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43. Photograph

Almost didn’t finish this due to Ryza 3, but I somehow managed to finish Ryza 3 and this chapter, phew.

TL: Toasty
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When it became the early summer, the season became warm, and the sensation of the blowing wind being refreshing.
I planted flowers my father indicated together with Yan-san. When first I show him how we plant flowers before and teach him how to arrange them, Yan-san’s eyes go wide with doubt.

「Why are you planting them when they aren’t blooming?」

「You can enjoy them longer this way. Since this flower blooms starting in the rainy season, so when the sky is cloudy, the ground will look cheerful, so people who look at it will feel better.」

Because they have a long bloom, the snowflake grass is planted when it’s already blooming, but the silver cups are planted together to add to the joy of blooming. Certainly it looks like they are blooming, and with the state of greens in full leaf, even if it’s completed immediately the outward appearance is already good. But, it’s no different than a flower shop. The garden is always here, so it’s a fun thing to change.
In the middle of the white, there’s blue, and in the middle of the purple is the dark purple, and they should bloom as if to dispel the rainy season. If it’s together with the white of the snowflake grass that is like a snow coming down, even if they get wet, the silver cup grass will shine.
Understanding the explanation, Yan-san’s eyes glitter.

「You’re amazing, Aniki!」

「……stop with that ‘Aniki’.」

With an indescribable facial expression, request it for the how-many-th time of Yan-san.


「Because I’m younger than you.」

「Aniki became an apprentice of Dennis-san before me, so he’s my senior! In other words, Aniki.」

Facing those genuine black eyes, I feel exhausted. With Yan-san’s rule of prioritizing the amount of experience, with this topic, we never come to an agreement.

「For Aniki, because I’m your junior, you don’t need to use polite language around me.」

I’m troubled by this request that yet again comes from Yan-san.
With Yan-san turning twelve years old as a start after becoming a pupil of the Baumgartner house, with how my birthday is soon, there’s one year between us.
I, even from the kids downtown and even from Leo, don’t mind casual speech being used towards me. Rather, when formal speech is used towards me, I feel bad. But, because up until now there weren’t any kids who were close to my age, so I use polite language for those equal to my age.
Even if I think that, the truth is I’m tired of not coming to an agreement after one month. It’s better if I break things down here, I think.

「Then, Yan. Is that fine?」

「Yes, Aniki!」

「I want you to stop calling me that, though……」

「I can’t.」

Incidentally, I ask Yan one more time, but he cheerfully rejects it.
What is it? There’s a feeling of looking at a young bird that’s been imprinted on. Yan is often safe. The time he came to the royal capital, it’s amazing he wasn’t pickpocketed or scammed.

「Let’s get back to work. Yan should also go back.」


I give up. This is an impossible guy. I get the sense that Yan is absolutely don’t back down on this matter.
It’s just a little under one month, but my understanding of Yan is good. It seems he was from a farming family that primarily dealt in vegetables in his hometown, so he’s used to gardening.He has knowledge about vegetables, but it’s useful to know the bare minimum about fertilizers and plant diseases.
During the time we’re taking a break after finishing planting the flowers, I ask about something weighing on my mind.

「Yan, why did you want to become a gardener?」

「Ah, that’s because of this.」

When I ask the reason he applied, Yan takes off his cotton gloves, and from his chest pocket, takes out a thin sheet of paper. The sepia of the thing he called his treasured item, is a picture of the Ernest family garden.
With this world, the photos are monochrome. Because cameras are expensive, taking pictures of things other than people is a hobby only for nobles.
I’m certain that Duke-sama’s father, the duke before him, had photography as a hobby. I’ve been shown photos taken by him in the previous generation. While being told he was squandering his money, he was laughing happily.
As for what Yan showed me, it’s one of the old man’s photographs.

「I’ve been shown it many times, so Benno-san gave it to me.」

So he could look at it anytime, but it was important to him, so he carried it around, wrapped in a towel, it seems.

「I heard a rumor, but I couldn’t believe that people put their hands on nature for anything other than to eat, and until I met Benno-san, thought gardening was just a rich person’s hobby.」

I agree with Yan’s opinion. There’s no leeway for commoners to use plants for anything other than to make a living. Because the royal capital’s standard of living is high, there are even ordinary people who grow potted plants, but it’s rare where nature is commonplace.
If in Yan’s home he was a farmer, he’d know the discomfort of treating plants unnaturally. The act of forcing them into unnaturalness, farmers do it naturally, and for gardeners, they do it to be pleasant on the eyes. People can’t live without food, but people don’t need gardeners to live. That difference is large.

「When I told Benno-san what I thought, with a really scary smile, he showed me this photo.」

Although I don’t know how it is, Yan apparently picked fights with the old man a lot. The spirit of Yan, who can tell a story while saying no, he was scared, is strong.

「For me, I didn’t understand anything about how it would be beautiful, but when I saw the photo of the garden, that something this pretty existed in the world, it surprised me.」

Even if it’s from a sepia photo, it seemed to convey how bright it was, Yan said with excitement. What he saw from the photo was like looking at a dream, and so the Ernest family garden he hadn’t even gone to was scorched into Yan’s mind, it seems.

「It’s amazing that people’s hands making something this beautiful.」

I understand the words Yan said. When I first saw my father’s work and thought it was like magic, I got excited.

「So, because I was disinherited by my father, I came here.」


At his indifferent look when that was said to me, I’m troubled.

When he said he wanted to become a gardener, his father told him that if in spite of being the eldest son, if he didn’t succeed in his work and took up some silly job, they would sever relationships, as he hit him. When I tried to double check, Yan, with a smiling face, said he would tell me the specifics. No, I don’t think that means I want to hear the specifics.

I also often eat my father’s punches and am scolded by my mother, but only during the times I must absolutely reflect. I never quarreled with my parents. But, in my past life, I only ever quarreled with my father. Maybe, during the time I was Tanaka Taichi, if I hadn’t gotten ill or not been in an accident, I would’ve been disowned. Certainly, it’s not different from the reason Yan was disinherited.

「Is Yan fine……?」

With one of my regrets in my past life being being unable to reconcile with my parents, I become troubled. Yan brightly smiles, but maybe he regrets it like me in my past life?

「It’s fine. I will absolutely become a gardener, then send my father a photo of the garden I made!」

「I see.」

I look at Yan’s smiling face and am relieved.  It seems he hasn’t given up on his family yet.

「It would be good if someday, your father can recognize you.」


I feel like Yan is enthusiastic about proving himself superior to his father. I felt that his will, in comparison to mine, is very praiseworthy.

「Now then, next is pulling the weeds.」


After we finished our rest, when we tried to go back to work and stood up, from behind, something beared down on my shoulder with the force of a tackle. I unconsciously fell to my knees.

I have a memory of this faint and sweet smell, and called out their name while turning around.


「Yeees, I wanted to meet you. Recently, that idiot, my sister’s fiancé, has been really annoying.」

「I get it, so wait a second.」

Somehow or another, it would pacify Nico, who was implicitly badgering me because he had gathered up stress, he wanted to go hit something.
After Nico’s older sister, Heroise-sama, became healthy, her fiancé seemed to come back and forth. From Nico’s standpoint, since they were indirectly the cause of the curse on his family, he still didn’t trust them. But, as for Heroise-sama, because she was happy that it reached the point she could talk with her fiancé, Nico restrained himself as much as he could.
Because I have work, when I told him to wait, while pretending to be upset, he loosens the arm around my neck.

「Who’s this guy?」

Nico, who finally realized Yan’s existence, asks.

「Ahh, you haven’t already met, huh. As for Yan……」

「Ni, Nicolas-sama, didn’t I say that because Zack is still working, to wait for later!?」

「Are you Aniki’s girlfriend!?」

Seemingly, because Nico had found me and quickly come my way, Ojou, looking like she was at a half-jog, chased after him. With Ojou’s timely arrival, something strange slipped out from Yan, who was surprised at the situation.
I understood the meaning, but surprised at the misunderstanding, Nico raised an eyebrow.

「What is this guy saying?」

「Ah…… let me tell you, but Nico is a guy.」


Towards Yan, who was surprised from the bottom of his heart, Nico hits his chest with his hand.

「Which part of me looks like a girl?」 [T/N: Nico’s still using ‘atashi’ which is feminine so he’s not helping his case.]

「But, there’s no reason a guy would have a face this beautiful. Furthermore, the way you talk……」

「Don’t be silly, I don’t have breasts and my voice isn’t high, isn’t it? You, are your eyes and ears working!?」

「I-I am sorry!」

Losing to Nico’s spirit, Yan vigorously apologizes. Although Nico’s words are reasonable, I think Yan’s misunderstanding of seeing him as he isn’t a well-built guy was inevitable. Nico, compared to other women, is beautiful.

「……what do you mean by girlfriend?」 [T/N: Ojou coming in with the steel chair]

Ojou, who was troubled at Yan’s abrupt statement, asks with a whisper. It seems she might possibly not understand the meaning.

「For commoners, engagement is unusual, so they fall in love, become lovers, and after that, get married. There’s a lot of people who refer to the girl who is your lover as your girlfriend.」

Chairwoman, who was following her and escorting, kindly answered. Hearing the explanation and understanding, Ojou puffs her cheeks.

「You, are you the name Bauer, perhaps?」

「Eh? Ah, that’s me. I’m not used to it, so please call me Yan, Ojou-sama.」

During the time Yan was filling out his employment documents, he seemed to finally remember his last name. His home village was too rural, so they all used first names, and it seems there was hardly ever a reason to use last names.

「Then, Yan.」


「With mistaking Nicholas-sama as Zack’s girlfriend, there were two people you were rude to. Furthermore, your question was too rude.」

「I am very sorry. With how he clung to him, I thought surely that because they were on close terms……」

「Yes, that is correct! Nicholas-sama, please separate from Zack.」

At Yan’s words of reflection, Ojou scolds Nico, who was still clinging to me.

「Buuut, it’s been so long since we met.」 [T/N: Nico uses ‘Yaayo’ as a way of sounding cute but it doesn’t translate nicely into English. Link here to Megumu from If Her Flag Breaks using this. And yes, that’s a guy.]

「Just because it’s been a long time, does not mean it is fine to cling to him.」

Even if Ojou tells him to stop, Nico doesn’t show any concern. In reality, over the course of a month, Nico and I hadn’t met up. Because we didn’t know if the fiancé of Nico’s older sister would show up, he was cautious if it looked like it would be just the two of them, was the reason he told me before. As for today, it means that he got a preliminary warning of when the fiancé would show up.
From the circumstances a short while ago, it doesn’t seem like the interference has stopped.

「Zack has the scent of a sunny day, so it calms you down, you know.」


「Nio……!?」 [T/N: Not a typo, although it looks like one.]

Nico’s nose touches my hair, and I shake from how ticklish it feels. Certainly, because I’m in the sun, smelling like this isn’t strange, but I think if anything I smell of sweat. Besides, if it’s this condition, then Yan and my father should also have the same smell.
At Nico’s remarks and actions, Ojou, whose face turned bright red, puffs her cheeks even more than before. Because her stress emission takes time, I’d like for the teasing of Ojou to stop. I don’t understand the reason, but Nico is good at provoking Ojou.

「Stop disturbing Zack’s work!」

「Oh my, are you mad about only that, Miss Dia?」

「Wh, wh-wh……」



I let out a long sigh, and when I call his name, Nico obediently lets go. With that way of seeing how things go, it’s as if he doesn’t hear her, and Ojou gets mad. If it’s this division of attitudes, Nico understands it, huh?

「Ojou, thank you for saving me.」

「I didn’t particularly……」

Ojou, who warned me but couldn’t stop Nico, tries to be modest even if I thank her.

「Yep. But, I’m  happy you tried to help me.」

With a duke’s daughter, although she can’t run, Ojou came rushing at full strength, trying to warn about Nico so I could quickly return to work. Whether or not there is an effect, I’m thankful for those feelings.
When I thoughtlessly smile, Ojou blushes and turns her head away.

「……Nicholas-sama, let us go back!」

「There’s no helping it, huh. Until Zack’s free, I’ll endure it for Miss Dia.」

「Nicholas-sama, you’re being rude to Lydia-sama, you know.」

「And you, no matter how much time passes, are stubborn.」

「Emilia, Nicholas-sama is putting on a performance, so please don’t scold him over minor things.」


「Who was the one who reached the most just now?」

Seeing Ojou chiding Chairwoman for her oversensitive reaction, Nico snickers. In the end, while arguing, Ojou and the others go back to the estate.
We try to go back to work, but Yan, for some reason, keeps looking between me and the direction of the three who just left. When I tilt my head to ask what’s wrong, Yan, as if confused, mumbles.

「Aniki, if Nico-nee-san isn’t your girlfriend, what is she?」 [T/N: The way I laughed reading this]

Why is Yan calling Nico with ‘nee-san’? Certainly with their exchange a little bit ago, he must have guessed something. Inadvertently he called Nico with his nickname in Kimiboshi. This is the first time I’ve heard someone other than my sister call him that.

「A friend?」

「Being friends with nobility, Aniki is amazing!」

‘No, it’s just occasionally, so……」

It was seriously just a coincidence we met. Nico was bad at making friends with other nobles, so it’s only that we’re on good terms. Furthermore, it’s not because he’s a noble, I became friends with him.
At my response, Yan says that even if it’s a coincidence, it’s amazing, and his eyes sparkle. I can only return a forced smile. Apparently, I’m not good at being praised. Up until now, I didn’t realize people recognized the effort I put in.
With work quickly coming to an end, I go to help Nico relieve stress. I’ll feel much better that way.

A few days after learning what they’re not good at, it’s almost time for people to close up shop as the setting sun dyes the market streets. In the middle of this, I was at a place where people are conspicuously gathered.

「Yan is nice, but……」

「Your father also doesn’t seem to be good with that part of Yan-kun, huh?」

「Eh, father, too?」

At the words of my mother who seems amused, when I look at my father’s direction, he looks grim. For other people, his face gets even more grim and it looks like he’s mad, but it’s only weakening.
My father seemed to be receiving Yan’s sense of honor even more than me. I can’t help but sympathize with him.
However, although he was genuinely praised, why can’t he be honestly happy?

「Being clumsy with this sort of thing, it’s like father and son, isn’t it?」

When I tilt my head in confusion, my mother, while smiling, states her impressions. There, my father lightly frowns and looks at my mother.

「……what about Rie?」

When my father asks what about that person, my mother’s eyes widened as if she didn’t think she would be asked.

「Me? Let’s see, I’m happy.」

My mother laughed as if indifferent, saying that everyone similar is family. But, if it’s my mother, it seems she’s able to laugh, say her thanks, and parry it. As expected, as mother says, I resemble my father.

「What is it?」

While eating herb-baked chicken, I ask a question.

「It’s simple. We don’t know Yan-kun very well.」

「Ah, I see.」

While distributing the potato salad, my mother returns a reply. I finally agreed. Although only one month had passed since meeting Yan, but I can’t accept him single-mindedly affirming me. I have the feeling I’m being viewed through a filter of the gardener job he yearns for.
I understand the reason, so I’m a little refreshed.

「Then, I’ll patiently take a chance.」

「Yes, yes.」

Even if it’s unreasonable to do so immediately, someday, I want to be able to get along with Yan properly. It’s fine even if he finds out that the true-to-life me isn’t the important person he thinks I am.

「See, even your father should pull himself together and eat. Especially because it’s Zack’s treat.」

After I’m patted on my shoulder as if to cheer me on, my mother also patted my father’s upper arm. My father, if anything, had a feeling as if he was motivating himself.
We, now, are eating in a place called Ingrid’s Pub. It has lots of food for and alcohol for adventurers, so it’s only attached to a tavern, and also serves lunch. It’s like a family restaurant from my past life. The restaurant is popular with commoners so there’s a line at lunch and at dinner it’s basically a full house.
In my past life in Japan, during May there’s Mother’s Day and during June there’s Father’s day, so it was easy to do something to take care of my parents around that time. I decided it. Since it had reached the point I received my salary, I took my parents out to a rare eating out.
My mother took a bite of her delicious looking corn soup and smiled.

「Thank you, Zack. I wanted to come here once.」

「Is that right?」

「It’s because recently, there was a rumor that it’s flourishing too much because a cute girl started working here.」

「A cute girl??」

If a pretty girl who attracts customers to the store starts working here, will it be a popular point of conversation among the housewives? Because she’s a girl, if she’s popular, maybe she has a good personality and is a good person.
For me, I thought it would be good if my mother had a day where she didn’t do cooking preparation or clean up, and only picked a restaurant with a reputation for good food. In fact, when I requested for a complex menu with things you can’t make at home, my mother seemed to be happy.

「Thank you for waiting for your salmon and spinach baked pie!」

The other dishes are pushed aside so the requested dish can be placed. when I look in the direction of the voice, a short-haired boy who was suitable for restaurants smiling. He looks to be the same age as me.

「Thank you very much.」

「It’s no problem. Are you fine with the meals going together? I’ll bring dessert afterwards.」

「Ehh, it’s fine.」

「That’s good. No matter what it is, Aunt Ingrid’s cooking is delicious, so please enjoy yourselves.」

The boy, boasting as if it were about himself, resembles a golden retriever with his soft light brown hair. Because he says that no matter which one it is, it’s delicious, I understood that with the smell and appearance, even if I haven’t tried it, it’s good.

「Frank, you’re next.」


With that, I casually watch the boy who lightly bows before pushing the kitchen trolley. Although he’s young, he’s greatly courteous, so I’m impressed.

「That kid.」


Is he a guy? That is, he’s suitable for the talk of the housewives. He isn’t a pretty girl used to attract customers, but I was surprised it was a guy drawing attention.

「He’s a good kid that works hard.」


Is that the meaning of cute? Because I wasn’t interested at all even if she was a girl, I listened to what my mother told me.
I’m told that for the sake of sending money to his large family, he came to the royal capital by himself. In spite of being unskilled at living independently for their age, they’re working away from home, so it’s a story that arouses sympathy.
When I eat while looking, the boy called Frank worked very energetically. His smile doesn’t go out, and he moves so as not to run into people, removing empty plates, and even in taking orders he’s quick. Although he isn’t restlessly and openly move, his power to judge everyone’s condition is very high.
I felt genuinely amazed. I can’t copy him.
Since I’m receiving martial arts training from Heinz-san the butler, I feel that my viewpoint on people’s movements have changed. I realized this was a whole new stage.

「Miss, where can I wash my hands?」

「It’s to the right of the inside.」

Although they don’t ask in a loud voice, the older lady who has a good physique tells them where the washroom is. Because the customer who asked was at the table next to ours, my eyes are drawn to their finished meal.
That customer doesn’t go towards the bathroom, their existence becomes cloudy.
At the sudden indication of dark magic, my throat suddenly felt like it was stuffed with food. Even when I drink the tea my mother handed me and calm down, I didn’t take my eyes off the guest who released dark magic. Rather than erase their sensation, it felt like they became mixed with the people here. It’s magic that can’t can’t completely erase the presence since there’s a little bit of magic power, but for me there’s only an uncomfortable feeling of seeing a mosaic.
I realized they aren’t going towards the bathroom, they’re going towards the store entrance, and put down my dishes, leaving my seat. If I call out to them, then all the more they’ll run away. When I’m worried about what to do, Frank, who had finished serving the customer, goes in front of them.

「I’m sorry. Ah, if it’s the bathroom, it’s that way.」

Was he able to recognize the customer and lightly bump into them? After Frank apologized, he guided them with a smile.

「Out of the way!」

The instant the customer tried to push Frank out of the way, I ran up the five meters of the distance and struck his back shoulder with my foot.


While holding onto the guest’s head with my legs, I twist my center of gravity backwards. there, his upper body falls. Because I’m on his shoulder, it’s a posture where he can’t easily get up.

「Hey, pin him down on his leg, too!」

「Eh, um, yes!」

Because there might be techniques with his feet free, even while Frank is bewildered by the request, he helps me in capturing him.

「This guy was leaving the restaurant without paying!」

When I raise my voice, the gazes of the guests at the surrounding tables gather. When I look at them, they seem drunk, but it seems they’re strong adventurers.

「Trying to eat Aunt Ingrid’s food for free, you’ve got guts, don’t you?」

「Oi, bring me the rope left over from the monster capture!」

Oh, they’re reliable.

Confirming that the muscular adventurers are surrounding the diner-and-dasher, I get off from his top.

「I’ll call a guard.」

Frank, who retreated the same time I did, leaves the shop. He’s also quick to cooperate.
When I’m relieved it’s fine, I feel something behind me. When I look around, my mother and father had stood up. It feels like they’re mad about something.



「It’s not ‘What’! You promised before that you wouldn’t do anything dangerous!」

「Eh. But, if you don’t take surprise someone who’s trying to dine and dash, you won’t ca—」

Before I finished speaking, there’s a thud, and I ate my dad’s unforgiving fist. I let out a silent yell from the pain, and held the area I was hit with both hands.

「It was dangerous, wasn’t it?」

「……I, I’m sorry.」

From the beginning, even if I made a moment of opportunity, I feel like I would have asked for help from the surrounding adults. It’s a store with many adults, so I thought there would be one or two people with good skills. So, even if I say I didn’t think it was dangerous, it’s only an excuse.
Because there’s no change to the worry it caused my parents, I obediently apologize. The me at this time didn’t know I would receive a lecture from my master about overestimating my capabilities.
A little while later, I finish eating and pay for the meal. While talking with my parents about how delicious it was, someone called out to me around the time we were leaving.

「Excuse me, sir.」

「Hm? Did I forget something?」

The one who called me was Frank.
Just to be sure, I check my pockets. My wallet is properly there, so I shouldn’t have anything else I brought with me.

「No, thank you for today. You saved me.」

I tilt my head at Frank, who deeply bows.

「The ones who caught him were the older guys.」

When I point out the adventurers who seemed to be in the middle of having fun and making a racket, after taking a glance, Frank smiles at me.

「You were the one who noticed first, sir.」

「Hm? You were the one who noticed first, though.」

When I tilt my head, asking what he’s saying, Frank looks at me with a little amazement.
I noticed because I was steadily watching them, but because Frank was watching over everything, they anticipated it. Because he understood the customer asking where the bathroom is was a diner and dashing criminal, maybe he understood the positioning of where he would be.

「Because I have a lot of siblings, I became good at this kind of thing….. but, I couldn’t stop him myself.」

I see Frank’s seemingly embarrassed smile and am curious.

「Hm? That’s amazing, isn’t it?」

Because I’m bad at remembering people’s faces and names, I feel I can’t copy him. I think it’s an amazing ability, and even trying to stop someone from leaving without paying, the courage to do that is an impressive thing.
When I say my honest impressions, Frank smiles as if he’s shy and says his thanks.

「Thank you. Next time you come, I’ll serve you.」

「Thank you.」

This time, I was honestly thanked. The way he casually acts as if we would come again, he’s good at business. I think that Frank is good for this store.
While returning home, both of my parents promise that we’ll go there again.

Nothing too special about this chapter, I think. Nico is always fun to translate, though, and doubly so when he gets mistaken for Zack’s girlfriend in front of Ojou, no less. Also why do I get the feeling Frank probably ends up being one of those hidden otome game routes, bahahaha.

Anyways, not much else to say. See you all next time!

42. Dining Table

Not a whole lot to say, let’s get started! However, I’m surprised I managed to get this out on time considering how Ryza 3 has consumed my life.

TL: Toasty
ED: Toasty

As always, when I open the door to leave for work, there was a large flower in front of my eyes. It’s a vivid, bright red that suggests an eternal summer.


「Does this match the Baumgartner house?」

The flower talked. With a high-spirited voice from this morning.

「It does, but……」

When I reflexively responded while surprised, the flower shifted and a boy similar in age to me made his appearance. He was broadly smiling, and compared to me his skin is more tanned, matching the hibiscus he was carrying.

「I’m glad. It’s a delivery from Mr. Benno!」

「From the old man?」

Hearing the name of the old man, I understood the reason for the flower.
The old man retired from being the exclusive gardener for the Ernest family, and along with his wife, were going around the Aventrot kingdom. Then, occasionally they would come back and return with a rare, local flower from their travels. Even this hibiscus, in the royal capital, wouldn’t bloom like this.
But, if it’s like always, although the old man returned by himself, why entrust it to another person? Being lively and in good health is one of the old man’s good points, but did he injure himself before this?
I can’t imagine that he would have gotten injured or fallen ill, so when I tilt my head in confusion, my father came out from behind me.
It isn’t because he heard the old man’s name, but rather that I was stuck at the front door. My father is also going to work as well. Well, since I’m apprenticing under him, it’s only natural.



Somehow, the delivery boy’s eyes went wide when he sees my father. However, he’s still full of spirit from the morning. For some time he’s been promptly chatting.
The moment he heard my father’s affirmation, he fell to the ground on his knees, and after he put the potted plant to the side, and then sat seiza style.

「I, I’m Yan! I’ve come to apply to be Dennis the gardener’s apprentice! Please make me into a gardener!!」

My father and I are stunned. Not because it’s been a long time since someone wanted to become his apprentice, but this is the first time we’ve seen someone kneel down on the ground and ask. Old man, not just flowers, but you sent a pupil here?
When I look back at my father, he’s making a grim face and keeping silent. Ah, this is his troubled face.

「Um, I’m his son and apprentice, Isaac. Mister… Yan…? Right, how old are you and where did you come from? You seem like you’re from the southern region, but……」

「I’m twelve. My village is near the southwestern border.」

He’s older than me. I’m glad I used honorifics. If it’s the west, the village is close to the sea. He’s come from a considerably far place.

「Although it’s a potted plant with divine protection, you properly and safely brought it, right?」

The time I move plants through an area where the climate doesn’t suit them, magic circles from the church are engraved in the potting to protect them from dry winds. Since there aren’t always people with the wind magical element in churches, sometimes magical stones are used.

「Since Benno-san said this is something like a test and to desperately protect it, I did my best!」

Old man……

That was like a threat. Also, don’t just make it into a test. My father behind me, my father covers up half of his face that is wrinkling his eyebrows with his right hand.
Rather, because my father’s fierce look was inherited from the old man, I wonder if Yan-san wasn’t intimidated by the old man. The old man’s fierce looks were offset by how friendly he was, but regarding plants, he was strict.

「How did I do!?」

Yan-san, eyes glittering with expectation, asks my father about his success or failure. Since he has a fearless personality, even though he’s in front of my father, he looks into his eyes and talks to him. The applicants so far lost to my father’s face and height, it seems he’s broken through the first barrier. Well, as long as you can clear that, there isn’t any problem. After all, my father is different from his scary appearance.
My father pinches one of the petals of the hibiscus Yan presented and examines it.

「It’s good, right?」

Being given a passing mark, Yan-san smiles. Even if I only look, since if it’s overwatered the leaves will rot, and converse it also doesn’t look too dry, and so because it looks fresh and lively, I think it’s in good condition.

「Then, can I become your apprentice!?」

He’s a pupil the old man sent, that is to say, he has a recommendation from the previous generation. There’s no particular reason to refuse him.

「Immediately is no good.」

「Since you’re lined up by the previous employee, for today can you go back to your inn?」

When my father added that just to try to be sure, Yan-san’s face became blank. My father had already taken the hibiscus for the sake of putting it into the greenhouse.


「Yes. Do you not have one?」

「Yes. I used all the money I had to get here.」

Yan-san, don’t say that with a smiling face. This guy, did he come with a one way ticket?

「……then, please take a rest in our house. After a long journey, you’re tired, right?」

「Yan-san, welcome. Will you stay with us for breakfast?」

When I say this, invites him in as if understanding. Hearing breakfast, Yan-san’s stomach makes a magnificent sound. Seeing Yan-san scratch his head in embarrassment, mom quietly laughs.

「Then, mom, please take care of him. I’m off!」

「Yes, have a good day.」

「Have a good day!」 [T/N: Friggin’ Yan and his verbal tics that don’t translate well]

Entrusting Yan-san to mom, I go to work again with my father. Even if it’s before work, my father sighed as if tired.

After we reached the Ernest household, we reported the entrance of a new employee to Heinz-san, the butler. Afterwards, we were asked if we were finally ready to hire more staff. He was worried about only my father and I taking care of the garden. Even if he says that, there wasn’t a lot of young people who weren’t afraid of my father, so there was no helping it.
Anyways, we confirmed the date he would be presented before the duke and decided Yan-san’s start date.
After that, I started my gardening work, but my father had a grim face the whole time. It might be the old man’s fault.
Because the literacy rate for commoners is low, he couldn’t have sent a letter, but if he had entrusted a verbal message through the merchants heading for the capital, the potential to be informed beforehand is there. But, the old man purposely didn’t do that. Did he want my father to be surprised? I wonder if he had a hobby of teasing my father.


As soon as I heard the sound of small footsteps, while doing flower work, something charged onto my back.


When I look over my shoulder, the lady who gave me a light crash happily smiled.

「Ahhhh, Flora, running like that is improper, you know.」

「Ojou. She hasn’t taken lessons in manners yet, so it’s fine, isn’t it?」

「That isn’t the problem.」

She isn’t exactly running, but the cuff of her skirt is lightly elevated with how she’s hurrying, and Ojou caught up. Flora, her younger sister who turned three years old, seems to have fun moving by herself and recently has been exploring the grounds and the estate. I only know what happens inside the estate with what I hear from Ojou, but I know about inside the garden because I encounter them.
I think I shouldn’t take my eye off of her, but if it’s on the grounds of the Ernest estate, someone should be keeping an eye on her. With Flora’s age, in my past life, because we wore shoes that glittered and made noises when we walk, there’s no helping wanting to move around.

「In any case, once you start training, there’s a lot of things to endure, so she should play to the limit while she still can’t, right?」


I think Flora’s behavior of tilting her head together after my words hasn’t changed. Did Ojou have a memory of holding back after she started training, since she flinched. However, once again she looks at me and properly scolds me.

「Even so, if she runs, it’s dangerous, isn’t it!」

「That it is. Ojou is worried about Flora getting hurt.」

「Nnn….. then, Laura won’t run.」 [T/N: Literally ‘Roora’, like the end of ‘Flora’ so it’s tricky here.]

「Flora’s kind, huh? She’s a good girl.」

Seeing her think about her behavior a little, I take off my cotton gloves and pat Flora’s head. There, Flora seemed to be happy at being praised, smiling broadly.
She compared the potential for Ojou to become sad with her impulse to run around, choosing the latter of the two, Flora seems to love her older sister.
When I remove my hand for a moment, Flora’s eyes open and she stares. When I put my hand on her head again, she closes her eyes and looks comfortable. This will certainly be a pattern if I remove my hand and she stares again. What to do, I can’t stop time.

「……that’s unfair.」

Ojou mumbles, pouting. Certainly, rather than me, it’s better to receive praise from her family.

「Ah. Ojou also wants to be praised, right?」

「Neeee-sama also?」 [T/N: “nee-sama” works but rather than the kanji it’s “ne—” so I took a liberty here.]

When I tell Flora, Flora’s eyes shine and she faces Ojou. Ojou mumbles and says that I’m wrong, but is losing against Flora’s expecting gaze, and pats her sister’s head. When she starts patting her head, it’s not as bad as she thought and Ojou loosens up.
While feeling that the situation of sisters who got along is charming, I put my cotton gloves back on and return to looking after the flower bed.
While confirming the state of the pink primroses, light blue nemophilas, and dark orange marigolds, I pluck the withered flowers. That being in an always sunny spot is good hasn’t changed, but depending on if they prefer moist or dry soil, I divide the flowers up and plant them.
When I was thinking about if I should water the primroses again, Flora crouches down next to me.

「Zaaack, play.」 

「I’m sorry. I’ll take a break after finishing this, so wait.」

「Laura, come help. Clean up the flowers.」

「The thought makes me happy, but if I pass off my work to you, I’ll be in trouble, you know.」

「Then, wait.」

「Flora, if you play during his break, Zack won’t be able to rest, right?」


Ojou leans over next to Flora, and as if implicitly encouraging her to return without waiting, Flora lets out a groan of discontentment. But, from the standpoint of not saying anything, she understands, but isn’t happy with the feeling, it seems.
I laugh a little bit at the way Ojou said things.

「What is it……?」

「No, it’s that Ojou often came to talk to me.」


Basically, when it became early afternoon, she came to talk while I was working. I was careful, but because my father and I would forget to diligently take breaks, when Ojou came to visit, I’d use it as a reference of when to take a break. Ojou gradually waited for us to take a break, and chose a suitable time to arrive.
From the beginning, it was only talking, so it wasn’t a hindrance to work, but I got the feeling her initial charge was similar to Flora’s. That was a little bit amusing.
With how Ojou also seems to have a realization, she blushed at how she was obsessed with reporting. She looks at me as if to glare, but in that state, she isn’t scary at all.

「Was I… being a bother……?」

The tone of the voice is as if making a complaint, but the eyes are uneasily shaking.

「No way. Because being able to meet Ojou is fun, seeing Ojou’s face even now makes me happy.」

When I smile to say there’s no way that true and reject that statement, Ojou’s face gradually turns all red.

「Saying something like that, you don’t properly look at me, don’t you!?」

Telling me not to play innocent and turn my back to her, Ojou got mad and turned away. I can’t deny that now that it’s been pointed out,and for the sake of doing my work I look at the marigolds in my sight.

「It’s because if I don’t look at what’s on hand, I can’t do my work, you know. But, because Ojou’s voice is pretty, I’m properly listening.」

Ojou’s voice when she talks is good and her emotions are easy to understand. If her voice seems to be having fun, it’s possible to imagine she’s smiling, as well as when her voice is discouraged, without thinking I look over my shoulder to check.

「Even Lauraaa?」

「Yes, I’m also properly listening to Flora’s… voice?」

While working, I reply, and then feel a heavy weight on my side. When I look, Flora has entrusted her balance to me, having closed her eyes. Because of the spring weather being warm, she’s become drowsy, huh?

「As expected, should I ask Flora to help me?」

「Huh? I’ll help!」

At my mumbling, Flora opens her sleepy-looking eyes, looking at me with anticipation.

「With the good weather today, it’s warm, right?」

「Yep. It’s nice and warm.」

「I want to sleep, but I have to get my work done. So, can Flora take a nap as my substitute?」

「If I take a nap, Zaaack will be fine?」

「Yep, it would amazingly help me.」

When I smile, Flora smiles brightly like her golden hair. With how she seems to have been entrusted with an important role, despite going to sleep from here, her facial expression is full of motivation. First of all, when I make a post as if to convey sleepiness, I lightly tap Flora’s forehead with my own.

「My sleepiness, did it go there?」

「Yep. I got it…..」 

If she goes to sleep, I’ll be relieved, and Flora yawns. Confirming that, when I look at Ojou as if to say something, I see Ojou’s face is still red as she covers her mouth with both hands.
I was thinking I should quickly stay silent, but why cover your mouth? Did she turn red from oxygen deprivation?
I often don’t understand Ojou’s behavior. Is it something like a good luck charm that women are fond of?


「……w, what is it!?」

Ojou’s shoulders leap up as she looks back in shock. She seems to have been considerably concentrating on the good luck charm. While thinking it would be bad to be a hindrance, I tell her about Flora.

「Sorry for suddenly saying something. Flora is sleeping.」

「Ah…… I understand. Flora, let’s go back to our room.」


When Ojou presents her hand, Flora manages to take hold of it while rubbing her eyelids. When I thought she’d go like that, she tugs on my clothes.

「When I wake up, let’s plaaay.」

There’s still the desire to play, it seems. Flora insisting on that while she’s fighting sleep is a little funny, so I smile.

「Yeah. If it’s after I finish work, it’s fine.」

「So, you’ll be back in the evening?」

At my acknowledgement, Ojou tilts her head in confusion. When I think about the time I happened to ride in a carriage, after finishing gardening work, there wouldn’t be any time to play.

「Ah. Then I won’t go home.」

「Then, is it raining tonight?」

Because of my water elemental aptitude, during times I can feel it will rain, there’s a cabin in the middle of the garden we stay at. Towards Ojou, who thought that was also the case this time, I tilt my head.

「No, it’s only me who’s staying there. Since there’s a guy who wanted to become my dad’s apprentice, he’s staying at my house.」

The houses of ordinary commoners like me don’t have a guest room. Since there’s only beds for the family, my dad decided Yan-san would use my room.
After he formally became an apprentice, Yan-san would live in the cabin and work, I think. Rather than the Baumgartner house, the Ernest estate’s cabin is very large, so the scale is different.

「What are you going to do for dinner?」

「I don’t mind making it, but it’s only my portion…… maybe I should ask the head chef for a portion?」

If it’s the times I was staying over with my father, I would ask to share ingredients and make something, but because the portions for a single person are half-baked, I end up making too much. It’s more delicious and grand to receive a meal from a professional chef. When I think that, today’s dinner should be fun.

「That’s no good.」


「Yse, Isaac. I heard my angels this way.」

Bathed in warm spring sunshine was Duke-sama, his dazzling blonde hair rolling gently, but Master was accompanying him. It seems today was one they returned early.
Even if it’s been a long time since I’ve seen him, his face is like having a flower in the background, and because his smile is like the scattering the smell of flowers, he’s seriously dazzling. Behind that, Pome, who was chasing butterflies, is being dragged by the neck by Master, but she flapped her sleeves as if trying to escape.
That Duke-sama, his radiant smile retracted and frowned at my words.

「All of my house’s employees, they are no different than my family. I can’t overlook any of that family eating a meal by themselves.」

「Ah, then……」

「Why don’t you eat dinner together with us?」


「Now that you mention it, even though we’ve had tea together, we haven’t ever eaten a meal together.」

Because it’s something like nobles and commoners, that’s why it is. Ojou mumbles it like she forgot, but she realized that the fact there’s been points in time we had together is already strange.

「Um, Ojou. For me, I’m not……」

「It’s no good.」


Even if it’s not expressly with Duke-sama and the others, if you eat with the others in the worker’s dining room, you’re not alone. When I try to explain that, I was strongly scolded by Ojou. I don’t understand what’s wrong and tilt my head in confusion.

「Before, the time you stayed alone, you caught a cold. You absolutely can’t have a meal alone, as Zack will treat himself poorly!」

「No, that was because I fell into the pond……」

「It’s no good!」

I was glared at by Ojou as if she was mad. Apparently, I seem to have caused her worry about the time I got sick. Although only I messed up, I feel bad for causing her worry.

「I understand. I’ll eat with you.」

「If you understand, that’s good.」

When I’m beaten by her persistence and consent, Ojou lets out a smile ful of satisfaction.

「Then, it’s decided. Heinz, I’ll ask you to make the preparations.」


After receiving instructions from Duke-sama, who is holding Flora who fell asleep half a minute ago, my Master quietly says his thanks and leaves. In doing so, Pome escapes from his hand, hiding herself behind Ojou.
After that, Ojou and Duke-sama give their greetings and leave. While being a little astonished, I see them off from behind.

「I’m no match for Ojou and them.」

Unconsciously, a forced smile comes out.
I wonder if I’m just weak compared to the Ernest family or if the Ernest family is just strong, just which is it? Somehow, I felt like I wouldn’t be a match my whole life.

How did it come to this?
With the dining table of the Ernest family, I was borrowing Duke-sama’s clothes from when he was small yet again.
After having been made to take a bath before I put the clothes on, and somehow I put the clothes on, but my hair and tie were put in order by the maids. Being able to at least borrow a bath, I was saved from the problem of having to borrow hot water.
The preparations Duke-sama had asked for, I thought it was only to increase the amount of dishes made. But no way, even my clothing was arranged for.
Because I had finished being a dance substitute, I thought I wouldn’t have to wear these clothes made of fancy cloth anymore.
No, I only wore them to the dinner Daniel-sama invited me to after my part time job was finished. And it was just because his wife, Anika-sama was happy with it. At the Marquis Viito estate, I want to think it’s only in my imagination that the clothes only I wear there are increasing.
I’m next to Duke-sama, facing Ojou, and next to her are Oku-sama and Flora, so I’m saved from dazzling things entering my field of vision.
Duke-sama and Oku-sama are very dazzling, but what in the world is it? After the prayer before meals, when I do my usual thanks for the meal, for some reason, Oku-sama is smiling at me.

「……Zack, you can eat normally.」

「Eh? Oh.」

Looking at me eating, because Ojou said something strange, I thought about it and understood. I more or less can have table manners.
It’s a skill I acquired while at the Viito estate, so I wonder if it’s okay to say it.

「I was taught by Heinz during the time I was educated on being an attendant.」

「Ah, yes. That’s right.」

Because Duke-sama follows up, I obediently nod. It’s only classroom learning, but it’s not a lie that I was taught by Master. At that time, the lecture emphasized the manners of a stand-up buffet, so I didn’t remember it as much.

「I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you, Dia.」

「For me, it’s not especially……」

「Oh my, if you don’t understand, who was the one so enthusiastic about giving an example?」


At Oku-sama who seems to be having fun, Ojou, who was protesting, had her cheeks turn a little red. She’s a good kid, says Duke-sama, and sends her a look full of love. Even for me, I feel Ojou is a good girl, but Duke-sama’s look is the strongest.
I think if you look from an outsider’s perspective, they’re a close family.
How should I put it, it’s that I feel like I stick out like a sore thumb when surrounded here by this beautiful family. Certainly I’m out of place. While thinking that, I eat my meal. Yep, it’s delicious.


「What is it, Flora?」

While being helped by Oku-sama, Flora who finished eating, looks steadily at Duke-sama.

「Is everyone family?」

Come to think of it, the time I was invited for dinner, Duke-sama said something like that. Flora included me, and when she looks at everyone here and asks, Duke-sama sincerely smiles and affirms it.

「That’s right. Isaac, as well as the servants, are our important family.」

「Then, Zaaack, is my biiig brother?」

I was suddenly made as an example, so my eyes widen.

「That’s right.」

While I was attacked in my unguarded moment, Duke-sama nods and says that if they’re close in age, then it’s like brother and sister.
Flora, who was given the stamp of approval when her thinking matches with her fathers, puts on a joyful look.



I worry about how I should respond.
Even in my past life, the amount of times I was called big brother were few. I feel I was called that when I was little, but the memories of my sister in my past life calling me without a suffix are very thick. Even now, the kids don’t call me that.

「…..it’s the first time I’ve been called that.」

I think honorifics don’t suit me, but being called that by Flora, who I’ve intermittently seen the growth of, isn’t bad. Rather, I’m self-conscious.

「Only Laura?」

「Yep. For people who call me like that, it’s only Flora.」

When I nod while feeling embarrassed, somehow Flora is happy. Then, somehow, I feel all eyes are on me.


「Uehhh!? What is it?」

Suddenly hugged by Duke-sama, I’m surprised. Right now, I’m not doing anything to be thanked for, so there isn’t any particular reason to cling to me. If it’s like always, because he’ll get dirty, I’m able to refuse, but I can’t do that here.
Because I don’t understand the reason, I have difficulty on how to deal with it. If it’s the usual pattern, when something good happens to Ojou, I’ll incidentally be surprise attacked. But, when I look at Ojou, she was pouting.

Huh? Did I make a bad joke??


What’s wrong, I wonder. Even if I was treated like an older brother, I wouldn’t be taking her little sister away, and Ojou isn’t that narrow-minded. Duke-sama just told her to take good care of her subordinates, so Ojou should understand that.
When I tilt my head in confusion, Oku-sama cheerfully narrows her eyes.

「If you’re that jealous, how about Dia also calls him onii-sama?」


「That would trouble me.」

Before Ojou, who was showing agitation, objected, I refused Oku-sama’s proposal. Was that unexpected, as Oku-sama and Ojou look in my direction.

「Ojou is a charming girl to me.」

I don’t know how to deal with girls, so I used my sister from my past life as a reference, but I can’t properly think of Ojou as a little sister. At this stage, it would feel strange to treat her like a little sister.
After I realized it was the world of an otome game, the first thing I did was search through  my memories for if there were any disadvantages for the rival girl. Ultimately, for me who isn’t even a mob, there isn’t anything I can do, but if I had thought of her as my little sister, I think I wouldn’t have done so much.
It makes me wonder if there’s anything I can do. Ojou is that kind of girl.

「If…… if you normally say you don’t think of me as a little sister, that’s fine, isn’t it!?」

「You said that, right?」

「I did not say that!」

I was scolded by an Ojou whose face had turned red. However, I don’t understand what I was being scolded about. I wonder what was wrong with the words that have the same meaning.
I look at Ojou who scolded me, then Oku-sama who seems to be amused laughs. Duke-sama, who was still holding onto me, seems to be shaking, and even if I can’t see his face I understand he’s smiling. If you’re going to laugh, just let go.

「Onee-sama and onii-sama, are you fighting?」

It’s only Flora who comes in to mediate.
Today, I was prepared to eat by myself, but it ended up being a very lively meal.

The way I screamed when Zack straight up said “Ojou is a pretty/charming/beautiful girl”, holy shit. Anyways, new character, but we didn’t get to see a whole lot of him this chapter. I suspect we’ll see more of him later, though.

Still, Ojou basically coercing Zack into having dinner was hilarious to translate. Other than that, I don’t have a ton to say, so I’ll see you all next time!

41. Happy End

Welcome to Volume 4!

Why am I early? Well, uh, Atelier Ryza 3. I will be a little indisposed on Friday so uh, ahahaha, yeah. Getting it out now.

TL: Toasty
ED: Toasty

The sunlight poured down on the garden as if to say it’s a beautiful spring day.
There, I furrowed my eyebrows.

「What’s wrong, Philly?」

Looking with those green eyes that seem worried, the sunlight is reflected from copper ones. I really like those pretty eyes.


「Even though Teresa scolded you about playing hide and seek?」

「Roy-onii-sama, it’s different.」

From the other side, his complexion is confirmed by his honey-colored eyes. That her lady in waiting had scolded her, I immediately denied while puffing my cheeks. Well, is my daily behavior seemingly as bad as well? When I think back on it and have an idea that it isn’t zero as occasionally there was something like that, I keep quiet.
Roy-nii-sama seems to smile as if to amusedly say that he sees. Roy-nii-sama seems to be amused at times I puff my cheeks.

「I can’t be convinced.」

Resetting my cheeks, when I tell them the reason I was frowning, both of my brothers tilt their heads.

「What is it?」

「Let’s go out for tea, the three of us.」

At Claus-nii-sama’s question, I answer.
Until now, with the question of succession as they were not born of the same mother, there would be difficulties when the two were together. I also tried to act as a go-between for the two of them, but it didn’t go smoothly. Although, now they’re able to go for tea together.

「Will that make you happy?」

「It will make me happy. But……」

At Roy-nii-sama’s question, I hesitate.
There’s no reason it wouldn’t make me happy. My heart’s wish would come true, that the two brothers I love very much can be on good terms. Of course that makes me happy.

「That is…… I wasn’t able to do anything!」

That’s right, although I didn’t do anything, my heart’s wish had ended up coming true. Even though I have my past life’s memories, I couldn’t make any practical use of them.
I, Philine Elena von Rosenhein, have memories of my past life. Memories of a Japanese person called Tanaka Yuuka. There, I realized I was a character in the otome game I was obsessed with, [A Star Only For You – Dein Einziger Sternchen] or Kimiboshi for short.
Roy-nii-sama and Claus-nii-sama are both capture targets. Because I dislike the idea of my family being unhappy, I was keen on applying my past life’s memories and evading a bad ending.
However, with Claus-nii-sama, because of the interference of the second queen, Simone, I had a hard time meddling. For me, whose succession power is low, it’s fine for Claus-nii-sama to talk to me, but when Roy-nii-sama is included, Claus-nii-sama keeps himself at arm’s distance and becomes unapproachable.
In the first place, I, who is a support character in Roy-nii-sama’s route, can hardly do anything in Claus-nii-sama’s route. So, I intended to go for Roy-nii-sama’s route and get the happy ending.
Their two routes, the sequences are different but if Roy-nii-sama becomes king it’s the happy ending, and if Claus-nii-sama becomes king it’s the bad ending. They reconcile their relationship and when Claus-nii-sama hands over the throne to Roy-nii-sama, it’s a mutually good outcome. Even from my point of view, Roy-nii-sama seems to have an interest in the crown so I think it’s better.
Thinking that, before I could make my chance, Roy-nii-sama naturally had attempted to make contact with Claus-nii-sama, and were on good terms now. When I asked how he managed to get Claus-nii-sama, who is very stubborn, to listen, Roy-nii-sama only gave a happy smile.
Why did Roy-nii-sama solve the problem before the game even started?

「I wanted to dokaaan and be helpful to my brothers!」 [T/N: She uses the sound “dokan!” which is used for surprises. I could have just said “wanted to jump out” but the next line made me keep it.]

At my claim with the sound effect, Claus-nii-sama is so perplexed it’s like he has a question mark floating above him, and Roy-niisama seems to understand my intentions, smiling and then patting me on the head.

「It’s that’s the case, Philly has been active enough.」

「Where has she been active?」

I disagreed with Roy-nii-sama’s opinion. Because my past life’s memories weren’t helpful, I could only hear mere consolation.

「Philly negotiated with father, so thanks to her, once a week everyone in the family will have a meal together, so Claus and I can regularly meet.」

「I don’t like eating alone, so it was just me being selfish.」

The castle is spacious and even my private room is massive. There, eating alone is lonely. Even if the meal should be delicious, not having someone else I can talk to means it’s in vain.
Sometimes my mother eats together with me, but she has queenly work everyday so she can’t go and even if I ask the maids, they say they can’t eat with royalty and refuse. So, I requested that my brothers eat together.
With the memories of my past life, without exception, even if we were arguing with each other we’d sit together at the table. If it’s possible, even if we’re not all on good terms, I want to eat with everyone present.
I tried negotiating directly with my father and was rejected, so after that day, I waited for him to finish work and ambushed him with many requests, over and over. After one month of this, I acquired a promise that we’d eat together once a week.
It might be different from the game, but it wasn’t for the sake of avoiding the bad end, as it was just because I didn’t have the endurance to seriously keep eating by myself. I didn’t think that in reality, this was all that was needed for their feud to take care of itself, either.
Because again I had become sulky, Roy-nii-sama exchanged looks with Claus-nii-sama. Claus-nii-sama, encouraged by his look, becomes troubled, and while worried, opens his mouth.

「Philly was the first to compliment my violin, right?」

「But, it sounded completely love.」

For me, who could only make grating, clumsy sounds with that violin, when Claus-nii-sama plays and makes beautiful sounds, it’s like magic. At the very least, so I could accompany, Claus-nii-sama, I switched to the piano, but it was currently cramping my fingers. I wonder how my fingers will grow.
But, because I like Claus-nii-sama’s violin, I wonder what it happened. Certainly, even in Kimoboshi, you’d expect this kind of topic.

「Thanks to Philly praising that, I didn’t forget something I liked.」

Claus-nii-sama smiled a little out of embarrassment. I really like that kind of clumsy smile.

「With something so natural, is it actually helpful to my big brothers?」

In Claus-nii-sama’s route, although she’s not a support character, Philline’s role is to secure Claus’ childhood self from his mother’s brainwashing. That sort of thing, because even if I was asked, if I can do it, I will, so I was only saying ordinary things I liked. I didn’t do anything difficult.
From my point of view, it’s keeping the pre-established harmony, so I tilt my head in confusion. Seeing me make an incomprehensible facial expression, Claus-nii-sama is at a loss, and Roy-nii-sama smiles as if amused.
He then asks me a question.

「Philly, do you like us?」

「Certainly I love both of you!」

When I reply with all of my strength, Roy-nii-sama seemed greatly amused as he let out laughter.

「That’s the most important thing.」

「Mmm. That’s sufficient.」

Immediately after Claus-nii-sama’s happy seeming voice came down, I was hugged. Receiving a hug made me happy, but naturally, I don’t understand the reason reason my family is praising me.
First of all, after Claus-nii-sama hugs me because he’s happy, Roy-nii-sama pats me on the head.

「「Thank you, Philly」」

Their voices coming together, they gave their thanks. These brothers really are on good terms, I really felt that this time.

「You’re welcome……?」

While wondering if this is fine, I reflexively replied to my brothers’ thanks.
My brothers were spoiling me, so my thoughts ended up streaming towards something like that this was okay.

「No, this isn’t fine!!」

After it became nighttime, I unconsciously realized I had been deceived and raised my voice.

[You shouldn’t suddenly shout. You’ll be a nuisance to the neighborhood.]

Complaints were sent from the white stuffed bear in front of my eyes. Because my room is big, just to be sure, with wind magic I soundproofed it, but it didn’t seem the same for the other person using the bear. When it was pointed out, I remembered, and even though I understood it couldn’t be seen, covered my mouth with both hands.
Because I was silent, the other party started talking after guessing I was remaining silent.

[Hm? What’s wrong?]

「That’s right, rather than me, isn’t it Isaac’s fault!?」


There’s a confused voice from the bear. The bear had the functionality of being like a telephone that Roy-nii-sama helped with, but with that, I started hearing uncute voices from the bear. I kept it and wasn’t uncomfortable with it, so I kept the bear, but lately I’ve been thinking it was a mistake.
Isaac, the other person using the bear phone, is also my big brother Taichi in my past life, as we have similar memories of our past life.
In the beginning, with Roy-nii-sama’s fiance and the rival noble daughter being different from the game’s character, I suspected they also had memories of a past life. Even with that, even the topic of the apprentice gardener of the rival’s household never came up, so I didn’t understand the significance of my older brother.
For the time being, Isaac is probably the only one who can do this with his memories of his past life.

「It’s not the way it was in Kimiboshi, it’s cooompleeeetely Isaac’s fault!!」

[Why you…… I only helped with minigames I can’t even remember well, so what can I, a commoner with little magic, do?]

「Ugu…… b-but, onee-sama became so cute?」

[That’s because Ojou is trying her best.]

From my standpoint, rather than the Lydia von Ernest who I understand to be the rival, even if you point out that she’s become cute, I can’t deny it was her own wish.
Before, when I visited the Ernest household, I saw she had a good relationship with the ordinary servants, but maybe it was easy to make friends with someone because they were similar ages. With how in Kimiboshi the topic never even came up, the chance that onee-sama is on good terms with her house’s servants isn’t zero. Because in Kimiboshi there’s no information on Isaac, I don’t understand to what extent his influence is.
Even with the exception of onee-sama, there are changes I had to confirm are there.

「Roy-nii-sama already understands he has both light and dark attributes!」

[Leo is the one who said that sort of thing. What’s wrong with that?]

「He’s supposed to understand that after you enter Roy-nii-sama’s route! And when the throne is in danger, and whether or not Roy-nii-sama could be helped by the heroine to become a happy ending is the main point, and yet with the hydrangea……」

In Kimiboshi’s screen, in the bottom left is a hydrangea icon, and you can understand the route divergence based on its colors. Because of that, in this world, the hydrangea changes colors with the effect of magic, like a pH test.
When I visited Roy-nii-sama’s study, I was surprised to see a hydrangea blooming with two colors.

[……I really don’t understand, but if it’s an out-of-season hydrangea, Leo came across it, and bought it from an old gardener.]


Why do you not realize you’re the main factor in him obtaining it?
I was surprised that even with seeing the two-colored hydrangea, Roy-nii-sama wasn’t disturbed. Roy-nii-sama, who is always smarter than I am, there’s no way he didn’t understand the meaning.
From my point of view, it’s Roy-nii-sama’s colors, so I couldn’t help but want it, and ended up pestering him. In my past life, because he was a character I endorsed, there’s no helping wanting to have goods themed around Roy-nii-sama.

「I thought Roy-nii-sama would be shocked, so although I said nothing, for Roy-nii-sama it’s normal.」

[Elena also has two elements, right? So why isn’t Leo shocked??]

「He from the beginning, it’s different if it’s found later!? Furthermore, royalty has the dark element, so understand!」

[Ehhh? He’s not that kind of person.]

「Yes, Roy-nii-sama is strong and wonderful!」

Nobody was saying anything like that, Isaac said through the bear, but it didn’t reach my ears.
Roy-nii-sama isn’t that different from Kimiboshi, but I have a feeling he’s mentally stronger. I like that kind of Roy-nii-sama.

「It’s also because after, Claus-nii-sama and Roy-nii-sama were able to become on good terms!」

If I could do it, it was the number one problem I wanted to settle. And yet, my brothers ended up coming to an agreement.

[Leo’s brother… Wolf, right? What can I do, right, it’s someone else’s house.]

「Yes, but……」

For Isaac, who has little to no knowledge about Kimiboshi, there’s no way he’d know about the problems of the royal family. I understand that, but if that’s the case, why do we have memories of our past life?

「Do you want to know the meaning of remembering you past life?」

My dissatisfaction leaks out.
I remembered my past life and realized this world was one of the otome game, so I want to think about the meaning of it. When I was born as the princess, it wasn’t what I longed for in my past life, and I got used to the environment, and every day was too calm. For myself, the third princess, I don’t have an important role.
It’s fine to think it’s something special, right?

[Hm…… I only accidentally remembered it, so if it works, it’s fine to use them, right?]

Isaac doesn’t seem to be searching for if there is meaning in having memories of our last life. Since he gives an opinion that doesn’t mesh well, I look at the bear with half-closed eyes.

「But, here, this is Kimiboshi’s world, right?」

[So, it’ll become like the way things are in Kimiboshi, right? Even if there are many ways to play a game.]

「I understand, but…… what if there’s the compelling force of the game?」

[It’s no use worrying about problems you can’t understand.]

Now that what I was thinking was pointed out, I got annoyed. Being told a sound argument by Isaac was the cause of offense.

[For me, if I can live a life without regrets as much as possible, it’s fine.]


How did I want to live? Certainly I wanted happiness for Roy-nii-sama and the others, but I hadn’t thought about myself very much.

「If it’s possible, I want to marry someone I love. In my past life, I had a love-based marriage, but there’s no helping it if it’s a political marriage here, huh?」

[Yuuka, did you get married?]

At Isaac’s rude remark that was unconsciously filled with disbelief, I puffed my cheeks.

「What do you mean!?」

[Well, if it’s my little sister who always uses her own name for the name of the protagonist in the otome game, I worried about whether she could get married.]

「Rude! I can properly distinguish between two-dimensional and three-dimensional!」

One of the fundamentals of otome games, because there is the configuration of the main character, they often have a default name. Even so, having a handsome guy use your name even if it isn’t voiced isn’t particularly bad, right?


[What is it?]

「I can’t remember the default name of the heroine, I only know what she looks like!」

At Isaac’s inquiry about why I suddenly raised my voice, I was crushed with despair on the top of my bed. If the heroine doesn’t move towards Roy-nii-sama’s route, I, who is a support character in Roy-nii-sama’s route, won’t get to meet her. It’s only information about her outward appearance, so there’s no way to find out about her beforehand.

「What should I do? I only know that she’s a commoner, but has incredibly magical power, so she entered into the academy.」

[Isn’t that easy to understand?]

「If that’s the case, Isaac should search for her. You’re a commoner, right?」

[I can’t, I’m busy with work. Besides, I don’t even know the name, how can I find her?]


When I was in a hurry, the bear in front of me let out a sigh of shock.

[Generally, how does the heroine look?]

After being asked, I was at a loss.
Even if I find the heroine, I can’t confirm if she has the memories of a past life I, and as a princess can’t directly meet her. Furthermore, if I go, it will incur a cost. Mother and Roy-nii-sama said I shouldn’t use people for no reason. Visiting one commoner, royalty going that far will cause unreasonable interference. [T/N: Literally “it will use the national tax” instead of “incur a cost”]

「……I can’t think of anything.」

Supposing I were able to act freely, I can’t think of what I should do. Rather, if I see the heroine living an ordinary life, I’d end up not calling out to her and going back, I think.
With what I can do, I have absolutely nothing. I’m useless, aren’t I?


My name is called, so I lift my head. With that movement, I realized I was hanging my head.

[Because it’s natural to want happiness for important people, so you don’t have to do anything. If you help when you’re needed, it’s fine.]

「Is Taiichi saying that?」

Who taught you that one of the fundamentals of life is that an older brother doesn’t rely on their younger sister?

[Isaac, or me, doing it on my own is unreasonable, right?]

As if to condemn me, Isaac replied it was different than the past life. I could hear the tone of a wry smile mixed with the voice coming from the bear.

「I don’t know if Roy-nii-sama and the others will rely on me.」

[It’s okay to leave Leo and the others alone, do your own thing. It’s Kimiboshi, don’t you understand your own life?]

At Isaac’s words, I notice it. Certainly, in Kimiboshi, Philine appeared, but at that time, I don’t know if she has a fiance. Presently, with the marriage of alliances of my older sister it’s unnecessary, but in a few years, will I be with someone?

「For me…… if I could be in love with my fiance, that would be nice.」

[If that’s the case, from the beginning you should marry a guy you like. Not as Yuuka’s, but as Elena’s life.]

Saying that when the other person is royalty is ridiculous. However, someday, after a person I like appears, I think it would be lovely to be married to that person. As for thinking there’s no helping it, I realize it’s implicitly the same as giving up.
I knew my facial expression loosened up. No matter what anyone says, Isaac worrying about me makes me happy. I absolutely won’t say it, though.

「……but, there’s a problem with finding someone I like.」

[What is it?]

「There’s no one in this world cooler than Roy-nii-sama!」

[Go to sleep.]

At my assertion made with all my might, an exasperated voice is returned. He’s also going to sleep, and saying that there are no more replies from the phone-call bear.

「Hey, are you going to ignore my serious matters of life or death and go to sleep before me?」

Afterwards, I protested but the bear is silent, and after using my magic for the phone call, I went to sleep.

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40. Thawing

Welcome to the final chapter of Volume 3! We’ve got 30 more chapters to get through after this one, but next chapter begins Volume 4.

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That day, it suddenly came.
It was during a month when I went to the Vito estate to talk to Daniel-sama’s wife, Anika-sama, as my part time job.
Anika-sama, who thought I was her son, Elias, helped me prepare clothes for the three of us to have lunch together, and while drinking tea after a meal was having a conversation where the validity seemed mismatched. Anika-sama was the same as ever, but that day because the snow was also thawing, Anika-sama also accompanied me to the garden.
From the standpoint of Anika-sama, it’s just a stroll. Daniel-sama, worried that the ground still wasn’t dry, encouraged Anika-sama to grasp onto his arm. She naturally took his hand. And then, the two of them taking a walk, with how this is unsurprising for a married couple, seeing Anika-sama talk normally with her husband made me feel glad, aside from the topic of Elias.
So, I didn’t mind the two of them, and look at the increasing evergreen trees that are still wet from the melting of snow.

「Isaac’s eyes often shine in the unchanging garden of our house, huh?」

Daniel-sama mixes together admiration and amusement while smiling. I answer while looking at the trees crowding together in front of my eyes.

「The difference in arrangement and pruning of holly trees is interesting. The carnelia leaves also are a good color.」

The holly trees, because the atmosphere changes even with only how they’re arranged and pruned, are convenient for gardeners. Even the Ernest house uses them for topiary in the guest area. For this reason, because with the way a gardener uses them, their style comes out, it’s interesting.
The garden of Duke Vito has many evergreen trees such as camellias and water wax trees. I had the feeling I had somehow seen them, but perhaps the gardener of the Vito house prayed for Elias’ health, possibly avoiding deciduous trees. Even the appearance of the holly trees not being pruned, there is a feeling of desiring to have him grow up without worries. It’s my speculation, so just once, I want to meet the person in question and try to ask.
What should I do right now? For me, the garden is properly changing with the season, but according to others, it looks like a garden that doesn’t change like time has stopped. This garden, I didn’t understand whether or not it was good for Anika-sama.

「Even if you have a sense of the season, huh?」

I hold the branches of the holly tree and mumble. As for the holly tree, small white flowers on it signal summer.
When I looked at Daniel-sama and Anika-sama fleetingly, I met Anika-sama’s eyes.
The moment our eyes met, I felt uncomfortable in my inner thoughts and tilted my head to the side. Feeling around for the source of the uncomfortable feeling, I look into Anika-sama’s eyes that are the same color as mine.
Anika-sama looks at me curiously before speaking.

「……who are you?」

I look at her in wonder. I understood the true form of the uncomfortable feeling. If it’s like always, even when I’m in focus, she has a face like she’s not looking at me, but right now, she’s properly looking at me.

「I am……」

I wasn’t mentally bracing and my words got caught in my throat. I was more surprised than I thought I would be.
I take a deep breath.

「I am Isaac Baumgartner.」

「Right, you’re called Isaac.」

Asked for my identity, when I answer, Anika-sama uses my name for the first time. At that, not only me, but Daniel-sama’s eyes go wide as he looks at her in surprise. Surely, Daniel-sama’s surprise doesn’t match mine, right?
Drop by drop, you hear the water drip. I thought about if it was the snow that hadn’t dissolved yet, but Anika-sama was slightly surprised and Daniel-sama was looking this way.
I don’t understand the meaning of the gaze and tilt my head.


Something warm ran along my cheeks and when I realized it’s tears, they’re overflowing from my eyes. Daniel-sama’s eyes changed to worry, and confused, I wiped away my tears.

「You’re wrong. As soon as I thought it was fine……」


「You’re wrong!」

I was unable to withstand Daniel-sama’s happy seeming gaze and immediately deny the misunderstanding.

「I’m glad that Anika-sama is looking at me.」

It’s not that I’m happy Anika-sama was cured. I’m happy with myself. I’m not the good person Daniel-sama thinks.
During this job, always, although I was focusing on her, Anika-sama was searching for the face of her son Elias who had already died, and I confronted her with a feeling of challenging that. It’s like playing tennis. It was the first time someone hit back. I was just happy at that response.
Right now, Anika-sama is looking at me, and my voice is reaching her. At just that, the tears are trickling out.
When I earnestly wipe my tears, Anika-sama crouches down to match my eyes.

「I’m sorry for everything until now.」

「It’s not that……」

It’s not that I want to blame Anika-sama, so I shake my head. Because I don’t want to cause a misunderstanding, I try to stop my tears, but it doesn’t go smoothly.
Waiting for me, Anika-sama softly smiles.

「Thank you.」

Saying that, Anika-sama wraps me up with both arms.

「Thank you from me as well.」

You really did your best for me, Daniel-sama says with a gentle look, patting me on the head.
With how I’ve only occasionally encountered Anika-sama returning to consciousness, it doesn’t mean there’s anything I can do. So, I don’t want the two of them to thank me, but right now, when I open my mouth, there’s only weeping, I’m silent and shake my head left and right.
Although only Anika-sama recovered, at the kindness of the two of them worrying about me, I couldn’t stop my tears.

Afterwards, Anika-sama, who had returned to consciousness, went to rest in her room with her somewhat chaotic memories. After my eyes had drawn back from their swelling, I left the Vito estate. Daniel-sama told me he would send a message when Anika-sama had calmed down.
I had a feeling that next month my part time job would end, and to me it was a strange feeling. I don’t feel like going home immediately, so I take a detour.
Arriving at a street with a familiar wall, I enter through a door in the wall. Because the key to the door is dial-style, the employees of the house who know it can come and go as they need. After I enter, I make sure it’s locked, and go towards the trees that are like a forest.
It’s a day off, however, checking on the self-study garden would be nice. Confirming the state of the thawing snow, I’ll want to think about the time to plant seeds for the coming of spring.
When I go through the hedge fence, something reflecting the pale sunlight entered my view.


When I realized it’s Ojou’s hair, Ojou looked over at me at the same time.
Why are you here, she asks, curiously looking at me, and I smile broadly.

「Ojou’s amazing, huh?」

At my sudden words, Ojou tilts her head.

「…? What’s wrong? Today is a holiday, isn’t it……」

「I wanted to meet Ojou.」

When I encountered her, I realized it. I, because I became happy, I wanted to talk with Ojou and came here. With a place I can go, this only seemed like a place I could seem to meet Ojou.
However, I thought there is no way something so convenient would happen. So, Ojou, who was exactly there, is amazing.
Today is a day that something like a miracle happened to me, and while the feeling of amazement was delayed, Ojou didn’t have any reaction. She seemed to have frozen stiff with her eyes wide open.


What’s the matter, I asked, and when I approached to examine her, Ojou’s face instantly turned red.

「Wh—!! Why……!?」 

Maybe she wanted to scold me, but the words were getting broken off and wouldn’t come out. Because it doesn’t look like she was eating anything, did saliva get caught in her throat? If that’s the case, it would be good to pat her on the back, right?
Before I can lend a hand to help, Ojou, as if to show she has it under control, raises a hand, giving me a sign to wait. Because of that, I waited for her to speak. While I was waiting, Ojou pressed down on her chest several times, taking deep breaths.

「W, with that, what…… business did you have meeting me?」

Ojou, who finally calmed down, looks away from me while asking.

「Something good happened.」

「Something… good?」

「Yep. I only did my best just a little, but today it finally paid off.」

「That’s…… good, isn’t it?」


Because I explained it frankly, Ojou tilts her head while giving me congratulations in return. Becoming happy with that, I smile. Then, somehow, the blush on Ojou’s cheeks that was about to die down increased.

「…………is that… all?」

At my smiling face, after I tell her I don’t have anything more to say, Ojou’s facial expression shifts as if to ask if that’s even possible. I simply nod back.

「Because I was happy, I wanted to tell Ojou.」

「I…… I see.」

Ojou, with her reddened face, slowly turned her gaze away from me like a creaking door. If it’s the same as usual, even if I only lend my ear while working, during those times we walk, Ojou wouldn’t take her eyes off of me. Today’s Ojou is rare.
Seeing Ojou was red to her ears, since the season was still chilly, and when I worry if she’s getting cold, I’m scolded about coming to my workplace even on a holiday and am sent away. Certainly, because my mother would do the same, I obediently returned.
When I returned to the house, with how we had stew full of ingredients I liked, so it was a good day.

One month after that, Daniel-sama contacted me.
When I visited the Vito estate, I was let into the guest parlor as usual. When I was wondering if I should try the tea that was set out for me, Daniel-sama and Anika-sama entered the room together.

「Thank you for the invitation today.」

I immediately leave my seat and greet them, Daniel-sama forces a smile and calms me down with his forest green eyes.

「It’s fine not to be so humble, you know. Certainly we called you today as a guest, but you are already my small friend.」

Isn’t that right, Daniel-sama says, and I somehow feel embarrassed. Even if I couldn’t obediently nod, I mumbled a thank you.
I meet Anika-sama’s eyes, and she smiled.

「I apologize for not properly greeting you. I am Anika von Vito. I’m jealous Daniel-sama made such a cute friend, you know.」

「Um, I am Isaac Baumgartner. I’m an apprentice gardener for the Ernest house.」

I couldn’t decide if I should say it’s nice to meet you, so I did my self-introduction again.
After standing around and talking, Daniel-sama encourages us, so everyone sits down. After the maids prepared Daniel-sama and Anika-sama’s portion of tea, the maids left the room.
Anika-sama doesn’t try the tea prepared for her, and suddenly starts to talk.

「Isaac-kun, I’ve done something cruel towards you. Using you as a substitute for Elias……」

「No, I asked Daniel-sama for permission, and only came to see you.」

It was only viewed as a filter from Anika-sama, and when I firmly told her that I wasn’t pretending to be Elias, Anika-sama lowers her eyebrows and smiles.

「Is that so?」

Anika-sama talking normally in this way feels strange to me. When I make a confused face, Daniel-sama and Anika-sasma exchange glances and force a smile.

「But, in my head, I ended up mixing in memories of Elias, so there are places I can’t tell them apart.」

「Is that so?」

An apologetic Anika-sama says that, but I don’t think there’s any helping it. Anika-sama only knew me last month. Even encountering me as me, it just isn’t the same for Anika-sama. Furthermore, it doesn’t mean it’s completely out of reach for her, I think.

「Isaac-kun, thank you for everything until now. Especially your assistance. How should I thank you……」

「No, I already received my reward each time. For me, even if it was a little bit, if I was able to help, I’m happy.」

I tell Daniel-sama the thanks is enough with a thoughtless smile. Somehow, Daniel-sama makes a face like he’s overcome with emotion, tightly clenching his fists.

「……now that you mention it,  before you said you were having trouble with Geordo’s way of saying thank you, right?」

「Eh? Duke-sama’s hug attack? Yes, although I think I’m a little taller, I’m treated like a child.」

「Is that so……?」

「But, why suddenly ask?」

「Nothing, I just thought about how to show thanks to a friend.」

I tilt my head at the sudden change of topic, but Daniel-sama only returned a weak smile. However, Duke-sama’s surprise attack methods are something that won’t change, aren’t they? Being hugged by a guy isn’t something that makes me happy. Even if it’s to show appreciation, only using words is sufficient.
I thought about if it was a noble custom, but when I started interacting with Daniel-sama and the others, I realized Duke-sama was unique. Even if dirt is stuck to me, because my master, Heinz-san the butler will properly prepare a change of clothes, even recently it seems like he’s given up.
Daniel-sama, clenching his fists as if enduring something, is caressed by Anika-sama as if to comfort him. After that, he looks in my direction.

「Isaac-kun, I started to read in the Merkel Church’s orphanage.」

Speaking of the Merkel Church, from my house, it’s the closest one. In the downtown area, because the literacy rate of children is low, I think it’s good to aloud to them. Anika-sama contributes things like the adventurer stories Elias liked. The children like them compared to scriptures.

「Just like how I was in despair that I lost Elias, there are children who have had a hard time with their parents…… I was thinking that I want to help them keep on wanting to live.」

Anika-sama, from here on seemed intent on giving her all to do charity work. Somehow, it feels like the talk of an overseas celebrity, I thought, but the house of Marquis Vito is a high-rank noble, so she’s a normal celebrity. In any case, Anika-sama found a reason for living. Seeing her eyes full of life, Daniel-sama also seems to happily smile.

「I’m glad.」

「So, what is it……」

Anika-sama looks at me. Her expression has a strange tension, so I ended up putting myself on guard.

「In order to skillfully speak with the children of the orphanage, would it be fine to perhaps sometimes consult you……?」 

「If you don’t mind me, that’s fine.」

So it was that sort of thing, I thought, and I nodded with relief. But, Anika-sama didn’t seem to expect me to accept so readily, her eyes going wide.

「Anika, you have to properly say it.」

Daniel-sama speaks to Anika-sama with a tender voice. With his hand tightened up until a little bit ago, this time it envelops hers.

「Um…… Isaac-kun.」


「I know a good story about insects. However, is it fine to check the answer with you?」

「Check… the answer……?」

「Which memories of mine are of Isaac-kun, from now on, I want to meet and to be taught that. I want to properly know you.」

When my part-time job finished, I thought I wouldn’t stay in contact with Daniel-sama and the others. When Anika-sama saw that reality, it was because my visiting isn’t needed.
So, not expecting that kind of thing to be said to me, I was surprised.

「I’m glad.」

Naturally my expression loosens.
If she feels a debt to me that she doesn’t have to bear, it’s fine just to apologize. With that, if Anika-sama doesn’t worry about that, I’ll also cooperate. But, Anika-sama, from here, wants to know me. Rather than give an apology that isn’t necessary, this is better.
Because today isn’t the end of being with Daniel-sama and the others, I’m happy.
Anika-sama has a smile float onto her face full of relief, and Daniel-sama smiles, saying that’s good, isn’t it.
These are good people. Towards me, who by being an ordinary commoner, isn’t even a mob in the otome game, sincerely faced me. Daniel-sama and the others, from here, if we could smile and meet, it would be good.

「Now that you mention it, do I have to keep it a secret we’re meeting from Ojou?」

「No, since I’ll ask Geraldo again, it’s fine not to hide it from Lydia.」

「I’m glad. I don’t want to keep secrets from Ojou.」

「……Isaac-kun, what kind of relationship do you have with Lydia-chan?」

Hearing Daniel-sama and I’s conversation, Anika-sama curiously asks. Certainly, an apprentice gardener casually using the name of the daughter of the house he serves is strange.
I’m worried a little bit because I can’t just answer we’re an ordinary servant and daughter. Is it fine to say we’re friends? But, because it doesn’t feel like that I can talk about anything like with Nico, and I also didn’t play around with my female classmates in my past life.
It’s common in shounen manga, huh. I don’t want to show my weakness, but recognizing the other person, and triggering their drive to do their best……

「Ah. We’re rivals.」 [T/N: If only you could hear my laughter when I read this.]


「Yes. When I see Ojou, I think to myself that I don’t want to lose.」

That’s right. From the beginning, Ojou was expected to be the rival girl in the otome game. Even my younger sister from my past life was saying she’s the type who wins and loses fair and square, so she has a quality that makes people do their best.
At my answer, Daniel-sama and the other widen their eyes, and after a moment, Anika-sama smiles a bit.

「I see, that’s a wonderful relationship.」


For me, who had been able to put it into words, I cheerfully agree.
In that way, after my part time job, I was promoted to being Daniel-sama and the other’s friend. I’m only an ordinary gardener’s apprentice, but this little growth made me happy.
I can’t compete in the same area as Ojou due to our social status and other things differing, but I declared that I’ll continue to do my best at becoming a fully-fledged gardener. Around the time it spring came, together with the buds, my drive also sprouted.

Short and sweet. Honestly, that moment when Zack tells Ojou “I wanted to meet Ojou” was like HNNNNG inducing. Right in the heart.

Also, good news, I passed my JLPT. I don’t plan to stop here even after that, as I would like to carry this to completion. I’m hoping to try to get some time on the weekends to accelerate the translation speed but I’ve got quite a few things stacking up such as some publishing stuff.

See you all next chapter, where we begin Volume 4!

39. Fragrant Olive

God bless the fact that this chapter was not long.

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In the water lillies around the arbor, I was waiting for Ojou.
This year, Ojou was also having a birthday party. As for the western arbor nearby, because the sounds coming from the bustle of the party are far, it’s difficult to judge when it’s over just by the sound.
I, ever since a few days ago, with my father inspected the visitor area, and yesterday from the main entrance to the front door, cleaned. It’s the cold season, so even though it won’t be outside, arranging the area guests will walk through is a gardener’s work.
As for the butler Heinz-san and the others, is it because they’re tightly controlling the schedule, as the Ernest house hasn’t suddenly thrown parties. Because they properly tell employees about the preparation time, i’m saved.
Around the time we went to the gardener guild to request assistance with the fallen leaves, I saw a weakened gardener who said he was indicated to change the trees to fit the guest’s liking with a sudden party. There’s a lot of manpower and labor associated with transplanting a tree that has already taken root. I don’t know which noble house it is, but I thought it was natural to complain.
With the Ernest house, I don’t have any memories of being indicated what to do for the garden. My father, matching the season, changed things like the shrubs and bushes, and when Duke-sama and the others noticed the changes, they praised it. That time, I would have a feeling of pride for my father. In my past life, I died before having a job, but is sort of thing like a company that treats its employees well?
Since Ojou’s sister, Flora, became able to walk, Oku-sama also would often take strolls in the garden. The maids told me it was also the same as before she got pregnant. That there are people who come to see it makes me happy.
The employees of the Ernest house are really good people, I think. Someday, when I become a fully-fledged gardener, I want to make a garden that this house’s people will enjoy. After coming to the Ernest house, that feeling became stronger.
Carefully thinking, even if I confirm my goal, the sound of footsteps approach from the connected passageway.
I put on a smile and greeted the girl who was jogging.

「It’s fine if you don’t hurry.」

「It’s impossible to make you wait in the cold weather.」

「I haven’t been waiting long, though?」

Because Ojou was properly thinking about it, she isn’t trying to make me wait for long. However, Ojou looks at me with a gaze that obviously doesn’t understand.

「It’s expected that you’ll get cold, and your hands……」

Ojou, who tries to take my hands and check on them, stops her words. That’s right. My work gloves are made of leather. Since I took precautions against working in the wintertime, it’s fine.
Even with that, Ojou, who seems to not have been convinced, gets angry. As soon as she looks up at me to glare, Ojou touches my cheek with a white hand.

「You see, as expected, you’re cold!」

「Gardener’s work outside.」

「Aren’t you tending to the greenhouse in the afternoon!?」

When I make an argument for argument’s sake, she got mad at me. Now that she mentions it, the time I was sweeping in front of the entrance yesterday, Ojou came and asked me for advice, did we even talk about something like that?
But, because Ojou wasn’t wearing an coat after the party, she doesn’t have gloves either. Even if her hand is warm, if she is here for long, she’ll end up getting cold.
Rather than me, it would be better to worry about herself, and even while I think that, my expression softens at Ojou’s kindness.

「Thank you. But, Ojou’s pretty.」

I wrap the hand that is touching my cheek as if not to get cold with the gloves I’m wearing and thoughtlessly smile.
She’s the leading part of the party, surely Oku-sama prepared a suitable dress for Ojou. Things like a necklace of thin silver chains with small transparent gems and a dark blue dress with a silver hem, make me think about if she was a snow spirit.
From the beginning she’s a beautiful girl, however once again I reaffirmed how pretty she is. Being able to see this appearance, as someone who couldn’t go to the party, I’m thankful.
Ojou, no sooner than when she froze up, widens her eyes and her face goes red, pulls her hand back with such speed it seems like there’s a sound, hiding it behind her.
I don’t understand what’s wrong and tilt my head. When I wait several seconds, Ojou, who was hanging her head raises her voice.

「T, the sun is going to set, I want you to quickly show me the rainbow!」

「Hm? Ahh.」

Is that it, I think, and I confirm how much light is left in the evening sun, then borrow the pond’s water to bring up particles of water. When the rainbow comes into view, the seven colors of light are reflecting in Ojou’s sparkling eyes. Somehow it feels like she was angry, but was it just my imagination?

「You’re not tired of it?」

I wonder if Ojou will get tired of the same thing every year. Furthermore, she came all the way out to this pond in the cold season so I could be comfortable.

「The rainbow is always pretty whenever I look at it.」

When I ask about my worries, Ojou stares at the rainbow with honestly happy-seeming eyes and answered. I sigh with relief. I’m happy that somehow, even with my shabby magic, made Ojou happy.

「Zack’s magic that can always create a rainbow is wonderful, isn’t it?」

With a happy smiling face, she turns to me and says those words. Because I didn’t think i would be praised in that manner, I’m surprised.
The answer to what kind of reaction I should have fades to nothing and words of thanks get caught in my throat. For Ojou’s birthday, what am I going to do if I’m the one who is made happy? With that, I remember something I hadn’t given yet.

「Zack, thank you for the wonderful birthday present.」

「For this as well, thank you. Also, this.」

Ojou tilts her head at my thanks, but because I handed what I took out from my pocket ahead of referencing it, she became aware of that, looking at it.

「This is……?」

Not understanding the contents of the glass bottle, Ojou curiously looks at it in her hands.

「Try to open it.」

When I encourage her, Ojou obediently opens it, gazing at the fragrance that drifted from it.

「It’s fragrant olive……」

「Ojou, it’s because you said it’s a fragrance you like.」

「But, how did you…… how did you get this?」

Surprised at the scent of already fallen leaves, looks between me and the fragrance bottle.


When I tell her it’s the small orange flower inside, Ojou is at a loss at how it was seemingly outside her expectations.

「This way, the smell will last longer.」

「That’s amazing.」

Because even I don’t understand the reason well, when I gently explain it, Ojou stared at the salt in the middle of the bottle. Right now, because it smells of fragrant olives that aren’t growing right now, Ojou can’t deny its effectiveness. For this reason, it’s mysterious.
First of all, because she seems to be happy, I’m relieved.

「Thank goodness……」

This year, after handing over Ojou’s birthday present, I realized I was already out of ideas for presents. In the first place, I hadn’t ever given a girl something before. Even if you include my past life, it was only family. My friends during my student days, I had only given things like basic convenient store-bought sweets or manju. Furthermore, the person I wanted to give it to was a noble, so with my past life memories not being useful, for a common person like me, it was self-evident I was immediately at a loss.
While it may be true that I wasn’t intending on overdoing it, if it’s possible, I want Ojou to be happy.
So, the whole time, I thought about what Ojou would like, but a present in the scope of what I can give didn’t come to mind.
Ojou, even during the time she said she liked the smell of fragrant olives, she gave up when she couldn’t smell them. Because it seems to take a lot of flowers to make them, for me for is weak to strong smells, walking into a perfume store has a high degree of difficulty. Just in case, when I asked Katherine the maid about the price, she told me it was an impossible amount of money.
It was that time.
I had gone to the kitchen to share the mint and rosemary, which act as insect repellant when put together. There, the head chef was using herb salts.
When I asked about the smell of herbs that weren’t in season right now, he says they were for herbs gathered six months ago. Furthermore, since the smell is good, I asked him how to make them.
After removing the refuse from the herb you want to focus on and lightly drying it int he sun, if you put layers of the herb and rock salt in a glass bottle, it seems to be good.
I told my mother about it, and she thought even if it’s flowers, couldn’t you do the same?
Using salt to preserve a nice smell is extravagance to me, but it’s cheaper than perfume.
When I consulted the head chef, he gave me part of the necessary salt at a low price. I collected the fragrant olive flowers until they were bloomed, and easily layered the flowers and salt like he told me to.
The jar that was made, because of its weight, Ojou can’t hold it, I changed it to a smaller one. As for winding the ribbon, it’s to try and make it like a present, even just a little bit.
Anyways, I’m glad about that the present I decided on.
But, being worried about giving one thing for a year is miserable, and I scratch my head.

「I didn’t really understand what’s good, so I thought about a ticket where I’ll listen to anything you ask……」

「……what is that?」

Those were unfamiliar words, weren’t they, and Ojou reacted with shock. Come to think of it, because paper is expensive, I hadn’t given my father and mother a ticket for me to massage their shoulders. If it’s just an ordinary shoulder massage, next time I’ll have to think of something else to get rid of tiredness.
While thinking of a substitute to getting rid of tiredness, I explain to Ojou.

「Something…… although it’s like a memo, you write something you can do, and at the other person’s timing, they can use it?」

「So it is like a pledge but in the size of a theater ticket?」

「That sort of feeling, yes.」

Ojou cites something that she’s familiar with, which come to think of it, I was strangely convinced this would this spread among the nobility.
Seeming to understand its use, Ojou’s eyes somehow lit up.

「I’ll be happy with that next year.」


My eyes go wide at Ojou’s words.
I prepared to say something, but I don’t have the right to speak. Because I don’t have to worry about the present, I’m saved, but is Ojou really fine with that?

「Is that kind of thing really fine……?」

I ask with exceeding doubt, but Ojou firmly nodded her head. I don’t know what she would say, but Ojou wouldn’t ask for anything unreasonable, right? It’s Ojou.
Because of that, isn’t that why Ojou feels so charming?

「Then…… next year.」

I feel like I’m the only one who will have it easy, but if it’s giving Ojou something she wants, there isn’t anything that surpasses that. Even if I hesitate a little, when I acknowledge it, Ojou’s facial expression becomes full of joy.

「Then, I’ll prepare it.」


Ojou suddenly faces and goes towards the connecting passageway. The maid, seemingly holding a coat exactly for cold feather, is close to the entrance of the main building, and Ojou asks something of her.
Immediately after the maid disappears, Ojou comes back with a cape and gloves. Ojou, who received something from her, holds it in both hands and returns to the gazebo.
When I look at the returning Ojou’s hands, there’s a fountain pen in one, and the other one is holding a card. She presents them to me without hesitation.

「Before you forget, please write your written oath.」

That way of saying it is exaggerated. That sort of thing is extreme, but…
Receiving her gaze that’s full of hope, I accepted it. Because we don’t have writing tools in the house, I’m thankful for receiving it, but even if I don’t go that far, my feelings can’t be erased.
Somehow feeling unsatisfied, I use one of the benches in the arbor as a desk, and make a ticket saying I would listen to anything she asks. Because Ojou says it’s a written oath, it would be better to write it like that, wouldn’t it?

「Ummm…… ‘Isaac Baumgartner, next year’… Ojou, what’s your full name??」

「Lydia von Erenest.」


「I’ll write it here.」

Ojou, next to me, moves her finger to teach me the spelling. I see, I tell her, and write Ojou’s name the way I was taught. However, what in the world is this ‘von’ in the middle of noble’s names? Is it a way to distinguish nobility?

「‘will listen to one request’. Is that fine?」

Accompanying it with the date one year from today next to my name, I hand the card that was changed into a ticket to listen to anything she asks to Ojou. I also return the fountain pen to Ojou.
Ojou hugs the glass bottle and the card close to her chest like they’re important.

「Fufu, I made a reservation.」

At Ojou’s smiling face, I wonder if this is fine. Next year, even if it’s a quick trick, if I can do it, I’ll give it my best.

「Ah, Ojou.」

I recall something I was forgetting and speak up, and Ojou tilts her head a little.

「I didn’t say it properly. Happy Birthday.」

「Thank you.」

Ojou, who looked blankly for a moment, smiles sweetly. Even this year, on this day, I’m glad to see Ojou’s smiling face. Feeling that, my expression softens.
Suddenly, Ojou’s gaze, rather than being on me, looked upward.

「It’s snow.」

「It really is.」

Gently, the small white crystals fall from the sky. Exactly when the rainbow started to disappear, it looked like it mixed with the snow to disappear.
Because I thought it would lightly rain, I was a little surprised. As for rain, I can somehow read the signs of the water spirits accurately, however I can’t understand if it will be rain or snow.
This time, my rain sensing was especially junk. Recently, I only report whether or not anything will come down, but have been preparing for both snow and rain work.
That’s irrelevant though, and I enjoy the simple snow.

「Enough will come down to make a snowman this year, uh?」

「……Don’t make it near the front.」

「I know.」

Ojou half-closed her eyes and warned me. Just because it’s easy with how much snow is from the front entrance area, I shouldn’t make it by the visitor area either.

「If it piles up, let’s make it with Nico.」

If you make it with two people, you can make it splendidly large. When I think about that, I got extra excited.

「Although you’ll make it in my own house, I can’t join……?」

Ojou, getting a little sulky, mumbles. I don’t have any particular intent to leave Ojou out. Because making the body of a snowman requires strength, I only thought Nico could help.

「Ojou, can you help making the head as the last part? If it’s me, I’ll make something strange.」

「T-there’s no helping it, then.」

Understanding there’s a turn for her, Ojou puffs up in pride at being entrusted with it. Especially if we make a large snowman, it’s better to have a person who can see the whole body and give instructions.

「Roy-sama might also unexpectedly like it. Perhaps I should say something…… but, if he meets Nicholas-sama, he might be surprised.」

「No…… it’ll be fine, right? Yep, it’s unexpected.」

Which reminds me, as for Leo knowing about Nico’s onee mode, Ojou doesn’t know. I want to tell her it’s a needless fear, but I can’t say it as the secret of Nico’s older sister being healed by the prince Roy might leak out. At my vague response, Ojou nods while being puzzled.

「I should go back.」


Because the snow is coming down, I encourage her to go back before her body gets cold, and Ojou agrees.
When I see her off at the entrance from the walkway to the main building, Ojou once more looks at the sky.

「It’ll be good if it piles up, won’t it?」


At Ojou’s mumbling, I agree.
Today’s snow might melt and disappear, but the snow is only starting. From here, how many chances would there be?
I’m also anticipating it, and I looked up at the snow falling from the sky.

The sheer speed at which Zack self-destructed with Ojou immediately capitalizing on it was amazing. Other than that, not a whole lot, very cute chapter. Also not a long chapter. Oh my God I was so glad that this wasn’t a marathon chapter like the 6 before it.

See you all next chapter!

38. Braid

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Here we go.

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「Wouldn’t having a girls-only gathering be fun?」

「A girls-only gathering?」

Lydia doesn’t understand the meaning of the suggestion she was given by the gardening boy, for if it’s talking about one’s true feelings.
The boy who is a gardener’s apprentice also, once again, says he only has a smattering of knowledge while thinking hard and explaining.

「First of all, it’s a thing where it’s only girls who assemble.」

「If I have a tea party where it’s only girls invited, is that fine?」

If it was that kind of thing, she had already done that. Even Emilia, because she was the marquiss’ daughter, would it be okay to invite her? When Lydia carefully thinks about it, the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice shakes his head as if to say no.

「Rather than that, it’s something where you stay in the same room and chat, but what is it…… a pajama party, isn’t it? Since Ojou’s room is big, you can do it, right?」

「Pajama party……」

It was a phrase she hadn’t heard before, but to Lydia, it sounded curious and fascinating. With the exception of family, she hadn’t had practical experience of sleeping in the same bed, and since it was uncharted territory, it seemed fun.
Were her own eyes glittering greatly, and the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice narrows his eyes, seeming amused.

「This time, I want to invite Torde-sama and the others.」

「Then, how about if you do a rehearsal with Chairwoman and the others?」

「That’s a good suggestion, isn’t it?」


Lydia and the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice turn to face the voice that started talking. There, Emilia, who was making a difficult facial expression, was standing at attention.
The two tilted their heads in curiosity, wondering what question Emilia wants to present.

「Why, in front of me, are you planning to involve me?」

As an escort and as a maid, she had intended to be silent and refrain from speaking, but her master and friend, right in front of her eyes are speaking about treating her gently. Naturally, she couldn’t stay silent.

「I’m bad at keeping secrets.」

「Chairwoman, sneaking in the shadows is bad, isn’t it?」

Because secrets aren’t in her nature, her master says she doesn’t want to make them as much as possible, and the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice conveniently makes predictions about her likes and dislikes. Certainly, with noble girls, because she isn’t good in gossip, Emilia is at a loss. However, she has trouble in how to respond, being unashamedly spoken to as if she had been fighting back.

「With this, will you help me with my rehearsal?」


Lydia, whose eyes were shining, petitions Emilia. She must really be looking forward to it, Emilia thinks, as she saw her cheeks were flushed. Emilia struggles on how to reply.
It isn’t her master’s command, she’s only asking, so there is room to refuse for Emilia. However, it’s inevitable that refusing will leave her master in low spirits. Emilia, who along with being a maid, is to guard her master’s mind and body, so she resists unnecessarily injuring her mood.

「It’s no good……?」

「~~I understand.」

Seeing Lydia’s eyes uneasily waver, Emilia reluctantly submitted. In an instant, Lydia’s face seemed to become happy.

「Thank you, Emilia.」

Emilia was bewildered at how happy she seemed to become with the behavior of one of her servants. Emilia’s master shows a very charming smiling face. With a tea party she had the appearance of feeling rigid and dignified, however in front of family and friends, she made many facial expressions, and furthermore the servants of the estate were the same.
Emilia, who kept the distance she discerned was appropriate for servants, is baffled at the times she was looked at with a smiling face that put her guard down. She doesn’t understand how to respond.
As for the reason her inner thoughts were struck with such bewilderment, Emilia scrutinizes the gaze of the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice that stands next to her.

「You, you’re putting strange ideas into Lydia-sama’s head.」

「It’s only because I want Ojou to smile. Furthermore, it’s up to Ojou to use my idea, isn’t it?」

Although Emilia turns a sharp look towards him, the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice calmly replies. He only proposed it, and since she couldn’t fulfill any further caution due to that, Emilia’s facial expression became more harsh.
Seeing that, the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice pokes her between the eyebrows.

「Chairwoman, you’d also be charming if you laugh. Ojou also would be happy.」 [T/N: ZAAAACK]


At the words of the foolishly smiling boy who is a gardener’s apprentice, Emilia becomes furious. She can’t have any trust in a boy who says careless things. She thought she was only being made a fool of by thinking of her as a girl.

「You, don’t look down on me!」

「Eh? What do you mean??」

At the response of the puzzled boy who is a gardener’s apprentice, Emilia can only see that he’s playing dumb. So, she gets more angry.

「I am a guard. There’s no way it would be good for me to foolishly let my guard down.」

「A guard, huh…… that’s a tiring way of thinking.」

「What was that!?」

「Ojou also thinks that if Chairwoman laughs, she’s charming, right?」 

When her master is brought up as a subject, Emilia shoulders jump with a start. She unconsciously got into a fight with the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice. This would get her attention again.

「That is, of course……」

However, Lydia only awkwardly agrees with a smile.



She tilts her head in confusion at the smile that is different from just a bit ago. However, with her intuition as a guard, Emilia glares at the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice.

「This is your fault.」

「Eh, me?」

Instantly, his eyes opened wide like he was attacked at an unguarded moment, but the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice stood up from the library’s single-use sofa, moved to the side of the sofa Lydia is sitting on, and bent down.

「Ojou, I’m sorry. What did I do?」

「Eh? No…… you suddenly brought up the subject, so I was just surprised.」

At Lydia, who clumsily smiles while replying, the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice relaxes his shoulders.

「If that’s the case, can you forgive me?」


Stared at straightforwardly by copper eyes, Lydia lost her words.
She thinks about trying to escape from that look, but perceiving she can’t put it off for a few seconds, she reaches for a children’s story she hadn’t yet read sitting on the table.

「……then, will you read this book aloud?」

Because the reading ability of the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice had reached a certain level, recently they only silently read books they both liked together. Even pronunciation practice and the time he was read picture books to was fondly thought of. So, that proposal came to mind.


Hearing Lydia’s slight coaxing, the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice has a gentle smile come to their face. When he accepts the book, he sits next to Lydia, careful not to block as much of it as possible while they start to read.
After beginning reading aloud, seeing Lydia’s expression become happy, Emilia bites down on her back teeth. Although her master permits it, she burns at the fact a commoner boy is sitting next to her, however above all else she also doesn’t like how easily he puts her in a good mood. Surely, he has an ulterior motive.
Emilia, in order to smoothly fulfill her duties as a duke’s daughter, during the times she accompanies her as a guard, makes preparations based on the schedule she anticipates. She also warns Petra and Eric in advance, but whether Petra nods her head out of proper understanding is dubious and Eric needs many explanations.
For this reason, she herself has to properly discipline herself. That’s what Emilia thought. From time to time, her master seems a little lonely with her attitude, but someday she’ll understand, won’t she?

「Lydia-sama, you should finish soon. It will be time for piano lessons.」

She cuts between their reading aloud and informs them of the time that is approaching.

「Is there still some time?」 [T/N: literally ‘is there a margin/surplus’]

「You shouldn’t make your teacher wait.」


When Emilia definitively says it, Lydia nods, seeming a little lonely. It’s something Emilia is used to seeing.

「Is that so? I look forward to hearing Ojou playing the piano. Stopping here is fine for next time, isn’t it?」

His work plans put him exactly near the room where she practices piano, the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice says as he smiles and seems happy. Hearing his words, Lydia’s face became dyed vermillion.

「Y, you’re listening……! It’s my practicing!?」

「Although I’m conveniently listening, I don’t have to even strain my ears. Furthermore, I like the sound Ojou plays, it’s pretty.」

Lydia, feeling shy at her poor playing being heard, wonders if the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice should also have a feeling of shame. This time, Lydia’s cheeks had a different meaning to their redness.

「Zack should work as far away as possible!」


Lydia turns away from the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice who is letting out a regretful voice, leaving her seat.
While seeing her off at the door to the library, the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice notices something in the book at hand.

「Ah, the bookmark.」

「Since I memorized the page, I put it in later.」

Dropping her gaze to the page of the book that was opened, Emilia holds out a hand as if to receive the book. The boy, who without her master’s kindness would not know letters, certainly does not own a bookmark.
The boy who is a gardener’s apprentice’s eyes go wide.

「Chairwoman, you’re amazing!」

「It’s natural to be able to do this much!」

The boy who is a gardener’s apprentice shows a response that’s exaggerated for only memorizing the page with a single glance. That’s troublesome, Emilia thought, half-snatching away the book.
Emilia, catching up to Lydia, takes the handle of the door before her. Around the time she opens the door, she was able to understand from her facial expression that her master’s mood had improved.
The point just before she closes the door, Emilia glared at the cause.

Around the time darkness fell in the night, Katherine talks while dimming the lantern so it only illuminates the area around the bed.

「Is this fine for me……?」

The girl, rather than her usual uniform, is wearing some simple lace negligee and also has her hair down and tied loosely.

「Since I invited Torde-sama and the others, I have to confirm that along with me, there is enough room for four or more people.」

「That’s just the public position, as from the beginning she’s on good friends with Katherine-san, so aaaabsolutely she seems to want to invite heeeer—」 [T/N: It’s hard to convey with a translation so if you see extra letters it’s Petra’s speaking quirk]

「Wh, Petra!?」

With her real reason revealed by Petra, Lydia panics. Or rather, why did she have the expectation she wouldn’t talk? Even if she asks Petra, who is letting out a 「fufufu」 while covering her mouth with her excessively large sleeve, she thinks she won’t receive a proper reply.
Since Katherine also had a smile slip out, Lydia’s cheeks became red with shyness. She ends up looking at Katherine as if to unconsciously glare at her.

「What is it……?」

「No, I think it is a very great honor.」

Because Katherine says that while smiling happily, Lydia is overwhelmed with relief and happiness, ending up remaining silent.

「Emilia is also here, even without standing up I’ll show you.」

With how Petra was moving her whole body up and down, she calls out to her coworker Emilia. With Petra’s movements, even Lydia who is in the same bed, felt the vibrations. Emilia is wearing light purple nightwear there, holding her mouth stiffly in a straight line.

「Come on, take this seriously.」

「See, Emilia is also holding still.」


Greeted by her master Lydia’s voice, Emilia’s reply that finally came back was quiet. When Lydia is worried about what she should do, she felt a trivial amount of discomfort.

「Just now, did something sparkle?」

When Emilia’s skirt swayed, the light of the lamp was reflected. Because there aren’t any glittering decorations, when Lydia curiously tilts her head wondering what it is, Emilia who realized it lightly lifts her skirt and exposes her right thigh.
There, secured on a belt, is a stiletto.

「There are few places to conceal one in nightwear.」

「Carrying weapons when you sleep, won’t you not be rested……?」

Lydia is surprised at bringing a weapon for the safety of the bedroom. Because she confirmed that from the beginning it had been crammed in her sleeve, she vaguely realized even when going out normally, she was carrying it. However, she couldn’t tolerate it right now. With metal in her thigh, it would strike if she turns over, wouldn’t it?
At how her master pointed it out, Emilia slightly frowned as if disappointed.


Emilia, who rather than her own rest, prioritized her master’s, how much did she try to guard her master’s life, rather than her comfort? That would not change, and Lydia worrying about her is slightly disrespectful and her words don’t come out very persuasively. She’s worried and looks downward, her straight black hair sleekly falling from her shoulders. Meanwhile, a sigh escapes from Lydia, and Emilia looks up in amazement.

「I suppose there’s no helping it.」

She thought Lydia was amazed, but Lydia went to the chest next to the bed, and from the topmost drawer took out a small, square piece of paper. On one side of what looked like a memo pad, a magic circle made of ink.
Lydia spreads that paper on top of both of her palms, looking down at the magical circle and closing her eyes. At that moment, Lydia’s eyes flashed with lightning. Immediately after, the entirety of the room’s walls made a vibrating sound.
Emilia and the others unconsciously look at the surroundings of the room the sound was made in. Confirming that with the exception of the sound made, there was nothing, when they look at Lydia, the magic circle on the paper disappeared.

「I put up a thunder barrier. With this, it’s fine if you don’t carry a weapon, right?」

The boundary Lydia made, supposing there was an intruder, there would be an electric shock to the degree that it would stop them, and the sound would also alert them,
Since the failed attempt at abduction, Lydia requested from her mother, who had the same thunder attribute, to study ways of using her magical power. Because magical circles were taught in school, she was taught the various distinct magical circles and how to put magic into them. Even magic circles with the same effect, with the quantity of inserted magic, the power and the time it lasts can change. Her magical power is high, but for Lydia who doesn’t want to hurt people, she needed to practice.
Contrary to Lydia’s expectations, who was expecting her to remove her arms after giving her relief with this, Emilia frowned more, showing an indignant facial expression.
Lydia tilts her head to the side, but for Emilia, from her point of view, she had lost face by reversely being protected by the person she is supposed to protect, being a guard. It’s only natural she becomes unsatisfied.  However, because there is the reality she was able to secure her master’s safety, she reluctantly puts her stiletto on top of the chest.
Confirming Emilia is sitting seiza style at the corner of the bed, Lydia smiles, Petra, as if to say to come closer, pats her surroundings.

「Then, I’ll make cocoa.」

Katherine, saying that, takes the priorly prepared hot milk that was kept insulated and cocoa powder, then starts to mix them in cups. A soft, sweet vapor drifts in the air. It’s just staying up a little, but the situation of having sweets at this time, for Lydia felt a little immoral.

「Somehow, I’m nervous.」

「For meee, because I’m the camp of that anytime I want to eat, it’s sweets, it’s eeeasy.」

「You’ll put on weight, you know.」

Compared with Lydia who is nervous and seems to be feeling sinful, Petra, who’s used to it, returns a carefree response. Towards Petra, Emilia sends a gaze as if to blame her.

「Muuu, does Emilia not know the famous saying about having a separate stomach for dessert?」

「Famous saying? Because you’re not a cow, there’s no way you have that many stomachs. Don’t say such idiotic things.」

「Eh, don’t cows only have one stomach?」

「Ah, yes…… for the sake of eating grass, it goes through four parts of their stomach.」

「Really!? Emilia is well-informed, isn’t she?」

「For Marquis Pechstein’s territory, it’s prosperous in livestock, you knooow.」

「Petra is also knowledgeable about geography, huh?」

When Lydia praised her, saying that’s amazing, Petra put out her head as if to say it was fine to praise her more. Lydia, answering her request, pats her beige hair.
Emilia is bewildered at Lydia’s ordinary praise. The contents of her unconscious reply are the ecology of living animals. Things like the internal organs and the interior of the body, an ordinary noble daughter would be uncomfortable. Although it’s strange, even Petra from a count’s house remaining calm is unexpected.
With Marquis Pechstein’s rule of the defense of one’s country, from where one was a child, the boys and girls were drilled without distinction and taken hunting, and even saw dissections. Rather than flowers and pretty gems, they got used to things that previously reeked of blood. Because Emilia is also a girl, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t have an interest in things made for girls, but it’s precisely that reason that because she can’t keep up with topics that don’t hold her interest, it’s hard for her to speak on them herself.
From the beginning, to become a soldier, or to become a guard to someone important to the country, because she thought those were her two choices she didn’t think she cared which one it was. However, after she worked for the Ernest house, because she wasn’t treated like an ordinary guard, the things she didn’t understand what was best to do increased.
While letting a small smile slip out at the appearance of the three, Katherine puts the prepared cocoa cups on a tree on top of the bed.

「For this evening, it’s fine, isn’t it?」

As if not to complain, while cautioning them, Katherine hands them each a mug, starting from Lydia.

「Here you are.」

Even Emilia was handed one, with Katherine saying to please warm yourself up. Even though Katherine had been frightened by her menacing look, Emilia accepts the cocoa with an inscrutable feeling.
Because Lydia and the others were already drinking, Emilia copies them, drinking one sip. The sweetness touches her tongue and spreads, and the heat that passes through her throat warms her entire body. Unconsciously, everyone lets out a warm sigh at the same time.

「It’s delicious.」

「Katherine is very skilled at making cocoa, isn’t she?」

「I am very grateful.」

At having let her mind unconsciously relax, Emilia was anxious, but the three calmly kept drinking cocoa with an appearance of not worrying.
Being here in a calm place, again Emilia felt strange.
Lydia, who noticed the confused look, smiles towards Emilia.

「You should warm yourself up.」

「……I am.」

Why would she sweetly smile at an ordinary guard? She’s unusual for a noblewoman’s daughter and can only offer to talk about inelegant topics.

「…..Lydia-sama, am I unpleasant to you?」


Lydia, at the extremely abrupt question, tilts her head in confusion. In Emilia’s thoughts, why would she feel like she was unpleasant?

「The talk about cows……」


At Emilia’s mumblings, Lydia understands. Certainly, during something like a tea party, you wouldn’t bring up the topic of livestock.
Lydia thinks about how to explain it, then opens her mouth.

「My father and I exchange diaries.」

What was she suddenly talking about, Emilia thought, but because she had been tasked with the duty of being attentive, she nodded her head and encouraged her to continue.

「The other day, following my father’s example, I tried to thank the head chefs and went to the kitchens. There, around the time of dinner preparations, there were many ingredients lined up.」

Not just various vegetables and fruits, but naturally there was meat. Chicken that had been hung upside down for bloodletting, fish whose eyes were still sparkling before it was fileted, entered Lydia’s view.

「Seeing food being prepared in front of me, I was surprised. So, I was frightened…… for dinner that day, I ended up not being able to eat very much.」

Recalling the moment her eyes saw something that wasn’t living, a shivering amount of fear welled up, and the scene of something having nothing where you’d expect it to have a head was scorched into her mind, so she felt sick in front of the meal.
Because it was her turn to exchange diaries, the fear she couldn’t convey with words as well as an apology for causing worry.

「If I apologized with the diary, my father responded with this.」

Lydia retrieves the diary she exchanges with her father from the chest, then opens it to the corresponding page.

My Dia. The fear you felt, it is an instinct all living things naturally feel. I feel happy to know you feel the importance of life.
From here, you might feel bad about becoming hungry and eating delicious food, but it is not a sin. Even that is a natural instinct of living things.
Rather, it isn’t good not to make use of things that have already lost their life. At the point in time it is set on your plate, it is entrusted to us whether or not to make garbage of them.

At the contents of the opened page, Emilia’s inner thoughts became surprised. If it’s the case that he was that doting duke, she thought he would write only pampering words. The contents that seemed to be like scolding were unexpected.

「Thanks to my father, I was able to notice I had become reluctant to eat.」

Seeing the reply in their diary exchange, Lydia especially smiles, seeming happy. She had been warned against mistaking things to disavow and things to accept. Feeling her father’s consideration and the posture of a noble trying to manage their territory there, she became very happy.

「And with that—」

Lydia puts both hands over her chest, looking downwards at her hands.

「I understand the true meaning of Zack saying thank you before and after meals.」

Because he was saying to give thanks to nature, perhaps he understood. However, Lydia had understood it as giving thanks to people who prepared the food, people who raised the animals, and the commoners who tried for the nobles.
But, that was a mistake.

「Appreciate the things we eat and don’t forget you’re eating life.」

Even this much was stealthily an imitation of the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice and used the thanks as a good luck charm, but when she became aware she was eating something that died, the fear and bewilderment she had completely fell into her heart. Showing manners to the life right in front of her, she didn’t know it could put her heart so much at ease.

「……I can’t think about holding such noble ideas.」

Towards Lydia who smiled affectionately, Emilia puts on a dubious facial expression. Towards the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice, even if there is the potential that he’s a fool to the point he doesn’t have an ulterior motive, there has never been the feeling he taught her something. Her master, Lydia, is thoughtful, and it’s only her wisdom, right?
The things she’s thinking are blatantly coming out, Lydia thinks when she sees Emila’s face, and she smiles, seeming amused.

「Fufu, as for Zack, it’s not difficult for him to think about.」

For him, it was absolutely simple. Something Lydia can’t understand after she’s worried about it isn’t always difficult to understand. Emilia appraised it as lofty, but Lydia doesn’t think about it in that way.
How did she notice it? Then, it’s only a story of how did she accept the things she noticed.

「For delicioooous things, if you eat to your limit, it’s fine, you knooow.」

「That’s right.」

Petra smiles and drinks the seemingly delicious cocoa. Lydia nodded, saying she also had a point.

「So, Emilia. I, because even the topic of animals is fine, I want to hear your story. You’re a very kind person who knows the weight of life.」

Being aware of even trivial dangers, worrying about the safety of her master. As for paying strict attention to her actions, to not feel shame as the future daughter of a duke, she considers things carefully. At her words, she might feel anxiety, and there are times she thinks of it as sad, but later on, if she reflects, she understands it in her own words.
In the beginning, she is bewildered at Emilia’s attitude, and also consulted it with her father through the diary exchange. Her father, regarding a person who was strictly there for her sake, taught her she was also prepared to get injured for her sake as well. Then, that sort of person,because they are the harshest to themselves, Lydia, her master, should be kind to her.
Accepting her father’s words, for a moment, she tried to see Emilia’s situation. The girl who always didn’t have a weak spot, certainly she was the strictest on herself. Lydia, if it’s herself, she can’t go that far. Even if it’s for the sake of someone else, as for hitting someone hard, Lydia needs the corresponding amount of preparedness.
Together with a sense of admiration, she became very worried. Being so strict to herself is hard, isn’t it?
Isn’t it better if she smiles, she thought.
Because she didn’t understand what she can do to make her smile, first of all she wants to hear her talk. Then, the girl who is strict on herself, if she should deny herself, then she will loudly affirm her. 

「Someone beautiful like you, it’s impossible to feel uncomfortable about.」

Beautiful, that word is appropriate for a noble girl. With her jet black straight hair, sharp long-slitted eyes that embody the purpose of power, rather than herself, she thought of Lydia as always beautiful.


The words her master gave her, Emilia is struck with shock.
Her black hair was whispered to be gloomy, her sharp eyes seem to glare, and it often caused misunderstandings with noble girls of the same generation. So, she thought a word like 「beautiful」 is far beyond her. She hated gossiping and the expectation was to ignore it, but before she knew it, her sense of values had been eroded.

「With your hair that’s always glamorous compared to mine, I envy you.」

「Ara, Katherine’s hair that’s also black seems soft. I also like it, you know.」

「Even with waking up, that it doesn’t curl up is unfaaair.」

「Is that so? That’s unfair, yes.」

Every person threw words of affirmation at Emilia’s appearance, of three different ways they were jealous of her. It was something very embarrassing. Emilia bit her lower lip and somehow or another kept from having heat on her cheeks.
The first time Emilia endured this kind of emotion, they were saying things like how their own hair explodes when they lie down, or the time when it’s very damp they have to wear a lot of braids, and when they don’t sleep with braids the next morning is dreadful.

「……ku, everyone is having a hard time.」

When she realizes it, she had started to become excited and amused, and Emilia unconsciously made a noise. She frantically fights her embarrassment and felt like a fool.

「Geez, if it’s Emilia, it’s someone else’s problem, huh……」

Lydia, who was miffed and looked at Emilia, widely opens her eyes, and in one moment her facial expression sparkles.

「……you smiled.」


「As I thought, no, it’s even cuter!」

At Lydia’s excited seeming words, Emilia, who suddenly noticed it, holds a hand over her mouth and tries to tighten her expression.
Thinking it was a waste and trying to stop Emilia, Lydia remembers something and admits one point that’s her fault.

「Um, Emilia…… the other day, I’m sorry.」

At her master suddenly bowing her head, this time Emilia’s eyes go wide.

「Lydia-sama!? What are you saying?」

「That time that Zack asked that if Emilia smiles, she’s cute, I didn’t properly agree, right? That…… for that, that was the first time I heard Zack call another girl cute, so it surprised me.」 [T/N: Man, Ojou has it so bad for Zack, haha]

Because the time he accompanied her to the party, he was careful not to talk to any of them, it was the first time she had seen him compliment someone of the opposite gender but of similar age. Although she feels a sense of pride when he praises her mother and her sister, she was surprised at how different it was.
While becoming very incoherent, Lydia, for the point she wanted to convey the most, clenched her fist, and powerfully made a declaration.

「So, I decided that I won’t ever think of Emilia as not cute! And that much, please don’t misunderstand!? Emilia, rather than me, is completely cute!」

「Lydia-sama, that’s an over exaggeration.」

In order to raise the head of her master who was currently bowing it, Emilia decisively raises it with her palm. She couldn’t give up the truth that her master has the more attractive face and figure.

「Rather than all of the other noble daughters, I am sure Lydia-sama is the most beautiful.」

「She’s also the most cute, right?」

「And the most coool.」

As for not being able to surrender, the other two continued on with things similar to Emilia’s remarks. At Emilia and the other’s compliments, Lydia’s face became red, and weakly tried to conceal them with her braids.

「You three…… you’re showing too much favoritism……!」

「It’s the truth.」

At Emilia who declares it, Katherine and Petra say 「yes, yes」, smiling while nodding. For that reason, furthermore Lydia buries herself in her braids.
Somehow or another, when she breaks down at the present situation of being unable to endure it for a second longer, Lydia racks her brains and remembers something.

「That reminds me, I didn’t punish her for laughing at hair becoming curled……!」

「That’s about hair.」

「Emilia, you can say that because yours is smoooooth.」

「Even Petra……」

Emilia, who felt Lydia had become exaggeratedly angry, is surprised that even Petra would blame her for smiling.
Seeing those three, an amused Katherine smiled.

「Fufu, then, how should we do this, Lydia-sama?」

Asked by Katherine, Lydia told her judgment as if to say it was natural.

「Braid punishment!」

Emilia was surrounded by three people who thought it would be good if she understood the trouble of curly hair. The three struggled to braid her hair that slipped through their fingers, and said it would stay like that for one night. However, when the braids ended, Lydia and the others lost to drowsiness, and one by one fell asleep.
Katherine, the last one left, at the three of them peacefully sleeping, rests her head on the futon and turns out the light.

A few days later, in the afternoon, Lydia, wearing a coat over her dress to protect from the cold, looks content.

「With this, I can also show it to Emilia.」

「What is it?」

「When we arrive, you’ll understand.」

In the middle of the trees, the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice guides them, with Lydia following, and Emilia as the rear guard. Contrary to the humming of the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice, Emilia is suspicious of the destination she doesn’t know. For Lydia, the difference is somewhat amusing.
Since the pajama party, if a little, it reached the point Emilia became more tolerant of conversations, and Lydia got to know her temperament a little more.
What made her the most happy is that she likes the same cute things as Lydia. This isn’t the pattern, and until now she hadn’t told her family, it seems. It made her very happy that she was the first to have it be revealed to.
Only Emilia opening up was unfair, Lydia thought, and thought she should reveal the only thing she had hidden from her.

「It’s beyond this point.」

The boy who is a gardener’s apprentice stopped and pointed at the hedges. Emilia became suspicious.

「It’s a dead end.」

「Here, we go under.」

Taking a closer look at where he pointed, the crevasses in the branch as many, and somehow or another there’s enough room for only a person to duck underneath.


「That’s why I wore the hooded one.」

Before asking the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice if he was really going to make the daughter of a duke do something like that, Lydia proudly smiled say she was all ready. Her words crushed, Emilia was correspondingly troubled. She hadn’t thought her master chose that coat with the intention of ducking under.

「Is that… so?」

Emilia, in the end, could only nod. Saying something in this place, her master’s expression would end up being clouded over. If it’s explaining it to her, it should be when they were walking in the trees where there is no path.
From the standpoint of Emlia who likes cute things, she doesn’t understand that Lydia is the cutest thing. She was self-conscious that she’s weak to her smiling face and Emilia became silent.

「Now that you mention it, this hedge is different from the ones near the estate.」

At Lydia’s words that spill out, and the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice that was trying to go under the hedges stops.

「Sweet viburnums are good for an outwards appearance, but looking after them takes a lot of time. Up to here, since it’s not attended to, it’s yew plum pines.」

As for what Lydia is used to seeing, it’s thick, glossy and vibrant leaves. Now, what’s in front of her eyes make her recall dragonfly wings, with thin blades in full leaf.

「But, there’s two types on the estate?」

「No, the hedges we use are sweet viburnum.」

「After all, there are no red berries growing at the entrance of the estate.」

From the main entrance to the front door, and still the area around the reception and the guest room, there is only greenery, though around the area Lydia walked and had tea with her mother there are red berries hanging. Although it’s an evidently different aspect, the who is a gardener’s apprentice says they are the same tree. At the inconsistency, Lydia tilts her head in confusion.

「Cleaning them is difficult, as during the summer we prune the visitor area.」

「Why don’t you prune the ones I often see?」

「Ojou, you like cute things, don’t you?」

It’s simple, the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice easily replied. He’s mainly doing his father’s work, but it doesn’t change the priority handling that it’s for the enjoyment of someone in the Ernest household. The hedges are left with the seasons, in accordance to the tastes of the women of the house.
He says it like it’s a matter of fact for gardeners of the Ernest household, but a short while ago, didn’t he say that pruning them is difficult? For their own sake, the Baumgartner house who takes no account of troublesome things, is there something wrong?


Isn’t that idiotic, was about to come out of her mouth, but Lydia who became confused panics and closes her mouth. She doesn’t have any intention to badmouth the devotion of his father. If he hadn’t said things on his own basis, overreacting here would just cause trouble.
Even if she gives him a reproachful look, the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice, not understanding, only gives her a blank look.
The boy who is a gardener’s apprentice glances at the yew plum pine and mumbles.

「Well, I like yew plum pines.」


Hearing him say his preferences is rare. Rather than the feeling of wanting to complain just a little while back, her curiosity won.

「It’s because you can eat them.」


At that simple answer, Lydia narrows her eyes. The boy who is a gardener’s apprentice, having answered, takes one of the berries of the yew plum pine, and for the red fruit and tough-seeming black fruit that are linked, tears them and tears them.
Lydia, who had never eaten fruit that was growing off the tree like that, was surprised at how he ate it without hesitation.

「Ojou, will you also eat it?」

While she was dumbfounded, he plucked off another two linked fruits, holding them out ot her.

「Impossible, you’ll have Lydia-sama eat them like that!?」

「Ah. Sorry, I’ll wash them.」

When Emilia cautions about the hygiene, the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice, with water magic, removes the dirt from his hands.


Presenting them another time, Lydia is bewildered. She feels a message from Emilia’s gaze that says it’s fine if she doesn’t overdo it. She also understands her worries, but she’s also shy about disregarding an action of kindness from him.
After worrying for several seconds, Lydia timidly extends her hand, and takes a fruit from his palm. Then, after swallowing her saliva, she prepares to eat it. Emilia holds her breath and watches over her master to see if there is anything wrong.

「It’s…… sweet.」

It was riper and sweeter than she thought. The sweetness passes through her throat. It really is just a sweet fruit, and when she tried it, it’s a little anticlimactic there’s nothing else. The boy who is a gardener’s apprentice, when he tries to offer the same washed fruit, she says there’s no helping it, and like Lydia who thought it’s sweet, a mumble leaked out.
At their two responses, the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice smiles, seeming satisfied.

「Once in a while, is it okay to do something like this?」

Emilia thinks that although this kind of thing is modest for her master who is accustomed to superior confectioneries and high class fruits, because its taste isn’t bad, the words to protest won’t come out.

「O, once in a while is fine.」

Lydia showed a sharp look, but because the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice is smiling, he seemed to notice she liked it.

「Don’t tell Erik, okay?」

「Eh, if it’s Pochi, he ate a lot.」

「That idiot, he’s too gluttonous……!」

When she was aware of her coworker’s vigorous appetite, she had apprehensions about acting rudely, but when Emilia tries to warn them, it’s already too late. Plucking them for his own personal use, when he had let Pochi taste them, he ate up everything, it seems. She should scold him later, as she furrowed her brow a headache came to her.

「Well, you must be hungry, right?」

「Why aren’t you a little mad!? He took your things, right!?」 

「I can always eat them any time.」

「Generally, things on the Ernest house estate……」

「Emilia, calm down for now. I brought you here to show you something wonderful.」

「I’ve raised the hurdle, huh?」

Clinging to Emilia’s arm after she had become keen on the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice, Lydia constrained her. At Lydia’s words, somehow the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice forces a smile.


「Yes. Because I like it, certainly Emilia will also.」

「What in the world are you……」

「The garden I made.」


「Just ahead.」

In contrast to Lydia whose facial expression was smiling and glittering, the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice shows a subtle facial expression. He seems uncomfortable at her raising the expectations. That even he could show that kind of facial expression, Emilia was surprised.
Finding his unusual reaction interesting, Emilia raises the corners of her mouth.

「Let’s see what you’ve got, then.」

「Then, go on ahead.」

Don’t laugh, he says, handing over a hood for the sake of going under. Emilia accepted it as if it was a challenge.
She decides that if it’s poorly made, she’ll laugh.

She didn’t know that she could be enchanted by a water fountain concealed by grapevines that sparkled like gems—

And then, not the boy who made it, but the master triumphantly smiled.

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37. Gold


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Deeper in the greenery of the trees, as it advanced towards autumn, the season feels like it’s calming down.
However, as for the garden, the vivid flowers are blooming as if to tell a story of summer with their colors.
A round flower bed, where even the colors of the bellflowers on the outside are varied, in the gaps are yellow chrysanthemums, and on the inside where tall rainy mallows are blooming, a tower of flowers was made.

「The chrysanthemums are also an insect repellent, it seems. Even in Zack’s house, they hang them up by the windows.」

「Then, to calm down, you can also look at the flowers, can’t you?」

While looking through the glass door to the carden, Lydia and Roy talk while smiling. Certainly, she was thinking that for the turquoise bellflowers and rainy season mallows being made to shine were cute, and at Lydia’s thoughts, Roy pleasantly remembers.
Possibly, she seemed to be annoyed at him not even having an artistic point of view. At the start of her explanation, even during the season where there are a lot of insects it’s quiet, so Roy had asked the question.
With the story he heard from Lydia, Roy also understood that the occupation didn’t just think of the garden visually, they also took into account the functional aspect. Roy also found the practical applications interesting, and hearing her talk was fun. Again, it’s fine for the vision that sees even the castle garden to change.

「It’s better to have fun without thinking about that sort of thing.」

「You could say that, but……」

Lydia, who wants to widen her own viewpoint, is jealous of the vision Roy has. Because it’s unusual for her to appear bitter about this kind of point, Roy seems pleased. Whenever she makes this reaction, Roy had a feeling he gained a hard to come by friend.

「Which reminds me, even after we’re engaged, is it fine not to change the frequency of when we meet?」

「Is there a problem? We even meet during tea parties.」

「Yep. So, in that case, Miss Lydia.」

When Lydia responds that meeting once every two weeks and being accompanied to tea parties with her fiance is enough, Roy smiles, seeming satisfied.
Even at the step of being a fiance candidate, compared with the other girls who wanted to increase their meeting frequency, Roy was happy at the difference, but Lydia judged on the basis that he, as a prince, believes him to be already busy and didn’t feel it was a necessity to increase the amount of times they met, and measured the meaning of his smiling face.

「Lately, Eric’s mood has been softening.」

「That’s good. There’s only the girl on the opposite side of the door.」


Because Roy said it was convenient if it was only the two of them, her guard Emilia, was held back on the other side of the door with Mateus. When she turns to look in the direction of those honey colored eyes that look in the direction she would be, Lydia grips her fist a little bit. It seems the final barrier is going to be a hard fight.
The girl whose eyes are hard like steel, that is the impression Roy has of the girl who acts as a guard alone. Because Matteus forces a smile at the time she’s together with his own guard, she’s terribly upright and serious, he thinks. Winning her over is going to be difficult.

「I thought to have a proper discussion like with Eric, but I’m utterly helpless……」

Really, no matter how many times tried to have a conversation with her, Lydia always seems frustrated. Emilia is the type to hate talking about affairs outside of business. There is no gap to make conversation, no doubt.

「……As for being helpless, I’m the same.」

At Roy, who lets out a bitter smile as if letting out a sigh, Lydia worries. Seeing him with a bitter facial expression is considerably rare.

「Is Roy-sama also having trouble with someone?」

「While it’s embarrassing, it’s my younger brother.」

「His Highness, Klaus?」

She remembers Klaus, the younger brother of Roy who she greeted on occasion after becoming Roy’s fiance. Because she only greeted him, she doesn’t know him well.

「He’s someone who seems hard to please.」

Because his facial expression is always stiff whenever they meet, that was Lydia’s impression. However, Roy gently shakes his head.

「No, that attitude of Klaus’ is half because of nervousness at Lydia’s beauty and half my fault.」

Roy smiles as if to apologize, but at the first half of the explanation, Lydia unconsciously blushes. Lydia thinks that the explanation is unnecessary, but Roy praised her more, saying even during ordinary tea parties, because she was beautiful, there’s no helping being nervous, so she became greatly unable to bear it.

「In front of me, he stops smiling. So, I’m really sorry if his attitude towards you worsens.」

At Roy’s apologetic appearance, it wasn’t an awkward situation, so Lydia changed her mood.

「That is, as expected, it’s the succession of the throne……?」

「That’s right. Actually, Philly doesn’t hesitate to come in contact with him. She really is a sweet child.」

Lydia, with part of the queen’s education, was provided the opportunity to listen to a story from the first queen. In doing so, she met the third princess, Philine, but she merrily talks about her older brothers. Roy and Klaus, she talks about them equally. Because she’s a girl whose inheritance power is low and she has no intent to do so, even if she becomes close with her, no one would say anything.
However, the first prince Roy and the second prince Klaus, even if they’re around the same age, their mothers differ, so it’s not possible. Even in their own castle, their surroundings have eyes, so even meeting with just themselves is difficult.
Particularly, the extent of Klaus’ mother’s vision. Lydia always feels that she’s looking to keep her, the fiance of the first prince, in check.

「I’ll try to greet him, but he seems prejudiced against me. I wonder if he thinks of you as a brother.」

「That’s right, huh……」

At Roy who smiles as if a bit lonely, Lydia lets her doubts spill.

「For some time now, you have only said words of support about His Highness, Klaus, so it appears that Roy-sama and Philly-sama are concerned about him the same. You both really think of him as a brother.」

When he goes along with the impressions Lydia felt, Roy honey-colored eyes go wide for a second, then he softly smiles.

「I’m glad you think that.」

「That is something that came out unexpectedly. Because it’s the same for me.」

Lydia smiles back. For herself, there was a time she worried about not being able to be an older sister-like person for Flora, but the boy who was a gardener’s apprentice taught her the view of the outside looking in.
She thought about when she heard about the examples given to her and she saw that a third party was able to easily understand. The odds and ends of words that were in consideration for a younger brother, and for Lydia, Roy as fully reflecting as older brother-like. In spite of being avoided, Lydia feels as if there isn’t a point he doesn’t consider him family.
Perhaps, when her own younger sister Flora has an attitude like this, she would be discouraged, perhaps, but would continue to reach out to her.

「I’ll guess what’s in Roy-sama’s heart……」

「Miss Lydia…… there’s no need to be sad for me. Furthermore, for something like Miss Flora disliking you, because that’s ridiculous, please relax.」

Guessing why she moved, Roy gently presented a handkerchief. Because Lydia’s eyes were only a little wet, there isn’t a need to wipe them, but seeing Roy’s facial expression soften, she meekly took it, said 「yes」, and nodded her head.

「At any rate, for each other, it’s necessary to prepare a place where somehow or another we can talk.」

Lydia thought it was strange to think of the discord between the brothers of the royal family on the same level as one of master and servant, so she had better not talk about it with lightness. Nodding at Lydia’s words, Roy said that was right, mumbling and showing behaviors of careful thought.
Then, Roy, who seemed to think of something, turned towards Lydia with a sparkling smile.

「Miss Lydia, could you be unreasonable and cause some trouble for me?」


At the abrupt request, Lydia’s thoughts came to a stop in an instant. How selfish was this causing trouble? The act of raising a request that doesn’t take into account the other party’s circumstances, for the already embarrassed Lydia, this doesn’t seem to be possible. Now, when she thinks about the acts of two years ago, seems to want to die of shame.
When Lydia weakens at the thought of a request where the difficulty level is too high, Roy smiles as if to relieve her.

「Or, could you let me say that?」

「I… understand.」

She doesn’t understand what Roy is intending, but because what the goal should be, Lydia nodded, wanting to help any little bit she could with reconciliation.
Earning Lydia’s approval, after Roy said his thanks, he sees the Nigera-like eyes that are glistening and wetter than normal and forces a smile.

「However, if he knows I made you cry, Isaac won’t stay silent.」

「Why Zack?」

Lydia tilts her head in confusion. Without being prideful, there are a lot of people in her house that worry for her. Even with only the Ernest house’s employees, Katherine the maid and the guards seem to react to even trivial niceties.  Although, why did Roy raise the name of the gardener’s apprentice first?
Roy just smiles back while never giving an answer. Instead, he turns around.

「I’m sorry. There’s a person I shouldn’t forget.」

When Lydia follows Roy’s line of sight, where the door opened was a man with loose golden hair. His eyes that are the same color as Lydia’s are open wide in shock.


What was so surprising about her father, Lydia thought, but realizing she was holding onto the handkerchief Roy gave her, understood the misunderstanding and got flustered. 

「I, it isn’t……!」

「Miss Lydia, in all likelihood, that will have the opposite effect.」

「Your Highness, may I have a discussion with you?」

Although he’s all smiles, because her father has the atmosphere that there’s no ability to say yes or no, it was appropriately troublesome to clear the misunderstanding. Roy, the person in question who seemed to accept the misunderstanding, because he somehow seemingly was smiling in amusement, Lydia felt it was unfair only she worried about it.
The love of a girl’s father who never listened to his own words was interesting. It was amazing, as with only that, even Roy who could get through her father’s menacing look was already amazing, Lydia thought.

A few days afterwards, inside the Avenrot Kingdom’s castle, the two brothers met face to face.

「Claus, are you doing well?」

When Roy tries to greet his brother with a smile, his younger brother Claus directly averts his gaze and bluntly replies.

「Although we also met yesterday at practice, there’s no way that would change.」

「That also seems to be the case.」

Towards Roy who nods with a smile, Claus furrows his eyebrows. Both of them have metal colored hair, but differing from Roy who doesn’t have curls, Claus has them on the tips of his. Not just their facial expressions, but even their hair contrasts. Even their two attendants, the one near Roy who had on a slightly forced smile is different from Claus’ with a sharp look in their eye.
Claus immediately wanted to leave, and tries to leave with a slight bow. But, taking one step forward, Roy calls out.

「That’s right. I’m visiting my fiance later, but will Claus also come?」


At the astounding contents of the invitation, Claus unconsciously replied without concealing his suspicions. Even when he looks at his brother’s face at his excessive surprise, there’s only a dazzling smile.

「Why shou…… why me?」 [T/N: Claus starts off about to use ‘ore’ which is rougher than when he uses “watashi” as a correction, so I tried to convey this with a harsher ‘why’ first.]

「Miss Lydia says she would like to try talking with Claus. If you don’t mind only making an appearance, would you think about helping your brother and coming with me?」

Roy shrugs his shoulders as if he was weakened. Was Roy excited about going that far for his fiance, or was his fiance taking a shameless attitude towards Roy, he doesn’t understand, but it doesn’t change that it’s trouble for him.

「I’m sorry, but today is busy……」

「Oh. Today, none of the tutors are coming, right?」

At the language that understood his schedule, Claus made a bitter facial expression.

「My mother is calling me.」

「Simone-sama went to Marquiss Leimbacher’s tea party, though.」

「My sister……」

「Philly, at this time, is with the etiquette teacher.」

Roy ended up suppressing all of his excuses, and Claus only ended up letting out a 「guh」. He finally realized Roy invited him knowing he had no plans.

「I… understand……」

「I’m saved.」

At Claus’ reluctant acceptance, Roy thanks him with a smiling face.
His attendant tried to propose accompanying them, but Roy cut him off, saying his own attendant Matteus would be enough.
Matteus is a Royal Knight directly appointed by Roy, for the purpose of recognizing that exceptional skill that dueled ten other Royal Knights and won all of them. Claus’ attendant was one of the losers in those Royal Knights, so he couldn’t push it any further.
With his state of isolation, Claus got on the carriage with Roy.
Claus looks at his brother as if cautious, but he couldn’t read the motivations in that smiling face of his. Somehow he felt he had an ulterior motive. Something like meeting with the fiance of the other person who was currently disputing the succession of the throne, he felt he was being looked down upon. Even though his brother had found a fiance around his age, he himself didn’t have one yet, but because his mother, the second queen, was still searching for someone better than his brother’s fiance. [T/N: gonna laugh if this ends up being the Otome Heroine somehow]
In the shaking carriage, even with only the possibility he is being looked down on, Claus tightly grasps his hands into fist on top of his knees.
When they arrive at the Ernest estate, Roy’s fiance, Lydia, greets them with an impeccable curtsy. After finishing greetings, they were guided to a garden where tea had been prepared.

「At any rate, I am very glad you were able to join us for tea today.」

Lydia smiles as she talks, and after seeing that, Claus, who was coming to his senses, clears his throat and turns his head away to look at the garden, not looking her in the eyes.

「It is I who should say that. It is an honor to be invited for tea.」

「I have wanted to talk with His Highness, Claus. So, I ended up being unreasonable to Roy-sama.」

Seeing the sweetness of Lydia, who was giggling, he ended up accepting the reason his brother would end up listening to her request.
Although the duke’s house held blood of the royal family, wanting to simply meet with royalty is a self-indulgent thing, perhaps. However, because it was the fiance of Prince Roy, it doesn’t feel very unreasonable. Her selfishness was because he gave only the bare minimum for greetings, so Claus felt obliged.

「Because Miss Lydia is beautiful, so even if you are my younger brother, I’m hesitant to introduce her to another man.」

「If it’s Roy-sama, that is only a joke.」 

At the conversation that seemed to be like speaking proudly of one’s love affairs, Claus’ feeling of obligation faded. Naturally, from the outset, he has a feeling of glazed over eyes. Having this intimate situation shown to him, the answer to why there’s a need for him to be here is lost.
Even while feeling a sense of irritation, Claus, who is careful not to let it show in his voice as much as possible, drinks his tea in one gulp and leaves his seat.

「My older brother has a lot to talk about with his fiance, right? I will go take a small look at the garden.」


Not minding about Lydia’s voice calling out to try and stop him, Claus leaves in the direction of the promenade.
Bringing down the hand that was reaching out to him, Lydia’s eyebrows drop.

「Although I was already planning to leave my seat with the excuse of preparing the tea……」

「Maybe you were a little too fiance-like?」

Different from Lydia who was in low spirits at how her plan was a failure, rather than troubled, Roy cheerfully shrugged his shoulders. At Roy’s appearance, Lydia narrows her eyes.

「Roy-sama……why do you seem to be pleased?」

「Well, I’m happy at Claus’ unexpected response.」

「Is… that so……?」


At Claus’ harsh attitude, Lydia couldn’t possibly think that, but Roy smiled happily with the feeling he seemed to sense.

「Since he can’t run away, he’ll calm down and come back.」

「Being that optimistic……」

At Roy who relaxedly drank his tea, Lydia is shocked. Even though his own plan was already ended up being set back, Roy who was calm as if not appearing to regret it, is quite collected. Lydia ended up more worried about the current situation.

「If you chase him, he’ll run away. Let’s wait close from the other side.」

「……His Highness, Claus, isn’t a wild animal.」

From Roy’s standpoint, with the situation of not intervening with the second prince, just being together with his little brother this long is sufficient. Because he understands Claus’ vigilance and how it isn’t easily dropped, he isn’t thinking he can shorten the distance in one go. From the outset, he intended to draw this out.
When Roy encourages Lydia by telling her that the tea will get cold, Lydia also reluctantly returns to her seat. It’s the tea Katherine made, so with how it is properly delicious, she wants to drink it.

「They’re making fun of me!」

Claus was walking in the garden, feeling irritated. Because there aren’t any people in the garden, even if he uses abrasive language, it’s fine.
The first prince, Roy, who was regularly all smiles, is a person without any outstanding chinks in their armor. With the extent to which that person works, he’s ahead by a margin.
Normally, he was told to surpass Roy by the second queen, Simone, and throws words comparing Klaus to his older brother about every single thing. With an inferiority complex that took root, towards Roy, he became abject.
Even today, he should have noticed it more quickly. In the middle of the education for governing, something like gathering intelligence before moving onto his actions and the important of laying the groundwork were discussed by the tutor, but he had thought this was only for wartime and not everyday application. Shown a different viewpoint, he was made aware of the difference in their natures.
As far as Claus is concerned, the estate of his older brother’s fiance is enemy territory. Even the situation of being in that kind of place fostered irritation.
Claus stopped walking, hearing a sigh. [T/N: Literally just ‘Sigh, Claus stopped walking’, but done for clarity.]

「……who’s there?」

Because he was walking while irritated, a forest filled with many trees had sprung up, and it was a place without any roads. Because the sun softened and it seemed to become cloudy, when he looks up, overhead, he’s covered by the shade of a tree. If it’s the promenade, if he follows the way back, there’s a way to return, but with the similar trees and shrubbery surrounding him, in this place, even his sense of direction is doubtful.
Patiently looking at his surroundings, from which direction he came from, he isn’t sure, and he doesn’t know the way back to the estate.
After hesitating, when Claus tries to look for the way back, he takes a step forward.
Immediately afterwards, from near the shrubs, something like a human face appeared right in front of Claus.


All of a sudden, a figure of a person appeared from the trees, and with surprise, Claus thought his heart leapt out in shock.

「Huh? Who are you?」

「You, just who are you!!」

The pair of copper colored eyes that reflect Claus in them seem to curiously ask. Understanding the figure of this person is a boy similar in age, Claus instantly felt relieved and afterwards, his astonishment faded and anger welled up.

「I’m the apprentice gardener of this place.」

「It’s good for a gardener not to surprise guests, isn’t it!」

「Eh, it’s rare that people come here, though.」

The boy who seems to be a gardener’s apprentice says this is on the opposite side of the boundaries where guests usually visit. He seems to have a grasp on the situation inside the garden of the Ernest estate.

「Don’t make excuses, it isn’t enough just to apologize! Guide me back to the estate!」

「What, are you a lost child?」 [T/N: Give me strength not to translate this as ‘Who is this sassy lost child’]

「You’re wrong!!」

After immediately yelling a denial of treating him like a lost child, Claus realized he hadn’t thought of any excuses. Becoming embarrassed, he turns his gaze away.

「……it’s just, because I didn’t look at my surroundings, I only don’t know the way back.」

「Is that so?」

At the appearance of Claus who doesn’t realize he is just making an excuse, the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice held down the words on the tip of his tongue, only nodding.
Claus, as if to change the subject, points a finger towards the gardener’s apprentice, blaming him.

「In, in the first place, you should know your position! I am this country’s second prince, Claus Wolfgang von Rosenheim!」

「Leo also had a younger brother, huh?」

When Klaus thought he’d immediately fall prostrate, with how his eyes only went wide, Claus was shaken. With how his response is beyond his expectations, he can’t even figure out the appropriate words to say.

「Can’t you understand by looking at my face!?」

「Common people don’t know the faces of the royalty, you know.」

「What about a portrait……」

「That kind of thing is expensive, so it’s not even on display in the neighborhood church, right?」

Until now, it was natural to know the face even without giving the name, as he thought all the people of the country knew the image of the royalty. The power of the royal family, even to the common people, he believed is something well-known. At the truth there is a person who doesn’t know he’s royalty, he’s shocked.

「……in any case, because you know I’m the prince, you should change your attitude!」

「I’m absolutely sorry. For my rudeness so far, please give me your pardon, I humbly ask of you.」

「Y…… As long as you understand, it’s fine.」

At the moment he heard Claus’ words, the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice, no sooner than when they changed their facial expression to a quiet one as if becoming a different person and giving their apologies, was Claus taken aback.
With his behavior that is disproportionate to his clothes suited for garden work, his politeness was at the level he felt out of place. The gardener’s at the royal palace, because he only looked at their work from a distance, he couldn’t judge the boy’s politeness.
I will guide you to the estate, he said while taking several steps in the previous direction, after confirming Claus was behind him, he matches Claus’ pace and guides him.
Not wasting his breath, when he looks at the back of the quiet boy ahead of him, Claus feels as if his presence is weak. He doesn’t seem any different than the servants he’s only seen inside the castle. The impression when the two met is too different, so somehow it’s boring.



「Why aren’t you saying anything?」

「Even if I do so, the unrefined talk of a gardener is a nuisance, isn’t it?」

His language that is smoothly returned is too typical, so Claus frowns.

「First, stop talking like that. It feels unpleasant.」

That’s right, it feels unpleasant. Although it’s just a small interval, after he knew his original style of talking, he could only feel a sense of discomfort. The conversation with his state now, he doesn’t seem to be talking to anyone. His words were obviously only for outward appearance, is he feigning ignorance?
Indicating he’s taking back his words from a short while ago, the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice doesn’t immediately agree.


「It’s fine, just go back.」

「……only inside the garden, if you can look the other way.」 [T/N: Literally ‘close your eyes’ but I translated it this way as it fits more contextually.]

「I understand. I’ll permit it.」

When Claus accepts the terms, the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice momentarily stops walking, looks over his shoulder, and laughs.

「Since I’m not good at formal stuff, I’m saved. I’m Isaac.」

He was a guy whose reply was unexpected, the boy said, praising Claus. Not being praised as a prince, that tickled Claus’ heart. At the words that were returned to their original way of speaking, because he was speaking directly to himself, the bad feeling wasn’t there anymore.
In the beginning he felt indignation at his irreverence, but he thinks if it’s only this much, he’s easy to talk to. While following the guidance of the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice, Claus raises a question.

「Considering that you’re bad with it, you’re surprisingly adept at speaking.」

「It was only in the short-term, but I practiced as a pinch hitter.」

「Pinch hitter?」

「Your older brother, until his fiance was decided, refused to dance with anyone.」

Now that he mentioned it, that was for the sake of being fair, as until his older brother’s fiance had been officially decided, even with the fiance candidates, he didn’t dance with them. Being in the position to be able to choose, his mother had criticized him for his apparent haughtiness, but Claus hadn’t taken into account the potential it would cause trouble for the girl’s side.

「Being a dance partner is part of a gardener’s work?」

「Don’t say things like Leo does.」

There’s no helping that much, the boy who was a gardner’s apprentice says with a complex voice, but he said he had substituted as a dance partner before. Claus glares at his back, thinking that since he doesn’t know the contents of garden work, he would be at fault for making a misunderstanding.

「Isaac-or-something, calling someone who has given their name ‘you’ is rude.」

When he points out what he had noticed for some time, the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice smoothly returns an apology.

「Sorry. Ummmmm… Kla………… what was it?」

However, he didn’t properly remember his name. Claus unconsciously became irritated.

「Claus Wolfgang von Rosenheim.」

「Kla… Woo?? For noble and royalty, why are your names so long?」

「Are you stupid!?」


At the boy who honestly recognizes his ability to remember, Claus becomes exhausted. If it’s only his age, Claus is younger, he guesses, but is he not frustrated over being looked down on? Or, is this what commoners who don’t have the education to the degree nobles do are like? No, he has the feeling towards him that it’s very probable he only lacks something like pride.

「……if that’s the case, just Wolf is fine.」

In any case, he’s the person to talk to in this place. With the case of making call him by name, in the distant future, this weak-headed guy will carelessly call him without a title and then being blamed for rudeness would become troublesome. Thinking that, Claus thought to use an abbreviation of his middle name to evade it.
The boy who is a gardener’s apprentice who doesn’t realize he’s being worried about over his slowness says that if that’s the case, he can remember it, returning a smile in his voice.

「That reminds me, how did you come to this kind of place? Were you training? You’ve got a lot of endurance.」

「I was taught fencing. Because I practice often, this much is no deal.」

「Amazing, huh?」

He returns with a voice of admiration. The boy, because he’s unaware of the royalty, naturally does so, but praise that doesn’t compare him to his older brother Roy is unusual for Claus, and again something happy.
Speaking of the matter of fencing, Claus recalled something from yesterday and frowned.

「But, I still can’t win against my older brother.」

Even if they only simply exchanged strikes, everything was brushed aside, and he ended up forfeiting. He was frustrated over not being able to land even a single blow.

「How much older is he than you?」

「We’re only different by half a year. If we enter school, we’ll be in the same year.」

Even with how many years prior it is to doing so, if they enter school and are in the same year, furthermore they’ll be compared. An unpleasant emotion surges up.
For some reason, the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice stops in his tracks and looks back.

「Hey, put out your hand.」

Because he spreads out his right hand, while thinking what this is for, Claus reflexively brought his left hand near.

「Here, mine is big, right?」

「It is, so what?」

When they put their wrists together, his hand is one size larger than Claus’. He’s saying something natural, so Claus became puzzled.

「Am I taller than your older brother?」

「That seems so.」

Because he has the point of view that even his older brother isn’t taller than him, he’s taller. So, Claus confirmed it.

「But, that is, I’m older than Wolf’s brother. Half a year right now is big, but after a few years, the way Wolf is practicing, he’ll become strong, right?」

As a child, one year is big. Because he has a superior physique, he shouldn’t mind it, is that it?
Even from here, he was thinking the difference would only widen, but he hadn’t been thinking that there is a possibility that the difference of half a year could shrink. At this unexpected thought, Klaus’ eyes opened wide.

「Well, because I don’t take sword lessons, I’d also lose to the Wolf right now, huh?」

At the appearance of him thoughtlessly laughing, he certainly looks unreliable.

「When I fight you, Isaac, I’ll take it easy.」

「Thanks for that.」

When he deliberately says it arrogantly, the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice laughs as if something is funny.
Claus, for the first time, became aware he could do small talk. Until here, because there wasn’t a partner to do this kind of exchange with, he didn’t know. Things like talking about an impossible condition, because it’s this place, it’s possible, isn’t it?

「Isaac is a strange person.」

「Is that so?」

He tilts his head as if vexed, but he hadn’t met a person that even after knowing Claus is a prince, if Claus doesn’t tell them to, he won’t treat him like a prince.

「Although you’re someone of the Ernest house, you haven’t asked about my brother.」

「Why would I have to do that?」

He returns an answer that seems genuinely uninterested.
Even though he’s working for the house of the girl who’s the fiance, doesn’t he have any interest? Even the family status of the other person has influence on the house, so he thought the servants would have a considerable interest.
Finding the lack of interest strange, Claus smiled a little.

「Having worried about it, I’m an idiot.」

That is to say, the house of his older brother’s fiance, he thought he would be in the middle of a group who liked his brother.

「I don’t really understand, but what was your intention when asking?」

「I want to know his true nature.」

Because his older brother’s outward appearance is good, he can’t believe it, perhaps, but Claus decided to try hearing praise about his older brother.
The boy who is a gardener’s apprentice strangely tilts his head to the side.

「True nature?」

「That’s right. My older brother is arrogant and malicious.」

「Well…… he’s a good person.」

Claus, who interpreted the mumblings of the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice as consent, becomes happy and talkative.

「I suppose. He’s the kind of person who, even as he slyly kicks someone down, is calm!」


Even if Claus emphasizes it, the boy who seems to be a gardener replies with a response that’s only uninterested.

「Although, the guys who don’t know that say that my brother will be the next king, even though I’m more appropriate as one!」

「Wolf, will you become king?」


「Why do you want to become king?」

「My mother wishes for me to become king.」

You should become king, don’t lose to your older brother, how many times had his mother told him these things? He must do as his mother says.
The boy who is a gardener’s apprentice, because he looks with blank eyes, Claus stares back.

「I, although I heard you say you want to, why did it become about your mother?」

「Why, you say……」

Beyond that point, his words don’t continue.
Until now, he felt there were no suspicions in that foundation. Don’t think about it, and alarm bells echo in his mind. However, the copper eyes that are waiting for his words, because they are right in front of him, he can’t stop thinking.


Why did he want to become king?
Did he himself want to become king?
The doubts invoke disorder and the answer is lost. As if withstanding the whirlpool of doubts, Claus clenched a fist.

「……y, you then, for your trade, why are you a gardener, huh!?」

「Huh? It’s because I want to. My mother and my father didn’t ask me to become a gardener.」

When he desperately retorted back with the same question, he quickly received a reply. In addition to that, he has a clear idea of what he wants to become, unlike Claus.
He was envious of that, he thought.
Claus tightly bit his lips. Seeing that situation, the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice asks as if curious.

「Somehow, your complaints about your brother are weightless. Is Wolf saying what he’s thinking?」

「But, my mother……」

Although he realizes that his mother’s words came out again, Wolf’s words stagnate. The guy who couldn’t seem to even properly remember his own name was trying to ask his own opinion. So, dodging it would be ineffective.
Claus understands that he’s waiting for his own words. However, when he tries to express himself in a refined way, at that moment he ends up tripping on his words. When he tries to talk in a way that doesn’t borrow the words of someone like his mother, in that way, he becomes unsure.


The name he told him is called out, and when he lifts his head, his head is patted.

「My mother said it. Because after she gave birth, her stomach hurt, so she could love me as part of her, but if she forgets I’m a separate person, it’s no good.」

Because he hadn’t ever been able to read his mother’s thoughts, the boy blankly says in front of his eyes he has the same opinion. Although Claus and his mother should have the same stated opinion, it was his words.
Claus’ eyes opened wide.
It was the first time he was told even if he has a different opinion than his mother, it’s fine. For that reason, it was like a crash.
When surrounded by people, he nods at his mother’s words, wanting something similar. So, he thought he should act in a way like how his mother thinks. Too aware of their blood relationship, she naturally forgot he was a different person.
When he became self-aware, his tangled-up words little by little, started to form an answer.

「……for me, I don’t like the kingcraft classes because they’re difficult. It’s frustrating I can’t win against my older brother, but swordsmanship practice is fun. Philly…… because my younger sister is happy, I also like playing the violin.」

Because he’s talking while fumbling around his heart, it’s like a monologue, but the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice certainly listens to Claus’ words.
Things he likes, things he hates, those feelings he hadn’t settled took form. When he wanted the praise of his mother, he did his best, but now the thing that made him the most happy is the smiling face of his sister even when he shoddily played a piece he remembered.

「My father, even in front of me, because he’s the king…… is a little frightening.」

His father, even in front of children, was the king all the same. Because he unconsciously was tense in the face of the ruler, he doesn’t understand if that’s respectful. Rather, he respected the bravery of his sister who protested that she wants to eat a meal with the whole family.

「So, as for wanting to become the king, I don’t know.」

Becoming someone like his father, he doesn’t have that kind of yearning feeling. Furthermore, if becoming king meant being so impartial that consequently even towards family you couldn’t show emotion, then he doesn’t want to become that.
Lastly, after the discovered feeling left his mouth, Claus realizes it. The person in front of him, he already found what he wanted to become. Isn’t it ridiculous that compared to that other person, he doesn’t know what he wants to be?

「It’s fine, right?」


Claus, who was blushing with shame, was let down at not being told a denial.

「For my age, the people who have found their dream are small. I’m just one of the lucky ones.」

When Claus was ordinarily replied to, he doesn’t know what kind of reply would be good.
It’s the first time he used his own words. For himself, when had he given up on communicating his own feelings? In the beginning, he just wanted his mother to be happy.
Because realizing he was speaking his own words for the first time in a long time, it was scary, but accepting it, he was happy he seems to cry. But, he’ll withstand it. A guy crying isn’t cool.

「Is that so?」

Claus nodded. When he notices it, naturally he smiles.

「Ah, already, in a little bit, we’ll enter the promenade path.」

When he looks in the direction that the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice points towards, he saw the flower bed he remembered was on the other side of the trees.
After entering the promenade in between the gaps of the trees, he feels the light is strong, and Claus unconsciously closes his eyes.
When he waits for his eyes to get used to the light and opens his eyes, he saw the vivid colors of the flower bed coloring the sides of the path. A short while ago, until here, it felt like the vivid colors weren’t visible.
They’re lovely, Claus quietly mumbled.
When he realizes that it’s quiet and looks at the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice, he saw the face of a boy who had become engrossed in something.

「……what is it?」

When he asks, puzzled, the copper eyes shine in the sunlight.

「Wolf’s eyes, the metal in them has an amazing shine! Your hair is also platinum!」

「Metal……? Isn’t it silver……」

With his unexpected words, Wolf was attacked at an unguarded moment.
Often, his older brother Roy is called the golden prince, while Claus is called the silver prince.
It’s because their appearance where his older brother has golden hair and himself silver, but it was also used as a metaphor to indirectly call him inferior to his older brother. With Claus’ green eyes, he also doesn’t have the classic gold of the royalty.
It isn’t always true that the royalty has golden eyes, and even if in his head he understands that, that he might be inferior was a worry that followed him.
And yet, the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice calls him a metal. Even though his hair is called silver, it was the first time he was compared to platinum.
At Claus’ question, the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice tilts his head in confusion.

「If it’s platinum, it reflects like a mirror, right? It’s that soft shine of platinum, isn’t it?」

Because it’s rare that a commoner has seen platinum, it’s incredible, but certainly he was able to distinguish between metals.

「Wolf’s metal is a tender color, so it’s fine, you know?」

Somehow the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice delightfully smiles.

「……w, what is it, you!!」

「Hey, what is it, all of a sudden?」

Not knowing what to do with the sudden rising emotions, Claus pushed the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice. Receiving it, though the degree isn’t to the point it hurts, the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice can only protest with words saying he doesn’t understand. When Claus vents his frustration with his hands, he seems to let his guard down.

「Thank you for your guidance.」


When Claus exaggeratedly thanks him after calming down and venting his anger for some time, the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice nods and says he should get back to work.
Claus also heads back to the path of the promenade they arrived at and takes a step forward, but for a moment looks back, and yells to the back of the person trying to return to the trees.

「Isaac, see you again!」

「Don’t get lost next time, okay?」

The boy who is a gardener’s apprentice only turned his head back, but he waved his hand and let a small smile spill through. Confirming that the back of that guy was buried in the trees again, Claus also turned back and began walking. Without knowing why, he had said that.
The promenade had shepherd’s purses vividly blooming. If his sister saw them, he had a feeling she would call them sweet and would be happy. He ended up thinking it was funny that he realizes he has more time to look at the flowers than he thought.
When he walks for a while, he heads towards the other side where his older brother Roy and his fiance Lydia are. Lydia, when she notices Claus, has a relieved smile and quickly arrives to where he is.

「Your Highness, I’m glad. Because you weren’t returning, I was very worried.」

「See, I told you he’d be fine.」

When Roy cheerfully points out that she’s unexpectedly worried, Lydia says back that it’s only that Roy is too carefree. Even though a short while ago, the exchange that frustrated him before can now be taken as just friendly.
At his change of heart, Claus forces a smile. It was something like having money on hand.

「I am very sorry. Because on my walk, the colors changed, I ended up walking to the interior of the garden. It’s a very good garden, isn’t it? I’d like to show my younger sister.」

「Yes, it’s very lovely, right? Because of our pride in the garden, it would make me happy if she enjoys it as she wishes.」

At Lydia’s facial expression that seems to become happy, Claus, only a little, returns a smile. At her sweet response, a smile was drawn out from him.
When he feels someone’s gaze on him and looks, his older brother Roy was looking at him curiously with his honey colored eyes. Him making that kind of facial expression was unexpected to Claus.

「Is something wrong?」

「No…… it’s because I saw something I thought would take a year.」

He was only surprised, Roy says, seeming to become happy. Rather than his usual unreadable expression, Claus is surprised at his brother’s easy-to-read facial expression. Then, realizing the cause for his laughter, he became huffy.

「That’s rude. Even I smile.」

「I know.」

Claus, who doesn’t remember glaring at his laughing brother, tilts his head wondering why.
He lets his guard down and smiles in front of his younger sister. When it comes to her, only at that time, it’s possible. Because of his brother’s words, at the truth his brother saw something without him knowing it, he’s embarrassed. With how he only thought he was jealous, Claus thought his brother didn’t care about him.
Claus was at a loss for words, and turns away from his brother.
Even if he turns away, a sign of his older brother’s happiness was transmitted, and because a feeling of wanting to complain didn’t come to mind, Claus cleared his throat and asked.

「Does my older brother want to become the king?」

He thought it was abrupt, but he wanted to take this chance. If they went back to the castle, his mother will be there. At that time, will he be able to have his own words, or will Claus’ self confidence vanish?
Roy instantly gazed at him, and while looking into Claus’ eyes, smiles.

「Yes. Because I love this country.」

When he hears his brother desires to become king, it’s as Claus expected. Rather than talent and so on, their outlook on their studies feels slightly different.

「Well, then my older brother is also lucky, huh?」

「Is that so? I am lucky.」

At the way Claus phrases it, Lydia feels a sense of discomfort, but Roy only sincerely smiles. [T/N: She already has the Zack senses]

「I… first of all, because it’s frustrating to lose to my older brother, I’m going to keep persisting at fencing.」

Putting aside the aims to the throne, with the education they receive, they should do their best where they can do their best.

「Then, I’ll have to do my best too, huh? I can’t show my younger brother my unappealing side.」

「Do you care about that kind of thing……?」

「What about that sort of thing?」

At Roy who responded with a serious face, Claus was taken aback. He thought his older brother did everything with ease.

「If you say you won’t win if you don’t work hard, it won’t look good.」

Becoming amused, Claus unconsciously made a sound with his throat. Perhaps he already knew his brother wasn’t perfect, that an unintentional tone broke out.

「Miss Lydia, you did it! Claus dropped his guard!」


「I’m happy for you, Roy-sama.」

At Roy, who showed the most dazzling smile today and seemed very happy, Lydia, who didn’t seem to be hampering him, was silent, not pointing out that he was treating him like a wild animal. Lydia realizes that Roy’s expectations this time were very low. Since he was being avoided, there’s no helping that.
Claus was embarrassed at having his every move be reacted to. Since he’s reporting it to his fiance, it’s excessive.

「You’re exaggerating.」

「It’s the most important thing to me.」

There’s no way to change his wording now, and with the tone of voice, Claus protests, but Roy doesn’t seem to be holding back how happy his face is.

「Your Highness Claus, if it’s okay with you, could you come with Philly-sama?」

「It’s fine not to use ‘Your Highness’. At any rate, you’ll be my older sister in law.」

At Claus’ words, not only Lydia, but Roy’s eyes went wide. Then, they looked at each other as if to signal to each other they remember something.
Claus tilts his head in confusion at the two of them. He didn’t think he said something strange.

「Then, Claus-sama, is that fine with you?」


Though she hesitates a little to call him by name, when Claus nods, Lydia shows a smile of relief.
Roy happily addresses Claus.

「When the courtesans and flower towers are in bloom, let’s come again, the three of us.」

「Flower towers?」

「Next time we come, I’ll show them to you.」

「Aside from that, even though Philly and I are two……」

「Although it’s my fiance’s house, ostracizing you would be cruel, you know.」

「……I’ll think about it.」

Lydia looks pleasantly at the two siblings having an exchange with open hearts. From the beginning, she thought about how it could happen, but hearing Claus’ talking, she became happy.
However, the obstinance of his attitude, with only one lap around the promenade, how much it mellowed out is amazing. Did looking at the flowers of the garden calm him down? If that’s the case, she should thank Dennis for making such a lovely garden.
She also wanted to look at the flowers with Emilia.
Katherine and Petra, with everyone, if they could pass time in the peaceful garden, that would be nice. Looking at the two brothers, she felt a little envious.
Following Roy’s example, she’ll also try her best, she says in her heart, encouraging herself.

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36. Sweet Flag

So while the name is “Chinese Sweet Flag”, I could only find plant articles about the Japanese variant, hence I dropped it from the title.

TL: Toasty
ED: Toasty

「Nico, what’s wrong?」

In the self-study garden, I asked Nico who had just finished punching for stress relief. Because Nico opened their eyes to the brim of their long eyelashes, Ojou, who was sitting at the edge of the water fountain and waiting for us to finish, tilts her head in confusion.

「What is it, so suddenly?」

「Hmm, there’s something like a feeling you aren’t energetic.」

「I think I’m the same as always, though.」

Because I have a bad feeling that I can’t even put into words, I ask, and when Ojou says something similar, she says I’m only imagining it.

「Why would you think that, though?」

「Well…… it’s rare for Nico to have weak defenses, or how should I put it, the angle of his punch isn’t straightforward.」

「I don’t understand.」

Because only I received hits, even if I explain the feeling he doesn’t understand, Ojou says she can’t understand while half closing her eyes. Because I was asked, I answered, but something like talking to a girl like Ojou about fists, that topic is boring.
When I was thinking of saying I’m sorry for the boring talk, Nico let out a sigh. Then, he lifts his head up and gives a forced smile.

「I still have a ways to go for my acting ability, huh?」

Saying that, he sits down next to Ojou. I follow, sitting down next to him.
When I look in front of me, with yesterday’s rains, the dew is left on the grasses, and at the opposite side, on the border of the sunny area, the trees flicker with light.
As for whether or not to talk, if it’s the case that it’s easier for Nico to talk, if he can say it, it’s better, and if he doesn’t want to talk, it’s fine, I think. At least I can be stress relief for him.
Thinking that, when I wait for Nico’s judgment, he suddenly opens his mouth.

「Yesterday, it rained, right?」


「Because it’s the rainy season, recently it’s come down a lot, right?」

A long drizzling rain had come down from dusk to night. Because there weren’t any signs of it becoming violent, we stayed at the cabin and waited to see how things went. Then, at the time of departure, it seemed strangely bitter.

「When it rains, my sister gets sick.」

「Nico, you had an older sister?」


I’m slightly surprised at the truth I hadn’t heard about. Nico confirms it, and his long eyelashes fall as he continues talking.

「Before, she would only have a small headache, but recently the headaches are so strong she even has to rest in her bed……」

Because he isn’t a doctor, the fact there’s nothing he can do is frustrating. For Ojou and I, hearing this, similarly there’s nothing we can do. Regarding her deterioration, we certainly can’t say something like we hope she gets better as that’s just wishful thinking.
Along with Ojou who seems to be frustrated, Nico also looks over at me who is pondering, and softly gives a forced smile.

「Ahhh, won’t the rainy season end soon, I wonder?」

Nico lets out the wish of the simple solution. Just looking at his sister in that condition is painful.
I felt a sense of a hint floating lightly in my mind. I trace back those remains of what was on my mind.


「Wh, wh, what are you doing!?」

When I follow it, I unconsciously bring my head close to the bottom of Nico’s neck. Nico is a little surprised and pulls back a little, and Ojou lets out an agitated voice. However, although I feel around for the faint sensation, I’m concentrating, and can’t return a reply.

「……Nico, what’s your magical element?」

「Wind, why?」

「I see.」

Haring Nico’s reply, I think on the uncomfortable feeling I noticed.

「W, why did you have to smell Nicholas-sama!?」


Having it pointed out by Ojou, I at last realize the situation, and the source of the feeling is the nape of Nico’s neck, or in other words, because I was around his hair, it ended up being that I was smelling him.

「My bad. Ah, you smell like something sweet.」

Around when I first approached, I noticed that there’s a slightly sweet smell. Around the time I first saw Nico, I thought his appearance just seemed to make him smell nice, but he really does.

「Because smelling of sweat is unappealing, I use cologne, you know.」

「It’s lilac, right? For me, if it’s this much, it’s a good smell.」

I’m bad with deep and strong smells, but if it’s around this gentle level, it’s fine. The sweet smell is also a flower I like, so it’s good.

「Before, Zack told me something like that, right? So, I used it just that much.」

Because I guessed right about the type of cologne, Nico seems to happily smile. That cologne was custom made, isn’t it? I don’t know.

「……Hm? Ojou, what’s wrong??」

Somehow Ojou’s cheeks were swelling and she was holding her gaze steady at us. It seems like she was going to get mad, but so far I hadn’t seen any indication she was mad.

「You’re making an interesting face, you know.」

During the time I was thinking why she was getting mad, Nico mercilessly poked Ojou’s face. Poked, Ojou seemed to feel ashamed, putting her hands on her cheek and not giving any pursuit to defend herself.
Was it Nico’s teasing, as although I expected Ojou to be mad at me, her spiteful eyes were facing Nico. However, even when Ojou glares, Nico seems calm. That glare it painful, isn’t it?
Now that I think about it, what was Ojou scolding me about? Although Nico was seriously talking, was it because I interrupted it with my actions? I didn’t have any ill will, but I didn’t understand how to explain to the two of them what was on my mind.
Nico, receiving Ojou’s glare, suddenly drops his smile as if he lost heart.

「Well, thank you for listening to me.」

Suddenly, Ojou’s facial expression became awkward. She apologizes for only being able to listen.

「……I only listened.」

「That’s enough, you know. Because I said that, don’t worry about it anymore.」

Saying that, Nico lightly stretches Ojou’s cheeks, as if inducing her to smile.

「Because the summer white chrysanthemums were blooming, I’ll ask my father if I can have some. Certainly, her headache will subside.」

「Thank you.」

The scent had that kind of effect. Summer white chrysanthemums are exactly in season, so my mother makes tea leaves with them, and so if possible, we should share them with Nico.

「Then, because that dandelion head is tired of waiting, it’s about time we go back, right?」

Nico raised the topic of Ojou’s guard, Pome, who is standing by the opposite side of the hedge fence. Ojou and I nod, then leave the self-study garden. When we leave the hedges, Pome is sleeping on the ground at the base of a tree. That day, Nico went back with a bouquet of white chrysanthemums.
For me, the meaning of that uncomfortable feeling I realized weighed on my mind. 

A few days later, I opened the door next to the silver plum potted plant.

「Mom, I’m home.」

「Please excuse the intrusion.」

From the opened door, Nico who came with me takes off his hood, and gives his greetings after me.

「Oh my, welcome. He’s a really pretty child, isn’t he?」

「Nico really is a beautiful person. More than that, can he come in?」

At my mother’s thoughts, I really agree, and ask, wanting to confirm. My mother answers saying of course he can come in, and goes to the kitchen to prepare tea.

「At any rate, this is convenient, but at this time, winter clothing is hot.」

While taking off the overcoat that has the covertness effect, Nico lets out his dissatisfactions. He asked that on a holiday, if it would be fine to visit, but even if Nico’s a boy, he’s a beautiful person, so coming as he is would be dangerous. Because of that, I requested to borrow it.

「Sorry about that. Let’s make one for summer, too.」

「No, don’t make more of this sort of problem.」

When I think about if he was waiting at the dining room table, the owner of the overcoat who came before comes out to greet us and apologize. However, he unconsciously rushed into the contents of the apology. When I think about the worries of Matteus-onii-chan, it’s better not to make more of this kind of item.
Nico, seeming to open his mouth to ask who this is, stops his words. With how he seems to remember, he stares at Leo wearing a wig of brown hair. At that sight, Leo reacts with a smile.
After several seconds, Nico seems to realize something, but at the unbelievable sight his eyes open wide.

「Your Highness……?」

「I often talk with Eugen, but outside of greetings, this is the first time I’ve talked with Nicholas, huh?」

While wearing the wig, with his sparkling face, Leo can be correctly recognized. I don’t understand who Eugen is, but he’s likely the prime minister, Nico’s father.
Receiving Leo’s confirmation, Nico grabs my shoulders and turns his back to Leo, with a whisper asks me a question.

「Why is the prince in Zack’s house!?」

「Eh? That overcoat, I borrowed it from Leo.」

「So, why!?」

「Hmm, I accidentally found him as a lost child??」

「You pick up too many things……」

When I quickly explain the details of how I met Leo, Nico seems to become exhausted and give up with a sigh. Nico tells me I’m the kind of person who would often pick up lost kids, but Leo and his older brother and younger sister are the only ones I’ve encountered.

「Then, it’s fine, right?」

「What is?」

「That guy is Miss Dia’s fiance, right?」

Nico asks that in a whisper while pointing to Leo. Even if it’s secretly with your thumb, is it okay to point at the prince like that?

「That’s right.」

「That’s right, you say……」

「Even before Ojou was engaged to him, I already got to know him.」

「Ahh, I see.」 [T/N: Nico 100% on the Zack/Ojou ship]

When I don’t understand the meaning of the question and tilt my head, Nico because exhausted and drops his shoulders.
Nico, who asked questions only to me, turns to face Leo.

「If it’s here, is it fine to call you Leo?」

「Yes. It’s really helpful that you’re quick to understand. You’re just Zack’s friend, right?」

「I’m already used to it. For me, calling me Nico is fine, you know.」

「Thank you. I will do just that.」

Even if they don’t introduce themselves, the two of them get to know each other and come to an agreement. However, just what in the world was Nico used to?
Exactly at that time, there’s a knocking sound, and I opened the front door.

「Good day. Auntie, today is…… wh!?」

「Oh dear, I’m sorry.」

While talking at the front door, Maria, who turned up, bumped into the back of Nico.
Did her small nose hit him, as while holding her face with one hand, Maria looked upa s if to confirm the true character of the person she ran into, and saw Nico’s face as he looked over his shoulder. At that moment, Maria turned red and she froze up, her facial expression becoming dazed.
I, aware of the effect of Nico’s beauty, vividly remember it. In my past life, my sister talked about a character in the otome game who had a quality like this.

「…… is this sort of thing a pheromone?」

「Pheromone, what’s that?」

「Maybe it’s the aroma of something like a flower that beautiful people have, I think.」

「I see. Certainly that describes Nico.」

「I don’t need that kind of title, you know. Rather than that, worry about this ojou-chan with braids.」

He doesn’t get the feeling we’re praising him, Nico says while half-closing his eyes, pointing out how we were leisurely not paying attention. Even before that, because there was something similar that happened, we ended up watching in a relaxed manner. We did something bad to Maria.

「Maria, sorry. Are you okay?」

I crouch down and match Maria’s eye level, starting to talk to her. Maria had an appearance of being sick, so for a moment, she focuses on me, and with squished teary eyes bends her facial expression.


「Were you surprised? My bad about that.」

Because Maria clings to me and comes along with me, I gently pat her on the head to calm her down. I’m used to seeing it, but I knew she didn’t have the mental preparedness for the surprise at finding Nico who is as beautiful as any other girl. Certainly, downtown, because there isn’t this kind of beautiful person, it’s very surprising.

「What is it, what is it, I’m not listening~」

「Yep, I didn’t say it. I’m sorry.」

「Am I, am I being tested!?」 


「But….. I won’t lose!」 [T/N: Zack really is the harem master, man.]

Maria says something along the lines of declaring war.
I don’t really understand what she was saying in the second half, but somehow or another Maria, who had regained her peace of mind, went back. Seeing her off in front of the door, when I go back to the two at the dining table who had returned earlier, Nico is making a surprised facial expression and Leo was drinking tea with a smile.

「……Zack, you really are Zack anywhere, huh?」

「I’m me, right?」

What is Nico saying?

「Miss Maria has good prospects.」

「I can’t tell Miss Dia…」

Because Leo, somehow or another, praised Maria, Nico lets out a sigh, but what in the world are they saying? Furthermore, outside of my part time job with Daniel-sama, I don’t hide anything from Ojou.
First of all, after we were done drinking tea, I guide the two of them to my room. Leo’s guard, Matteus-onii-chan, remained at the dining room table. It might be narrow for the two nobles, but they have to endure it. The two of them sit on the bed, and I get on a three-legged seat.

「So, why did you call on me this afternoon?」

「Before that, Nico. With your wind attribute, can you make your voice unhearable?」

「If it’s about this much, I can.」

When I make a request to Nico to break the ice, at the same time I finish speaking, a soundproofing membrane fills the room. Leo’s sister Elena can also do this, but without the assistance of spirits, the extent of the range of magic Nico can use without an aria means he has a lot of magical power.

「Thank you.」

「Is it bad if other people hear us?」

「No, this is only my guess, so someone might understand if I’m wrong.」

About what, Nico asks, tilting his head, and I think about my explanation.

「In Nico’s house, is there anyone who can use Dark attribute magic?」

「No, of course.」

It seems in Count Rudolstadt’s house, there is a large legacy of wind magic users. Even if there are water and earth aligned magic users, it seems fire and dark magic users don’t have a lot of affinity with them and that’s the basis for not selecting them as marriage candidates. I didn’t know that elemental affinity had an influence on relationships. If your magical powers are great, you’re susceptible to the effects of the nature of your element.

「Where in the world did you discover the dark element?」

That topic is brought up, or so I should say, Leo asks if I confirmed the dark element somewhere. Settling it quickly is good, but Leo’s high power of understanding is unpleasant. What kind of face should I make to that?

「The other day, it was attached to Nico’s hair.」

It was really faint, but because I felt the traces of dark magic power from Nico, it was strange. I didn’t know Nico’s element, but up until now, he had never had the indication of dark magic spirits on him.
At my words, Nico touches the hair at the back of his head.

「That day, before you came to the Ernest house, who did you meet with?」

「Um…… before I headed out, my older sister fixed my hair.」

Nico confirms exactly what I was thinking.

「It spreads from someone who touched you, you received that much dark magic power, I think. So, the bad health of Nico’s sister might be from a curse, I think.」

That’s what I felt, because there was magical power with ill will, I was sure someone used magic on purpose. There is even dark magical power that can interfere with the mind, so if it’s misused, it can become a curse. Therefore, I thought it was simply that.
In the end it was an assumption, but hearing it, Nico’s complexion changed.

「Who is it, that guy?」

「No, I don’t know him yet. Because I want to confirm it, I asked Leo to come.」

At Nico who is evidently seething with anger and forgetting to act femininely, I remind him that I don’t have evidence. While Nico’s wrath was increasing, I had him sit back down in the seat he was rising from. Our eyes meet just like that.

「Then, what about the prince?」

「Because I can only read the signs, if it’s Leo, I think he’s able to read what kind of magic it is.」

For me, raised in the downtown area, even for commoners who have little magical power, they don’t even know how to use elementary level magic. However, for Leo who can make a magical circle by himself, if it’s possible, if he sees the magic, he might understand it. For me, Leo is the best person to rely on when it comes to magic.

「I, on the other hand, can’t read the signs that there’s magic.」

「First of all, for the purpose of confirming, I want to visit Nico’s sister, so is that fine?」

「I don’t mind, but……」

He consented to us visiting, but Nic looks at Leo with curiosity about his true intentions.

「Why would you help with this?」

Leo doesn’t know Nico, they’re only acquaintances. There’s no reason for the prince, the highest noble house, to intervene. Furthemore, if it’s true, there is also no duty to listen to my request. I’m only a commoner who assists during inspection. As far as today is concerned, rather than helping, I’m just sparing time.
At Nico’s question, Leo narrows his honey colored eyes, and calmly smiles.

「It’s just one favor, so there’s no problem. Besides—」


「I was curious about the person that Isaac bows his head for.」

Nico’s eyes open wide, and he looks in my direction.

「Bows for……?」


With the confirmation of the basis of my weak guess, it might be something of a waste, especially for someone with no duty to meet me. I want to do something for the sake of my friend, but since I’m looking for the cooperation in dealing with those private matters, I should properly ask who the other person is.
Holding onto the borrowed coat, before the time of inspection I bowed my head and asked. There, with only one thing lent, Leo agreed. He’s a good guy.

「……you idiot.」

There’s no helping you, Nico says while smiling as if enduring something.

Since we got permission from Nico to visit, I got summer white chrysanthemums and fragrant tea leaves from my mother. Nico wore the secret overcoat until we got to the center of the public square, and after that Matteus-onii-chan hired a carriage to take us to the Rudolst estate. I originally intended to go on foot, but since on my return trip I’d stand up, Leo had Matteus-nii-chan prepare a carriage.
The carriage stops at the front gate of the Rudolst estate, and when Nico leads us into the estate, stewards and several maids politely greeted him. I thought it was fine to be treated as an attendant, so I stood behind Leo, next to Matteus-nii-chan.

「Nico-chan, welcome home.」

「Mother, I’m back. These are the friends who said they want to see my sister, so it is fine?」

A woman with the same pale violet hair as Nico appears, her hair softly swaying while greeting Nico with a light hug. In addition, while lightly hugging her back, when Nico says his business, her eyes go wide.

「My, Nico-chan, this is the first time you’ve brought friends over, isn’t it?」

Compared to Nico’s mother who is all smiles, Nico somehow or another maintains a smile that seems a little awkward.
Because he’s in the position of a son, being congratulated for only bringing his friends to his mother is embarrassing, isn’t it? If he can, he wants to ignore it. Even if they celebrate, at the very least, he wants it after his friends go home.

「Are you perhaps Zack-kun?」

「Eh? Yes.」

As for Nico’s mother who looked at me with her eyes, looked at everyone’s face, and somehow stopped on me. I didn’t think she would look at me and treat me as a friend. Surprised, I ended up reflexively replying.

「Well, I’m glad you visited. This old lady is called Elvira. From here, please continue to get along with Nico-chan.」

「Yes, of course.」

Elvira-sama, meeting me, a commoner, and even though she calls herself an old lady, I wonder if there is such a beautiful old lady. She may be older than my mother, but Nico’s mother, as expected, is a beautiful person.

「Oh my, and this is?」


This time, because her eyes stop on Leo, Nico, even while confused, introduces him to Elvira-sama. Although with his wig, his appearance can be seen as an ordinary noble or a wealthy merchant’s son, Leo’s face is strange. If Elvira-sama recognizes the face of the prince, it’s no good. As expected, in my inner thoughts, there’s a chill.

「Well, well, you made two friends, didn’t you! It’s nice to meet you too, Leo-kun.」

「Yes, it is nice to meet you too.」

Aside from the worries of what Nico is doing, Elvira-sama is earnestly delighted at how Nico made friends. At the time Elvira-sama and Leo’s smiles meet each other, Nico seems to become exhausted.

「……mother, is it fine if we visit my older sister?」

「Yes. But, if Ise-chan is sleeping, don’t wake her up.」

「Then, if that’s the case, can we just leave these there?」

When we show her the bouquet of large larkspurs we brought, Elvira-sama smiles and nods.

「Of course. Thank you for the beautiful flowers.」

She says for Nico to go quickly, and because we were guided, we continue on, but when we look back just once, Elvira-sama is smiling at us and seeing us off.

「It’s good your mother’s a natural airhead.」

Even if he didn’t want to be seen by Elvira-sama, Nico let out a sigh of relief.

「A natural airhead?」

「Didn’t you understand just a little bit ago? What a natural airhead is.」

「She’s a good mother, isn’t she?」

「Well, I guess.」

Come to think of it, I heard from Nico that after he had started his onee acting, his father’s reaction was funny, but as for his mother’s reaction, she didn’t say anything. Because she didn’t mind me being a friend even if I’m a commoner, I thought that maybe Elvira-sama is a very big-hearted.
She’s a good mother, or so Leo praised, and Nico didn’t deny it, nodding his head with embarrassment. No matter what he says, it seems like he doesn’t dislike Elvira-sama.
When we arrive at Nico’s room, Nico has the maids inside withdraw and we enter the room. Matteus-nii-chan is waiting outside the room.

「Nee-chan, are you awake?」

Nico calls out to make sure, but there isn’t a response. When we approach the bed, a girl with dark brown hair is frowning while sleeping. Below her closed eyes, faint shadows have appeared. Her hair that gently dashes against her long eyelashes is the same as Nico’s and Elvira-sama’s, but with how only the hair color is different, it’s a very different first impression.

「Last evening, it was always raining, so since it became morning she’s been sleeping.」

Not only Nico’s sleeping sister, but Nico also makes a pained facial expression. Hurting enough that it disturbs your sleep is incredibly severe. If the symptoms continue, even outside of when it rains, she might become unwell.

「Isaac, how is it?」

「……I can feel signs of dark magic.」

At Leo’s question, I feel around for spirits and answered. The time I felt magic used with ill intent, there are signs of dark spirits that have a peculiar stagnation, but they’re floating around Nico’s older sister. I hadn’t ever sensed the type of magic that accumulated and persisted to this extent, but I know that the stagnant sensation not disappearing isn’t good at all. Is there any way to ventilate them?
Hearing my answer, Nico’s pale purple eyes become aflame with anger. Because I don’t want to see this kind of facial expression on Nico, I was hoping my guess would be wrong. But, a curse, furthermore, I understood that someone was working closely with magic that has an ill will.

「Gradually she’s being gnawed away at, so the person who did it or the medium for it should be close by. Since the symptoms appeared, I also met Heroise-ojou once, but I didn’t see if she had something like a seal.  It’s probably the latter.」

While moving on the carriage, Leo, who was listening to Nico’s explanation of events, immediately guesses the cause. I relied on him, but for this kind of thing, he’s too reliable that I don’t like it. Now, I’m grateful for Leo’s smarts, but I can’t wipe away this feeling with this guy.

「Isn’t there the possibility there’s a seal we can’t see?」

「If that’s the case, as one would expect, Heroise-ojou herself would have a clue. Isaac, can you search for the medium?」

「How? I’ll try.」

It’s weaker than Leo’s secret overcoat, and because it’s the room of Nico’s sister, Heroise, there are remnants of dark magic all over, making it hard to search. From where should I decide to search, so first I thought to check the bouquet we brought.
However, next to Heroise’s bed, there was a vase placed by the previous guest.

「Gypsy roses?」

「Yes. From nee-chan’s fiance.」

When my eyes stop on the purple gypsy roses, Nico tells me with a wrathful facial expression. From that reaction, I understand he doesn’t have a good impression of her fiance.

「He’s a complete brat, he’s only a headache, even those flowers were brought by a messenger.」

It seems her fiance didn’t even come see her personally. However, the flowers received are properly arranged, so for Heroise-sama, doesn’t have the same bad impression as Nico does.
It’s the limits of what I saw, but Heroise-sama is probably one or two years above him. However, because I don’t know the age of her fiance, it’s hard to understand whether or not Nico’s judgment is harsh. If it’s downtown, there are plenty of young men who fight with lovers over this. It’s only hearsay, but only giving flowers as a gift, it may be excellent for a noble.

「Considering her fiance gave them, these are unfitting flowers.」

Leo looks suspiciously at the gypsy rose.

「What is it?」

「In the language of flowers they have a meaning of disappointed love.」

「Oh, really?」

「Is that so?」

At Nico and I’s reply, Leo’s eyes went surprisingly wide. Our reply was one of those who don’t know the language of flowers.

「Were you two uninterested?」

「Flowers are something to only smile at, people arbitrarily assigning meaning to them is strange.」

「For me, since until the other day I only received them from those close to me, I didn’t mind them.」

For me, I only think about how flowers spring up and bloom, and how pretty they are. Attaching the language of flowers which raises and lowers their value isn’t something I’m satisfied with. So, the origin of their meanings are in the illustrated plant guide, but that’s the only section I don’t even read or let enter my head.
For Nico, until he began his onee performance, with his appearance, he was showered with gifts, it seems. Naturally, they included gaudy bouquets. The things he was given, because they aren’t in his tastes, for something like the meaning contained in those flowers, he stopped paying attention.

「I see.」

Understanding our opinions, Leo made an amused seeming smile.
Because there isn’t any reason to mix them with the flowers from her fiance, for now we put the large larkspur we brought next to it. After, we put them in a vase someone brought along.
While thinking that I can only see beautiful blooming flowers, I look at the petals that seem to make a purple lace. Because they don’t have a good meaning, they’re considered to be a bad flower, which is such a waste.


「What’s wrong?」

「It’s this, maybe.」

I looked at the gypsy rose and realized it. Because Heroise-sama is close to it, as soon as I thought the signs were strong, rather than signs that they are coiled around Heroise-sama, there are signs the dark element warped.
For the sake of confirming it, when Leo moves the vase of the gypsy rose with both hands as if to cover it, from the flowers, something that looks like ink running comes to the surface.

「It’s a curse that amplifies the amount of pain felt.」

With the pattern, Leo understands, I think, and he draws his conclusion.

「That guy……」

「Nico, that’s too hasty. Besides, let’s find a solution to this first.」

Towards Nico who is clenching his fists, when Leo points it out to calm him down, Nico drops his shoulders as if relaxing.

「Can you undo it……?」

「Since the degree is only harassment, if it’s this much, I can undo it.」

At Leo’s confident wods, Nico sighs deeply with relief. I feel sorry towards Nico, but rather than worry about Heroise-sama, my facial expression is sullied at the truth I just learned.
I don’t know who did it, but I feel that putting malice in flowers is just heartless. Even in the case that they’re poisonous, flowers when admired by people can only calm them down. This distortion of their value is heart-breaking.

「Even if it’s just undoing it, it’s fine……」

Leo mumbles that while carefully considering it. Then, glancing at Nico who had gotten angry and me, who felt down with the misuse of flowers, decided something and nodded.

「Return the cross of binding to the offender.」

Putting up his index and middle finger, when Leo faces the gypsy rose and makes the sign of the cross, the pattern that appeared and indication of dark magic vanished.

「Is it already undone?」

「Yes. Just to be sure, let’s get rid of the remains of the dark magic attached to Heroise-sama.」

When Leo lightly snaps his fingers, instantly particles of light envelop Heroise-sama and then vanish. After that, the feelings I had of dark magic vanish. With this, even restoration is quick, isn’t it?
Nico approaches Heroise-sama’s bedside and examines her state of affairs. The dark circles under her eyes remain, but her facial expression softened, and her peaceful breathing is different. Nico, who saw that and could believe it was okay, shows relief all over his face.
Then, turning to face  us, he softly smiles.

「Thank you.」

Seeing Nico smile, I thought only that I was glad.

I tried to keep my voice’s volume in check, but because there was no reason to overstay our welcome in a sleeping person’s room, we went back to Nico’s room.
Confirming that the maids who brought tea had left, Leo’s starts to speak.

「The family of Marquis Kuhn, if you make them search for someone with a cross-shaped mark on their hand, it will be good. That person is the caster.」

It seems the returned magic always came to the surface somewhere on the hand that had touched it. Nico nodded, saying he would check later on Marquis Kuhn’s family, which seemed to be the house of Heroise-sama’s fiance.

「I only intended to check, but……」

With how I only intended to check whether or not it was a curse, I wasn’t thinking at all of how to settle it. Far from just identifying the specific cause, Leo was a guy who ended up undoing the curse and pinpointing the culprit. No, he’s the prince, right?
He gallantly appears and helps princesses. He’s like a prince that appears in the books Ojou reads. A real prince is an ordinary junior politician, so I wasn’t thinking there’s one like in the picture books. Well, with a few minutes to reach the solution, if you defeat them too fast, and it won’t be suitable for a story without excitement.

「As expected, of the prince of light, right?」

「What’s that?」

「Leo is light attribute, right?」

In the noble space, Leo’s attribute seems to be common knowledge. Something like the scarce light magic is like a champion of justice or hero-ish. Which reminds me, he was the main hero of the otome rame, right? I forgot.

「For me, I could only use light magic recently.」

While drinking tea, Leo nonchalantly says it. Because the main aspect of light magic is basic recovery and purification effects, the time he purified the dark magic attached to Heroise-sama was the only time he used it.
At the truth he was sleekly told, Nico’s eyes go wide.

「Ha? Then, what was that a little while ago?」

「Intelligence gathering and tracing the culprit is dark element, you know?」

Because when light magic is used to purify dark magic, similar to when light strikes the shadows it disappears, it’s perfectly eliminated and even traces are extinguished, he chose to return the curse with dark magic for Nico who wanted to know who the culprit is. Even in the time he looked up its effects, he was only being made to have an outline of shadow around him, Leo explained.
Hearing the explanation, because it was at a level that I couldn’t do and was a deed done because of Leo’s high magical power, I simply nod and then drank tea.
Nico can’t be convinced, it seems.

「Even if you have that much magical power……」

「Somehow or another, I seem to have both light and dark attribute.」

Leo, with a sparkling, smiling face, simply replies. This kind of physically dazzling guy, no one would believe even his dark magic is strong. Although having two attributes is rare, I encounter them often, huh? Water and wind for Duke-sama, light and wind for Princess Elena, and Leo’s the third.

「Just now, I didn’t stick up the soundproofing membrane……」

「At any rate, because it’s known, there isn’t a problem.」

「Ahh, I see.」

At Nico who was anxious about knowing a state secret, Leo calmed him down with a cheerful reply. At the carefree Leo, Nico, with an appearance of being tired, covers his face with one of his hands.

「……why is Zack not surprised?」

Why was he worried about me, said Nico, turning a critical eye towards me.

「Hm? It’s the only magic I can use.」

For someone with a lot of magical power, the things they can do are many, but I understand my ability and there is the question of how much I can use. Even for me, in the beginning, I tested out how much I could use magic outside of my element. Furthermore, even dark magic, if it’s Leo, he won’t misuse it.
Hearing my reply, Nico deeply sighs, and for some reason Leo smiles as if satisfied.

「Light magic is different, while dark magic is easy to use.」

「For me, because I can only put up a small barrier, I don’t know whether or not it’s convenient.」

Even if I asked him to agree with me, whose magical power is weak, there would be trouble. There’s seriously no way that I’d see eye to eye with someone with a wide difference between us.

「……When I’m with you two, I feel like I’m the sensible one.」

「Nico, you’re not weird.」

「Where’s the strangeness?」

「That’s not a line to say to an onee.」 

At us who immediately recited there’s nothing wrong, Nico seemed to be amazed from the bottom of his heart. He saw us off as we returned to the Ernest household. When I hand over the white summer chrysanthemums and tea leaves my mother gave me to use, he accepted them. They’re flowers that can either smell sweet or be used to relieve aches. Because he has to wait for Heroise-sama’s condition to naturally improve, even if he uses only a little, it’ll be of use.

Several days later, Nico happily reported that Heroise-sama is favorably improving. As for the matter of the cursed flower, it isn’t her fiance, but the work of a maid who had fallen in love with him. Although he didn’t take part in it, the fiance directly lowered his head, it seems. The engagement wasn’t canceled, but against Nico’s house, the other house’s position seems to have weakened.

「The offender is a woman, so I can’t hit her.」

「Was there a feeling of wanting to hit her, though?」

When he understood the culprit, Nico had an intent to hit them, but was surprised. There was a feeling of getting angry, but trying to settle it with the laws of nature, how would it go for a noble, I wonder. As someone who taught him stress relief, I feel a little responsible.

「A woman’s jealousy is dreadful, isn’t it?」

Hearing Nico let out those kinds of impressions, I reflect on how it doesn’t deeply immerse itself in Ojou, and as for Ojou, does she even get jealous, I wonder. Certainly, with her discussions with the rabbit girl and her friends about the prince they seem to be in high spirits, so it seems unlikely.

「You don’t need to worry about that kind of thing with Ojou.」


「If it’s someone Ojou has come to like, surely, she can look away.」 [T/N: It’s a weird way of saying it, but basically Zack is saying that because it’s the person Ojou likes, she can wish for their happiness and move on, I think.]

Because Ojou is a beautiful girl, since even the insides are cute, even the other person will come to like Ojou. If it becomes like that, the likelihood that Ojou will be rejected or cheated on is low. Well, since I don’t really understand love, maybe.

「Well…… in reality, she isn’t looking away, you know.」

Nico, who is staring with a half-opened eye, looks in my direction and mumbles with an amazed tone. Why are you looking at me?

「N, Nicholas-sama, y-y-you are misunderstanding……!?」

Ojou, whose face became red before we knew it, lets out an 「Awaawa」 with a panicked expression, giving an explanation. She desperately claims he’s wrong, but what is she denying? Nico replies with a disregarding 「Yes, yes」, pacifying Ojou.

「Zack, please have moderation.」

While patting Ojou’s head, Nico warns me. Even if I moderate myself, I said that Ojou seems to be just fine.

「Did I say something bad……??」

「Then, should I give a detailed explanation?」

Pome, who had been restraining himself up until now, raises her invisible hand hidden by her sleeve and comes forward to explain. There, Ojou who had turned a bright red, let out a wordless scream.

「Stop that. Dia-sama will die of shame.」

Nico chides Pome.
Because Ojou looking dead troubles me, I cut off Pome’s explanation. Although I don’t understand the reason, when I apologize to Ojou, she hits me while saying 「Idiot, idiot」. Because it isn’t painful, until she’s satisfied, I take it.

A few days later at night, after at least ten days, when Elena contacts me with the bear, after complaining, she earnestly boasts about Leo. Because the mood hasn’t changed much from my past life where Yuuka would tell a story about Roy-sama, as if already asleep, I vaguely reply back while preparing my bed.

[Hey! Don’t make me the only one to talk, Isaac should also talk about something!]


I was complained to, but arbitrarily talking is Elena’s style.

「Even so, I don’t have any particularly interesting stories.」

It’s just my usual garden work and talking with Ojou and Nico. Because even Elena understands Ojou’s cuteness, even if I don’t say anything, it’s fine.

[Something good, you have to have it!]

When even a single topic has to be squeezed out of me, I’m scolded. Coming up with something on short notice will trouble me. First of all, let’s think on the topic.

「……Ah, Nico’s older sister is recovering from her sickness.」

[That’s good, isn’t it? Who’s Nico?]

「A friend.」

At my too straightforward answer, can you even extend the conversation, Elena says, getting angry. It’s fine if it doesn’t, I’m already sleepy.

[Hm……? Impossible, that Nico, he’s the son of the prime minister, Nicholas von Rudolstat?]

「That’s him.」

That’s something like his full name. I, already sleepy, lean on my pillow while answering back.

[Ehhhh!? Why did Isaac get to meet Nico-onee?]

Elena, who shouts it’s unfair, is loud.

「Hm? Has Nico even been an onee in front of you?」

If Leo had only greeted them, even during Elena’s time, with only greetings, there wasn’t a chance to do his onee act, was there?

[Eh!? No way, why is he already an onee!?]

「What do you mean already? Haven’t you met Nico?」

[I only greeted him during my birthday party, you know. Even with that, I would have understood if he had become an onee, right!? He’s totally a beautiful person!!]

Somehow our conversation isn’t on the same wavelength. Although Elena isn’t meeting with Nico, why does Elena call him ‘Nico-onee’?

[Isaac, do you remember? In Kimiboshi, there was an onee charcter, right!?]

「I don’t remember. If it’s the minigame types, just barely.」

[From the RPG.]

「Ah…… there’s that character with long hair where only their magical power is high, but their physical attack and defense is low, right?」

As for whether or not there was an onee character, I don’t know, but in order to go into the forest with monsters, I remember that compulsory party member who temporarily goes with the heroine, when that guy with long hair eats a physical attack, the party composition was hard.
If you put in the other capture targets in the party with their high attack power, it will go alright, but if the heroine didn’t have more than enough favorability, even if you called out to them, they would refuse. So, the phase before the mini-RPG my sister would do, and after that, I would do party composition. With this cooperative play between brother and sister, it was an unusual route for clearing.
However, why did Elena suddenly bring up the topic of the otome game I helped with in my past life?

「…………That long haired character, is it Nico?」

[That’s right. What did you hear?]

In other words, Nico is a capture target.

[Nico-onee, with his devilish good looks since he was born, from a child, having gone through a lot of bad times from women, became a misogynist. Because he distrusted other human beings, his capture difficulty is high, you know. Ah, although they’re women, he treats his family distinctly, though his older sister had a curse on her and couldn’t go to school, so for his sister’s part, he played the part of an onee and went to school, remembering his family……]

That’s long. As for not stopping her talk once she enters the mood of talking about a character, it hasn’t changed from the past life. As for what I know, it’s my friend Nico; I don’t have an interest in the Nico from Kimiboshi. Can I go to sleep already?

[In other words, with the exception of the heroine, undoing the curse on his sister together, you already gained the trust of Nico-onee……  ahhh!]

「What is it? Did you finish talking?」

Swiftly, Elena’s voice rose a step, and I raised my head that was sinking into the pillow.

[Isaac, did you undo the curse on Nico’s sister!?]

「It wasn’t me. The one who undid it is Leo.」

[Eh, Roy-nii-sama? That’s right, Roy-nii-sama, too! It absolutely is Isaac’s fault, right!?]

Elena is surprised to know that Leo figured out the curse. Then, I was treated like the culprit. I don’t want her to arbitrarily decide this is the case. Anyways, I’m sleepy.

「Kids should go to sleep. I’m already going to sleep.」

[Wait, Isaac!?]

With how I hit the limit of my drowsiness, I put my head down on the futon and go to sleep. I can hear Elena complaining I should tell her a story, but Elena eventually cuts off the phone call after it seems like I fell asleep, and it was quiet for a while.
Tomorrow, I also have work, so I have to try not to sleep in. Because of the feeling in the buds, the sweet flags might bloom tomorrow. If that’s the case, I have to tell Ojou.

It’s good to be back, folks. JLPT was wild, not too bad for the grammar and vocab sections to be honest. The listening, though, wewlad, that was brutal. Not to mention something on the campus set off my allergies so it was a pain to get through, wahahaha.

Either way, fun chapter. Not a lot to say, to be honest, but Zack causing all the events to slowly start lining up in certain ways is hilarious. We’re actually also at the halfway point, as there are 71 chapters in total. Thanks for sticking with me this whole way. I should have a chapter up on the 30th but we’ll see if I’m not getting stuck with some New Years Prep. I’m traveling for New Years so schedule my slip by a week or so.

See you all next time!

35. Shade Under a Tree

This chapter’s name is literally “tree’s shade” but that sounds funky as a title. Also, sorry if this chapter is a bit of a mess formatting wise. I wasn’t able to do my usual editing because I got pulled into a business trip so I am actually currently doing this from my hotel room before I have to do work instead of my usual set-up, hahaha. Tried my best, but wew, work trips are exhausting. If someone wouldn’t mind putting this on NovelUpdates, that would be neat; I’m like, rushing to get this out the door before work, whoops. Time zone differences suck. Anyways, enough of that, chapter time.

TL: Toasty
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「Zack, where are you?」

Even with his moderate greetings, Nicholas, who had visited the Ernest estate, asked Lydia his friend’s whereabouts.
It was always the same exchange, but today Lydia’s friend was a little different.

「……um, before, I have something I want to consult a little.」

At Lydia, who while seeming to timidly talked while asking, Nicholas tilts his head in confusion. Whenever he was approached to consult about something, eight or nine times out of ten, it was about a friend, but he didn’t have any expectations.

「What is it?」

Since her guard, Eric, did not have good feelings towards the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice, Lydia shortens the distance between them and hides her mouth with her hand while talking with a whisper. Nicholas imitated that, crouching over to make it easy for Lydia to talk.

「……um, I have a feeling he’s avoiding me.」

「Haa? There’s no way Zack is avoiding you.」

At that astounding sentence, Nicholas denied it as impossible.

「That’s what it seems like, but…… certainly, it’s the same as always, but how do I put it……」

Expressing beyond that is difficult for words, so Lydia frowned in careful consideration. For the sake of encouraging Lydia to continue, Nicholas asks a question.

「What kind of time did you feel something strange?」

Encouraged by Nicholas’ question, Lydia rethinks the timing of when she felt something was out of place. Then, at her shyness and hesitation, she suddenly started to speak her mind.

「Um…… the time we went to the secret garden and he didn’t lead me by the hand. After, he still praises me with words, but he doesn’t pat me on the head…… even though he does so with Flora……」

Hearing her words, Nicholas’ facial expression gradually changed into one of shock.

「Simply not being touched is lonely, huh?」


At the presented summary, Lydia became her surprised and her face turned red.
But, when it was pointed out to her just like that, and ended up saying something she didn’t want to, and Lydia shyness and heat on her cheeks competed, with words not coming out.
Seeing Lydia hold her tongue in shyness, Nicholas sighs and talks with an amused voice.

「There’s no way Zack would make a move on another person’s woman.」


「You’re engaged to His Highness, the prince, right?」

Nicholas easily derived the answer. Unable to understand the contents of that answer, Lydia once again froze.
Certainly, if she thinks back on it, after she notified him of her engagement with Roy, the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice stopped touching her unexpectedly. Lydia thought it was the guards that came with her, but even before then, she realized the contact from him had already stopped.
Because he hadn’t changed with the exception of not touching her, not even in her wildest dreams did she consider he was considering her. It might have been unconscious, Nicholas said.

「It seems the butler taught him how to deal with young women, huh?」

Even though it was temporary, if it was the case he received the minimum education for being an attendant, he would have held back in careless touching, and towards a woman who had been engaged, he would pay particular care.
Rather, from the point of Nicholas, from their first meeting, the two were too close. As for the beginning, his head had received a blow, but at this point they were friends, and understood that it seems he was treating her like a younger sister. When she thought about that, at the time she became engaged, he could understand it was time to stop treating her like a little sister and instead as another woman.

「Well, Zack won’t touch you anymore, right?」


The mumblign that spilled out was filled with more hopelessness than she thought. The reality that from here, he would never touch her again, shocked Lydia.
She knew she liked that hand that ordinarily lightly patted her head.
In one breath, the heat of her cheeks shot up in a frenzy.
Unable to just watch Lydia in a daze, Nicholas lightly poked her forehead. At Lydia who was surprised at her forehead being poked, Nicholas smiles.

「You’re unexpectedly foolish, you know.」


「It’s fine if it’s Lydia-sama who touches.」

「……M, me!?」

At the unbelievable suggestion, Lydia’s eyes go wide. Moreover, as for something like voluntarily touching him, she hadn’t even done. The most she had done was grab him by the hem of his clothes.
Even trying to imagine naturally joining hands, she completely couldn’t do it, and again the feverish heat came back to her cheeks.

「T…… that, wouldn’t it become what Zack called sekuhara……!?」

At Lydia’s question made in confusion and her corresponding panic, Nicholas replies without hesitation.

「Because there’s no way Zack will dislike it, it’s fine, you know.」 [T/N: NICHOLAAAAAS]

It only applies in the situation the other person is unwillingly, Nicholas said he heard from a friend. At Lydia’s eyes which seemed to be whirling in confusion, while thinking inwardly it as amusing, calms her down by saying there’s no problem.
First, the amount Lydia could touch him did not amount to much. Nicholas experienced it in the past, that she wouldn’t turn her gaze towards him if he directly touched her skin. Rather, this feeling is that he can poke her only with this finger.

「……for Zack’s birthday, what if you do it a little bit upfront?」

Making no progress as it was, Nicholas raised the idea of his friend’s birthday. If he didn’t give the chance to begin such an action, she would always be worried.

「You haven’t decided on a present yet, right?」


Lydia, who had been hit right on the bullseye, was made to be at a loss for words. What would the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice be happy to receive, as even last year when she didn’t have a rough idea, this time of year greatly troubled her. If she asked the person in question directly what would be good, because the one time she asked she received an answer that was bad for her head, Lydia doesn’t have alternatives.
Nicholas’ proposal is something she can do herself, and it’s something that corresponds to something only done on his birthday, so Lydia felt a sense of doubt.

「……That sort of thing is fine, right?」

「Oh my. Although you haven’t done it until now, why say ‘that thing’?」

This time, she didn’t even make a sound. Lydia, who was at her wits’ end, for a moment, as if to grasp her determination, made fists with both of her hands.

「Today, I will try to be a little upfront.」

At Lydia who declared that and had been cheered up, Nicholas helped her persevere.

Around the conclusion of that, at Eric who looked to be sulking at having been left out, Lydia apologized and faced the garden. Then, she became confused at what she should say to the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice that they found, so Nicholas who also accompanied her greeted him first.
It seems the first move had been taken, but seeing Nicholas who easily touched the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice, Lydia memorized the feeling of frustration.

「If Ojou and the others are happy with it, that’s fine, you know.」

However, with the words of the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice, that much changed.
In that way, isn’t it as if everything you’re doing isn’t for yourself? Why does the answer to the question if he can continue his simple work become like that? He really is bad for the heart.
He isn’t identifying only her by using the plural form, but even if she tries to persuade herself that by not pointing to the Ernest house that it’s not necessarily representative of her and that is strongly conceited, the beating of her heart accelerated. Becoming fraught with emotions at the reality of how he is thinking of her even at the times she isn’t there, that fever reached her head and she seemed to become dizzy.
Somehow or another she makes herself stop her agitation, and when she bites her lips to endure her heartbeat, the voice from the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice startles her. In the time she wasn’t listening to their talk, Eric seems to have incurred Nicholas’ wrath. Because it was evident the anger was about the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice, Nicolas was rebuking Eric about recognizing who his friends are.
Although it’s inside the limits of the Ernest house, Eric resisted common people and nobles talking with each other, and even with several attempts at persuasion, they were not able to get him to understand. Even Lydia herself, until she had met the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice, because she had been concerned about her social status, she didn’t have a solution to the problem. However, if she can do something, she wants the three people who are planned to be her guards to understand.
Lydia reaffirms the issue from here on after, and is encouraged towards the promenade’s bench, where the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice asks the same question as usual.

「Then, what’s wrong today?」

Usually, she reports about her sister Flora, her fiance Roy, or what she became able to do better with her lessons. however, this time, being upfront with the boy who is in front of her, is her goal.
Because she declared it to Nicholas beforehand, she can’t renege, so she has to tell him that she’s here just to meet him.

「~~if I don’t have any business, I can’t come?」

She tightened her fists and the words that came out were twisted.
Moreover, she can’t look directly into his face and ended up turning her head away. Instantly noticing her blunder, her inner thoughts shouted abuses at herself.

「No? Since I’m happy to meet with Ojou, it’s fine.」

Rather, the reply that exceeds what the other party wanted, causes surprise to her heart. How does he say such things so simply?
Or rather, with only asking if it’s good or bad, why does it become that kind of answer?
Because it’s excessively bad for her heart, she ended up unconsciously scolding him. But, him easily going over the efforts of other people is also bad. Nicholas, who seemed to praise Lydia’s efforts, told her to persevere and patted her head.
Afterwards, Nicholas handed over his present to the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice, but Lydia didn’t understand the purpose for the metal rings. It seemed to possibly be for protecting his hands. With how the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice seems to know their use, with the fact his facial expression weakened, he doesn’t appear to be happy.
Even if it isn’t something he likes, he knew to accept kindness, but Lydia wants to give him something that he would like. Even if the present from his friend, Nicholas, is no good, the anxiety of if he would like her own gift rose.
When she’s in the middle of those kinds of thoughts, Nicholas’ voice calls to her. It ended up being her turn, and Lydia seemed to unconsciously leap up in surprise.
Clearing her throat and pretending to calm herself, Lydia indicated to sit down next to her, and the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice obediently sat down.
However, at the time she tried to change her determination to actions, she met copper eyes, and her tension increased.

「It…… it’s fine if you don’t look!」

「Even if you say that, I’ll worry.」

「Mouuu, close your eyes!」

Lydia, inwardly, regrets yelling at him again. Her nervousness is exceedingly winning and the room she has to honestly ask him is becoming nonexistent.
Although her social standing is higher, shouldn’t he run out of patience with how her younger, charm-less self that only scolds him? Looking at him with his eyes obediently closed, she began to worry.
From here, is it only her own self-satisfaction, possibly? She worries if he’ll like it, but stopping here means she won’t move forward. The boy in front of her, she has to make an effort to be even a little bit honest with him.
Taking as deep a breath as she can, she quiets down the tension and anxiety.
To be able to reach him, she kneels on top of the bench, and puts her hand on his reddish-brown hair. The red-brown hair she touched, it wasn’t dry, but bathed in sunlight, it’s warm and soft. Lydia enjoys the feeling of hair that is beyond her expectations.


Although she pats his head, when she’s immersed in it, his eyelids open up and copper eyes look at her.
Her hand unconsciously stopped, but she couldn’t pull her hand away from the soft sensation. When Lydia tries to take the offensive, she decides to tell him that this was intended to be his birthday present.

「Z, Zack is an apprentice, but even still, he does a good job, so…… happy birthday, I will straightforwardly praise you……」

Again, the way she said it ended up becoming twisted, but somehow or another she was able to convey the important part. For the sake of not being embarrassed, Lydia increased the rate she patted his head.
For herself, the degree of difficulty is high, so this kind of trivial act was really a gift. His reaction is scary.

「I’m incredibly happy. Thank you, Ojou.」

The boy who is a gardener’s apprentice, at the moment he understood her intention, smiled back, seemingly truly happy.
The sunlight filtered through the leaves in the shade of the tree increases how dazzling that radiant smile is, and Lydia had the hallucination it was like wearing warmth.

「……! It’s hard to do, so don’t look this way!」

She became relieved that he was happy about the gift he received, but didn’t think he was happy with just that. At the unexpected reaction, Lydia forgets to act honestly and ended up complaining. However, with that smile that  is bad for her heart facing her, the truth is it’s hard to continue patting him.
At Lydia’s objection, the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice leaves aside his smile while obediently following what he was told, and again faces ahead and closes his eyes.
Afterwards, while reflecting on the reality that he was happy, she feels satisfied with at the sensation of the hair she patted.

「Oh my, that made you happy, didn’t it?」

On the way back from the estate, because Nicholas naturally shows a smile, Lydia becomes a little frustrated.

「How do you know so much about Zack?」

Although she doesn’t understand it at all, the way Nicholas has a thorough understanding is unfair.

「My, my, who do you think I am?」

Implicitly showing off his position as a friend, Lydia bites her lips.

「I don’t understand!」 

At the abrupt anger in shi voice, the conversation comes to a stop. When Nicholas faces the voice that interrupted their conversation, Eric is frowning and  hanging his head down. He’s clenching both of his fists.

「That gardener’s apprentice, I can’t possibly think of why Lydia-sama recognizes him as a person.」

Because he had been holding himself back, at Eric whose endurance seems to have run out, it seemed that he was no longer able to stay silent.
Nicholas’ reaction is to hit the joints of his fist, but Lydia holds him back with her hand. She wants to have her subordinates entrusted to her, and with that intention conveyed, Nicholas metaphorically sheathes his sword.
Lydia stands opposite to Eric. She remembered a sense of deja vu at the situation. With the worldly knowledge of only herself, she decided she was right, and didn’t recognize anything outside of that, and her self of two years ago overlapped on top of him.

「Am I someone that Eric would recognize as a person?」

「Of course, with how you are the daughter of the Ernest house that is fair and treats all neutrally, with how you are the fiance to His Highness, the first prince, you are the future queen! That I am able to work for you, to me that is a great privilege!」

When she raises a question about herself to Eric, he raises his head that he was hanging low, and this time answered in a loud voice with excitement on his face.
The elevating compliment naturally had every title Lydia held. Certainly it was something Lydia held, but they were things others gave her, not something of herself.

「Then, if I were not the daughter of a duke, if I were not engaged to Roy-sama, Eric would ignore me, right?」

When Lydia lets out a forced smile, Eric’s facial expression suddenly became flustered.

「T…… that is……!」

The appearance of Eric being unable to say no is one of words being lost and anguish.
If he is a noble aiming to become a knight, it was likely that someday he wanted to be part of the Royal Guards. Guarding the fiance of the first prince is one shortcut. Relinquishing that would be expected to be regrettable.  [T/N: “Royal Guards” is more properly “Imperial Guards”, because of how it seems to be a kingdom rather than an empire I felt this fit better.]
Becoming amused at his docile answer, Lydia smiles a little.

「I am not saying that it’s bad. I’m proud to have been born into the Ernest family.」

She was born to a loving father and mother and wanted to be someone who both of them could boast about. So, Lydia became the appropriate person. When she thinks on how Eric’s compliment that acknowledged that, she’s happy.
Taking Lydia’s words, Eric lets ot a sigh of reassurance.

「Normally, like Eric, I am evaluated while keeping in mind that I am a noble, the daughter of a duke, and a member of the Ernest family.」

That’s natural, but until two years ago, she had been misunderstanding the expectations of both of her parents.

「But, Zack is different, he judges me for myself.」

He doesn’t judge her with how she’s the daughter of a duke, it’s Lydia’s actions that he uses to gauge in his own way if he sees right or wrong, even praising her or scolding her. The times he compliments her are the times she puts forth her own effort, and the times he chides her are times she doesn’t hold dear.

「Thanks to him, I will not lose sight of myself.」

There is someone who comes across her and respects her for her own wishes. That is, the extent to how much he helps, he probably doesn’t know.
Naturally, a smile comes on her face.

「For me, Zack is a person who is hard to come by. You may not immediately understand, but when you do, you’ll be happy.」

Rather than be scolded, he was smiled at, and Eric suddenly froze up at this. He understands he should nod after attempting to be persuaded by his master, but instead there’s jealous at how it’s the reverse, that is he being protected by his master.

「……but, that boy is sneaky.」

He thinks he’s unfair. It’s only when it regards Zack that Eric can’t obediently consent.

「Why do you think that?」

His master, Lydia, who tilts her head in curiosity, directly looks back at him in response. Unable to endure those eyes, Eric again bows his head.

「It’s because, that guy, rather than me, he met Lydia-sama first and earned her trust.」

The time he was assigned, he thought he was the only boy close to her age. If that’s the case, certainly his master Lydia would feel a sense of trust, and had been thinking he could immediately earn her trust. However, a boy who wasn’t even aiming to be a knight already earned her faith, taking the wind out of his sails.

「He isn’t even Lydia-sama’s caretaker, he’s just some guy who touches dirt, and yet the times Lydia-sama is with him, she’s very happy.」

「T, that is……」

「That’s true.」

Lydia became red in the face and unconsciously tried to deny it, but Nicholas who was carefully watching directly pointed it out.

「Just because he was born two years ahead of me, he’s taller than me, and he’s always making a calm face, but at any rate that guy is sneaky!!」

「In the end, I strongly agree.」


While thinking that in his head he earned his master’s displeasure, Eric, who hadn’t been able to stop speaking out, couldn’t believe he had earned an impossible agreement from Lydia, and his surprised words stopped.
Not minding Eric had frozen up, Lydia nodded.

「I don’t understand his intentions, but because Zack does what I can’t calmly do, he’s unfair.」

「……E, exactly!」

Recalling an example, Lydia’s facial expression became a little angry. Able to sympathize with his master’s discontentment, Eric had a glad look mixed with consent.

「He easily admits fault and apologizes.」

「He easily praises people.」

「……you two, that’s something to praise, you know?」

Amazed at the contents of their complaints, Nicholas points that out to the two of them.

「No, it’s a problem. I can’t do it, it’s unfair!」

「That’s right! He says things like you’re beautiful, you’re cute, saying those things freely is strange!」

「Ahh, is that so…..」 [T/N: Nicholas’ facepalm can be heard through the text alone.]

They’re already doing things to their own convenience, Nicholas thought, giving up hope of correcting them. If they are thinking this about the person in question, there’s no helping it.

「So, Eric.」


「Do you hate Zack?」

Directly stared at by Lydia as she asks that, Eric is at a loss.
Then, he was surprised at how he didn’t immediately return a reply that he hated him. There wasn’t any expectation of that, and he rethought on the irritating example.
Before, the day Eric was guarding, the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice handed over handmade cookies to Lydia. Those plain things, he tried to stop her from eating, but Lydia said she wanted to eat them again and it seems she asked for them, so his request was obstructed.
In return, his master Lydia let him try them before her, and when she said that, he easily consented, and was given his portion of the bundle for three people. From the beginning, he was prepared to give each of them their portion, and when he tasted the single flat cookie, although it was a simple flavor, it was generally good. Later, in the employee waiting room, while having snacks with tea, he ended up being the first one to finish. Petra warned she wouldn’t given any of hers, and Emilia scolded him for swelling up like a glutton.
That’s right, he was embarrassed to lose face to him. Recognizing he was an irritating existence, Eric opens his mouth.

「……I don’t like him. But, I’ll rethink my attitude from now on, possibly.」 [T/N: This sentence was infuriating; there’s like 3 levels of uncertainty/denial that it was easier just to skip it.]

He hadn’t even thought about how he prepared a portion for him beforehand for poison tasting. Even from now on, if he properly prepares for poison tasting, it would be good to reconsider his attitude.

「But, I hate that girl-like guy.」

Holding a finger up to point, Eric declares that. Nicholas, because he protects the boy who is a gardener’s apprentice, he opposed him very much.

「Who are you rejecting, you stupid brat?」 

At Eric’s words, Nicholas, who popped a vein, froze up while also sweetly smiling. His vocal pitch dropped one octave, and although he was smiling, because there was an air of intimidation, Lydia interrupted to pacify him.
By all rights he should apologize to his master, but when he tried to apologize before, he had been told by Nicholas because they can settle this face to face, it’s unnecessary. Lydia really doesn’t understand fellow guys very well. Because of that, in order to keep things from deteriorating, she stays.
Confirming there won’t be an argument, Lydia once again stands in front of Eric.

「Eric, I may be an imperfect master, but if you could think on Zack, I would be happy. Thank you.」

Lydia happily smiles and when she puts her hand out, she pats the short hair on Eric’s head. At the movement of praise, Eric stares back at his master, seeming curious.
At that appearance, Lydia tilts her head in confusion.

「What’s wrong?」

「No…… it’s different from the time with that guy, it seems more easily done, I think.」

Hearing the words from Eric that it was a honor, but also this point was also a little strange, Lydia blushed, and becoming panicked, released the hand that was patting his head.

「T…… that is……!?」

At how his master suddenly lost her presence of mind, Eric tilts his head to the side. Did he say something strange, maybe?
At the sight of his mysterious master, a question spilled out from Eric.

「What wrong??」

「It’s too early for you to understand Ojou-sama.」


Although they were only two years apart, he was treating him like a kid, and Eric snapped at Nicholas’ words, with Nicholas fighting back.
Although she calmed down her own agitation, Lydia, at her limits, waited a while to stop their argument.

I liked this chapter, mostly for Lydia’s growth. It was very satisfying to see how Zack had changed her perspective on things when it came to Eric. Also, awww, that was such a sad note at the beginning when Lydia realized why Zack wasn’t patting her anymore. Makes me real eager for when the otome game’s protagonist will really come into play.

Aside from that, not a whole lot to say. Remember there will be no updates in November as I study for the JLPT. Updates resume on the week of December 11th, which would be December 16th if I’m looking at the calendar right. Just want to build in some extra time even after the exam so I can build a little bit of a backlog, haha.

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34. Card

A very cute chapter, and a good break from last time, haha.

TL: Toasty
ED: Toasty

「So then, Flora was amazingly walking around happily, but I’m happy she made sure not to step on the flowers.」

「Fufu, as always, Elias’ dream garden seems to be fun.」

Daniel-sama’s wife, Anika-sama, like usual, distorts my stories. Today is one of the days I do my part-time job as the Vito estate. For the sake of Anika-sama being made to eat, I started to eat lunch with Daniel-sama a little bit before today.
Since I don’t know table manners, I thought I would have an uncomfortable feeling, but because chances to eat a meal with the frail Elias at the dining room were rare, Anika-sama ended up saying that if I learned it, it’s fine. Because Anika-sama happily offered to teach me, I feel that at the very least, learning table manners is the least I can do. First of all, you can’t drink soup while making noise. But, because during tea time, I would always end up making noise, I gave up.
Recently, the times Anika-sama lay down in bed decreased, and it seems she was eating three meals a day. It’s just the garden, but she seemed to also be going out, and I felt her complexion was becoming better. Daniel-sama also seemed happy at that, I think, and because recently he’s been smiling, I’m also happy.

「Though, is it okay for us to hear about the secret garden you’re keeping a secret from Geordo?」

「Since Daniel-sama seems like he’ll keep quiet, it’s fine. My father…… I’m a little embarrassed to tell him.」

It’s the self-study garden I received permission from my father to use, so even if I talk about it, there aren’t any problems. But, compared to the gardens my father makes, it’s shabby. At home, I don’t get to talk about what kind of garden I can make.
For now, I’ll make as much as I can, and Ojou and the others will also be happy, but I don’t have the self-confidence to ask my father to look at it.

「I see. It’s an honor to be selected as your advisor.」

Daniel-sama softly smiled, so that I didn’t feel ashamed. At times like this, I feel Daniel-sama is a gentle person.

「Um, are my stories uninteresting……?」

Because I can only talk about the garden, I was worried that I’d be talking alone about it.

「The garden Isaac makes is interesting, so it’s very fun to hear about, you know.」

「That’s right. Elias’ dream garden is also wonderful.」

「T, thank you very much……」

There is no lie in Daniel-sama’s eyes, and Anika-sama who is properly listening to the contents even though she thinks they’re a daydream story nods her head, and I feel embarrassed. Even though I say my thanks, I end up falling forward.

「That’s right. But, this isn’t a thank you for a special story.」

Around the time we’re drinking tea after a meal, the maids bring something for Daniel, but they don’t give it to Daniel, but to me.

「This is……」

It’s a strongly bound, thick, book. The reason for its thickness is written in the title, and that reason causes my eyes to sparkle.
The title that’s written is an illustrated reference book for plants.

「It’s Isaac’s birthday this month, right? When I thought I should give something,  Anika said this would absolutely be good.」


「Elias likes books,right? With this, the flowers in your dreams will increase, right?」

Anika-sama smiles as if joking.
I heard from Daniel-sama, that the stories that Elias liked were particularly adventurous ones. Certainly, he might have liked garden plants, but if she hadn’t heard my stories, Anika-sama surely would have properly picked his preference.
She can’t recognize again that I’m not Elias, but I understand that doesn’t mean my stories are entirely being disregarded, and feel happiness surge up.
Then, with the weight in my hands, I come to my senses.

「I’m happy, but I can’t accept this kind of expensive book!」

I see. Although this book was bought for me, it’s expensive enough I hesitate. Even more so for a thick illustrated reference book. So, I would have to bring it to the library to have Ojou read it to me.
Recently, when Ojou is guarded by Chairwoman, she goes to the library where we have to be quiet so we don’t fight. I’m happy to be able to read a reference book on plants, and in an instant the time would end up passing by.
Even if Ojou says it’s fine to borrow it, because I’m afraid of damaging the expensive books, I restrain myself. That level of expensive book, there’s no way a commoner like me could receive it.
When I refuse, Daniel-sama was expecting my reply, I think, and smiles.

「Are you happy?」

「Of course.」

Because Daniel-sama and his wife’s feelings are very happy, I only nod my head.

「We already have the same reference book in our house. If Isaac says he doesn’t need it, then I can only throw it away, huh.」 [T/N: Smooth like butter lmao]

Being told that it would get thrown away, I was at a loss for words. Even of it was fine for Daniel-sama’s marquis house to throw it away, that doesn’t mean it’s fine for a commoner like me.

「……Daniel-sama, that’s sneaky.」

There’s no way I need it. If I hear that it would get thrown away, it’s the same as threatening me. I’d become unable to refuse.
When I look at Daniel-sama with a little bit of a reproachful look, I was gently smiled back at.

「If it would make you happy, please honestly accept this kindness.」

Trouble for several seconds, I gratefully received it.

「Daniel-sama, Anika-sama, thank you very much. I will treasure it greatly.」

I bow my head while saying my thanks to the two of them.
When I ask if it’s fine to look a little through it, since Daniel-sama gave me permission, I open the plant reference book to the appropriate page.
I’m happy to see the delicate plant drawings are written down in detail, such as the origin of their name and their habitat. I’m happy something like this is mine. I can read it any time I want to read it. That’s amazing.
During the time I’m absorbed in reading, I don’t know how Daniel-sama and his wife were looking at me. Around the time I lift my head, the way Anika-sama’s confused eyes met mine troubled me a little.
However, in the end she called me Elias, so I didn’t think there was a lot of progress. I can’t imagine what it will be like when Anika-sama realizes i’m not Elias, it might end up being like she got used to selecting the wrong kanji.
On the way home from the Marquis Vito residence, I realize I’m falling into a kind of resignation, and strike both of my cheeks. Daniel-sama didn’t give up, so it’s no good if I arbitrarily give up.
I’ll try again, and firing myself up, I heal up.
When I return home, my mother laughed while helping me cool off, as my cheeks were more swollen than I thought.

Several days later, in a flower bed where I hadn’t finished replanting the summer flowers, I was working.

My father was renewing the lawn. Since we only replace the areas that have gone bad after inspecting them, even if there is a lot of space, my father can do it alone. Since he told me next year, I’ll be taught the inspection criteria for replacement, I silently do the work I was entrusted with now.



Suddenly something leaned on my back, and I fell forward on the shovel I was holding. I remember the arm wrapped around my neck, and look over my shoulder while calling his name.


「As usual, you’re simply working.」

I was impressed at how’s able to not get tired of substituting a normal greeting. As for something showy about gardening work, I didn’t even look for it. When it’s complete, it’s pretty, but as for the process, there’s a lot of work that piles up.
Although, Nico’s thoughts are also understood. In my past life, I thought the same thing about how every day I would only do the same work as a tofu seller. What in the world was so good about work that simply would never improve?
If it’s now, though, I understand the feeling.

「If Ojou is happy with it, then that’s fine.」

The garden of the Ernest house is for those of the Ernest house to enjoy. I’m a gardener for that purpose, so even if the work is plain or uncool, it doesn’t particularly matter.
My past life’s mother and father must have always been doing the same thing because customers would say it was delicious. Now, since I’m aiming for my father’s work, thinking it’s cool, realize that my past life’s parents were artisans. Well, at the same time, I can’t stand my past self’s uncoolness for having defied something just by thinking it was unsophisticated.
I’m still an apprentice, however, I’ve become a gardener, and I recognized I didn’t mind what my surroundings thought of me when I had a clear purpose. In my past life, I didn’t pay attention when my father would tell me anything, and when I got angry, the things I would say would go unexpectedly far.

「Hahaha, not only in dust, but he’s also covered in dirt, how unsightly! Lydia-sama, please don’t approach this kind of dirtied person!」

Yes, like that.
The boy who is Ojou’s guard, because his name is hard to say, I forgot it. First of all, Nico calls him so Pochi, so is it fine? Pochi, whenever we meet, always has to say something, but I don’t particularly mind.
Rather, I feel the strength of the arm around my neck, and I calmed Nico down by patting his arm.

「That’s right. Ojou’s pretty dress will get dirty.」  

Without a feeling of denial, with a seeming smile I say that to Pochi, who becomes at a loss for words. It’s different from the reply he was expecting, I think, but it can’t be helped that I don’t want to argue with Pochi, my coworker, and only replied in the way I thought.

「……you, you, you aren’t appropriate for Lydia-sama!!」


After Pochi shows troubled attitude like he’s trying to squeeze out words, he points at me and yells in a loud voice.
I don’t know what’s suitable for her, but not just our social statuses are different, but because Ojou as a person is amazing, I simply nod.
At my response, Pochi, who seemed to be shocked, looked for words, mumbling 「Um, um」. Nico relaxedly separated from me, and making a fist in one hand, after he started making the sound of cracking his knuckles, I grabbed the back of Nico’s collar to stop him.
To stop Nico from moving in Pochi’s direction, when I look Ojou’s way, she was keeping silent, biting her lips so she endures getting angry. Her cheeks are a little red.


「……! W, what is it!?」

After I call her, a little after realizing it, Ojou lifts her head and looks my way. The conversation until now hasn’t reached her ears, it seems.

「No, while I’m keeping Nico in check, I want you to do something about Pochi.」

When I ask it of her, Ojou who guessed the circumstances immediately hurls words at Pochi.

「Eric, again!? I said that Zack is my friend, didn’t I? Refrain from making such statements!」


Scolded by Ojou, Pochi bows and then stands diagonally behind her.

「Geez, just the reply is fine.」

Towards Nico who clicked his tongue, Pochi, who is standing where Ojou can’t see him, sticks out his tongue. At the appearance he’s clearly not reflecting, Nico pops a vein. Compared to me, somehow or another, Nico’s boiling point is low, huh?
In order to distract Nico, I ask him something weighing on my mind.

「Hey, Nico.」

「What is it?」

「Ojou is feeling bad, isn’t she? A short while ago, she was making a difficult facial expression and seemed to be pondering something.」

At my question, Nico seems to be taken aback and makes an amazed facial expression.

「……It’s because Zack said that sort of thing right when he opened his mouth, you know.」


What I said to Ojou, it was only asking about Pochi, but it was in bad taste, maybe? But, before that request, she already had an appearance of being worried.

「Are you saying that it’s not good since it’s like tattling to one’s?」

「It’s amazing you didn’t notice until now after dropping that bomb.」

「Why did you say something so dangerous??」

When I tilt my head, Nico puts a hand on my shoulder in place of a reply. In the end, Nico didn’t teach me just what the so-called bomb was. Just what in the world was bad, I thought we were only talking like normal.
However, if it’s a day that Pochi is guarding, we can’t go to the secret garden. I don’t have a problem if it leaks out, but since Ojou seems to prefer keeping it a secret, and Nico seems to have no intention to show Pochi.
I think that in the beginning my father told me keeping it a secret was essential, but because I told Nico, although I didn’t say where, I ended up telling Daniel-sama and the others. Since I ended up leaking it on my own, even though it’s only one part, I was already prepared to receive a scolding for abusing the Ernest house’s property.
For now, I asked her to wait while I finish working on replanting the flower beds, and since there is a pathway nearby, I have Ojou sit down on a bench in the shade. Pochi, even during the time while talking and waiting, prepared a carpet for Ojou to sit on and was carrying a parasol just in case.

「Then, what’s wrong today?」

I squat down and meet Ojou’s gaze, and when I ask, Ojou’s gaze wanders, and then it drops to her knees, worried about something. Because it’s our usual exchange, I tilt my head without worrying.
When I motionlessly wait, Ojou tightly grips her hands on top of her knees, turning away.

「~~if I don’t have any business, I can’t come?」

「No? Since I’m happy to meet with Ojou, it’s fine.」

Because until now, Ojou came before she had something she wanted to report, I only thought it was like that this time, and didn’t mind if even if she didn’t have business.
Although I only answered it’s not a problem, Ojou’s face became red.

「Why did you have to say such an extra thing!?」


「Zack, your way of saying it is a problem, you know.」

「Way of saying??」

Somehow, I was scolded. I received a suggestion from Nico, but I simply didn’t understand what was extra in my reply.
To Ojou, whose face had turned red, Nico told her she did her best, patting her on the head and praising her, or perhaps I should say he calmed her down. Certainly, the tone was strong, but what in the world was Ojou persevering in?
Because Ojou got angry at me, I was unconcerned with Pochi holding back and glaring at me. Still, Chariwoman’s gaze was more sharply painful. If anything, it’s similar to the sulky look Johann would show when having a tantrum.

「That’s right, I also have something to give to Zack.」

Calming Ojou to some extent, Nico stands up from the bench, takes something out from his pocket, and places it in both of my hands.

「It’s a birthday present from me.」

「Ah, thanks……」

I was smiled at, and at the present I was given, trying to say my thanks though I was attacked at an unguarded moment. But, I look at the thing in my hands, and instantly was at a loss for words.

「Nico, this is……」

「Because you’re a gardener, if you hurt your hands, it’s no good, right?」

No, that’s true, but…
Certainly, becauseI do a lot of manual labor, it’s better that my hands don’t get injured. But, the present from Nico, which had four metal rings, wasn’t something I needed for everyday work.
No matter how you look at it, these are knuckles. [T/N: NICO WHAT]

I don’t have plans to damage someone’s skull, but…… 

Rather than the wooden sword that I bought on a school field trip, this present is more truly suited for combat, and I don’t understand how I should reply. My friends in my past life couldn’t buy a butterfly knife, and seemingly regretful they bought me a cheap all-purpose knife, but it didn’t appear as a weapon to me. By the way, an all purpose knife is useful for camping. Particularly as a can opener.
Looking at the knuckles in my hand, I lift my head and look at Nico. That’s a big smile.

「……Thank you. I’ll treasure it.」

「If it’s fine with you, use them, okay?」 [T/N: Nico really wants to see Zack deck someone.]

I won’t use them. But, I think of them as something like a charm, and gratefully accept it. Without replying about how I’ll use them, I smile as a reply back.

「Now, it’s Lydia-sama’s turn.」

When Nico strikes my hands and calls out, Ojou is shocked, and her body freezes up.
After Ojou hesitates for a bit, she clears her throat a little, and points next to where Nico was sitting up until a little bit ago.

「Zack, sit there.」

「? Okay.」

When I’m told that with an intense stare, even though I don’t understand her intentions, I sit down on the bench as Ojou said. Because there is a bench in the promenade for the members of the Ernest house and their guests, I wonder if it’s fine for a commoner like me to sit on it. I’ll have to wipe the dirt that sticks to it off.
After I sit, I wonder what her intentions are, and when I look at Ojou, she flinches when our eyes meet.

「It…… it’s fine if you don’t look!」

「Even if you say that, I’ll worry.」

「Mouuu, close your eyes!」

Since I ended up being scolded, I gently close my eyes. Next to me, somehow I can hear the sound of a deep breath. I wonder if she’ll do a prank with that kind of spirit in her.
When I wait motionlessly, after several beats, I feel something on my hair. With a bit of a ticklish feel, something gently comes and goes on my head.
Unlike my father’s roughness and my mother’s way of concealing herself, because the area is small, I don’t immediately realize I’m being patted.


Realizing I’m being patted, I ask for Ojou’s permission to open my eyes, and then look in her direction. Ojou, surprised, stops her hand, and seems to be about to pull her hand back, but ultimately doesn’t pull her hand away from the top of my head.

「Z, Zack is an apprentice, but even still, he does a good job, so…… happy birthday, I will straightforwardly praise you……」

She says that, but compared to before she’s patting her slightly more restlessly. For Ojou who kneeled down because it’s normally hard to reach if she sits normally, compared to me, her eyes are a little higher.
Somehow or another, this seems to be a birthday present from Ojou. I was only doing what I could do in front of me, but the truth is receiving something like Ojou recognizing me simply made me happy.

「I’m incredibly happy. Thank you, Ojou.」

「……! It’s hard to do, so don’t look this way!」

When I look up at Ojou and say my thanks, again I was scolded. I say I understand and nod, and look in front of me and close my eyes.
After that, for a while, Ojou pats my head until she stopped. Around the time it was over, when I open my eyes, there was a Pochi who seemed to be terrifyingly frustrated in my field of vision.

A few days later, Katherine-san called for me.
Because the days I had visitors were priorly announced, I wasn’t thinking I would be meeting Ojou. Although, being called is rare.

「Um, this invitation isn’t from Lydia-sama……」


「The guest.」


At Katherine-san’s hesitant explanation, I let out an inscrutable sound. I expressly can’t think of a girl guest who would point me out. If it’s Nico, he does things at his own convenience.
It’s someone of a higher class, I’m certain, and because I was sorry for Katherine-san who summoned me, with Katherine-san’s guidance, we went towards the part of the garden where Ojou and her guest are having tea.

「In accordance to your invitation, I have arrived.」

Rather than confirm who the other person is, I immediately bow my head and say my greetings. Katherine-san, who finished her guiding of me, also gives her greetings, and bows.
More or less I thought it was better to receive permission, so when I keep my head bowed, I heard a sound of stifled laughter that seemed amused.

「I see, you’re unexpectedly courteous.」

The laughter mixed in with that voice is familiar, and when I unconsciously lift my head to confirm who it is, there is dazzling hair like sunshine.

「……You, we met during the observation, right?」 [T/N: It’s oddly distant with how it’s worded, but I imagine Leo’s just doing this because it amuses him.]

Understanding that the prince summoned me, I became exhausted. Ojou, who seemed to be silenced by Leo, with a delicate expression, was peeping at Leo’s amused seeming appearance.
His guard, Matteus-onii-chan, while holding back, seemed to lower his eyebrows as if weakening. As for Pome…… she was chasing after a fluttering butterfly. It’s probably time to be still, but she’s free, huh?

「Today is the only day I can give this to you.」


When I tilt my head, Leo hands me a rose-colored bag tied with a white ribbon. Because the packing alone seems expensive, the coloration that seems like it’s clearly a girl’s is too strange, and I make a confused expression at Leo.

「It’s from Flora.」


At my puzzled facial expression that I made, when Leo answers, there’s a sound. When Leo turns in the direction of the sound, Ojou, whose posture with both hands on the table as if about to stand up, stopped.
Realizing we’re looking, Ojou reseats herself, and clears her throat.

「There is no problem.」  

Because Ojou encouraged him to continue, Leo explains the situation.

「Flora, who knew it was Isaac’s birthday, said it was also a present as thanks for the other day.」

「Why did Elena know?」

「I consulted her about your present.」

Leo replied nonchalantly, but I don’t simply why he would know what to give me. Then, even if he consulted Elena, she wouldn’t know what I liked, right?
Even in my past life, for something like my birthday, I used it as the excuse of buying something she wanted. For example, I said she had to dress well, and finally she used the hair cream I bought her.
There’s something that you can poke fun at, but first of all for the purpose of confirming the contents, I undo the ribbon. The thing that appears on the inside, is a pure white teddy bear with mismatched green and pale yellow eyes.

What should I do with this?

It seems expensive, it’s too fancy, it’s something that’s terrifyingly difficult to deal with. If I hold it directly, it will immediately get dirty, so I hold it while keeping it in the bag.

「Since I helped make it a little, more or less it’s also from me.」

「What…… do royalty take lessons in sewing?」

「It’s that sort of thing.」

Turning towards that smiling face, I, who was originally making a subdued facial expression, immediately narrow my eyes.

「……I’m not happy.」

「Ahh. If it’s given from me, you don’t seem happy, so I took advantage of Philly.」

I don’t need that kind of offensive. If that’s the case, if you’re going to give something, choose an alternative.
Leo’s face is dreadfully dazzling, so it’s physically painful on my eyes. His face has no ill will, but I’m getting the feeling he’s amused. I think Leo’s has a good character.

「Well, thanks.」

「I’ll also convey that to Philly.」

Because I’m grateful for the mood of having it celebrated, when I say my thanks, he replies with a smile that reaches his eyes.
Once I tried to put the teddy bear back into the bag, I felt a gaze. When I trace its origins, Ojou is staring steadily at the bear.

「Ojou, do you want it?」

「T, that isn’t it.」

Because she likes cute things, I thought she’d like it, but she turns away and denies it. Then, why were you looking at it?
While putting the bear back the way it was, I remembered something.

「That reminds me, are you preparing to go observe again this month?」 

Leo said he didn’t have the chance until today, but in the plan I received as a letter there was one more day after today. Even if it’s during my birthday month, that time is fine.
When I raise my question, Leo smiles brightly.

「It’s around the corner, but there aren’t any future troubles.」

I don’t understand his answer.
I understood he was thinking of something, but Leo doesn’t seem to have any intentions of saying anything further. In the end, I didn’t understand the meaning of Leo’s words.
Seemingly looking for some to agree, Leo turned to Ojou, but Ojou didn’t know, and so she only turned her head away.
Until the matter of the bear was finished, it was left in the employee waiting room. I was preparing to go back to the house, but this time when I arrived, I realized a card was there.
That night, before I slept, as according to the card on the bear, I poured a little wind magic into the magic stone used for its eye.
There, both eyes of the bear faintly shined.

[You’re laaate, you kept me waiting!]

The bear talked.

「Elena. You’ll be a nuisance to the neighbors, so keep your volume low.」

Although I did exactly as written, I was a little surprised something really happened, but rather than that, I cared more about the volume of her voice that was too lively.

[But, even if it’s this much distance, it should be fine. As expected of a magic circle of Roy-onii-sama.]

Elena’s voice, while one stage softer than before, was full of pride. I can easily imagine her making a self-satisfied look, and amazed, my eyes half-close.

「Your stupid amount of magical power is also appropriate.」

[What do you mean stupid!? If you’re going to compliment me, do it properly, you know!]

「Yes, yes, you’re amazing, you’re amazing.」

I wasn’t putting my heart in it, Elena complained through the bear, but I do think it’s amazing.
The magic stones used in this ber are Elena’s two elements, wind and light magic mixed together, and like a receiver, with a tiny amount of wind magic used, Elena is notified, and if she uses her mixed magic, she can communicate through it. The important thing is it’s like a phone.

「However, how did it come to this?」

I understand the function, but the structure is too much of a puzzle for me, ad I poke the bear with my finger.

[When I told Roy-onii-sama there is something I want to do, he thought of a magic circle. The sound with wind, and with light, a sensation of soaring, so maybe it’s like a light phone.]

「Leo being able to include the structure into this with that fluffy explanation of yours is amazing……」

Because I’m bad at hard things, Elena says, she entrusted that much to Leo and only mixed in her magic. Because even before she wanted to make a magic tool, around that age, being able to make a magic circle as she wished is strange. It’s in weird places he shows just how high-spec of a guy he is.

「So, why a bear?」

If there’s only a stone that a magic circle was placed in, it would function. Although, why was it done in the form of a stuffed animal is a great question. Because even if it’s only a magical stone, it’s very valuable, so ultimately I would still hesitate to receive it.

[That is, it’s cute, you know? If it’s this, even if I have it, it’s natural, right?]

「It’s unnatural for me.」

The image of me being old enough to know better and talking to a bear, if someone like my mother saw it, it would be too embarrassing.
I questioned Elena’s insistence that it was natural, but she didn’t seem to take notice of knowing my circumstances.

[In any case, now it’s possible to have a phone call twenty-four seven.]

「Calm down. You and I aren’t available twenty four hours a day.」

Because I don’t have a liking for carrying around a bear for a phone, Elena also will have to leave it in her room. I have work, and Elena also should have lessons like Ojou. At night is roughly the only time we can talk.

[Minor details, so it’s fine! Apart from that, from now, properly contact me, okay?]

She said not begrudgingly, but it’s already become somewhat bothersome. I don’t have anything I want to particularly talk to Elena about.


「I get it. Geez, what kind of problems are you sending over?」

Set about by her overbearing response, when I don’t talk to Elena but complain more, a sulky voice mutters out from the bear.

[……so, we can’t simply meet like Roy-nii-sama and Onee-sama.]

At Elena’s unexpected speaking of her mind, my eyes widen. Although in the past world, we were brother and sister, I wasn’t thinking I could miss someone to that extent. Something like the princess being unable to meet the common people, it’s natural.
Facing the talking bear, I understand she’s become sullen, and force a smile that says there’s no helping it. I understood the feeling wouldn’t be passed down, but I pat the bear on the head.

「I won’t forget to contact you.」

[If you understand, that’s fine.]

「Thank you for the present.」

[You’re welcome.]

Although the bear’s facial expression doesn’t change, it’s interesting that I understand somehow or another what kind of face Elena is making with only her voice.

[……Which reminds me, Isaac’s voice coming from the bear reduces its cuteness by half, what are you going to do about that?]

「I don’t know.」

Elena’s rudeness towards me absolutely doesn’t seem like it will change.

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