05. Stationary

Pre-Chapter Note: The MVP for this chapter’s translation is Sachi Komine, the best girl from the Fruit of Grisaia. I’m not joking. 「I came for you.」 When she opened the front door, Ojou had a self-satisfied look on her face.Katherine-san is wearing an overcoat with a hood attached for the purpose of protecting her fromContinue reading “05. Stationary”

03. Context

Several weeks of my gardener apprenticeship passed by, when the Duke came along carrying a rose.No, really.I was taking care of the rose garden with my father when he came exactly from where the roses were blooming.The amazing smile on his whole face seems very delighted. Even though I knew different, I wonder if theContinue reading “03. Context”

02. Bullseye

Why did this happen?The daughter of the duke, Lydia von Ernest, was indignant while stuffing her face with afternoon sweets. Usually, you would mind your manners and eat little by little but, only today she can’t care about it.She still isn’t calm about the rude fellow from this morning. Further, the maid also couldn’t beContinue reading “02. Bullseye”

01. Meeting

It’s been about seven years since I was born as Isaac Baumgartner.From when I was born, I have memories of my past life. But, it did not increase my mental age, I only reached a stage where I recognized they were from my past life as I became more aware of it. Realizing it didn’tContinue reading “01. Meeting”

00. Prologue

Ah, this is an otome game. I realized it, but there was nothing I could do.For now,  I should take a rest. 「Hey, are you listening to me!?」 「Ahh, I’m listening, you know.」 Drinking black tea, I was warned by the girl two years younger than me.To her question I replied with a half-truth, half-lie.Continue reading “00. Prologue”