18th Piece – “Matching”

Pre-Chapter Notes: Nothing today, but have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! There’s some slightly more serious stuff in the Post-Chapter notes, though. 「Oshi… o…… kun……?」 Oshio Sota, sixteen years old.Right now I’m suddenly confronting the biggest crisis of my life. But first, I have an embarrassing story to tell.After inviting Sato KoharuContinue reading “18th Piece – “Matching””

17th Piece – “Even While Dreaming, I See For The First Time”

Pre-Chapter Notes: This title was so annoying to translate I actually had to ask my Japanese teacher for help. As you might know, I’m a very shy person.Particularly when meeting people for the first time, because for someone like an apparel store employee who strongly shortens the distance between us, you could say they areContinue reading “17th Piece – “Even While Dreaming, I See For The First Time””

16th Piece: “Standardly Handsome”

Pre-Translation Notes: The amount of katakana here was awful. Also I almost left “ikemen” untranslated because while “handsome” is a good sort of equal, I’m not sure if it carries the same sort of ‘oomph’ to it. I think I’ve mentioned it before that the better equivalent is ‘hunk’, but it sounds super clunky toContinue reading “16th Piece: “Standardly Handsome””

15th Piece – “A Woman’s Appearance”

Pre-Chapter Notes: The kanji is basically the same as the last chapter for the title, except swapping out “man” with “woman”. Today we also get to meet a character who even though they’ve never met, I will ship her and Ren until the end of time. A girl’s appearance is valuable, throwing it away recklesslyContinue reading “15th Piece – “A Woman’s Appearance””

14th Piece – “A Man’s Appearance”

Pre-Chapter Note: Welcome to Volume 2! We get a new character today. Also take a shot for every time the word “virgin” is used. But actually don’t. You’ll die. Maybe. Also trying to do something with the formatting to make it match the original web novel. Sometimes the web novel uses single breaks (i.e. theContinue reading “14th Piece – “A Man’s Appearance””

13th Piece – “The Second Time of First Love”

Pre-Chapter notes: Still from Sato’s POV. This one’s short but sweet. I probably could’ve put this one up earlier, but in order to keep with my two week pace, I wanted a bit of time to finish up the next chapters, as while they were short are pretty rough on the translation-sense. How rough, youContinue reading “13th Piece – “The Second Time of First Love””

12th Piece – “In the Same Frame As You”

Pre-Chapter Notes: I reverted back to the old way of doing in translation notes since it seemed more people liked that variant. I’ll try to keep the in-line jokes to a minimum.Second, this chapter is in Sato’s perspective rather than Oshio’s. It took me longer than I’d like to admit to figure that out. ThisContinue reading “12th Piece – “In the Same Frame As You””

11th Piece: “Your Muscles are Crying”

Pre-Chapter Notes: I swear this title will make sense. Also, I’m trying a new way of doing translation notes this chapter, let me know if you like it better or would prefer the old way of doing it. Translator: ToastyProofreading: Toasty Saturday. As the time turned to 5pm, I finally closed the cafe for theContinue reading “11th Piece: “Your Muscles are Crying””

10th Piece: “As For Today, Thank You”

Translator Pre-Chapter Notes: Hey everyone!So, I started reading this as it was on NovelUpdates, and then found out they had dropped it. Thus, I decided to pick it up as practice for Japanese. Please be warned that I’ve maybe taken one year of actual Japanese classes and did some light studying on my own inContinue reading “10th Piece: “As For Today, Thank You””

Aren’t You Too Sweet, Salt-God Sato-san?

Description (Taken from NovelUpdates): Sato Koharu is a pretty girl that everyone can recognize. But her attitude with anyone is so bitter that she got nicknamed “salt-god Sato-san.” Anyone who tried to get close to her got emotionally injured in a brutal way. Though for some reason, I was able to save Sato-san from pick-upContinue reading “Aren’t You Too Sweet, Salt-God Sato-san?”