But, the Lydia she knew from the game is different, so inwardly she tilts her head in confusion.
In the still pictures of Lydia’s childhood she is wearing a bright red dress, and in the game even her plain clothes were aggressively red. However, the clothes of the girl she heard about from her big brother, from the beginning, were light colors far from being aggressive. In the first place, in the memory recollection where Lydia and Roy met, having ended up falling for her with a dance, Roy extended his hand towards her and followed her, and love bloomed….. it was that kind of episode she expected.
However, in reality her dress was blue, and rather than falling, her big brother praised her as the best dancer.
What kind of thing was that?
The girl she heard about from her big brother is too different than the one she knows In Kimisei, she couldn’t imagine them.

「Even so, Roy-nii-sama…… recently you seem to be having a lot of fun.」

It isn’t anything she did herself, and even if she’s happy her big brother is having fun, she’s frustrated at how there’s nothing she can do. Because it feels similar to the times he met Lydia, perhaps the cause is a girl.

「Is that so? Yes…… you could say that. It’s because I made a good friend, it seems.」

His smiling face is dazzling. I can’t be big brother’s friend because I’m related to them by blood. On the other hand, the reality that his family’s affirmation isn’t enough for his happiness was a little lonely.
Then, curiosity apart from that emotion welled up.

「That’s good. I also want to meet Lydia-sama someday.」

What kind of girl is she in reality? Up until here, she’s been different from the game, so is she someone making good use of being a reincarnated person? If that’s the case, she’ll have someone she can speak to about their previous lives. Even if that isn’t the case, she’s worried about the person who will become her big brother’s fiance.
She wants to meet her, and with that thought, the desire to go outside became more severe.
That was it. At that time, she couldn’t win against temptation……

「I reached my limit……」

She crouches down at the corner in the city town. In her current state of mind she wanted to put both hands on the ground, but her dress would get dirty, so she can’t.
Because she asked her brother about going downtown for observation, when she visited his study den, her brother’s overcoat was simply laid on the sofa. Because no one was there, she secretly tried to wear it, and then her brother and servant came into the room, and with the situation being as if they didn’t notice her, the two of them began to speak, so she was surprised.
At the effect that everyone seemed to treat her as invisible, her heart fluttered, and she thought there was no helping it. Since she experienced the effect of the magical item for the first time, there was inevitable excitement. It would be interesting to follow her brother as it is.
She miscalculated losing sight of him.
Compared to what she thought, there were too many people.
And as it is, if she got lost, no one would be able to find her.

「No, up to the game’s original story, everything is fine. But, if I don’t take it off now, no one will notice……」

It’s to be expected if the princess disappears, there will be a large search, but because she made the story of how she was playing hide and seek in the castle, it will be a while until they notice she disappeared. When she originally came to the castle town to look, she was in high spirits, but right now she’s at rock bottom. The feeling of getting her just deserts was painful.

「You, are you okay?」

There was a voice behind her. If the voice wasn’t calling out to her that was wearing the cloak that made her transparent so everyone nearby wouldn’t notice, this voice was facing and talking to a wall.
Because she wasn’t thinking she had been noticed, she thought her heart had jumped out of her chest.
While doubting the voice was truly talking to her, when she fearfully looked over her shoulder, a boy who was a little older than her was certainly there, and their eyes met.

Who was this??

She’s sorry she worried him, but he’s a complete stranger. In the first place, how was she, who other people weren’t noticing, discovered?

「You, are you Leo’s younger sister?」

Furthermore, when she’s bewildered at a name she doesn’t know, he corrects it to her brother’s name when asking again. Certainly, if you abbreviate her brother’s middle name, it’s Leo.
He guessed she was suspecting him, so he revealed that he was an employee of the Ernest house, and also explained his connection with her brother. When he heard the circumstances of how she got lost, he patted her on the head.

「It’s fine already. If it’s your older brother, he’ll do it.」

She can meet her brother again. When she becomes relieved at this, she looks as if she’s going to cry. Even for a moment, because there was the potential she wouldn’t meet with her brother again, it was too much.
Somehow or another she endured being about to cry, and she was guided to get on the back of the boy. Imitating her older brother, she gave her middle name.
The boy called Isaac, although he knew her true character as a princess, was a strange boy who talked to her normally. Perhaps, for commoners, there isn’t a real feeling of being too far apart in social standing. Then, for the first time, she was told that outside of the face, she resembled her brother.
Because he was thinking it was only her face that she can say she is related by blood to her older brother, while thinking he’s strange, that evaluation made her happy. She’s different from her smart brother, and because she ended up acting with sensitivity, if they didn’t match in the face, she wouldn’t have confidence in them being brother and sister, it was that kind of anxiety.
With the swinging of him carrying her, her body very much relaxed.
In her past life, when she was little, she didn’t want to be left out, so when she would follow her older brother, she became tired and couldn’t walk. So, she didn’t like it, she’d put herself down, and when she thoroughly complained and cried, her older brother would carry her and go home.
The memory of her past life, even while she knows it isn’t herself, remembering it was nostalgic. 

「Don’t say it like Yuuka.」

It’s a reaction that made her dumbfounded.
It’s a name she truly shouldn’t be familiar with. However, it’s a name very familiar to her ears.
She stopped thinking.
The name she was called by. In her past life.


「Ha? Is it really Yuuka??」

His footsteps stopped and again called me by that name. I thought it was a delusion that came from my memories of my past life, but it seems it was different.
When I understood reality, I became confused at the situation.
He’s a complete stranger, but he’s my brother from my past life.
No, if Taichi became a capture target he would have either burst out laughing or complained about not having become someone else. In the situation you became someone who didn’t even appear in Kimisei, what’s the correct response?
My head was spinning, however only feelings that talking formally with each other welled up.
Taichi was an idiot of a big brother. He always argued with our stubborn father, only had idiots for friends, and since he was an idiot, he died in an accident. When I returned home normally, I couldn’t believe I saw my mother drop the receiver phone like a drama. Furthermore, when I learned of the illness he had later on……
Even so, after reincarnating, he apologized, so really, what an idiot.
My older brother can’t be helped. But even saying he’s an idiot isn’t enough.
It’s very different than Roy-nii-sama.
That’s right, Roy-nii-sama. My brother right now is Roy-nii-sama.
Taichi, who isn’t even a mob, no, if Isaac is doing as he wants, then I’ll do what I want with my full power.
Parting with Isaac after linking up with my big brother, I made my declaration of war to him as someone who seemed close to a rival girl. Because he made the same declaration, my fighting spirit welled up. That my big brother was suspicious that Isaac and I were close was a miscalculation, but……


「What is it, Philly?」

In the return carriage, while eating the cookies given as a souvenir, my big brother speaks. The cookies we ate had a simple flavor that I remembered the ohara cookies I ate so much of that I got sick of them in my past life.

「I won’t do it, but I’ll tell you. If I have something, I want to discuss it with you.」

「What’s wrong, so suddenly?」

「It isn’t sudden. I know. Roy-nii-sama is scheming something.」

「Calling me a schemer is cruel, huh?」

My big brother makes me look at his honey colored eyes, and from there forces a smile. I understand that he isn’t in a mood to speak, and I pout and turn away at the expected reaction.

「It seems I’m inadequate for my sister to consult with me!」

Big brothers don’t discuss things with their sisters. Taichi also was like that. So I understood that much.

「Still, I’m worried about it!」

When I declare that, pointing a finger, my big brother is surprised, he holds me against his stomach.

「Hahaha, I’m no match for Philly.」

「Mou, I’m talking seriously here!」

If you’re mad, I’ll seriously listen, big brother replied, but that is absolutely a lie.

A shorter chapter, but that tends to be the case for the volume starts. It was cute to see things from the side of Taichi’s younger sister, though. My only real hangup this chapter was whether to keep “onii-sama” as it was or put it as “Big Brother” like I did, which causes some minor whiplash when I leave the honorifics in when characters address each other. I might go back and ninja edit them

Other than that, not much else. If you’d like to support the website and keep it running, consider dropping by the Ko-Fi or by my Redbubble to get something out of it!


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