24. Goldencup

Tl: ToastyED: Toasty When I was working with the garden, my master, Heinz-san the butler, came. With martial arts practice, I came to visit him, but this is the first time he came by himself. He’s always accompanied by Duke-sama. 「Master, what’s wrong?」 For an instant, my master slightly frowns. Because I always call himContinue reading “24. Goldencup”

21. Handkerchief

This chapter is almost not brought to you by CHAOS, who I am on a grand crusade to slay. Also Sophie 2. Atelier is dangerously addicting. TL: ToastyED: Toasty I, who held memories of the previous world as a Japanese person, became a gardener’s apprentice, and one year passed. 「Ojou, what’s wrong?」 The Duke’s daughter,Continue reading “21. Handkerchief”

19. Sound of Footsteps

Posting a few days earlier because I’m hanging out with friends on Friday and if I forget to post it Friday morning, it’s going to be a long wait otherwise. TL: ToastyED: Toasty 「Your Highness, recently you seem to be having fun.」 「The matter is a huge one, huh?」 Roy, who was looking at aContinue reading “19. Sound of Footsteps”

18. Snow Rabbit

TL: ToastyED: Toasty Just handing it over is difficult. Lydia was worried.She had a feeling of gratitude, and with the white four leaf clovers, she made pressed flowers. She made a bookmark, and for people like her parents or Katherine-san, she was able to hand it over, unaffected. Because they accepted it with pleasure, sheContinue reading “18. Snow Rabbit”

Chapter 2: The Second Time of First Love

Hey, sorry for the delay in getting this one out. I had meant to post this back in December, but a ton of IRL stuff has come up, and so it got put on the backburner. See Toasty Updates for a little more detail in that. Thanks for your patience! ♠ I, Oshio Souta, “cafeContinue reading “Chapter 2: The Second Time of First Love”

[Update] Katsucon 2022!

Okay, well, this is awkward. Long story short, won’t be going to Katsucon 2022. There were some policy changes that just hit when I got my email about registering for the panel (basically get your panelist badge) that left unable to go. Won’t really elaborate further on that for professional reasons, since there’s no needContinue reading “[Update] Katsucon 2022!”